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Internet Business Training Videos

Attention: Doing business on the Internet is about to become EASY!!
"Discover The
Fastest Way To Eliminate The Internet Business Learning Curve, Save
Time, Effort, And Money... As Easy As Watching TV!"
Discover How To
Stop Wasting Your Precious Time, Money And Sanity Trying To Teach
Yourself How To Do Business On The Internet.
The Reality Is It's Easy...  Once Someone Shows You How To Do It All.
From: Scot Standke - Founder - KeywordAvalanche.com
11:23 a.m.

Dear Internet Friend,

you would like to know how someone can start with little or no
Internet business "Know how" at all... and then... learn how to
perform all of the basic Internet business functions in just a
matter of hours... this is going to be the most interesting and
important message you will
ever read.
This letter is not about marketing
magic, sensational claims, or once in a lifetime opportunities that
you simply can't pass up.  That is not its purpose.
You are not here, reading these words
at this moment, so you can be dazzled by claims of secret techniques
and enormous wealth and overnight success.  That all sounds
great but is generally not reality. 

You can achieve fantastic success in
business on the Internet but there is a lot to learn and know in
order to do that.  This can take years of reading and listening
while spending a ton of money in the process.
In order to achieve your goals in as
short a time frame as possible what you need is a
way to rapidly know how to conduct
business on the Internet, a sort of Internet Business injection if
you will.
Well, here at long last, is an
inexpensive, easy to use way for you to have most all of the
Internet "Business Basics" handed to you on a virtual silver
Now I'm going to be up front with you. 
This is not some "magic beans" that
will solve all of your online problems overnight.  You do still
have to want to succeed and you do have to do a little work. 
Granted, the work is as easy as watching TV.

As you must know by now...

"There is a
ridiculous amount to learn in order to do business on the Internet."
I know it hasn't taken you long to
realize that it is very easy to find all sorts of "How To"
information on the Internet, but most of it is incomplete if not
pure junk!  On top of that you have to spend a ton of time
reading through this message and that posting to find exactly what
you're looking for.
In a very short time you can spend
$100's if not $1,000's simply trying to piece together all of
the different parts of the huge Internet Puzzle.
I remember trying to figure out what the
heck an "FTP client" was and how on earth was I going to upload a
document using it so other people could download it (If you don't yet
know don't worry you will soon :-), plus figuring out how to do it without creating what I imagined could be
a catastrophic problem on my hosting account.
That was just one of the many, many,
many things I needed to figure out to even put up a web page and start
my business.
Now, before I go on any further I need
to mention two very real terms you are probably aware of on some
level. What are these terms?
overload" and "Paralysis by analysis"

These are very real and are two of the
greatest obstacles faced by every single beginning Internet
If the thought that just went
through your mind was "No kidding... this is killing me trying
to figure it all out!" then this will truly be one of the best days
of your business life because
you are not going to
reduce the ugly Internet  learning curve... you are going to eliminate it. 
You can totally avoid being stuck
wasting your time and money trying to wade through it all and
figure out, let alone find the answers you need.
If you have a firm handle on the basics
of doing business on the Internet then you can avoid those two terms
above as well as the growing
pains most folks go through and take a big leap toward the head of
the pack.

"To enjoy online
business success you've got to know the business basics and you've got to get it all FAST!"
"But how on earth can anyone do
Well, here is your solution:

This is a set of 254+ easy to
use videos covering most every single Internet business basic
you could possibly need to get rolling as fast as possible.

This means that you get the info you
want and need in a simple, easy to understand, step-by-step,
watch-&-learn format all neatly filmed and produced for you as a
single comprehensive set.
"It is all here for you."
Until now you could not find all of
this information neatly packaged and presented in one place...
Now I mentioned this is easy to use and
it is.
Remember me mentioning "FTP" above?  Well now all you have to
do is sit down for just a few minutes and watch a professional
programmer and web designer walk you through the terminology and
exactly how to do it. 

These videos are designed to get the
true beginner up and running and to provide the information more
advanced marketers are looking for as well. 
This means you can avoid wasting a
single second of your time when you work with this awesome resource.

Here is a full list of all 254 of
the topics.  Just click the picture below (a new window will
open) to see everything you get:

(Click the above image to see a full listing of titles)
"Now that's a
Killer list!"
After reading through that (go
ahead and
do it now if you haven't yet) you
should now see that besides covering all of the basics there are
also many advanced topics included for you.
Investing in these videos
today means you'll be able to jump start your online business
efforts and leap months ahead.
Now I have to ask... what is a set of
videos like this worth to you?
Well, let's look at it this way. 

If you were to hire an accomplished
Internet Marketer for one-on-one coaching to cover all of this same
material you'd be paying them at least $150/hour (the top folks cost
as much as $8,000-$25,000 per day!) and then at 50-60 hours you
could be looking at $7500-$9000. 

Then to cap it all off you would only get that one shot with them. 
Any refresher time would cost you more
Having these videos at your fingertips means you can go
back any time and review the specific video topics you need to
freshen-up... Any Time YOU Want and as often as YOU want!
You are in control.

You have the opportunity today
to invest in your online future and get all of this information,
right now, for a single investment of $47
which is just 0.19c/video.  Heck, check with your tax advisor and
you can probably even write that off.

The reason I'm willing to do this is
that I spent a ton of money and struggled (for 6+ years!) to get
all of this figured out.  A resource like this simply wasn't
Now, the recent developments in
Internet Video have made this all possible 
If I had only had an information
solution like this when I started I would be at least 5 to 6
years ahead of where I am now.
A lot can be done with a business in that timeframe, don't you agree? 

"Today you are in the
right place at the right time.  Just because I lost all of that
time doesn't mean you should have to."
That's why when you register today I am
going to let you have all 254+ videos for just $47!

That equals
just 19c per video!
Now, I'm not going to hit you with some
marketing angle and tell you this is a "limited offer" or "I'll be
forced to raise the price soon" because that's just not true.
You are not really investing in videos
When you secure your set today
you are investing in your online
business future and it's potential for fast success.
All I can say is that if you are at all
interested you should go ahead and order your copy now at this
amazing rate.  That is just smart business.
Now to make this an even easier
decision for you I am going to take things a step further and give
you a 60 day, unconditional, money-back guarantee.

This means:

The ability to eliminate the
learning curve is within your reach.  If you are serious
about doing business on the Internet then you owe it to yourself to
jump on this offer.

So there you have it.
Get your copy today and lock in the $47 price by
clicking the link below.

I would have all but killed to
have a resource like this 3 years ago when I was first getting
started online.  The fact that you now have all of this
knowledge compiled in one place that you can access any time you
wish is truly phenomenal.
I sincerely hope these help you
jumpstart your online business endeavors.
Here's to your online success!

P.S. #1 I know you'll agree
with me on this: You know when a small investment has the easy
potential to help generate a return 100's if not 1000's greater, yet
someone still doesn't move on it?  That just doesn't make sense
to me.  Look at this as a very small yet highly positive
investment in your company. Get your copy here today 

P.S. #2 Think about it...
you easily spend $47 when you go out to dinner.  Is that then
too much to invest in your business success?
P.S. #3 Smile...and have a
Great Day!

Niche Internet Marketing, LLC    
830 Greenfield Trail    Oshkosh, WI 54904

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