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Virtual Pet Business Toolkit - Start an Online Affiliate Pet


would your life be different if you made an additional $500, $1,000, or
even $5,000 per month?

Could you afford to take exciting
vacations, buy a luxury car, or just spoil your pets
with more toys and the best pet foods and treats?

Would you be surprised if I told you
that you can make real money online with a pet business without having
your own product or service?

This toolkit will
show you how you can make real money marketing pet products that pet
owners already use and purchase online!

From Danielle Chonody
Dear Friend,
If you are like me you dream of living a
financially free, comfortable lifestyle, where you find joy in your
work and can set your own schedule.
Have you wondered what the real difference between those living this type
of lifestyle and others who slave away day after day at a job they
hate and never seem to get ahead?
The difference is passive income. The people
that create these fantastic lifestyles have learned how to create an online
business that pays them day in and day out - even if they are on vacation.

Many of these people are building their
online businesses by harnessing the power of marketing other peoples products
through their own websites and then  collecting a commission on each sale.
This type of business is called affiliate marketing.
Once this type of online business is set up
it requires very little ongoing maintenance but continues to bring you in money
EVERY day.
why market pet products?
The market for pet products and services in
the United States alone is 41 billion dollars in 2007.
This figure been growing rapidly as pet
ownership is growing and pet owners are increasingly treating their pets as part
of the family. Pet owners are spending more on quality food, treats and
vitamins, toys, clothing and fashion accessories, and medical insurance and vet
The American Pet
Products Manufacturers Association
predicts that the already huge pet market is predicted to expand at a rate of 6%
per year in the next 10 years.
The demand for pet
products and services is already larger than you would expect. In 2005
pet industry
revenue in the US was 36 billion dollars -  astoundingly this was already
60 percent larger than the US toy industry ($20 billion) and 33 percent larger
than the US candy industry ($24 billion). 
All the most recognized pet product
retailers are offering generous commissions to affiliate marketers to introduce
their products to online consumers.

Affiliate Programs: What They Mean to Your

Whether you have a
pet related website already, or you

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