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Love Spells - CB

"Do You Also Want to Learn How To Cast Powerful Love
Spells, Attract True Love or Regain Lost Love"
From: Diane Wilson

 Dear Friend,
As I take a break from my Altar and my Magical Workings to
write this, I cannot help thinking about the countless e-mails that
I receive from people like you.Asking for help in finding true love
and happiness.
  I used to cast dozens of
spells for people, and help them in any way I could, but then it
dawned on me, (Mainly because the requests ran into hundreds and I
just couldn't fit them all in and I didn't want to have to choose
who deserved my time more than another).....
 "I can help you to help yourself, by
showing YOU how to cast your own Love Magic"
 Do you still
experience Days and Nights when you gaze jealously at the
happy couples laughing and joking together, cuddling up to one
another in the bar or at the Movies.Thoughts running through your
head like...
"Why Can't You Find True Love"
 Do you long to have someone special to care
about , and to care for you?
 Would you like to have someone to share
those special moments in life with, to hold hands with and cuddle
up to whilst watching a Movie?
 Or maybe you just want to regain a lost
lover or put spice back into a relationship!
"All This is Possible If You Read On"
You may have desperately been searching for an
answer and a solution to this, you may have tried the services of
Soothsayers, Fortune Tellers and maybe have even had Love Spells
Cast for you.....
 If you are reading this, then the chances
are that you have had little success with these efforts...You may
have found that....
"The Spells Cast For You Didn't Work"
There really is no need to feel
lonely anymore, you will learn to cast powerful life changing
Love Spells, and mould your own destiny! You will learn how to be
more positve and to first Love Yourself. The whole process of love
magic starts with a healing process from within!...And most
  "The Most Powerful Love Spells Are Those
Woven And Cast By Yourself"
What if I told you that you can
make your own magic??...Yes thats right, YOU can
own spells. Not only that, but....
 YOU can write your
own spells too.
As with all magic, there are Lunar and
Weekly Timings for different types of Spell, and Love Spells
are no Exception. There are also special ingredients, Herbs,
Plants, Oils and
Incenses to consider.But Guess what??
"Im Going to Share These Secrets With You"
Thats right, no longer will you have
to gaze jealously at the happy couples, or cry into your pillow at
night, thinking of the lover that left you.
"Imagine Being Able To Attract Your Soul Mate,
or Bring Back That Lost Love"
Written in an easy to understand way
that you can follow step by step,as I guide you through each
Love Magic explains the Lunar and
Goddess Timings of the Love Spell Rituals.
Love Magic also shows you the
most common and Powerful Ingredients Used in Love Spells, as well
as real, powerful Love Spells that you can begin to work with
straight away!
Change your Life and your Future
Today. Join the "Happy People" with the Man or Woman
of your Dreams.
"Experience Sizzling Passion in your
relationship like never before!"
All this is possible and more, but
there are some methods and techniques involved. These
'Secrets' have been closely guarded for Centuries by Witches,
Magicians and Shamans, but because of the vast amount of requests
for help I am going to
Share All Of The Secrets of Love Magic With
In Just a Few
Minutes You Could be Reading and Learning About:

Magickal Ingredients that are used in Love Spells

Timing of the Love Spell and why it is important

How to
Attract True Love and Find Your Soul Mate

Powerful Love Spells You Can Use Now

Writing Your Own Custom Spells

How to
begin to Love Yourself from Within, and why it is the Key to True
Love and Happiness

Free Priority Updates

'Bonus Number
Herbs and Their
A fantastic book, packed solid with
information about Herbs and their
uses. A Must for every Witch's Book
Shelf, or indeed anyone interested in Alternative


'Bonus Number
Essential Oils and Their Use in
A Brilliant Directory of
Oils and their Magickal Uses. Also
Contains Secret Recipes, for some
of the most closely guarded Witches
Balms and Potions.This is a must have for any Caster of Spells, as
it has the Magickal Relevance and Significance,of the Oils.
Enabling quick selection when writing custom


'Bonus Number

Crystals,Gems and Rocks In Magic:

Another Great
Magical Directory,
listing Crystals, Gem Stones and
other Stones. Their Relevance and
use in Magickal workings. Another
must have for any Witch or Custom
Spell Writer.

'Bonus Number
A fantastic introduction to one of
the most simple, yet powerful forms of
Magic there is. With a complete
Directory of Candle Colours and
their uses in Magic. Again perfect
for the Custom Spell Maker!

Thats Right $120 worth of Free Bouses that
to what you are      
learning! Usually bonuses with e-books are some totally irrelevant
'Sudoko Guide'or the
 'PLUS as a 'Locked In'
early bird, you will be entitled to free Priority
I already have plans for an
expanded version of my book, with even more information, more
Spells and More Techniques, and this is not just sales
I will be increasing the price to
$47.99, when I add the extra content. Which is still
Unbelievable Value, especially when you consider the
Bonuses as well.
So what is the 'Early
Bird' First Edition Price to You??
If I asked you for $37.99 it
would still be very reasonable, as the information in the
Bonuses alone is worth three times that
amount.....But Read
Plus don't forget you get the
Second Edition that
is already in the pipeline, with dozens more pages of Spells and
Methods Absolutely
Free when it is published....
Plus any other subsequent Editions, or any extra
Bonuses added to later Editions, Also Free!
So do think I would
be being fair if I asked you $34.99 for all this information
and Bonuses? 
"I Hope So, But your Still
No Where Near.....The Early Bird Price Lock In for 'Love Magic' and
all Future Editions Is An Unbelievable $29.97"

"Thats Right You Can Change Your Life for Less
Than The Price of a Couple of Pizzas"

Love Magic
Written in an easy to understand
manner, Love Magic takes the reader through all the steps needed to
perform Powerful Love Rituals.The ultimate aim of this book is to
enable the reader to be able to write their own custom Love Spells,
it shows the ingredients to use, the type of Rhyme and Incantation
that works, Planetry and Lunar significance. Then to top all that,
it also has a bunch of real Powerful Love Spells that you can use
straight away as they are, customize them for yourself, or use them
as examples and templates for writing your own magical

And Don't Forget All Your Added  
Free Bonuses!

So to recap, not only do
you get to learn:
1. The real
Secrets of Love Magic
2. How to Cast Spells That Will
Change Your Life
3. The Things That Must Be Done
To Ensure A Spell Works
4. The Fundamentals of
Writing Custom Spells Yourself
5. The Planetry Alignments
Needed for Love Spells 
6. The Ingredients Common To
Most Love Spells
7. Working Safely With
8.  How To Cast a Magic
Circle and Work Within It
Plus Much Much
'You Also Receive'
Unlimited Updates, and access to any extra
future Bonuses Offered With This Package!
The Four Super Bonus Publications
That Compliment Love Magic Beautifully!
      Herbs and Their
      Essential Oils And Their
Use In Magic.......Value
      Crystals,Gems and Rocks in
Magic..........Value $29
Magic.....................................Value $27
Value Of All Free Bonuses............... $120.00
Future Updates 'of Love Magic'....Value
Price of Love Magic by Diane Wilson $47.97
Total Value Of Complete
Early Bird Subscriber Price Lock




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