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"When my husband and my friends said, 'Wow! You never looked so good. You're beautiful,' I knew I made the right choice. Thanks, Georgia "

Americans spent $8 billion for facial skin care products last year.

You were probably part of that, but do you really know what products your face really needs?

Did you know that there is one basic skin care routine that all women should have from the time they are young teens?

Georgia Donovan calls it her three part power system. Learn about the steps to having and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin no matter what your age, skin type or complexion.

So if you are overwhelmed by all the claims made by the cosmetic companies and are in a tailspin when you hear words like Retinol, Botox, SPF, exfoliator and microdermabrasin, then this is for you.

Georgia trained in the London Theater, as a young woman. There she learned makeup sectets from top makeup artists and watched as the acting legends of the theater taught her the tricks they used. Famous actors like Sir Laurence Olivier were her mentors.

Later, she went on to become a Certified Makeup and Skin care Specialist with CHANEL and is part of the national Pro Team for Lancome.

In this information packed, easy to follow audio, you will learn about:

Powder — liquid — cream — which one is right for you?

What is it and how do you use it? What is the one trick all makeup artists know about concealer?

Cream vs powder. Is it essential for all faces?

All about lipstick — glosses, creams, shimmers. To line or not to line the lip?
Does it go before or after the color?

The most important feature of your face are your eyebrows.
What every woman needs to know about them.

Essential Makeup Tools
What you need in your makeup box.
Why the best set of makeup brushes you can afford is an investment worth making.
How many kinds are there and do you need all of them?
Why a good makeup mirror is essential.
XTRAS you can't be without.
Caring for your tools.

How long will my makeup last?
The life span of all your makeup products. No, they don't last forever.
When to toss and when it is OK to keep

Makeup Tips for all faces
Teen, Women of color, Asian, Hispanic, Mature

Where is the best place to buy my makeup and supplies?
Is there a difference between a $10 foundation and one that costs $50?

Can I wash my face with bar soap?

Who needs to use a toner?

What is the most powerful non-prescription wrinkle reducer?

How much more protection does a product with SPF 30 provide than SPF 15?

What is the difference between a daytime moisturizer and a night cream?

How long should I keep my mascara?

What is the best way to test foundation color for the perfect match?

And much more

For a limited time, you can own both these programs for one low price

Yes! I want to stop wasting money on products that do nothing for me and really learn how to take care of my face so I will look my best.

Give me this fabulous program right away at the special price of only $37.


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