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Your one stop To Creating Successful Comics

If you are an aspiring comic creator, you have come to the right place. You would discover that we are probably the only place that offers in-depth courses for the aspiring comic creator. These courses were written to take the aspiring comic creator by the hand through the comic creation process.

Experienced comic creators may learn from our courses as well, since we cover the modern and most effective approaches that you may use to publish, promote and sell your comic(s).


The beginning stage of creating your comic book is the most important given that the way you start your comic book can literally determine the success or failure of your comic. As an aspiring comic creator there are certain things you need to know and do before you start making your actual comic. [Read more](http://www.comic-book-and-strip-service.com/creating-successful-comics-starter-kit.html) $14.99

There was a time that the only way a comic creator could make it was to get selected by a major publisher. Success was only feasible for a selected few. In many cases it wasn

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