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Seven Tiny Little Words Reveal:

"The Secret Core Desire
Of Every Man, Woman, and Child
In The Universe..."

Sunday, 12:10 am

Dear Reader,

Your Core Desire is an extremely powerful motivator.

Let me ask you a question...Why did you choose to do what you're doing? Yes, what you're doing right now. There is a reason for it. You were motivated. So what drove you to do it?

That answer...and the answer to why anyone does the things they do...is inside this book.

In The Secret Core Desire, you will learn what that desire truly is, why and how it affects you as it does, and take back the power! Discover how to control how you are seen by others, experience truly loving and lasting relationships, and be the man, woman or child you have always had the power to be...even if you didn't recognize it before.

But The Secret Core Desire doesn't stop with the revelation of what your Core Desire is. It goes on to explain the nature of "Emotional Balance", how we tend to set ourselves up for emotional insecurity, and why we do that.

The Secret Core Desire explains how our perceptions affect our emotional balance, and how, once we realize that Core Desire and perception are the source of our emotional balance, we can change our emotional balance to better suit us.

The Secret Core Desire steps us through our method of communication, and points out specific truths about the power of words, and how they affect your emotional balance.

And finally, The Secret Core Desire offers a method for discovering the key to the Core Desire of the people around you, the folks you deal with on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis such as your spouse, your children, your family, even bosses and co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers.

The method explained, when utilized, can bring you great power, allow you a measure of control never before dreamed of because of another "truth" about catering to a person's Core Desire that few people realize and even less truly understand.

The Secret Core Desire is a digital product, which means you can find out everything I've mentioned above and more just minutes after you make your purchase.
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[What People Are Saying...]

An excellent book...

Hi Tina,

I just wanted to say that 'The Secret Core Desire' is an excellent book that I'm sure will help a lot of people. Your book is very well written, easy to read and really gets the message across in clear and simple to understand language. I look forward to taking full advantage of those 'seven little words' in both my personal life and my business life.


John Taylor PhD
[ http://www.NLPin30Days.com](http://www.NLPin30Days.com)

Ridiculously simple - yet magically powerful.

As you read this short, sweet volume, you can't help but nod in agreement with these plain truths. And if you're smart, you'll think about them - and find a way to work them into your inter-personal relationships, enriching and deepening them effortlessly.

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
Author, 'The Emotion Prism'
[ http://EmotionPrism.com](http://EmotionPrism.com)

Read Every Single Word...

"This is the FIRST ebook I have ever read - and I first came across an "ebook" about 4 or 5 years ago - where I haven't felt duped (yet again) within the first 10 pages. The build up in the introduction actually had me read every single word. This ebook is awesome. Well worth the price already and I'm only on page 10! You ought to feel very good about yourself regarding this ebook."

Sam Beatson
"THE Master Forex Trainer"
[ http://www.fasttrackforex.com](http://www.fasttrackforex.com)

What we are missing has been in front of us all along...

"This book is extremely well-written, without an ounce of fat in it.
Tina knows how to dangle carrots to get us to read on...and to realize
that what we are missing has been in front of us all along.

If it were a salesletter, I'd put it in my swipe file."



"This book is profound. I shall read it over and over. I learned a lot about myself let alone what it tells about others. It really caused a light bulb moment."



"This book is amazing. Absolutely fantastic."


Everyone should read it...

"I loved the eBook. Everyone should read it! It will help anyone to get
a perspective on life and how to make it better. Your price is too low."


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