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did a geeky kid, switch from high pitched girly voice,
to a
deep manly
timbered voice in 5 days!

"Give Me Just 5 Day's
And I Will
Have You Sounding Like Barry

"If ever
you got your hands on something of incredible
value to your future...it's gotta be this! Mike London has stumbled
onto the reason why successful people succeed"

Doug Allen Creative Solutions 2007

London, voice coach, confidence trainer, author and a one time geeky,
 girly voice guy
with no life...

The picture to the right
demonstrates the
massive transformation.
The depth and crispness
of my speaking voice gave
me the incentive and confidence to completely change
everything about me.

even 3 months ago, I was a
dweeby lookin kid with glasses and a pathetically squeaky voice.

Mike London 2006
I did have Otoplasty for my
ears and I got
contacts, but thats it.

My sudden transformation is due entirely to the new found confidence I
discovered, when I got my new deep, crisp voice.

I discovered how to control the environment in my vocal chords,
I have literally had complete power over how I sound. This power has
manifested beyond just how I sound. I suddenly felt the need to dress
better, take care of my body and a whole bunch of stuff has changed, to
reflect this new mastery over my inflection and speech.

bottom line, is anyone can have a deep, dynamic, powerful speaking
voice. It's not genetics, because vocal chord size is not
responsible for a powerful voice and everybody has the same size. There
is variation, but not to the point where it is responsible for a weak
squeaky voice.

are simple things anybody can do to get a consistent, reliable, "on
tap" powerful speaking voice.

I can, and have, shown thousands of guys how to sound manly, some
dropping nearly a whole octave from their normal tone level!

It's all about the bass!!!


Talk about fast
confidence...a quality timber sound to your voice, deep,
crisp and powerful, you can rely on it every waking moment. The trust
you receive from strangers, the looks you get from
girls after uttering a few words. The credibility people
ascribe to you, at job interviews or business appointments. You can
literally write your own check, when others hear you say a few words.
It doesn't matter what the words are! People just trust a deep

From the Desk of Mike
9:43 AM Big Pine

know you may have noticed the sound of your own voice.

You may have caught yourself answering someone and thinking, wow, was
that me? What
must they think??? I know I have. It was sheer embarrassment. At times
you forget about it and just ignore your own strange sounding
inflections, but...

here's the thing...

People treat you differently when your voice is consistently, deep,
crisp and reassuring. You could tell them the sky was pink and you
still get a different response than you would if your voice was feeble,
squeaky or even female sounding.

me....I know.

I spent
the first 18 years of my life as a

dweeby, shy, girly voiced geek.

The other day, I was told by a girl
that she considers me to be one of the most
perfect guys she ever met.

Am I perfect? Far from it, but a deep, crisp, powerful (not loud, just
resonant) voice, infects
people with a kind of permanent and sincere
trust and affection for you.
Especially women, it's  hard
wired into their brains!


Im Mike London.

If your voice is kind
of squeaky at times and often, just plain weak,
like you have a frog in your throat, or a certain tension in your
throat, that makes you sound ...well, I can't say it any other way,
you are trying to hide something. Then, you need to read
word on this page.

still, scroll down right now and order us right away!
Click any of the download links below,
makes no difference which, to get...

"A Deeper Voice-

because I know where
you're at
man. I know what this is about. I
understand the dynamic completely.
a chicken-duck voice sucks. You know on some level,
despite your good rep and cool demeanor, people are subconsciously
laughing at your squeaky voice.

Lets keep it real...

Oh, they still like you, but no way they
really respect a squeaky, nasal or tense voice. Why? Because they don't
trust that type of voice man...plain and simple....they distrust you on
some subconscious level. I
guarantee you that.

It's not that they care how you sound,
it's that they can't trust a voice that is not re-assuringly soothing
and deep. You can't blame others, this is not a conscious decision on
their part, but it's there and you know it's there.
You lack the voice that says....this guy is powerful.

the mice

When the mice think they can steal the cheese, they just do.

If your
voice is wussy and weak, you can bet, whenever you turn your
back those
mice are going to be stealing all the cheese they can get.

They dont
fear you and therefore, they don't respect you, therefore, you notice a
definite and constant disloyalty. People YOU THINK are
your friends
play little games with you.

People YOU THINK are on your side...really
aren't and they prove it in subtle and chicken sh*t ways which you
can't really pin them down on because you would look like an idiot
getting mad at such minor things, but nevertheless, they are stealing all
the cheese they can get, whenever you turn your back!

They will ride your friendship and play off it for their own social
agenda. This isn't about social politics. This isn't about popularity.
This is about an inbred genetic disposition all humans and animals have
about how the other sounds. There is a natural social inclination to
toy with a feeble sounding creature.

To play
with them, to gain an
advantage over them.

"They want to prove to the world, what your voice is already telling
them about
you. They have a need to humiliate you in subtle ways, to punnish you,
equal to the quality they
perceive your voice to be!"

they are stealing all the cheese
can get, whenever you turn your back!

It's true...you know it is...
program will
change your voice in days.
But change your future forever...

present you with a couple of simple Exercises and some things that
you must do to condition your voice box. These are
temporary measures
and once you have zeroed in on that deep, crisp voice, within a week,
you wont need to continue the treatment.

Read more about this miracle treatment below. But right now, I
want to tell you a little about myself and how this shocking discovery
came about.

November 2006 I was muddling my way through life.
I was going to class and stuff. I didn't really have a social life nor
did I want one.

I was definitely not the "jock" type as you can see
from my picture above. I was
not particularly popular, in fact I was
quite a reject.

I didn't see myself as a reject, but I knew how to call
spade a spade and life on campus was pretty traumatic.

It never occurred to me in a million Sundays, that I would transform
myself that year, into something totally different.

completely new animal.

The events that led to my actions were mundane.

Mary, her real
name, turned me down when I asked her if she wanted to come out Friday
night. I wasn't expecting her to say yes and I don't even know why I
asked her.

But when she turned me down, I do remember feeling uncharacteristically
furious about
it. I
was delirious with rage, not at her, but with my life, the
things were shaping up. The way the world was telling me that my
unfolding future would pan out.

I was smart, a good student. I knew I would get a pretty good job. I
wasn't worried about that.

But something inside of me just screamed...NO MORE

I was a 80 pound weakling with nothing going on. NOTHING.

A man is not
a robot.

A man needs more than just work and study, to live a well
rounded life.

A man needs to feel valuable, desired by women and
respected by his peers.

obvious, but it never occurred to me
until that life changing day, that my voice, despite my other problems,
was the key to re-inventing myself.

You can dress different, you can act different, you can add some
so you don't look so small, you can get a new hair style, or get
contact lenses but eventually, none of those things work for one single
reason. ...they
are superficial changes.

I remember finding a quiet place in the college library, way in the
back, after my exchange with Mary.

I wanted to crawl under a rock. I
wanted to die. I wanted to be invisible, because I knew she was going
to tell her friends and word would spread. I knew within hours, I would
be getting snickers behind my back and comments that I was going to
have to find a way to ignore. I knew the afternoon was going to be hell
in class as I became the "in crowds" source of entertainment for the

As these fearful thoughts bounced around in my brain there in that
library, I started to cry. It was unstoppable. My face flushed red and
my tears were falling so easily...I never cried! It made me so mad. I
felt even more wussy, even more mad.

There was nobody around.

The place was deserted, I just let it flow. I
didn't care, I was in such misery. After 30 minutes my emotions
subsided, I just sat there, looking blankly at a bunch of books sitting
on the table I was seated at. I dried my tears and was spent. I was
done crying and was just sitting there, the fear beginning to loom in
back of my mind again, as I realized soon, I was going to face direct
and laughter at my actions that day for asking Mary out. Like
I don't have a right to try!

remember to this day, how starkly the word "VOICE" echoed
in my mind.
Like there was something telling me "VOICE,

I was looking
at these pile of books and it was only obvious after I saw the word
"VOICE" on one of the books, that my mind was echoing that word.

I immediately picked the book up. "Voice
Timber" by Peter Anderson,
published 1909, Tucador publishing house. Out of circulation after only
6000 copies.

I suddenly wanted to read it. I read the front cover, then
the back cover. I read every single word before I even opened the book.
I savored every word. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew
I had something here. It was one of those moments in life, that I
knew...just knew, was some sort of turning point.

I began to consume and digest this authors words. I was like a mental
vacuum cleaner, sucking up every scrap of information I could get.

forgot about class that day. In fact I was so motivated, I quit class
for 4 days. I just didn't turn up until the following week. I was too
busy. rebuilding my life. The way it looked to me, this
was much more
important than the Math test I skipped. To tell the truth, I just cut
myself a break, I just decided that I didn't want to face
the snide
comments and ridicule. I just didn't need it.

Sometimes, no matter how
committed and dutiful you are to your job or study, you just gotta say,
hey, it is time for a time out.

During those days in my dorm, something strange happened.

found a
power and mastery
could steal from me.

The book
Voice Timber by
Peter Anderson was quite a remarkable book. But it didn't
do what I
hoped it would do. Give me a deeper, quality voice. What Mr Andersons
book did do however, was allow me to investigate my own avenues. It
gave me ideas I
didn't even think were possible.

began to thank Peter Anderson in my prayers.

the second day I began to notice a distinct control over the timber
of my voice. I tried 3 different ideas and the one that
worked was the
last. I could literally "will" my voice deeper after doing the
exercises I had developed there in the privacy of my own room. These
exercises created an environment in my voice box that felt like my
chest was vibrating when I talked.

felt beefed up and raring to go. I had a command over my voice that I
had never felt before. It was a permanent change. There was resonance
and timber!

During those 4 days, I was actually physically "working out" my larynx,
like a body builder
works out his biceps. Well...not quite, I was working out certain
muscles that lengthened and loosened my vocal chords. These muscles in
the neck forced the voice box to become relaxed.

This is not about
singing lessons! Believe me I can't sing.

is about forcing the
Larynx to relax, by strengthening certain muscles in the neck. When
these specific muscles are buffed, your voice box relaxes all the time
because it is not working to support your posture.

It may sound ludicrous, but your vocal chords are a group of muscles
many people with weak voices actually rely, in part, on their vocal
chords to hold their neck up!


is why I was thanking Mr Anderson in my prayers....because he
explained these concepts to me.

Once I could see this treatment working, I was exctatic!!! I did the
exercises as often as I could over the 4 days.

Each day brought a new,
more powerful level of voice resonance and power. I remember standing
in my dorm room, saying the word,


The room echoed like never before in it's hundred and something years
of existence. There
was a powerful back wash of sound as I heard MY OWN
voice! I could feel the reverberations deep in my chest, after only a
few days of doing the exercises. AMAZING!!!

Even guys with squeamish voices like me, sound cool sometimes. Like for
example in the mornings, even before I discovered this miracle
treatment for high pitched voice, I could wake up half asleep and speak
with a nice deep timber in my tone. But usually by 8am or a few hours
after I wake up, my normal, typical voice comes back. A tight, little,
high pitched squeal.

After I did these exercises and conditioned my voice box, the old me
went away. Completely gone. I spoke with a nice deep timber, all day
long. I could say goodnight to my mom at 10pm  over the phone
and my voice held up. Still strong, still reverberating and resonant.

The first time I spoke on the phone to my mom, when she heard me, she
didn't recognize me LOL She refused to believe it was me. She kept
asking who it was. Despite my assurances, it took her over ten minutes
to get over it. When she finally accepted it, she was hysterical, she
was asking me if I was doing drugs!!!!!!! I just laughed it off and
told her I was maturing.

day I returned to school, I had the truant officer to face.
Now...you gotta remember how I looked back then. It was only 4 days of
these exercises and my voice sounded like I was a 200 pound body
builder. It was deep, supple and smooth. It was amazing if I do say so
myself. But the way I looked simply didn't fit the way I sounded. It
was kinda ridiculous. Like putting a set of truck air horn's into a
little 4 cylinder car. It was a shock! I looked like a kid, even at 18,
but my voice sounded like a fully grown, (sexy hehe) man.

Nevertheless, this was the new me. I was not making any apologies. I
spoke with my full timber and resonance. The truant officer, (Miss
Leem, a 22 year old blond hottie that was the poster girl for hot
teachers) was completely disarmed after I spoke for 30 seconds. It was

She sat there actually behaving subordinate to me! It was a
real turn on! She shot me a question, the minute I answered, in a low,
cool, relaxed voice, her business like facade dropped to the floor.
She was putty in my hands. And I looked like a kid!!!

I remember turning up to class. I strolled in. I
looked the same, but
something was different. The lecturer came in a few
seconds after me so
there was no time for the "crowd" to snicker or say anything to me
about my asking Mary for a date. I
didn't care now anyway,

I was confident as

The art history lecture was pretty mundane and boring, however, when Mr
Hobson asked the class for hands, to answer when Jackson Pollock
painted "Blue Poles" (a painting) I casually put my hand up and
answered the question correctly. However, sitting in the back of the
my resonant voice traveled acoustically through the
auditorium. Nobody recognized the voice and they all turned to look who
it was after I finished speaking!! It was hilarious to me because of
the impact I was having! There were murmurs, but no snickering!

The rest of that first day was a blur. But it was the beginning of the
rest of my life. I was still a dweeby, skinny dude, but I was
definitely a man. That day, Mary's friend, Brittany, who heard I had
asked Mary out,
up to me and asked me if I was free Friday
night! OMG!!

said...HELL YEAH... In a confident, deep and resonant voice. She
giggled LOL :)

Over the break, I developed my vocal chords to the fullest extent. The
amazing thing was that these exercises, this amazing treatment, not
only gave me the voice that even a professional "voice over guy" would
envy, but it got rid of my "pencil neck geek" look. My neck and
shoulders also responded to the work I did over that break. By the time
I returned, early in 2007, I was
a completely new type of guy.

I was one of those cool dudes. I had a new wardrobe and contacts, and I
also had my ears pinned, in a day surgery. My shoulders were bigger,
but it was my neck that really gave the impact. My pencil neck was now
a thick strong muscle group that aesthetically looked good too!

But look, this isnt about work outs or building up your body. I did do
that because my voice just didn't match how I looked. You may or may
have an awesome body already. But if you want a thick, heavy, low
voice, I can guarantee you will find it in my results getting report.

"A Deeper Voice- Right Away!"©

Learn what I know. Do what I did
Get the result's that I got!

The girls
No kidding dude, women place a massive subconscious
importance on how a man sounds. Forget dating techniques, forget body
building, forget diets man, women want power. They desire power in a
Plain and simple. It is
the Universal aphrodisiac. A powerful deep,
crisp voice that resonates absolutely SCREAMS UNDENIABLE POWER!
Even if
they don't like how you look, there is some undeniable force, that
draws a woman to a man with a deep voice. 

In the past, I have walked into a club, whispered a few mellow words
into a pretty
womans ear and literally owned her within minutes. It's not about what
you say, the words mean nothing, it is
how you say it or more to the point..how you sound saying it!

Click any of the download links, to get a powerful voice at your
command, not just intermittently, this
doesn't come and go. This is a permanent solution to your squeaky voice
problem. Once you learn how to focus in on it, you can stop doing my
treatment. The voice stays with you forever.

about training and keeping the
environment in your vocal chords

Forget the
respect you command immediately from strangers and peers.
Forget the trust you immediately get from people.

The girls man...the

ALL dig a manly voice. The key is to be consistent. To
always have
that voice. That is what I believe I have for you here. A
cure for a squeaky voice. It is easy and simple to accomplish within a
few days.

But since perfecting my system and packaging it for people to use, I
have uncovered a few interesting pieces of software, that really assist
process. You need clinical feedback. When you follow my treatment
instructions, you may have a hard time deciphering what is going on.
The software below, actually gives you that accurate and necessary feed

On its own this software is useless. But with my instructions, this
software becomes a valuable tool because you can record your voice
every day
as you practice my technique and it will give you accurate numerical
feedback about stress elements.

want to avoid those stress elements
like the plague.

It is these
stress elements that are completely absent from my own voice

software I will include free,
as part of my offering here
to you today.

Let me ask you this dude, if a Genie appeared out of a bottle and said,
I can make your voice deep and pure, how much money would it be worth
to you? How much would you pay to get a new deep, crisp permanent voice?

It has a value. I would have probably answered that question with a six
figure sum. If you were absolutely sure it would work. If
you knew, the
solution would effectively give you a crisp clean permanent new voice
in a matter of
days, you would pay $1000 and consider it a bargain right?

Look at it this way, if you paid $500 for a brand new and permanent
voice and the Genie said, put your money in the draw of this desk. Use
the solution, come back any time and take your money if you want it
It will be there
safely in the desk draw. If I don't hear from you in 60 days, I will
assume our transaction is complete and I will return and take the money
you left
in the draw. If, when I return in 60 days, the money is not in the
I will assume you took it back. Thats fine.

would be a convincing deal wouldn't it?

That is what I am saying here. I will not ask you for a thousand
dollars for this miraculous treatment, or even $500. I wont ask
anywhere near that
sum, but I will say, your money doesn't go to me, it gets put in a draw
for 60 days. A third party takes your money and they hold it. In 60
days I will ask them for it and not before, if it
is gone, I will
understand completely. If you have decided to take your money back,
there will be absolutely no hard feelings. To prove it, you can keep
the treatment absolutely free as my gift for trying it.

This is a digital download. You get it right away after payment.
waiting for the mail.

can start putting it into practice 3 minutes from now.

will include a free copy of Adobe acrobat which is the web standard for
reading books on the web. Directly after payment, you will be
redirected to my secure download area where you will get access to...

Deeper Voice- Right Away!"©

No fluff! 12 detailed pages of powerful and immediate results getting
instructions. No long boring, long winded puffer, wasting your time.
This is concise, direct and immediate. Read these instructions...get
the results. Its that simple!


Tutor software
will allow you to technically test your daily results as your voice
loosens and crispens up.


As a special gift,
professional version software.
This software reads the mathematical soundwaves of your voice, to
determine if a voice is lieing. YES that's right. This software is a
sound wave lie detector. You can use it on yourself to say things and
test how you sound. Or
you can use it on others to verify whether they
are telling the truth!

Note: If you are running a Mac, you will not be able to use the
software, however the main instructions you will have no problems
downloading. The software is useful but not essential to getting my

time sensitive offer!!!

For a one time payment of just
you can have the girls, the respect, the immediate trust. But this is
strictly a promotional offer that will close soon. We will be raising
the price over $200 soon, and even at that price, this package is worth
 every penny. But right now, go ahead and snap it up at $47.
You will have no regrets, believe me.

DON'T make
get frightened.
over- think the situation

act on face value and
personally promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Click the link below to begin with absolutely no risk to you.

paying us on-line.
that within day's people won't adjust their opinion of you
that you will not become respected immediately and permanently
that from this minute onwards, your life won't change for the better...

Click the link below....take the steps and make your payment. We will
meet again in the book!

Best Wishes
Mike London Coo



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