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Warning! Did you know that you are losing thousands of dollars as we speak? Yes... If you are not cloaking your affiliate links you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

"Discover How You Could Easily Keep Doing What You Are Doing And Simply Add A Few Secret Lines of Code To INSTANTLY Increase Your Affiliate Earnings Over Night!”

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From the desk of: Christopher Stigson

Dear Frustrated Affiliate Marketer,

Are you tired of seeing 1-2 sales a month only to wake up disappointed every single day? I have seen it myself, I have been there, done that. I've marketed my ClickBank link to death, but I never saw any return... And now I know why...

I have experienced the furious agony of writing hundreds of articles that miserably fail. I have done hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns that failed... I have tested, tweaked, and by trial n' error, finally discovered the secrets to extreme affiliate link cloaking. I would like to give you the benefit of these secrets too. I will literally tell you of the massive amounts of pirates that are literally stealing your commissions!

"Now releasing the tools to the public... Amazing affiliate commissions are waiting for YOU!"

This step-by-step blueprint I have outlined in Affilaite Cloak Magic can save you thousands of dollars if you apply it correctly... The simple yet effective techniques that Affiliate Cloak Magic cover will give you the ability to explode your earnings to a very real $200 increase in affiliate sales per link doing exactly what you have already been doing, except adding a few lines of codes to your pages...

Here is just some of the income that I've made from some of my cloaking technniques...

NO MORE lost affiliate commissions, EVER...

Cloaking your affiliate link drastically helps you...
...send prospects to any page on the merchants website! ...hide your Affiliate ID! ...clean up UGLY affiliate links!
Finally get rid of those ugly affiliate links and tap into the secrets today and discover what has kept you from affiliate success...
With this "one" technique you will hide any affiliate link and secure your hard earned affiliate checks over and over again! Learn how to laugh at hijackers all the way to the bank as you put them in their place! With these "three" scripts you will earn money from people who don't even click your affiliate link! Easily promote your own website, not the merchants! - Building Your Assets For Future Referance! With this snippet of code you will be able to cloak your links in forums and on socialbookmarking sites with easy!
Experience total freedom with which website you promote!
...As if that isn't enough!? Totally bypass any merchants sales letter and aim directly for the ORDER PAGE!
Feel Safe & Stay Protected From Affiliate Link Theft...
It's Your Turn To Finally Recieve Large Affiliate Checks
On a Regular Basis!

It's no lie, and I won't hide the fact that affiliate link cloaking has been around for ages! We have all seen it before... If you've ever cloaked a link you must listen to this... Affiliate Cloak Magic uses soem of the nastiest cloaking techniques on the market... some which are so powerful they may be considered "evil" as soon as they get out...


You will learn how to turn this link:








Make your affiliate link load the REAL website, without a trace it was you using this "one snippet of code" that ACM generates automatically!

However, this secret little trick is only ONE out of the 9 powerful tools in this package... And it's also the least powerful. If you thought that this cloaking technique was unique then you have to see the rest...

Have you ever seen 9 powerful cloaks that uou can add to websites you don't even own? You can literally use these methods on any website to earn money from people who don't even click on your links, if the merchant allows it!

Look Inside To Discover How To Shut The Backdoor You Left Open... TODAY!

But wait, that's not all! Now, you will learn exactly how to cloak your affiliate link in order to make the most money! You will learn how to troubleshoot your links and never miss out on commissions again...

Did you know that people are losing thousands of dollars on PPC? All because they think they are rightfully cloaking, but they are really not, and are therefore losing money! It may even be a really good adwords campaign!

If you are promoting anything with an affiliate link then Affiliate Cloak Magic can seriously help you boost affiliate sales, PERIOD!

But Wait I'm not done! Affiliate Cloak Magic Solves even more problems you didn't even know you had!

Have you ever stumbled upon the worst sales letter in the world and wondered how they can possibly sell anything? You decide for some magical reason to buy the product anyway... You had heard about it from a friend or family member...You have now bought a product with a really bad sales letter and now you own a product that's actually good... Yes, the product was good enough to market and now you would like to sell it as an affiliate, because knowing that when you recommend it to someone, people will feel the value they get from ordering. BUT, because the actual sales letter is so bad you say "no" to promoting it, there is something that tells you this sales letter won't convert... But wait...hold on a tick! Why not create your own sales letter and send the visitor straight to the order page instead!? Inside you will discover the script and template to "copy/paste" the code in order to solve this problem once and for all... easily in just 15 minutes or less!!

I know the feeling of knowing that a product is GREAT and the sales letter sucks, you know it can't possibly convert... I know you can relate in some way or another... Now, if you suffer from this confusing problem Affiliate Cloak Magic solves your problems easily and almost instantly with the most powerful cloak of all time that literally sends your visitors straight to the order page... As if it was straight through YOUR affiliate link. Oh, and best of all, it's 100% cloaked and free from suspicions!

What I am talking about is not another "order page" related to the sales letter... It's the page to the actual payment processor! Yes, it's even for clickbank! So for clickbank you would be sent to this page, with your affiliate ID embedded!

This is a known fact...
People are stealing your commissions!

Stealing SUCKS... And the truth is... You might be doing a really good job! Maybe even a GREAT job promoting your affiliate products, but with this many hijackers it's virtually impossible to get anything in return...

Yes, there are hundreds of computer CRIMINALS stealing your hard earned affiliate commissions! However, I have spent a lot of time developing a complete SYSTEM that can STOP this madness, right now! You may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table from bad affiliate link cloaking, and you may not even know it!

Listen to what one of my happy customers have to say

Hey Chris,

Thank you for sharing the tips in Affiliate Cloak Magic with me. I had no idea cloaking could be this important. I applied what you told me and I earned an exrta $200 doing everything the same except cloaking! Wow, Thank you!

~Johnny, Pennsylvania

What you are about to learn is has amzing potential to boost your current sales in your current business. I don't care if you are young, old, chinese or indian... With Affiliate Cloak Magic, there are virtually no limits... Not only this, you will have a headstart in front of all your competition when starting in any new market.

BUT WAIT! Software and Videos are included in this amazing cloaking package! Learn step-by-step how to cleanly cover your tracks & explore your road to riches, today!

You will recieve 8 step-by-step videos telling you exactly how to cloak and how to correctly work with affiliate links.

You will learn how to effectively promote your affiliate links and learn exactly where to do it.

I will tell you all the secrets in a step-by-step manner on an hour of video.

Learn the mistakes you are making with cloaking and how YOU can correct them instanly! This may cost you thousands already!

Get 9 powerful copy/paste scripts that generate cloaking codes for you to instantly add to any website!

You will simply receive a complete package!

I have seen gurus sell you an e-book for over $97 that tell you practically nothing! In this package you will recieve a complete beginners package to start making money today! I am 100% confident you will find great value in this package. GUARANTEED!

The scripts alone are worth $67... And I Urge You To Invest in This System - Hundreds Have Already Joined Forces With Me... Be The Next In Line to Discover The True Secrets Of Affiliate Link Cloaking!

So, if you're serious about your Affiliate Marketing Business, you will need to get this system right now and read/implement it today. You will recieve a Video package full of information. People like you are making mistakes all over the internet! I could not believe my eyes when I studied people on my journey to develop this tool.

You may even laugh at some of your own mistakes, but now you can grab the bull by it's horns in no time. Following any of my cloaking technique money will somehow start coming to you naturally, especially if you already have a lot of traffic.

If you ORDER NOW you will recieve all the scripts, all the videos and a detailed e-book report! You will recieve 8 detalied videos how to use each script and a manual worth $97 alone to go with it! If you are not happy you can get your money back in 56 days! That's a 56 Day Money Back Satisfaction Gurantee!

This is My 100% Money back Satisfaction Guarantee!
I am so sure that you will love and benefit from this offer,that I am including an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 56 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – and a world filled with fundamentals, tips, tricks and valuable information at your fingertips.

Plus, don’t forget, if you order the e-book, you can take advantage of the immediate download feature, to begin reading and benefiting from the book’s expert advice and comprehensive information in just minutes!

For the secrets that has made people over $15,184+ in a couple of months... What would they be worth to you? $197? $127? $97? $67?

Now Only!


(This is a Really Limited Offer! I reserve the right to increse the price at any time!)

So if you're serious about Affiliate Cloak Magic, click the "Order Now" button below.

If you at any time feel that this system is not for you then I am I can only cut my losses with you and give you your Money Back, Guranteed. Forr a $47 product worth over $97! There is a full 56 day Money back gurantee! If you at any time before 56 days upon purchase feel dissatisfied I will give your money back! I know you will love the whole package and every tool in this package! ORDER TODAY you have nothing to loose!


It's decision time: win, or lose...

You can buy the Affiliate Cloak Magic
package for $197 $147 the discounted price of $97 $47!

At the moment, 1,000+ of your competitors are using these techniques. The question now is whether
you want to take advantage and protect yourself from
theft? The gains are monstrous, but
the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop....
you have been warned...

In essense, you have no real choice. You must act fast.
Order via ClickBank payment servers
via either credit card or Paypal. Instant download.

P.S. Seriously, for just $47 I'll teach you How to use Affiliate Cloak Magic on your sites and boost profits like never before. How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. If the system isn't enough, I know for sure that 9 hardcore cloaks and a video to show you how to do it is enough!

P.P.P.S Since this is such a cheap price and the content is worth way over $97 and I am still issuing refunds within 56 days I am sure you will get what you need for the price you will pay. If you are not satisfied, you can simply return the package and I'll even let you keep everything!!

Questions? Comments? Need support? [support@affiliatecloakmagic.com](mailto:support@affiliatecloakmagic.com)

There is no gurantee as how much you will earn using Affiliate Cloak Magic, you may earn more than stated, you may earn less, you may not earn anything at all. You take notice that what is written in this e-book is for educational purposes only and either I or anyone who recommends this to you is responsible for what you do with the information.


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