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Sell AND DELIVER Your CD's and DVD's AUTOMATICALLY! You Never Have To Print, Package or Ship CD's or DVD's Yourself Ever Again! All of a sudden, delivering CD's and DVD's can become as easy as selling a downloadable product!

"It's All Done For You!"

CD + DVD Automator is a PHP script that makes it easy to sell and deliver your CD's and DVD's 100% HANDS-OFF! Using CD + DVD Automator you can sell your content, scripts, software, videos and more through PayPal then have them burned, printed and delivered to your customers automatically by Kunaki.com's fulfillment service! You never have to burn CD's or DVD's, print the CD /DVD jackets and inserts, label, package or drag your packages to the Postal Office ever again!

This flexible script allows you to sell and deliver your CD and DVD as easily as selling an ebook or digital product using Kunaki.com's XML service.

The script will automatically do several things at once:
It will create a page that displays the images of your CD/DVD product(s) directly from your Kunaki account - built-in stand-alone shopping cart that automatically calculates price, International shipping options and total included! It will collect your buyers shipping information! It will take their payment via PayPal (no PayPal account required) and immediately credit your PayPal account! It will submit their shipping information and product(s) ordered to Kunaki for fulfillment! It will create an OrderID # for your buyer and send them an email containing their order information as a receipt and for tracking! It will send you an email with the buyers name, shipping address and Order ID #! It will submit the order to Kunaki via it's XML service to burn, print and ship your order to your buyer - automatically!!

Still standing in line at the post office? Hey! This is 2007! You have better things to do!
"Hi David,
"Your Kunaki script is really 'hands-off' and it works like a charm. It took me about 15 minutes to have my first order page up and running!

Thank you for the script, it was exactly what I needed. Now I can sell CDs and DVDs completely hands free."

- Almin Cehajic

"Hi David,
Not every script nowadays works this perfectly from the start! Yours is wonderful - I just set it up a moment ago, it took me just a few minutes.

I tested the script, it works perfectly.

Many thanks!

Marian Krajcovic



This script allows you to completely automate the way you sell and ship your CD's and DVD's!

Other features:
The script is written in PHP easy to set and use- a video (in *.WMV format) on how to setup the script is included! One installation of this script can sell multiple products at once - so you can sell CD or DVD 'sets' or single copies...
BONUS: You get the script (of course!) but you also get a video showing you how to setup the script AND how to sell CD/DVD sets from a single page and installation!

Fequently Asked Questions:

"How is this different than the XML service Kunaki already offers to publishers?"

This is exactly why this script was created - to communicate directly with Kunaki's XML service. The coding is complex to even the best coders so we created the script to make it easy for you to sell your CD's and DVD's automatically!

"Can't I just order CD's and DVD's from Kunaki in bulk and ship them myself to my customers?"

Of course you can, but how much is you time worth? CD + DVD Automator does all the hard work, lifting and post office trudging for you! You can sell your CD's and DVD's completely hands-off and automatically! You also do not have to create PayPal buttons, redirect URL's, Order Tracking ID's or order confirmation emails or webpages - the script does it all for you!

How hard is it to setup the script?

That's the best part! It's very, very easy and we have a video to show you how to setup the script step-by-step. After entering your account info, your PID number for your product(s) from your Kunaki account and then set your prices, just upload the script to your server and you're ready to start taking orders!

Order now at 50% during our introduction period!

This script will sell for $97, but you can get it for a short time for just $49:

[CLICK HERE TO ORDER](http://marketinginsidersclub.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)

Best wishes,

CD+DVD Automator

PS- What can you sell with Kunaki and CD + DVD Automator? You name it:
... add higher perceived value to PLR articles, ... screencapture videos, ebooks, training programs! ... resale rights products and websites! ... scripts and software! ... the possibilities are endless!
Have a question about rights? You may NOT resell this script or give it away under any circumstance. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of US law and International law. You MAY however use it on as many websites as you own for as many of your own products as you have!

Refunds/Support: The script is sold with an 8 week money-back guarantee through ClickBank.com. We provide support as far as additional downloads, upgrades but we provide no customization for PHP functions that conflict with your server configuration. HOWEVER you may edit the script, as necessary, to your specifications so that it works on your sever. We cannot assist with customizations.

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