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Build Content-Rich Websites In A Flash!

Easily Create AdSense-Ready Websites
Build Content-Rich Websites In A Flash!

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Do you have a lot of private label rights (PLR) articles
gathering dust on your hard drive? Or maybe you're just looking
for a simple yet flexible system to build AdSense-ready websites?

My name is Eric Giguere. Let me ask you a question: if someone asked you to describe a problem common to all
Internet marketers, what would you say? This is how
I'd answer:
Too Much PLR!
It seems like almost every product or membership
you buy these days comes with PLR content of some kind. Personally,
I have something like 10,000 PLR articles gathering dust on my
computer. Content on all kinds of topics. But I've just been too
lazy to do anything about it... and you probably feel the same
If I had the time and energy, I could convert those PLR
articles into proper websites that I could monetize via AdSense
and/or affiliate links. I could even use them to create AdWords
landing pages with high quality scores to dramatically lower
my advertising costs.
So I wrote a tool to do just that!
Introducing PLRSiteBuilder
The product is called PLRSiteBuilder. It's a cross-platform
desktop application that runs on Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Here's a

It looks complicated, but it's not! All you need is a set of text
files just like the ones in this zip file.
The text files look just like this:
Credit Ideas
Most of the people nowadays opt for credit from different credit
lending institutions, lenders etc. to fund their credit needs and
People usually from the middle-class income group opt for credit loans
to fund their requirements and as well as present needs, the reason
being that the people of the middle income group usually
can't afford to spend a lot of money together. Thus, they opt for
credit loans and thereby satisfy their present needs.

Typical PLR content. Not great, you should really rewrite it before
you do anything with it. But it serves our purposes.

Microsoft Word Support!
PLRSiteBuilder automatically
creates text files by extracting the text from Microsoft Word
documents. This saves you even more time: instead of loading
each .doc file into Word/OpenOffice and saving it as text, you can
just let PLRSiteBuilder do it for you!

All you do is create a folder somewhere on your hard drive with
a bunch of these text files. You start up PLRSiteBuilder
and create a new project consisting of a few basic pieces of

Site name — the human-readable name of the site
Site description — a human-readable short description of the site
Domain — where you're going to host the site
Primary keyword — the main keyword for the niche

Then specify the location of the input folder (the text files) and
the output folder (for the generated site) and press the Generate
the Site button:

A complete site is automatically generated for you from
the text files in the input folder. Here's what PLRSiteBuilder
generates for the files in the debt.zip
file mentioned above:

That's right, a nice-looking home page was automatically created,
as were "about" and "privacy" pages. Here's what the content pages
look like:

The content pages include AdSense ad and link units integrated nicely
right with the text, all completely customizable.
If you want to see a live example of what PLRSiteBuilder generates,
visit the Debt
Is Great! site and see for yourself what PLRSiteBuilder can do.
That site was generated verbatim from the articles in the debt.zip
file, which in all honesty really need to be edited and/or rewritten
a bit. The point is to show you what's possible with PLRSiteBuilder.

Testimonial #1
I can't tell you how much I love your PLRSitebuilder. I have
a mac, so it's hard to find a site builder I can use. I can't
believe how easy it is to use. I had a site up in five minutes!
I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I
can now do something with the piles of plr articles I have
sitting on my hard drive collecting digital dust.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Barb Melloh, Law of Attraction Info

See the online manual for more details.
It's Not Just For PLR Content!
Although I've focused so far on PLR content, PLRSiteBuilder
can actually be used with any kind of content. The page you're
looking at right now was created using PLRSiteBuilder from a
single text file. (Did I mention you can embed HTML tags
in the text file when you need more than just paragraphs?)
As long as the content can be converted to a text file,
PLRSiteBuilder can use it.

In fact, you will get better results by not just
blindly using your PLR articles to create sites. Take some
time to edit and rewrite them, or even better yet to use
them as research for your own original content. That's
how you succeed with AdSense sites.

It's More Than A Templating System!
You may be wondering what's so special about PLRSiteBuilder
compared to the other templating systems that are out there
already. But that's the wrong comparison to make —
PLRSiteBuilder isn't a simple templating system!
PLRSiteBuilder is incredibly flexible. You can easily change the
entire look and feel of the site just by changing a file
or two. You can add new content and regenerate the site
at any point. You can insert AdSense ads wherever you
want in the content — do you want the ads to show
up immediately after the second paragraph? Easy!
And here's another neat feature: content is automatically
cross-linked. That's right, PLRSiteBuilder goes and inserts
links between the content pages based on keywords in the
titles. Which helps you with the search engines (they love
internal linking) and also with keeping users on your site.
Plus, it also automatically generates a Google Sitemap file
for the site!

Testimonial #2
I publish websites on a wide variety of health topics, hosted at DoctorLester.com.
Due to recent server changes, I am going to have to re-develop a lot of my sites, and
PLRSiteBuilder is the tool that I'm using. It gives me the ability to quickly build a content-rich site that
is attractive and easy to navigate.
— Lane P. Lester, PhD

Want more features? How about a special AdSense test mode
that lets you see how your pages look without having the AdSense
crawler visit them prematurely... perfect for fine-tuning your
content and not being stuck with the wrong ads!
System Requirements
What do you need to take advantage of PLRSiteBuilder?
Not much:

A desktop computer with Java support.
Java is free and is available for Windows (Vista, XP,
2000, 2003, ME), Macintosh (OS 10.4 and higher) and Linux desktops.
(See the PLRSiteBuilder manual for full installation
A domain and hosting for each site. The hosting service must support
PHP — almost all services do. No database is required.

PLRSiteBuilder can be used by any Internet marketer!
PLRSiteBuilder Is Coming Soon!
PLRSiteBuilder will be available for purchase very shortly.
For early access to PLRSiteBuilder at a special price,
please subscribe to our notification list. You'll also get some
special tips and maybe even a freebie or two just for joining!

PLRSiteBuilder Early Access
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Your privacy is protected — see my
privacy policy for the details.
P.S.: PLRSiteBuilder is extremely flexible... this entire
site was created using it... not bad, eh?

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