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Quit that useless low-paying, dead-end job immediately and become the envy of all your friends…

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Tested & True: Yes, dozens of my friends and now the public have used my Stripper Business Plan to rake in the cash while having girls beg to strip for them. Stop wasting your time working a boring job for someone else and start making stacks of cash while having women get naked for you! Here are what some of my students are saying:

"…I cannot believe how easy this was! I didn't even have a job and in two weeks I booked my first show. Thanks, a lot. I will send you a picture of my new car… I pick it up next week…"
T. MacIntyre

"…I ALMOST didn't order your course. That would have been a mistake! I make $250 my first night and am almost completely booked for this weekend. I could make almost $7000! I cannot say enough how much you changed my life…"
C. Folger

"You were right. My friends are jealous! My friends are all begging for me to take them in as a roommate with all of the hot girls who come in to see me!…"
J. Huett

…Dude, you rock! I thought I was going to have to get another part-time job. Instead, I quit the one I had. My credit cards are almost paid off… If you are ever in my town, beers are on me…"
P. Norris
From the Desk of Mike Steele:
Monday October 15, 2007
Memo: Stripper Business Plan

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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of wasting your time getting poorly paid for a job you hate? Wouldn't you like to own a business making a ton of money, and have a great time doing it?

Is it just me or do you…
Want to do something you love for work? Dream of making A LOT of money? Wish you could open your own business but can't afford it? Watch as your friends seem to be doing better than you? Know you have what it takes to make money but don't know how?
Do you think that someone is going to walk up to you in the street and hand you the keys to the castle? NO! You have to go out and earn them on your own!

Many ideas and plans to put money in your pocket are too complicated. You already know, to make money you have to be smart and take the initiative, you need to have a PLAN to make money. You don't need me to tell you that.

When it comes to opening a business, you have to find something that will motivate you to succeed.

And nothing motivates like lots of MONEY and WOMEN!

It is a fact of life that you need certain knowledge to open a successful business. As much as I love getting sandwiches at delis, I don't have the specialized knowledge necessary to open a successful deli business. That is why many businesses are handed down from one generation of a family to another. It is not the "bricks and mortar" that are being given, it is the KNOWLEDGE necessary to open and run that specific business successfully.

Thankfully, I was handed the information necessary to open up a business that makes a ton of cash while having girls get naked for me while doing it! It sounds like a dream, but it isn't.

For the first time ever, the secrets and business practices necessary to opening and running this business has been transformed into a step-by-step system that anyone can learn is now available!

You'll soon learn what any man would give anything to know!

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You may be wondering…

"Will the Stripper Business Plan work for me?"

So, you want to know why I am so confident this business is for you?
The Truth: Maybe it isn't for you!

Read on to find out why…

I have taken all of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past ten years of successfully running a "dancer" business and created an easy-to-follow course that nearly anyone can use. But, not everyone is suited for this plan. It takes the right type of person to make this plan work. Only sign up for this course if:
You have street smarts Can talk to people and convince to buy a product they want (salesmanship) The drive to "self-start" and create a business Can be comfortable and confident around naked women
If you can answer "yes" to these questions, I have no doubts that you have what it takes to succeed. If you have these traits…

That's where I come in!

How a Successful Stockbroker, Making a Lot of Money, Quit his job to Make Up To $5000 a Night… Running a Stripper Business!

Yes, it's true! My name is Mike Steele and I once had an important decision to make, but first a little of my background.

Since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be rich. I didn't want to live like most people do. Driving a Toyota wasn't enough for me. I wanted to drive the fancy cars, I have always been in love with Corvettes and vintage Mustangs. When I got older, I asked a family friend of mine what career I should pursue if I wanted to make a lot of money. He told me that unless I wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, I needed to sell something. After I graduated from college, I ended up being accepted into a stockbroker training course by one of the largest firms in the United States.

After completing a grueling year of training, I was allowed to take my NASD Series 7 exam. (The official term for the stockbroker's license) Although it is one of the hardest exams of its kind, I passed it on my first attempt.

I was now legally able to start selling stocks, and sell stocks, I did! Because of my confidence and business sense, I quickly became one of the top producers in the firm. I honed my salesmanship abilities and while doing so started making a ton of money. Most years I made more than $100,000 a year!

Life was perfect… almost.

The problem was I didn't like what I was doing. I pushed myself to make contacts and sales but my heart wasn't in it.

Then a friend of mine approached me and asked if I would take over his "Dancer" business. He had run it for years but now he was retiring

I had to make one of the most important decisions of my life. Stay with the brokerage firm or take a chance running the dancer business. (I should mention that my company had just sent me to Las Vegas for five days, all expenses paid for, because of my sales)

When I handed my letter of resignation into my boss at the brokerage, he was stunned. I will never forget what he said to me. He said "You are making the biggest mistake of your life. In a few years, you could be making a million a year!" I replied "You are right; this could be the biggest mistake of my life." And I walked out the door.

As it turns out, It was the best decision I ever made!

Since that day my life has been a dream. I only work a few hours a week and it doesn

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