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The Spirit of Sleep ~ eBookItem #1  $19.95Your time, Your Attention & Your Focus are very valuable………But…these are all compromised when you have not slept soundly the night before!Just imagine, harnessing renewed energy, gaining increased attention, directing focus and applying your valuable time to achieving effective results in every endeavor!  Plus eliminating that feeling of being tired once and for all!My name is Glenda Sparling.  I am a recovered insomniac.  I know the angry, exhausted feelings of having one bad night after another.  I’ve transformed my days with increased energy, focus and attention, without the crippling reliance on medication.  Years of sleep deprivation have finally come to an end.  I literally am energized and feel empowered to tell you about a remarkable power that resides within all of us.  And the great news is that all that is necessary is for you to call upon that power and energy…..Grant me a few moments of your valuable time to tell you how.In the book, The Spirit of Sleep, I explain to you about the incredible power and energy that resides within each and every one of us that will direct this incredible transformation.  Easy to understand techniques and effective tools combine with your consciousness to achieve successful results.All that is necessary is for you to recognize and harness your individual power and energy as you engage this Three Step Solution.Three Step SolutionThe Spirit of Sleep will be your guide, but it is your personal experiences, your situation, that will be the focus of your attention.The Spirit of Sleep will provide the necessary tools, but is your implementation of the tools that will direct your change.The Spirit of Sleep will encourage your participation, but it is you who must embrace the first step.To get a flavor of the content and information, click here.(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file - If you need it Free Download)After receipt of your order, you will receive a link for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD that allows you immediate access to this e-book which is in a pdf file.    (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file - If you need it Free Download)eBookItem #1  $19.95CLICK HERE TO PURCHASECLICK HERE TO PURCHASEWhat others have said about 'the Spirit of Sleep"...THE SPIRIT OF SLEEP is a wonderful self-help guide to a healthier life by attaining a relaxing, restful night's sleep.This book is an extremely valuable reference for those seeking relief from insomnia.I will be recommending this book to my patient's who suffer with insomnia.Ms. Sparling's light and informative style is a pleasure to read.  Loved reading about her quest for a good night's sleep.  This made the concepts and instructions easier to understand  and implement....Dr. Roxanne Caron ~Caron Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, PC...Glenda Sparling has not only compiled effective strategies for sleep issues but has introduced the reality of spirit and universal law into the subject of sleep.This book can be approached strictly for the effective practical methods and also can be enjoyed by those who resonate with their spirituality....you will find solutions for insomnia in the pages of this wonderful book.Bonnie L. StoeckerEFT SpecialistEFTHealingTouch.comGrant me the opportunity to describe how my 20+-year battle with insomnia and my journey of discovery transformed my life and how it will benefit you.  Two decades of sleep deprivation and drug dependency are finally at an end.  I now experience fulfilling, natural sleep, a renewed zest for life with increased energy, focus and attention.  Step 1: Embrace a desire to change.A closed door allows no entry.  Turn that knob…Open that door!  We all understand the Grand Canyon-size of any first step.  It is greatly liberating to release the long-held, entrenched habits and mind sets that limit us in so many of our life’s dimensions.  If you understand that the space you currently occupy will not change without your first step ~ a desire to change ~ then accept this invitation to open that door and realize the strength of your personal potential.Step 2: Invest in your growth and potential.The Spirit of Sleep is a book dedicated to the journey of self-discovery by Glenda D. Sparling.  Opening that door and embarking on a momentous journey released years of self-defeating thoughts.  New positive energy flowed into the space left vacant.  My guide was personal experience and I ventured to see the wonders and challenges, both light and dark that my condition of insomnia revealed.  Take courage to accept the challenges of your sleepless condition.  Let personal experiences guide you as you delve into this book.  Open your body, mind and spirit to discovery.  Awaken your personal power to replace negative with positive.  Experience the changes and improvement that is possible with your sleep habits.Step 3: Take Action.Implement the recommendations offered in The Spirit of Sleep.  All change starts from within and with the desire for a new reality.  Positive change in your sleep habits will follow and occur most effectively with the implementation of specific techniques and skills designed to repair the unwanted results of unhealthy habits.  The power within you will become your best friend.  You can harness this energy and strength once you learn to make inner contact.  Choose from among the techniques and skills best applicable to your individual needs.  Fine tune the behaviors and learn to train your body, mind and spirit in healthy, medication free, joyful life.  Life is all about feeling good.  You will feel good!Author - Glenda Sparling'I now feel great and you can too!'Web site designed & hosted at Homestead™

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