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New Blogging Guide for Internet Marketing - Blogging Advice for


New Blogging Guide Teaches You
How To Use Blogs And RSS
For Internet Marketing!


Are you looking for increased website traffic?

Wishing you had more sales, and don't know what to do?

Would you like to start an internet business in record time?

Just looking for good, solid blogging advice?

Are you tired of wasting time and money on Pay Per Click
advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and other ineffective and
expensive online advertising methods that don't produce the results
you want?

It's time you learned about the Blogging Bonanza
and how you can use Blogs and RSS for profit!

Why is this "THE" Blogging Guide for Internet Marketers?

Maybe it's about time you learned about the new secret weapon being
used by top internet marketing experts to run roughshod over you ...

Do you know the blogging and RSS secret?

Are you profiting from the Blogging Bonanza [1]?

Do you know that using RSS feeds you can skyrocket your traffic and
sales, and add a steady stream of fresh, new content to your website
without writing a word of it yourself? Search engines and human
visitors alike are HUNGRY for fresh, new content.

It doesn't matter what kind of website you have, or what product or
service you sell -blogs will help!

Using blogs and RSS to inform your potential customers, attract more
traffic and sales, and popularize your website WILL change things for
the better! You can't afford not to!

Catch The Hottest New Trend In Marketing!

If you don't know about these two hot new trends in internet
marketing, you're behind the times, and you're losing out to your

Imagine what it would do to your search engine positioning, traffic
and sales if you could get your website listed in Yahoo! for free, and
get it spidered by the likes of Google, Yahoo, and MSN in as little as
a few days ...

Imagine what it would do for your results if the search engine
spiders kept on coming back to visit and index your website on a
regular basis, and if they also constantly found fresh, new content

Imagine what it would do for your business if people who wanted your
product or service found you, instead of you having to find them ...

I began hearing about blogs several years ago. I hadn't a CLUE what
they were, but there was a lot of buzz about them. Then, I began to
hear that the 2004 presidential election was being influenced by

By then, I was curious. What in the world _were_ these things?

I did a little investigating, visited a few blogs, and was
unimpressed. A few of them looked a little interesting, but I
COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED their potential power for internet marketing.

I had no idea they could get listed in search engines and get top
rankings, and no clue how much search engines LOVED them!

Fast forward a few months. I started hearing about something called

Some new-fangled techno-babble thingee was taking the net by storm.

I felt like a dunce, because again I had NO CLUE what it was ...

Suddenly, in the summer of 2004, there was an EXPLOSION of interest
in blogs and RSS by some of the top people in internet marketing.
Blogs became a hot topic in numerous forums and newsletters.

Your blog and RSS information is hot! All three of my blogs are
doing exactly what you said they would do and more. This is the no
nonsense stuff that anyone wanting to stay on top of Internet trends
must know! Thanks to you, I'm ahead of the curve!

Thanks John! Great stuff and Great Job!

Daryl Clark

People were talking about blogging REVOLUTIONIZING internet

Now I HAD TO know what this was all about! I set up a blog and an
RSS feed, and I was SHOCKED to see what happened next.

In a matter of days, my blog and RSS feed had been spidered by
several major search engines, and in less than a month, several of my
blogs had as good or better Page Rank than did two websites that I'd
maintained and slaved over for more than a year! I didn't even have
any incoming links to my blogs, except from my own websites, and from
the directories that I had listed the blogs in, and here they were
showing up in the major search engine listings!

Something exciting was happening ... and I loved it!

I started thinking of all kinds of ways that I could use blogging
and RSS in my internet businesses. Methods that I could use to bring
in even more traffic and sales for my websites. I scoured the web for
more information.

Having done all this research, and tried it out myself, I decided to
write a special report on blogging, so that YOU, TOO could learn about
these hot new trends [2].

Will you get exactly the same result that I did? Perhaps not, but

If you adopt these methods now, you will have the chance to be in on
the ground floor of the next big trend in internet marketing!

You'll be an "early adopter" ... one of those people who sees the
potential value of something new, and shapes how it is used by others.

You'll also be miles ahead of your competition!

They won't have a clue what hit them ...

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Blogs and RSS aren't going to replace email marketing, but they DO
offer you a chance to gain all of the benefits of having a large
mailing list, without any of the hassles! Blogs and RSS can bring you
tons more traffic and sales!

Imagine ...

* No more risk of spam complaints!

* No risk of having your website shut down!

* No hassles with 40% of emails "undeliverable"!

* No worry about maintaining a "do not mail" list

* No worry whether you're CAN-SPAM compliant!

* Your message delivered instantly to the desktop of your audience
- and they WANT to hear what you have to say!

* Your audience of potential customers will be some of the most
savvy and most affluent surfers on the net!

* All this AND you'll be in on the GROUND FLOOR of the hottest new
trend in internet marketing!

And if THAT isn't enough, you can also use RSS feeds to ...

* PERSONALIZE messages to individual subscribers!

* Follow up with old and new customers and affiliates

* Add fresh, new, frequently changing content to your webpages
without writing a word of it yourself!

Let's face it. If you want to do as much research on this as I have,
visit a ton of websites, buy a bunch of books, spend hours and hours
... days, weeks, even months ... gathering all of the information,
then you DON\'T need to buy my new report. You could learn this all on
your own.

On the other hand, if your time is valuable to you, and you'd
rather GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY using this hot new technology, then you
really need to

Grab a Copy of This Great Blogging Guide Right NOW! [4]

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The report is 49 single-spaced pages. I give you all the
nitty-gritty, with no fluff or hype, so you can get educated and get
started quickly!

If I priced it based upon the time I put into researching it, this
ebook could easily sell for several hundred dollars - probably closer
to a thousand dollars. You get it for less than $50. Is that a
bargain, or what?

This is a beginners guide to blogging, but goes into advanced
techniques, as well, especially in the "members only" area of my site.
Purchasing the ebook entitles you to a full year of access to those
frequently updated web pages.

After that, you'll be a blogging pro yourself!

I'll tell you about where to get free or low-cost resources, so you
can get up and running quickly. I'll show you where to list your blog,
so you'll get noticed by human visitors and search engine spiders
alike. I'll give you tips on how to write your blog, and how to make
money with blogs and RSS.

I'll also show you how and why starting a blog is the quickest and
least expensive way to start or promote ANY internet business!

In addition to the ebook, you get a full year of access to the
"members only" website where I'll post latest and hottest information
that I've found. I'll be posting blogging advice articles, resource
links, lists of blog and RSS directories, and the latest information
that I have on blogs and RSS there in the "members only" section.

Plus, some "unadvertised bonuses" ...

Since this field is evolving quickly, you need a constantly updated
resource in order to have the MOST CURRENT INFORMATION. The members
area allows this blogging guide to constantly evolve and provide you
the latest info and blogging advice that I have available.

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Thanks so much for the book. While I have not had time to get my own
blogging campaign in gear, when I do, the first thing I'll start with
is your book!

It explains all the finer aspects of blogging for profit and is a
must have book for anyone interested in blogging.

To your success,

Jim Daniels

Look At Everything You\'ll Learn!

Here's just a partial list of everything that you'll learn when you
buy this blockbuster blogging guide [7] and gain access to the
"members only" website ...

* What Is a Blog, and How Do I Use It?

* Why Search Engines Love Blogs!

* Why Surfers Love Blogs and RSS!

* What Is RSS? What's In It For Me?

* Should I Use Both Blogs and RSS?

* Getting Started with Blogs and RSS

* Get Your Blog or RSS Feed Noticed

* Tips on Good Blog and RSS Posts

* Add Content to a Website with RSS

* Increasing Traffic with Blogs and RSS

* More Ways to Increase Your Traffic

* Get a Free Listing in Yahoo! (while they last)

* Getting the Googlebot and Other Spiders to Visit Your Blog and
Your Web Site

* Making Money With Blogs and RSS

If all that isn't enough, you get a full year of access to the
"members only" website, with all the latest information I've gathered
on blogs and RSS ...


OK ... You have two choices ...

You can wait ...

while the competition gets light years ahead of you ...

OR you can Order NOW! [8] for only $49.99

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Suppose that after you learn about blogs and RSS, and how to use
them for internet marketing, you get huge increases in website traffic
and sales ...

What is that worth to you?

P.S. -- Are you going to be a leader or a follower in these hot new

P.P.S. -- Invest now in your own potential to make money with blogs!

You have nothing to lose!

90 day, 100% money back guarantee!

** Every effort has been made to fairly and accurately represent
product potential.
There is no guarantee that you will achieve any particular result,
or make any money.
Specific results depend upon individual background, motivation,
skills, and finances.

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