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Are You Sick and Tired Of...

Boring ad formats that put your visitors to sleep or worse yet, send them running at 100 miles an hour from your web site? Terms and conditions forced upon you that control YOUR web pages? The ball-and-chains of the 'search-engine-gods' making your web sites look like the other thousands on the web? Others telling you what you can and cannot do with YOUR web sites? The 'shackles-of-the-mighty-controller' cutting your potential profit to a fraction of what you deserve? Your visitors ignoring your ads, robbing you of your money? Earning pittance for your hard work you put in day-in, day-out? Loosing your shirt with your advertising campains without a sale? Chasing your tail trying to find products that sell ? Your ads getting 'deactivated' because of low CTR ? Your dreams getting shattered after spending endless hours on keyword-research? Being afraid to even get started...?

... Listen Up ...

You Don't Have To Put Up With It Anymore!

Reclaim Your Web Sites!

Regain Control!

Pocket More Profit!



Do You Want To Have Access To

Unlimited number of ads, on the same page, that generate HUGE commissions for YOU (we are talking about tens of dollars not cents)? Ads that YOU can configure with targeted keywords? Multiple keywords per page, anyway YOU want them, mix-and-match? Your very OWN Search Engine built-in to each and every page on your website? A built-in product browser that is FUN to use and will keep your visitors busy for hours? Proven Products that sell and are automatically hooked to your Clickbank I.D.? Ad Blocks that blend in with your site and keep your visitors excited, wanting MORE, constantly changing to make your content fresh and new for all off-site Search Engines? - Better than RSS... Automatically updated product/services list that keeps you ahead of the game and free from drudgery? Fully customizable, Search Bar, Product Browser, Search Box and Ad Blocks? Complete Control of YOUR site's look and feel? An Autopilot, 'Setup-Once-And-Profit-Forever' system that's works for YOU, 24/7?

New, advanced, technological breakthrough now enables
YOU to have ALL this.


You can have your OWN, on-site, Search Engine with Fully Customizable Ads and Search Bar, WITHOUT any conditions OR restrictions.
YOU'll be in full control!

Do you want a complete product shop-front?
No worries, with The Profit Toolkit© it's easy!

YOU can tweak and customize every little bit of this system, so you WILL keep your visitors on your pages longer, increasing the time they spend on your site and therefore the chance of spending their money with YOU! And when they DO, you'll pocket more than a few miserable cents!!!

Sprinkle them on your pages anyway YOU want to. Format them to blend in with your website the way YOU think is most profitable...


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