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Pro Sum Sales Page70%of your study time will be spent reading textbooks - doesn't it make sense to become an "expert" at it?"Master your textbooks and you'll master your exams...with a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee!"Dear Reader,A sad fact about high school is it does nothing to prepare you for the extreme amount of textbook reading you'll encounter in college.If you want a high grade point average (and who doesn't?), with all the advantages that go along with that, you're going to need an effective way to read and master what will be literally thousands of pages of textbook material.My study system, the "PRO-SUM" (Progressive Summarization) method, will teach you exactly that.  you will quickly learn how to condense a massive amount of textbook material down to a manageable summary that will supercharge your studying for exams.A hit or miss approach to studying won't cut it in today's highly competitive college - and business - world.
Have You Encountered Any of These Situations? It's one week before a big exam and you find yourself with over a hundred pages of textbook material still to read.  You stay up late every night and extra late the night before the exam to review what you've just read. You've read all the material prior to an exam. But when you begin your review, you find that you remember very little about what you read several weeks ago. You're unable to accurately estimate how much time you should spend studying.  If you've experienced any of the above situations, it's almost a certainty that an effective textbook study method will help you.Wouldn't it be ridiculous if you had to reinvent the can opener every time you wanted to open a can?  But that's exactly what you've been doing with your studying if you haven't been consistently using a method.You're spending far too much time trying to decide the best way to study for a particular class - time that could be spent on actually doing the studying..How It All StartedLike many of you, I began my college career full of self-confidence about my academic abilities.After all, I was an honor student in high school and, in spite of using an unstructured, hit or miss style of studying, I saw no reason why Iwouldn't do as well or better in college.Boy, was I wrong!My first semester, using the same study methods I used in high school (i.e. none), I managed to obtain three B's and two C's. Hardly the stuff of which honor rolls are made and by far the worst grades ever for me.I was confused and puzzled at this, because in the high school world of weekly open book, true/false and multiple choice tests, simply reading the text books was good enough.But in the college world of far more complex exams, where one or two tests can determine your entire grade, it became painfully obvious that I didn't know how to read textbooks effectively.  I needed to do something different.But what?I read several books on various study methods, talked to students who consistently achieved high grades, and the one common thread with good students was that they developed a method of studying which they used consistently.  That was the key.The PRO-SUM Method is BornAfter much trial and error (and another semester of mediocre grades!), I developed a method which finally enabled me to get my textbook reading under control.That method is what I call the "Progressive Summarization" or PRO-SUM method.The PRO-SUM method cuts through the mystery and complexity associatged with studying textbooks and gives you a simple, effective way to approach the vast majority of your printed educational materials.Of course, what you really want to know is this: did it improve my grades?I started using and refining my method during the last half of my first year in college.  The result: one A, three B's and one C. Better than my first semester but certainly nothing to brag about...yet.Over the next couple of semesters I continued refining my study method until it was second nature.  For my last two years of college, Imaintained a 3.9 grade point average, was on the Dean's honor roll continuously and graduated "Cum Laude" (with honor).The improvement in grades was the result of developing and consistently using the PRO-SUM study method.In fact, using this mehod, one of my best friends achieved a combined four-year grade point average of 3.7 and that was after a mediocre performance in high school.Again, the consistent application of an effective study method made the difference.  This difference is what I will give you by the time you finish my book.What You'll Find in the PRO-SUM Method How to stop being a slave to the crunch times created by last minute studying. How to be in control and free from worrying about how to approach your textbooks. How to avoid last minute reading and cramming anxiety. How to "cram" in an academically valid manner. How to condense a large amount of material into a manageable amount, without sacrificing understanding. How to schedule your classes to fit in all the study time needed and still have your evenings and weekends free.  Your amount of free time will actually increase. How to accurately estimate how much time you'll need to spend studying.  No more finding yourself with too much material to study and too little time before an exam. How to read all your textbooks, master the material and cut your study time by one third compared to conventional methods.   How to use the method in high school. How to use the method in the business world. PRO-SUM is a study method that can be learned in a short period of time, thought it will take some practice for you to be comfortable with it.PRO-SUM removes the uncertainty about how to study your various courses.  You won't have to go back again before the exam to decide what is important because you'll have already summarized all the important points.  you can thus concentrate on mastering your summarized material.PRO-SUM can be used with virtually any kind of textbook, regardless of the subject.  From the simplest to the most complex, it works equally well.  You'll have a consistent way to study for any class.Okay, Just What is the PRO-SUM Method?In this or any other book about how to study, one thing should be made very clear right up front: there is no magical, shortcut method.There is no system which will allow you to study and learn effectively with little or no effort on your part.  That system simply does not exist and any book that claims it does isn't worth reading.Just as getting into shape physically requires to you work out, getting better grades requires you to study.  Good grades are for the most part a matter of organized, consistent, effective studying.The PRO-SUM method is just what the name suggests.  It's a structured method to read, review and progressively summarize your textbook material.It's a method to maximize your study efforts and minimize the time spent, while assuring you will cover and learn all the material.Make no mistake about it...you do have to actually read all of your textbooks!  Skimming will not get you by - not in today's highly competitive college world.In college, where essagy exams are common, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the material in order to effectively tie concepts together.For a full time student, who may have several classes and textbooks each quarter or semester, trying to maintain a level of comprehension with all of them that is sufficient to perform well on exams is a daunting task to say the least.So, the challange is to somehow condense a tremendous amount of material into a manageable amount, which can then be mastered.This is exactly what the PRO-SUM Method is designed to accomplish.Even if you consider yourself to be an excellent reader, an important point to emphasize is you do not read textbooks the same way you read novels.  you merely read novels but you have to both read and study textbooks.Not understanding or acknowledging this difference is one of the primary reasons why so many people don't retain much of what they study.Perhaps the biggest drawback to most study methods is they tell you what you should do but not how to do it.  Often, the act of studying is intellectualized to the point where it becomes an end unto itself rather than a means to getting better grades.The PRO-SUM Method explains in detail not only what do but shows you with precise examples exactly how to do it.While many skills are necessary for high academic success, I make no attempt to make you an expert in all of them.In fact, my goal is to make you an expert in only one of them: how to read and study your textbooks for maximum retention and performance on exams.Although many other skills contribute to good grades, none are as important as the ability to absorb textbook material in an organized and effective manner. You'll spend more time reading and studying your textbooks than all other academic activities combined.Doesn't it make sense to master this skill first?You can find excellent advice in other books on study skills other than textbook reading.  "How to Study Like and Expert" is one of the very few books that concentrates primarily on how effectively condense the massive amount of reading you will encounter as a student.The ability to do this is like having a fifty-yard head start in the hundred-yard dash of college exams.Yes, I do offer advice on a few other topics, such as scheduling your classes and planning your time.  But this is only becaue they are directly related to your ability to read and study textbooks effectively in order to perform well on exams.Here's More Examples of What You'll Learn Why you're not prepared for studying college textbooks (it's not your fault!). The single most important skill required to master your textbooks. Why most people don't retain much of what they read. A simple yet effective way to focus your concentration on what you read. Five simple steps that show you exactly how to condense hundreds of textbook pages into a few pages you can easily review prior to exams. Time saving shortcuts to vastly improve your note taking. A simple method to calculate - to the minute if you like - how much time it will take you to read and summarize your textbooks. The single, most powerful method for reviewing and retaining what you've summarized. A detailed example showing exactly how 20 pages of highly technical material is condensed into less than one page of tightly summarized review notes, using the PRO-SUM Method.In short, you'll learn how to "Study Like an Expert!"You Make the Decision!The choice is yours.  You're going to spend a great deal of time reading your textbooks regardless of how you do it.  The question is, how effectively are you going to use that time?The typical college freshman is faced with a challenge for which high school gave little preparation.  you can stumble through the maze of material in your textbooks, forgetting next week what you read last week and wondering how you'll ever be able to retain anything by exam time.Or, you can give the PRO-SUM Method an honest try - backed up by my 100% money back guarantee - and learn how to truly "Study Like an Expert." 100% NO-RISK, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKEDMONEY BACK GUARANTEEI want you to be happy with your purchase and if you're not - for any reason - I don't want to keep your money.  My reputation and self-respect is worth far more to me than the few dollars I'll earn by keeping an unsatisfied customer's money.   If you give "How toStudy Like an Expert: The PRO-SUM Method" an honest try and are not convinced it makes you a better student and improves your grades, I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked. Simply send me an email (my email address is in the book) within 60 days of purchase and I'll gladly give you your money back.   And...the book is yours to keep no matter what...just to thank you for giving the PRO-SUM Method a try!   You can't lose - either you become a better student or it costs you nothing!   That's my guarantee to you...it's as simple as that.    
Better grades and more free time can be yours today for our introductory price of only...

$25Order safely and securely from ClickBank, the world's largest distributor of electronic books. Please click on the link below, which will take you to a secure order form where you may purchase the book by credit card, PayPal, or online check.
Study Like an Expert will be electronically delivered to you immediately as a PDF download which you can save on your computer to either read online or print out.But please hurry. "Study Like an Expert" was just published (September of 2007) and we've purposely kept the price reasonable to stimulate sales and get the word out. We'll be gradually increasing the price over time until we find the most appropriate pricing level.

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