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Create! We're committed to making your message board experience first rate, with support around the clock, and a feature-packed solution for the smallest to the largest communities.

We now offer dedicated servers, aimed at large boards and businesses. Click here for details. A flat fee of $2.50 per month.
Create! - [V1.4.1 Released](http://bb.bbboy.net/support-viewthread?forum=10&thread=21)
(1 Mar 2003)

- [V1.4 Released](http://bb.bbboy.net/support-viewthread?forum=10&thread=20)
(7 Jan 2003)

- [V1.3.9 Released](http://bb.bbboy.net/support-viewthread?forum=10&thread=18) (25 Nov 2002)

- [V1.3.8 Released](http://bb.bbboy.net/support-viewthread?forum=10&thread=16) (6 Nov 2002)

- [V1.3.7 Released](http://bb.bbboy.net/support-viewthread?forum=10&thread=15) (18 Oct 2002)

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- About Us $6 per GB, no adverts, premium features.
Create! "Best Boards truly is the best message board service on the net!" - [Nickdisk](http://emerald.bbboy.net/nickdisk) More Testimonials "I have received the best tech support here. You've definitely got me hooked!!" - [MysticDream](http://bb.bbboy.net/mysticdreamz) Top of the line, for large boards & business.
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