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Are you ready to change your health

and life for the better, to create a

peaceful and relaxed state of mind

to envelope your whole body?

Then you are in the right place!

New Age Angelight Music Way




Simply listen to therapeutic music and benefit from:

Physical healing

Emotional healing

Relationship healing


Download MP3 New Age music
and find the secret of health!
DOWNLOAD the series of special sound music therapy for various parts of your body system including the brain, heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, liver, blood pressure, kidneys, reproductive, nervous system, muscle and skeletal systems. These special sounds are developed especially to energize your body and mind. It is natural health!

DOWNLOAD the MORNING CHARGE ANGELIGHT music session to improve your daily attitude and productivity.  While the EVENING REST or TIME OUT music therapy session will relieve everyday stress and help promote a truly relaxing sleep. It is musical healthcare!

DOWNLOAD the series of unique transformational ANGELIGHT SOUND ENERGY series and discover your mind’s true potential, it will also improve your Self-Esteem. It is spiritual music!

 Music therapy one of the most profound healing modalities. Give your body, mind and soul the Angelight experience. Help yourself with very powerful emotional affect on your mood, your mind and body.  This is the beginning of a new way to create energy of love to help restore your physical health, mental health, wellbeing and happiness run. ANGELIGHT music will provide a total healing atmosphere and experience.

Angelight music therapy offers beautiful, high quality mp3 music!



“I listened to it every night.  It helps me sleep and to stay asleep.  I find that I’m more relaxed and productive during my day” Peter Shevchuk, Commercial Real Estate Manager

“It was incredible, the love and peace filled the roomI easy found solution to a very big problem because is so easy to pop in the ANGELIGHT music in let everything relax” Irene Boyko, Bookkeeper

 "I use ANGELIGHT music in order to lower my body's blood pressure, keep panic down, reduce fear reaction , and can usually get control over most episodes, if not at all times. I thank you for your consideration of music as an alternative therapy." – Tanya Govern


Before listening to ANGELIGHT music, make sure that there is nothing to distract you during your session.  Turn the phone , TV and Radio off.  Next make sure your wearing comfortable clothes.  Find your best sitting or lying position. 

As the ANGELIGHT music therapy begins, take slow deep breaths.  Clear your mind of all images and things.  Take yourself to a clear place.  Visualize calming colours like blue or green.  Relax as you take this new journey of healing for your body.  Let the ANGELIGHT music wash over you like a gentle wave.

There are no drugs, pills or supplements required. ANGELIGHT music therapy requires your time and your total focus to help promote a feeling of renewal and well being.

ANGELIGHT music therapy contains no sounds, encryptions, or similar signals that affect your subconscious.  It’s completely safe and non-intrusive.  This is your personal journey of renewal and rejuvenation. Give yourself every opportunity to benefit from Angelight’s healing music.

Available immediately with 100% security


A special offer Angelight music therapy
for ONLY $27.
Bonus 1

Morning session - music for a positive attitude and better productivity

Bonus 2

Time out session – top up and refresh yourself anytime you need to.

Bonus 3

 Evening rest session - music for stress relief, relaxation and better sleep

The series of special sound music therapy for various parts of your body system including:
1. Renewal of the whole body session - creates a positive attitude for your body rhythms

2. The brain session- for better retention and comprehension of information.

3. The heart session – this music neutralizes negative emotions & reduces heart pain

4. The blood pressure session – to lower elevated blood pressure.

5. The lungs session –this music is designed to sooth your breathing

6. The liver session- music helps your liver filter in harmony with the total body.

7. The stomach session- music therapy to help aid digestion and energy.

8. The kidneys session-   Healing power of this music for your Kidneys will help to purify the body.
9. Muscles and bones session - promotes strength and endurance.
10. The intestine session - created to remove anxiety.
11. The reproductive session – helps to promote better sexual function
Length - 3 h.25 min

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If you wish, you can purchase sessions separately.

All tracks fully licensed and in high quality MP3 format.


Healings and Transformations


Relax, New Age


320 bkit/s, 48 kHz

RENEWAL OF THE WHOLE BODY SESSIONS - creates a positive attitude for your body rhythms

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


If you believe that you are not sick, this may prevent you from embracing the healing power of ANGELIGHT music therapy.  Special sounds are designed to create a peaceful and relaxed state of mind to envelope the healthy way for whole your body.  We recommend that you try this process of the beginning of your bodies renewal.  ANGELIGHT music therapy is the perfect connection to start your body and mind on the path for recovery and well being.  The more you listen, the better you will feel.  Let your body flow with the healing powers of the ANGELIGHT music.

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THE BRAIN SESSIONS- for better retention and comprehension of information

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


The ANGELIGHT therapy for your brain will help your learning experience through better comprehension of information.  Often the brain is overloaded with too much information and learning power is diminished.  Increase your minds capacity by opening up new brain receptors through this free flowing music therapy. Remove the stresses and open the doors to better learning with this ANGELIGHT experience composed specifically for your brain.

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THE HEART SESSIONS – this music neutralises negative emotions

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


Our heart is the engine that drives the body. Your heart is the hardest working muscle in the body.  ANGELIGHT music therapy session will help to fine tune the rhythm of your heart for well being.   The feelings of joy and the spirit of how you feel flows from your heart to your head. Its emotional healing with Angelight music for relaxation. Enjoy this healing experience !

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THE BLOOD PRESSURE SESSIONS – this music relieves inner stresses

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


ANGELIGHT music therapy can help you naturally and drug free to lower elevated blood pressure.  This music therapy can help stabilize low blood pressure.  Life stress, relationship tension, money problems all contribute to your stress levels and influence changes in your blood pressure.  ANGELIGHT sound healing is designed to change the atmosphere and mood around your body.  There is the calm within you. A peaceful state of mind will help to start the healing process. Allow your body to experience this with ANGELIGHT music therapy exclusively created to help you achieve better blood pressure.

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LUNGS SESSIONS – this music is designed to sooth your breathing

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


Primarily the lungs are responsible for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air we breath and the blood that carries oxygen to every part of our body.

ANGELIGHT audio healthcare for the lungs is like the feeling of breathing clean air after the rain.  Clean, fresh air restores energy to the body.  ANGELIGHT music therapy for the lungs releases toxins. If you experience light coughing during this session it means your lungs are restoring to full capacity and a healthier state.

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THE  STOMACH SESSIONS – music therapy to help aid digestion and energy

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


Bad eating habits and consuming the wrong food and drink stresses the stomachs ability to digest and assimilate the goodness of what you consume. As they say, garbage in and garbage out.  If the food and drink you eat is not helping your body now you should get advice on getting the balance of what you consume right.  ANGELIGHT sound therapy for the digestive system has been created to assist digestion and harmony for the fuel that your body needs for well being.  

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THE LIVER SESSIONS- music helps your liver filter in harmony with the total body.

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


The liver is your body’s main filter.  Dirty energy can accumulate around your liver blocking normal function.   Sound of ANGELIGHT music therapy  for the Liver will help to change the energy flow for the better in this vital organ. 

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THE KIDNEYS  SESSION   Healing power of this music for your Kidneys will help to purify the body.

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


Think of your kidneys as your bodies purification filters.  Our kidneys work hard to remove toxins from the body to restore natural energy.  Our kidneys also remove waste from the blood.  As part of the ANGELIGHT music series, try this special music created just for your kidneys. 

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MUSCLES AND BONES SESSIONS - promotes strength and endurance

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


The skeletal system works with the muscular system to help the body move.  Think of this as the bodies frame..  The health of your bones and muscles form the support for your whole body.  ANGELIGHT music therapy has created a music session to promote inner health and well being for healthy muscles and bones. ANGELIGHT music will help to achieve better body movement and a new direction for your overall physical fitness and strength.

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THE INTESTINES SESSIONS  is music is created to remove anxiety

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


We live in a toxic age.   Our water is laced with heavy metals.  The air we breath is polluted with carbon byproducts. The upper and lower intestines are your body’s waste processing system.   ANGELIGHT music has produced music therapy for this part of your body’s total well being and overall better functionality 

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THE REPRODUCTIVE SESSIONS – helps to promote better function and furility.

Click here to download sample

Price: $3.78


This is where the body creates new life. ANGELIGHT music relaxes the whole body which will promote better sexual function, mens health and healthy relationships.  This music flows directly to your consciousness helping a healthy and normal sex life. 

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‘With Angelight music therapy I experienced more calmness, less mood swings, and no more feeling of being on the edge” Natalie Rosenberg. School Teacher

“From the very first time is l listened to Angelight music therapy I felt it worked for me.  I felt more awake and increased my productivity” Sergey Vatan. Physiotherapist

“It really helped my sleep and relieved anxiety and tension” Julie Cogan. Master Health Club



100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with our Music.

In fact, I invite you to use this program and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 56 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Samples and complete list to the individual music files above.

For a complete list of all the titles in this offer, sound samples, and the possibility to purchase files individually, go here.

High Quality

All files encoded in MP3 320 kbit/s, High Quality.

Healing-Music-Therapy Guarantee

Unsure about the music? If you don't like the music you purchase, just let us know and we will send you the money back. No questions asked. This guarantee covers all downloadable music at healing-music-therapy.com.

No restrictions

We offer full flexibility. Our MP3s are crystal clear and have no restrictions. Feel free to burn and play them on all your personal devices. As many times you like.

Best regards

Yulia Vlasova

Manager of healing-music-therapy.com.

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