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My promise to you: If I can launch a successful home business & make money, so can you.  The clincher for you:  I’m going to show you how to do it and make money quickly!

“Stay At Home Mom" Leads You Every
Step of The Way... Make $592 in Your
First 30 Days Working Just A Few Hours
From Home!

In a world filled with hype and fluff, how can you  figure out what is real and what is a waste of your time & money?

Laura Worachek understands better than any other what you want & need because she started from scratch and has risen to the top of the "Work From Home" industry in 8 short years


Date:  July 14

From: Laura Worachek


Fellow Home Worker,

I admire people that have achieved great success in life but have remained humble and "down to earth".  Since I'm a woman, I guess I admire women in that category even more than men. 

One woman that fits the group perfectly is Oprah Winfrey.  Not only has she achieved unimaginable success, but she has remained true to her roots and that is something to admire. 

I believe that the best people to learn from are those that have already done it.  With that in mind, Oprah hit the nail on the head when she said this:

"If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think."

Oprah Winfrey

You must change your thinking! 

You must know in your heart that you are a strong capable person.  You already have everything you need to achieve your dreams for yourself & for your family.  And my dream is to help you succeed, every step of the way.

I've Been There, Done That, GOT THE BRUISES!

I'm comfortable stating that I've tried just about every work at home program out there.  I literally searched for years for programs that work.  On my way, I eventually discovered what works and what doesn't. Once I found my passion, there was no stopping me. 

In a few short years, I rose to the top.

I achieved more success than I ever even planned attaining.  More importantly, I gained the freedom I needed to take care of my elderly family members when they had nobody else.  And this is great news for you. 

Do you want to know why?

I soon realized that my passion is helping anyone that wants to make extra money at home and have fun doing it.  Does that sound like you?

I have literally helped thousands of women, and men,  in the same situation as you, achieve success & freedom.  I have helped as their mentor, leader and friend.  In the process I created a fool-proof system that works for anyone.

We have got it all figured out so you don't have to worry about a thing.  Would you like help like that?  I know I sure could have used it when I got started.

Every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, one brave soul decides to change their life by starting a new home business.  Will you be next? 

Direct Sales Is Red Hot!

And every day new companies get in on the action.  Some of them are brand new and some are companies everyone has heard of like Readers Digest and Jockey. 

Even Oprah is getting in on the act, featuring direct sales on her hit talk show, "The Oprah Winfrey Show". 

Look at these recent news articles.  CNN is reporting on a boom in direct sales.  And it's not just in America.

Direct Sales is a world-wide phenomena! 

Look at this article from Asia Week that reports on Mary Kay Cosmetics moving into Asia.

It is fabulous that direct sales is taking off.  There are more opportunities than ever before.  More people are hearing about the opportunities and the success people are having and they want to get involved.

Ironically, that's where the problem is.

First, there are so many opportunities, it can be difficult to learn about them all.  And even harder to tell which ones are right for you.

But There's More You  Must Know First!

Because there are so many opportunities and so much interest in home businesses, there are unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of the situation.  It is so easy to be taken by some of these offers and products. 

I know because I HAVE been taken to the cleaners!

I want you to succeed and be happy with your home business choices.  You can be assured that I will steer you far away from the negative elements of this business.  I want to be your guide.  Will you let me do that for you?

Start With An Achievable Goal

This is so important!

Believe me, I know you want to make lots of money.  We all do.  But I've designed this program to start with a realistic goal and there are very important reasons for this.  Our first goal is for you to earn $592 in your first month.

Why is this number so important?

Because it's something I know you can do easily.  Having coached thousands of people just like you, I say that with 110% confidence.  You CAN earn $592 your first month following my simple step-by-step instructions.  But there is another reason.

It is a "confidence builder".  You've got to walk before you run.  If you set an unrealistic goal and don't achieve it, your confidence level will sink when you need it to soar! By setting your sights a little lower, you will easily make your mark and feel empowered.  Then you can move to the next level in a great frame of mind. 

There is a final reason too.

Because $592 is enough money to make a difference in your life and the life of your family.  With that much money, you can make a payment on an average car.  You can buy a lot of groceries.  You can purchase some nice clothes.

Imagine if you got a $592 gift certificate to your favorite department store tomorrow.  Wouldn't you have a big smile on your face while you looked for your car keys?  I know I would.

The achievable goal is the key to success and everything that follows.  So how are we going to get there?

Direct Sales Is Your Best Pathway To Success

I want to say one very important thing first.  Don't let that "sales" word scare you.  I'm not interested in doing anything scary and you aren't either.  This stuff is fun!  And fun is my #1 requirement for any home-based business

There are so many great opportunities that you will find one you are passionate about and that is another key to ensuring your success.  And when you do, you'll see why I'm so passionate about direct sales.  What's better than this?

You make great money working part-time - Yes, it is possible to make even a full-time income working part-time hours.

You are your own boss -   I don't think I have to tell you how fabulous that is because it's the American dream, right? 

Freedom - And all that that implies.  You come and go as you please.  You work the hours that are convenient to you.  If you feel like taking a few days off, take it.

Start right away -  You don't need anybody's permission but your own to get started.  There are no job interviews or resumes required.  Just say when.

"So Laura, Where Do You Come In?"

You allow me to do what I do best.  I'm going to guide you every step of the way.  I'll give you my years of experience to lead you through the difficult spots, protect you from the unscrupulous and cheer you on from the start.  Simply put, I make your life easier.

I have designed a complete package to help you succeed.  This package will help you get started.  It will help you find your passion.  And it will keep you motivated as you become an expert in the direct sales area that you are passionate about.

There are 9 parts to this package.  Each piece was created with your success in mind.  They all work together to prepare you for an amazingly successful career in direct sales.

Let me tell you about it so you can see how it will lead you down the path to success.  

Part I: Start By Changing The Way You Think!

The "Mind Set" Audio

Do you remember what Oprah said?  To change your life you have to change the way you think.  That is what this audio is all about. 

In this "downloadable" audio, Maggie & I talk about the importance of your mindset. 

With the right mindset, nothing can hold you back.  We are having great success when we have people listen to this audio before they do anything else. I can say with total confidence that the material in this is crucial to your success.  That is why it is first in the program.

In the audio you will hear us talk about:
Magical Mind Changes - The amazing results that can occur in your life by simply changing these thoughts The Value of Trust - Why you must learn to trust yourself and others if you want to reach your goals The Power of Modeling -  Take this shortcut to success when you use this technique Learn to Love Change - You'll never fear change again after looking at it from this perspective. Powerful Self-Talk Tricks - We all talk to ourselves but most of us say all the wrong things.  Master self-talk and be amazed at the results.  Birds of a Feather - Experience the power of positivity as you learn to surround yourself with positive people It's OK To Put Yourself First - Discover why nobody should come before you, no matter what you've always believed

Part II:  Practical Solutions To Working From Home

“Practical Solutions to Working From Home” Electronics Book

All your "work at home" issues are solved right here.

This book answers any and all questions you might have like - "Who's going to take the kids to school?" and "How do I manage a business and my home without going crazy?" 

Relax, it's all taken care of inside:
Being a “mom-preneur” Rocks - What makes this one of the most exciting and satisfying decisions a woman can make? When Is Bad Good? - Believe it or not, the “dark side” of owning your own business actually gives you all the reasons you should own your own business. Discover Your Passion With Questions - Learn the key questions you must ask yourself to unearth the one career that fuels your passion. Quick Start Essentials - Get started immediately with these few simple essentials and be fully prepared to handle the roughest challenge. Kids Are No Problem - You get valuable tips on how to adapt your business to children of all ages from parents that have been where you are now. Priority Planning Tips - Learn to plan your day so that all of your priorities are in the right order.  Get this one right and everything falls right in place. Send Yourself to "Time Out" - It sounds crazy but it's true.  If you take a “time-out” my way, you'll be more productive and more successful.

Part III: Pick Your Passion!

The Direct Sale Industry "Hot Sheet" Electronic Report

You can't find your passion if you don't know where to look, right?  That is why we've scoured the world to find every opportunity in the direct sales industry.  But we didn't stop there.

We dug deep into each company we found.  We set our requirements very high.  We chose only the top, most respected direct sales companies.  We only chose companies that provide you great products and great support and an incredible opportunity to make it.

We didn't stop looking until we compiled a massive list of companies we're proud to recommend to you.  Your success depends on finding your passion.  If you are not passionate about your home business, you can forget it.  But that's not going to happen.

We give you company and contact information on the top and also the most respected direct sales companies in the world so you can find the best direct sales company fit for you. 

Part IV: Baby Step Your Way To $592 Per Month

"$592 Per Month Step-by-Step System" Electronic Book 

It's already time to make some money!

This book takes you through our simple system.  You get the exact formulas & easy directions that will take you right to your goal of $592 per month.  And it lays the foundation to really start creating a successful home business of your very own.

Here's a peek inside:

Can You Read a Map? - I promise you can follow this map to success as easy as following a yellow brick road. Your Personal Guide - We walk side by side on your journey always knowing what to do each step of the way. Set Your Own Pay - Using a proven formula, you will set a realistic goal and achieve it easily.

Part V: Save Your Money - It's Cheaper Than You Think

"How To Save Money When Starting"  Electronic Audio

This downloadable audio features me discussing a very common problem.


You might think you don’t have the money to get started.   Or you may have tried a home business before and spent too much money and are afraid to try again. You may just think that it's going to be too expensive.  I've got great news for you.

I walk you through the real costs of starting your own business.  Here's a hint: It's not as bad as you think.  We'll show you how to save money getting started, too.  And maybe the most important part of all, we'll save you from the mistakes that we have experienced so you don't make them.

Here is just some of what we talk about on the audio:

Laura's Key To Wealth - Follow this sage advice and you're halfway there
What Type of Business Account? - This decision is so important and I'll tell you why
Money Mingling, Good or Bad? - The temptations are great but the results can be devastating.
Bargain Basement Office Supplies - I'll save you a fortune on all kinds of supplies with this hint
Essential or Desire? - These 3 suggestions let you determine, in 30 seconds or less, if a purchase is really needed.

Part VI: Let's Get Organized For Success

"Organization and Tips for Getting Started" - Electronic Audio

This downloadable audio features me sharing all of the organizational skills we've developed that are so vital to your success in direct sales.  Without good organization and planning, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  With them, balancing your personal life and your business are a snap.

Look at what we'll be talking about:

The Bare Necessities - What do you really need to get started and what can wait until later?
Have a To-Do List? - Or more importantly,  do you know the proper way to use it?  You will when you're done with this audio.
Your New Best Friend - You'll soon agree that your day planner is your best friend.  Never leave home without it.
Microwaves Aren't Just For Popcorn - This neat trick with your microwave will  keep your day on track.
Eat a Frog For Breakfast - This trick will always feel like you've accomplished something worthwhile each day.

Part VII: It's Time To Get Your Party On

"Let's Get This Party Started" - Electronic Audio

This downloadable audio features me and goes out to all those home party people in the house!

We tell you how to make your parties a blast and make a lot of sales in the process.  And if the direct sales business you choose doesn't use a party plan, that's ok too.  There is a lot of great information that can be applied to any type of direct sales.

Look At Some Of The Party Secrets You'll Learn:
The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Learn how one small gift to the host pays huge dividends. 
"Coach The Host" - A little goes a long way.  You'll discover exactly what to say and how to say it.
Wish List Power - If you help the host with a "Wish List", she'll become your most powerful advocate.
The Scoop on Group - If you group your product displays this way, you will increase sales by as much as 4X!
Do 1 Get 3... Parties That is - This is a great way for you to turn one party into 3.  Works like a charm.
Turn "No Shows" Into Sales - You'll learn how to sell as much or more to the "No Shows" as you do to the attendees.
Smooth Operator - Easily transition from party to payments.  So smoothly they won't even realize you've setup office.


Part VIII: Advertising 101 Will Launch You To The Stars!

"Advertising Your Business" - Electronic Audio

This downloadable audio features me again.  This time we're talking about advertising.  If you want to grow your direct sales business beyond $592 per month, you'll want to listen to this audio.

In this audio, we lay out several simple, low-cost advertising plans and options you may use to market your business and really boost your sales.  This is the key to taking it to the next level.

Here are some of the highlights:

9 Low-Cost Advertising Gems - Some of them are even "No-Cost" advertising.  They will all increase your direct sales business
The Logo Launch - Wearing your product logo will launch your business if you know how to use it
Power of the Press - Become a master of free publicity with FREE press releases
Ice Breaking Tips - Fantastic tips to show you how to easily talk about your business in any situation
Flyers & Business Card Magic - How does fast, cheap & easy sound for a fantastic way to get more business?
Postcard Sales Booster - New clients & former clients will be thrilled to do business when they get these special postcards
The "90 Second Commercial" - With this in your pocket, ready to pull out and run on a minutes notice, you'll make a fortune


Part IX: And Now A Few Words From The Experts!

"Expert Audios With Gina LaGalbo and Sheila Barnhart" - Electronic Audios

I firmly believe that you can learn something from everyone.  Those who have succeeded before we have can shed so much light on our journey and save us valuable time and effort.

That is why I'm delighted to share these audio interviews from two of my friends and leaders in the direct sales industry, Gina and Sheila.

Interview #1: Laura  Interviews Gina LaGalbo of L'Bri Pure and Natural

Executive Manager with L'Bri

First I speak with Gina LaGalbo.  Gina left the corporate world to begin her direct sales career at L'Bri Pure and Natural. 

She quickly rose to the top, becoming the #1 team leader in the entire company earning an $85,000 bonus and averaging $13,000 each and ever month!

Gina has risen to the top level of the company as Executive Manager.

In our chat, Gina will give you her background, which incidentally, included ZERO direct sales experience!  She'll tell you exactly how she so quickly rose to the top of her game at L'Bri.

Being a mom and wife, Gina will also tell you how she finds balance between her work and home life.  And she'll tell you exactly how you can do the same thing.  Gina is such a wonderful and motivating woman and I know you'll love her the minute you hear her.

Interview #2: Laura  Interviews Sheila Barnhart of SendOutCards

Top 10 Income Earner Sheila Barnhart of SendOutCards.com

Sheila Barnhart and her husband Phil do direct sales for SendOutCards.com.  They are top producers at SendOutCards landing the coveted spot of "Top 10 SOC Income Earners" last year.

In our interview, Sheila gives you fantastic advice on finding a business to match your passion.  She'll show you how your success will quickly overpower any shyness you have and emphasizes that "When your mouth is open, your business is open"

She is an inspiration to talk to and I know you'll learn so much from listening to this interview.


Let's Look at Everything In a Nutshell

There you have it.  A complete package to guide you... instruct you... and motivate you. 

The Complete Laura Worachek Direct Sales Success Package

Everything you need to succeed and make yourself $592 in the next 30 days is at your fingertips.  Walk with me while I lead you to your passion.

Together we will discover your passion which practically guarantees your success.  We'll then go step-by-step to preparing and then launching your business.

You'll discover how to have fun and manage your time and your family all while earning money.  And that is the important part.

The $592 in 30 days is so important to your success for three reasons.  First, it will give you a tremendous confidence boost.  You'll feel like you can take on the world... and you can.

Second, it's going to give your bank account a nice boost.  Who doesn't want that?

And finally, it is a realistic goal that you can easily achieve and that is exactly what you need to get started.  You need to learn to walk before you can run.  And you get all the help you need in your adventure.

Here is the 9-Part Direct Sales Success Package one more time:
Part I: The "Mind Set" Audio - How to change your thoughts to prepare your mind and yourself, for success Part II: "Practical Solutions To Working From Home"  Electronic Book - All the guidance you need to get started right away, choose your passion and make money quickly Part III: "Pick Your Passion" Direct Sales Hot Sheet - A comprehensive, well-researched report of the "cream of the crop" direct sales companies Part IV: The $592 Per Month Step-by-Step System Electronic Book  - This system takes you every step of the way to your monetary goals. Part V: "How To Save Money When Starting" Audio - Expert guidance from  me to get you started on a shoestring Part VI: "Organization and Tips for Getting Started" Electronic Audio - I will get you organized and ready to go quickly and easily Part VII: "Let's Get This Party Started" Electronic Audio - Fantastic party tips to make all your parties fun, stress-free and profitable Part VIII: "Advertising Your Business" Electronic Audio - Money saving tips and tricks to get the most of your advertising dollar and move your business to the top. Part IX: "Expert Audios With Gina LaGalbo and Sheila Barnhart" Electronic Audios  - Sit back and listen as I pry the secrets out of these two dynamic leaders in the direct sales field.


This package is entirely electronic so there is no waiting for delivery.  You will receive the entire package via email within minutes of investing.

This package will prepare you for any challenge you face and will guarantee your success.  I know you'll be completely happy with it but I want you to be sure.  That is why I'm willing to take all the risk and offer you this amazing guarantee:


8 Week 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Future Direct Sales Champion,

I know you will be very pleased with my "Direct Sales Success Package".  I promise you.

Because I'm so sure, I want you to take a full 8 weeks to download everything and put it to a test.

Go through the entire system and check out everything I've offered.

If you don’t earn $592 or more or if you decide you are still not happy for any reason whatsoever, I will gladly give you a "no questions asked" refund and we part as friends!


Laura Worachek

"Laura, How Much Is This Direct Sales Package?"

I'm sure you see the incredible value you get with the "Direct Sales Success Package".  With this package I'm convinced you will succeed.  In 30 days, you will have made your very own $592 and be well on your way as a direct sales champion.

I have seen the results just part of the contents of this package have achieved.  Since I'm confident in your success... and since you will continue to earn $592 month after month, it would be fair to ask for an investment of one month's earnings, our goal, which is $592.

I know that you will make it and I know that if you were positive you would earn $592 month after month, you would gladly invest $592 in yourself.  But I can't do that.

I remember how desperately I needed this type of all-inclusive help when I was getting started.  $592 was a lot of money to my family and it still is.  My personal goal has always been to help people like you achieve their goals and find their passion.

That is what I want for you.  And for that reason, I'm asking for the very reasonable and affordable investment of $97.  This is an amount that is high enough to guarantee that you are serious but low enough for everyone to afford.

That price will be in effect soon.  As an introductory offer, for a very short time, I'm going to offer the entire package... not for $97 but a bottom dollar price of  $47!

"It Sounds Great Laura, Is That All?"

Would you like even more inspiration and success stories? 

I love hearing about the successes of friends I've helped.  I've found some wonderful interviews with two women that have used my techniques to achieve some incredible success.

The women are Janet Juonie and Sherry Martin.  Each of them will tell their stories of building successful direct sales businesses.  Listening to these inspirational women will light a fire inside you and get you ready to take on the world.

Would you like ongoing, weekly support?

I will send you a short fun weekly video to keep you motivated and entertained.  We will give a couple of tips each week in these short motivational videos and I promise to try and make you laugh.

The videos will be available for you to watch and listen to whenever you like.

While introductory pricing is in effect, I'll send both of these bonuses to you at no extra charge.  Is that fair? 

It's Time... Let's Get This Party Started!

Imagine, in just 30 days from today, you will be on a new journey.  A journey filled with fun, excitement and accomplishment.  When you earn your first dollar... and as you continue and earn $592 your first month, you will be amazed at your own transformation.

Join my team with the confidence in knowing that thousands of men and women have made the brave decision before you and went on to success.  I'm so proud of them and I'm already proud of you for sticking with me this far.  You have what it takes.

I started with some words from Oprah and I'm going to end with them.  She is such a wise woman, I feel like she is peering into my own soul.  She said:

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it."

Oprah Winfrey

Own it right now by clicking the order button.  Don't let this moment pass you by.  Change your life!

[ ](http://2.freebonus2.pay.clickbank.net )



Laura Worachek
2100 E. Milwaukee Suite 21
Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 - USA
[Contact Me](http://www.homepartyhelp.com/)


PS: In your mind's eye, I want you to imagine exactly what you will do with the $592 your will earn next month.  It may be to buy yourself something nice.  You may jump at the chance to surprise your kids with a Nintendo Wii or it might be something special for your spouse.  Whatever it is, see it in your mind and make it real.  It will happen and clicking the order button is the first step.  And remember, I'm taking all the risk and offering you 8 full weeks to review the entire package.

PPS: The $47 price is for a very limited time only.  Please don't wait to invest in yourself.  It would break my heart for you to read this and leave then come back a few days later and see the price at $97.  Save yourself $50... grab the extra bonuses which will help you succeed.  Do it now!


"YES! Laura, I'll take it!  I can't wait to make $592 in the next 30 days!  I want you to help me find my passion and guide me to becoming a direct sales winner. I'm clicking the "Order" Button Right Now "

By Clicking the Order Button I Understand:

I will make $592 or more in the next 30 days and you will guide me the whole way

I get your "9-Part Direct Sales Success Package" delivered instantly via email no matter what time of day

You will lead me to my passion and a profitable career in direct sales

I get expert advice in managing and growing my direct sales business

I have 8 weeks to review the package and request a refund if I'm not 100% satisfied

The $47 investment is a limited introductory offer and may increase to $97 at any time

I get the interviews with 2 women you've trained as well as weekly motivational audios as a bonus

"Laura, with all this wonderful help and the power to change my life in 30 days, there is only one thing left to do.  I'm clicking the order button and finding my passion"

[ ](http://2.freebonus2.pay.clickbank.net)



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