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unique 12 week online course to show you how to live your dreams

Live Your Dream
is a unique and inspirational online course which not only
helps you Live Your Dream but also teaches you universal laws
of manifestation and connects you with a growing online community
of people who are pursuing their dreams. Each week you will
receive an email lesson and suggested steps to pursue your
dream. The lessons will consist of text, video links, weblinks,
podcasts, helpful information all focussed on showing you
how to Live Your Dream! It all begins ... September 11th.

How much? Only
$149 which is just over $12 per lesson per week! However if
you enrol by August 31st you can participate just $129 - (approx
Euro 95 or £65)!
Please note depending
on which country you live in there may be VAT added to this
price by www.clickbank.com

inspiration right now
- Be Inspired!

Live Your Dream
is your invitation to enter an environment which inspires,
encourages and supports you in realising your dream. From
the moment the course begins on Sept 11 2007 you will connect
to a level of consciousness where magic and miracles occur!

Want a flavour
of the course click: Be
Still and Dream
The course is been
facilitated/hosted by Seán M Kelly, musician, singer/songwriter,
inspirational speaker and internet entrepreneur. Seán
has performed around the world with many wellknown people
including: Tony Robbins in Hawaii, James Twyman in numerous
countries; Bob Geldof in Scotland, American comedian Kathy
Griffin and with the group Celtic Women.
SAVE - remember
if you enrol by August 31st you can take the course for just
$129 - less than $11 per lesson! (Course begins Sept 11)

Want inspiration
right now - click Be
Inspired Blog
will you learn from the course?
in Being - so often we are waiting to be happy,
waiting to be ourselves, waiting to live our dream - some
day there will be no time left to wait! Now is the time to
live your dream! The first three lessons will show you how
to connect with a level of consciousness from which your dreams
can awaken and unfold. It will also connect you with your
true Spirit of success!
Your Dreams - What are your dreams? What are your
passions? What is it that when you're doing it you lose total
track of time and feel totally blissful? How can your dream
serve someone elses need? What do you Love?
SAVE - remember
if you enrol by August 31st you can take the course for just
$129 - less than $11 per lesson! (Course begins Sept 11)

Your Dream -
No matter what you've ever thought or what anyone has ever
said to you - You Are Good Enough! So Begin! As Goethe said
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness
has genius, power, and magic in it. Here you will learn how
to do just that - create a vision for your dream, feel that
vision already realised and allow the infinite intelligence
of the universe to orchestrate its manifestation while you
follow its guidance!
Your Dream -
what good is your dream if you don't share it with anyone
else! As a very wise lady once told me "God gave us many
talents and gifts. It is up to us to find them, use them and
above all ... Share them! Let your dream inspire others! You'll
learn how to set up your own dream blog and how to market
it on the web. Share your dream with the world not because
it satisifies some egotisical need but because it feels fantastic
and serves the Greater Good of Humanity!
some inspiration right now - Click
SAVE - remember
if you enrol by August 31st you can take the course for just
$129 - less than $11 per lesson! (Course begins Sept 11)

(353) 87 2494954
26 Delgany Glen, Delgany,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland



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