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SitStayFetch Pro - Dog Care Software

Record Everything About Your
on Your Computer
with SitStayFetch Pro!!
Keep Track of Everything... your Dog's Name and Details...
Medical History... Appointments... Training... and Much More,
No Matter how many Dogs you Have!!
From: Daniel Stevens
October 1st, 2007
Dear Friend,

There's nothing worse than when you really need to find information on your dog.
You're going on vacation, have to get your dog to the boarding kennel and you end up... searching through drawers... trying to find medical receipts... looking for your pet insurance policy details... writing down your dog's food type and amount... your dog's medicine and prescriptions... and other important information...

Well, you can't ask your dog can you?
The SitStayFetch team knows what an annoyance keeping track of your dog's information can be and decided to do something about it! SitStayFetch Pro is our solution to your problems! Now you can enter all of the details about your dog (or dogs) into one place and never have to worry about finding your dog stuff, writing reminders down, etc...
We have spent the last 6 months getting this software developed... tested... refined... (and debugged!) until now we are satisfied that it stands up to the SitStayFetch reputation for quality!
Our Software let's you...

Have the details of ALL the dogs that you own in the one place. It doesn't matter whether you have one dog or twenty dogs, this software will keep individual track of each and every one!

When you have to go on vacation and leave your dog at a boarding kennel, or with a friend, then you can quickly and easily provide them with all the details that they will need in case anything happens.

Have full print capability, letting you print out all the details at the click of a button. No more hunting around in drawers! Keep it all on your computer.

Record your dog's entire medical history, so that you can tell at a glance everything from vaccinations... medication.... accidents.... and more.

Keep track of all your dog related appointments, including such things as grooming, check ups, vaccinations, prescriptions,

Record the details of your vet and emergency vet so that they can be right on hand if ever the need arises...

Sort out your dog's training regime, so that you know what you covered, when and how long the session took. You'll be able to know when a refresher is due and make sure you cover all the commands that you should be.

Keep those important insurance policy and registration details handy. No more trying to figure out which company... which policy number... etc...

Automatically work out your dog's age in months and years... never miss your dog's birthday again!

Insert a picture of your dog to personalize your records...

Instant access to the download area, you can be downloading and using this software within minutes and organizing your dog's records once and for all straightaway...

Comes with a 100% full money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy we aren't happy so just contact us for a full refund if you decide it's not up to scratch!

Install the software quickly and easily, it will end up in your program menu, so you just have to click Start=>Programs=>SitStayFetch Pro, it couldn't be easier...

Run it on either PC's or Mac's, we have developed our software for each operating system!

Get great and full customer support... my technical guys are always happy to help!

Get lifetime updates... we will upgrade and improve the software over time and all the while you will be eligible for FREE upgrades.

Have a look at this Screen Shot...
Here is a screen shot of the first screen that we have set up for Maximillian (Max to his friends!). It let's you add in your dog's name and photo, and lets you select any dog's file that you have entered previously... The tabs at the top take you to separate screens where you can enter in information on your doggie details, medical history, tasks and appointments, and training program!

This software is a great motivational tool to....

Keep yourself and your children interested in looking after their pets... Make it as easy as possible for them to take responsibility and really get involved with their dog for life!

Make the most of new technology... We all have computers so why not use electronic storage over endless pieces of paper?

Make sure that your training program is covering all the bases... Using SitStayFetch Pro to track your completed sessions will give you a sense of accomplishment and means that you and your family will be more likely to keep the sessions going on a regular basis...

Give yourself reminders of what your dog needs... from grooming, to medicines, to training, SitStayFetch Pro will add some order to the chaos by allowing you to schedule in the important tasks.

Maximize your dog's health and happiness!

Here is a Screen Shot of the Doggie Details Page...
This page let's you enter personal information about your dog, including owner details, registration number, insurance details, mom and dad, breed, birthday (and it automatically works out your dog's age!)... and when you scroll down you will also be able to enter information on your dog's breeders, vet (and emergency vet) details, coloring and markings, amount of dog food, type of food and boarding kennel details!

You Will Get My Software Instantly... No Wasting Time Or Waiting For Mail...
Because I know how busy you are, I’m offering my software as a FULLY DOWNLOADABLE PACKAGE. You can save time by ordering online. SitStayFetch Pro can be downloaded to your computer within 3 minutes!
You’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to the software and be able to organize your dog's life and history straightaway!
My Special Offer...
Because I am so sure that SitStayFetch Pro is exactly what you need to keep yourself motivated and your dog at it's healthy best, I would like to make you this special offer!
I am offering you the DOWNLOADABLE version of SitStayFetch Pro for just $29.95, drastically reduced from the normal hardcopy price of $49.95 plus postage and packaging. That's a saving of $20.00! (Not even counting the $9.95 you save on postage and packaging!)
At this price, my software is cheaper than a bag of dog food! Isn’t it worth it to save yourself all the hassle, confusion, and worry of not knowing where your dog's records are?
Your Payment Is 100% Secure...
I only use ClickBank to sell my products. Clickbank utilizes the strongest security and anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their system! Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.

…And 100% Guaranteed
If you decide that SitStayFetch Pro doesn't help you organize your dog's records better, then you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Order And Download In 4 Easy Steps!
Even if you have never ordered or downloaded anything before, it is super easy... just follow the instructions here...

Click on the “Order Now by Clicking Here” link below,

Enter your country, zip-code and credit card details (You can also pay by on-line check if you are a U.S. resident),

Get redirected to the download page.

Download one file to your computer! (Works for any type of computer).

If you have any questions about any aspect of ordering or downloading then please email me direct!
Order Now by Clicking Here
Remember you will get instant access to the download area and will have this software on your computer within 3 minutes!
Your Dog Deserves the Best… And So Do You!
We will always welcome feedback to improve SitStayFetch Pro, so if you have any comments or suggestions about the software then please email me and I will do my utmost to incorporate it into future upgrades. Remember that you will be able to download any future upgrades absolutely FREE... for life! So don't delay and act today!

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Stevens

P.S. Don’t forget that your order is 100% SECURE and 100% GUARANTEED!

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