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Racing Members Club - 2007 Betfair Membership Service

Professional Gambler Reveals All...

"How I discovered one of the best laying systems imaginable...

Turned it into the number one Professional Gambler's Membership Site on the Internet...

AND now use it to make 100 lucky punters a large
second income from my tips..."

Imagine for a second you had a second income. An income which was supplemental to that of your day job or business. A guaranteed stream of tax free riches pouring into your account each and every day. Imagine that...
Well for 100 lucky online gamblers this dream is about to become reality... but only if you get in first. This once in a lifetime opportunity is here for the taking, the tips are queued and ready to be sent, the system is laid out in all its fine detail and the best staking plan software on the internet is ready to provide you with that cutting edge.
All you have to do is grab this opportunity with both hands.
And what's more, as if that wasn't already enough, you will have 24 hour access to a top professional gambler to ask any question you wish, and follow the process to the bank.
This opportunity is on the table for you right now - ready for the taking.

All you have to do is read on, read every single word of this sales letter, and then make the important decision.. do I want to be a pro-gambler?

Dear Frustrated Gambler,
Since a lot of these sales letters you see online regurgitate the same spiel offering the moon on a stick and all the riches you can handle, I won't hit you with anymore of those dreams.
What I will do though is show you detailed results of how the Racing Members Club system has been performing over the last few months.
And what's more I will show you how our new and improved Laying Calculator has augmented our profits beyond even our wildest predictions.
Take a look at the results and see for yourself (click on the image for full details)...

Now I think you get the message, when I say I'm going to share with you my unprecedented, unbeatable laying strategy, which will generate a healthy second income for you each year, I mean it.
Take a look at those figures again, and now imagine that those picks come automatically to you each and every day. You will receive the detailed system and selection process manual, and you will receive the staking plan needed to ensure maximum profits. HOWEVER, you won't need it!
Why? Because we will be sending you the EXACT same horses we lay each day, AND the software which will monitor your results, bank and manage your stakes for consistent profits.

Racing Members Club is for you if any (or all) of the following apply....

If you've bought systems in the past and struggled with the selection process...

If you don't have the time/energy to pick your selections each day...

If you hate studying form and working till your eyes hurt making your picks...

If you live in a different time-zone or have unusual hours at work...

If you're sick of gambling alone and want some ongoing advice from a real human being from time to time...

If you have responsibilities during the day which stop you from using Betfair...

If you're just too lazy or unmotivated to pick and place your selections each day...

Or you just want the most efficient and least time consuming way of making a second income from online gambling...

Then the Racing Members Club is for YOU.

I’d like to offer you the Racing Members Club risk free for the next 8 weeks, so you can fully test my selections for yourself. During these 8 weeks you can get a feel for the system, the software, ask as many questions as you want and ultimately find out if gambling for a second income interests you.
If you decide to leave the Racing Members Club you can opt out at any time and go back to your day job. But I doubt you will want to, but the options there if you want to give up the opportunity at any time.
Because this has got to be one of the fastest, easiest, and most efficient ways of generating a second income from horse racing that I've ever seen.

With the Racing Members Club...
You need NO prior betting experience – Just the ability to place simple bets on Betfair, or any other online Betting Exchange.
NO tricky selection processes, over-complicated methods to follow, or time consuming form checks to complete.
NO confusion over which horses to pick each day, you will be told exactly which horses to lay, and the software will tell you EXACTLY how much to stake on each race.
NO need to lose track of the system results, the number of pints you are up and your next stake, the new and improved software gives you all this information at the touch of a button.
NO expensive equipment – everything can be done on the internet at the click of a button.

NO hard work or long hours – It will take less than five minutes of your time to place the bets from your own living room. The rest of the day is yours to play with.
NO need to feel alone - unlimited 24 hour ongoing support and discussion with a pro-gambler, ask any question you want and we will help you out.
Complete flexibility - You will receive your picks hours before, when the liquidity is there, giving you plenty of time to place your bets on the exchanges and check your profits in our software.

What’s more, you’ll experience the thrill of seeing my system turn a simple horse race into INSTANT, tax-free income before your very eyes.

The Racing Members Club is the real deal, and with these picks by your side, I can guarantee that you'll be in the top 100 punters on Betfair by the end of the week.
If you want to keep up-to-date with the results of the system then sign up to the newsletter below...

The Racing Members Club Newsletter.

Sign up to the FREE Racing Members Club Newsletter
Receive regular Results Updates for FREE.


I offered five of the leading Betfair profiteers a trial spot in the Racing Members Club to see how they found the experience, the software and most importantly the tips. Here's what they had to say about the Racing Members Club service....

Racing Members Club TESTIMONIAL
"The results speak for themselves, and these figures alone show what a great chance this is to get on the inside and be walked hand in hand through the process of becoming a professional and profitable gambler. And beyond that you'd be crazy to miss out on such an automated and risk-free way of making money."
Chris, EasyTraderPro.com


Racing Members Club TESTIMONIAL
"As we all know, most tipster services fail to break even let alone bring in consistent profits. But after seeing the detailed Racing Members Club results and studying the system and selection process I can see why this method is so well grounded and fundamentally sound. The tips have been producing a nice profit so far and the software has come in really handy keeping tabs on it all."
Steve Davidson, LayingPro88.com


Racing Members Club TESTIMONIAL
"One email I receive all the time is, why can't you just send the horses you pick everyday and we can both profit. If only it were that easy to make the same picks as the pros each day, then we'd all be laughing. Well that is exactly the chance you are getting with the brand new Racing Members Club, and I suggest all of you who wished for a service like this, don't pass this one by."
Kristian Jackman, RacingSecretsExposed.com


Racing Members Club TESTIMONIAL
"The key to any tipster service is consistency, keeping the bad days to a minimum and the good days stacking up over the week. With the Racing Members Club I have found the tips to be solid, reliable and most importantly hugely profitable during the beta phase and I will definitely be using these selections as part of my portfolio for months, and years to come..."
Shawn Jacobs, 3MinuteSystems.com


Racing Members Club TESTIMONIAL
"After receiving access to the beta version of this site, I can say with confidence that this membership site is the best service I have ever joined. The Racing Members Club has everything you ever need, staking plan software, the beginners guide to Betfair, the detailed system and selection process, email support and most importantly: highly profitable tips...daily."
Stephen Brookes, SystemBlackBox.com


Now YOU can join the Racing Members Club and receive highly profitable tips each and every day, along with Staking Plan software to get your stakes just right.

I'm also putting the system out there in an ebook, for the few lucky members to profit from, however...
Spaces are extremely limited, because I don't want too many members! I really am limiting the number of Racing Members Club spaces sold to 100 to keep the system from being over-exposed.
The Racing Members Club package comes with a step-by-step user manual, daily tips, and advanced staking plan software. Bundled with the package comes a comprehensive guide to betting, laying and trading on Betfair for all you newbies out there.
Sports Betting Manuals offers full and unlimited members support, answering each and every question put to us in a 24 hour timeframe. if you have any questions before joining then please don't hesitate to ask here.
You have to ACT NOW if you want to snatch one of the few places available. I wish I could offer more spots, but I'm sure you'll understand I have to keep places limited.
You don't have to take my word for it. Prove it to yourself without risking a single penny of real betting money! So you can check out if what I say is true at my risk and not yours!
Read your 'peace of mind' no-quibble ironclad guarantee.


I fully understand some of you reading this may be skeptical so I'll make this opportunity completely RISK-FREE for you with my 100% ironclad personal guarantee!

If, after using the Members Club at any time 8 weeks after your purchase you don't believe it is everything I say it is then simply email me and ask for you
money back and you'll get a 100% refund.

That means you get 8 weeks - that's a full 56 days to profit from using this service.
I Want You To Be Absolutely Satisfied!


We should be charging $197 a month...
THE PRICE WILL ONLY BE $97, $50 p/m!
That's 75% off the normal price!

You will have instant access to the Racing Members Club members area and the competitive advantage you need to get ahead of the pack on Betfair!
Join the Racing Members Club and use it for a full 8 weeks - if it does not do what I claim it to do then at any time during those 8 weeks I will give you your money back - no questions asked!
The Racing Members Club costs only $50 (£25) per month. You will be automatically billed every month and you can cancel your membership at any time, with no notice. Its that easy!
Once your credit card is approved, you will be immediately able to download the software, the system e-book and start receiving the daily tips that will get you profiting from Betfair straight away. VAT will be added to the price for UK users.

Join The Exclusive Racing Members Club
The best horse racing picks each and every day!


P.S. -- There's a real opportunity to make a second income from betting online and you'd be crazy to miss out. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, making shrewd people thousands of pounds in months rather than years. You'd be crazy to pass this opportunity up, the chance to be taught by the best. You won't make a better investment this year.
P.P.S. -- The bottom line is: If you pass up this offer, you may never know how much you could have earned from Betfair? Will you be any closer to your dream of financial freedom? Will you magically uncover the methods that the real Betfair money makers use? If you apply now, I guarantee that you will.
P.P.P.S. -- Remember, you can check out the Racing Members Club for yourself with absolutely no risk, safe in the knowledge that you aren't risking a single penny of your own money until you are utterly convinced that the Racing Members Club service is the one for you.
Act now! Join now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
To your success!

Click Here For Instant Access

Join The Exclusive Racing Members Club
The best horse racing picks each and every day.
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