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"Wow! This is some really great stuff... "

"I would highly recommend your book to anyone who wants to catch more bass."
Jeff Hall
Columbia, MD

"I was catching bass while everyone else was wondering how I did it!"

"Using the tips from your book, I was the only guy catching any bass in my fishing group. Man, were they jealous.."
Chris Page
Detroit, MI

"This book is the best bass fishing guide out there, by far. "

"I've been bass fishing since I was a kid. I've never seen anything as well put together and comprehensive as your book!"
Andy Kirsch
Baltimore, MD

"I caught more bass yesterday than I have ever before!"

"I didn't think I could actually see results like this from a book. But yesterday I did better than I've ever done before, and it was in the same lake I always use."
Michael Lanyon
Dallas, TX

"I am a beginner... well, I was at least before I read your book!"

"I had never been bass fishing before, but my friends wanted to when we went on vacation. Luckily I found your book before we left, and now I'm 'hooked!'"
Calvin Vo
Jacksonville, FL

"The fishing conditions were horrible, but the catch was magnificient..."

"Everything you talk about works like a charm. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!"
Marc Baker
Arlington, VA

"You don't even need a guarantee for your book, it's really that good..."

"I thought I knew all there was to know about bass fishing. It just goes to show that an old dog really can learn new tricks!"
Ben Reil
Clearwater, FL

"We had to let over half of our catch go since we caught so many!"

"Bass fishing is a cinch after reading your book. The bites would just not stop coming!"
John Pilavas
New York, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this great book..."

"I was very impressed by not only the professional presentation, but the professional and detailed information you provide as well."
Jason Gorey
Hampton, VA

"I'd have to say that your book is really the most comprehensive one I've seen..."

"I would like to compliment you on putting together one of the most informative manuals on bass fishing."
Dan Hensley
Nashville, TN

"Everyone is going to love this book, because I sure did!"

"Professional fisherman and bass fishing hobbyists alike are going to enjoy your book. It has something for everyone!"
Lou Sosa
Atlanta, GA

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