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Live web site traffic statistics are available through any Internet connection. Our hit counter is excellent for webmasters, web marketers and web promoters. Free hit counter service is very easy to use, and we offer inexpensive hit counter upgrade services to users who need a different profile than the free account provides.
How does it work?
New users receive hit counter code upon joining free hit counter's service. Tracking code must be installed within the .html code of each web page to be tracked. Each time a tracked web page is requested, the Free-HC server is asked to provide a graphic image to display. Through this arrangement, free hit counters records site visitor statistics. Users may login anytime to view live traffic reports. [
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How Can Free Hit Counters be Free?
Free-Hit-Counters.com provides excellent live web site traffic reporting free of charge to all who sign up. What's the catch:
Pages tracked using free hit counter code display the "Free-HC" banner ad of your choice (see right side of this page) Free-HC banner is a public link to the user's web site statistics Free hit counters may from time to time send e-mail promotions outside the scope of the hit counter services, but we'll never spam you! [Click here for complete terms and conditions](support/terms.php)
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[Password Protect your account!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freehc/4/FreeHC-Password-Protect)- $5.95 per year!
If you like the free hit counter price and service, but need your web site traffic statistics kept private. Click above to order password protection upgrade. Activation within 24 hours monday-friday.

[Installation Service](Install-info.php)- $19.95 The experts at Free-Hit-Counters.com will install your tracking code in up to 5 of your site's pages. With the free hit counter installation service, hit counter reporting is live in no time!

[Special Hit Counter](Special-info.php)- $9.95 per year ($2.50/month!) One year of traffic reporting without display of the hit counter banner. Track as many pages as you like without flying your Free-HC flag! Plus Password protected access to your statistics.

[Super Special Hit counter](Super-Deluxe-info.php)- $39.95 The experts at free hit counters will install tracking code in up to 10 pages plus all the benefits of the Special Hit Counter for one year. Renewal second year at the Special rate.

All data collected by the free hit counter system is aggregate. That means none of our traffic statistics may be related to any particular individual.[
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Do you know who visited
your site today?

Access live Free-Hit-Counter statistics anytime!

How many site visitors and page views?
What search engines are referring visitors and how many?
What queries did search engine visitors use to find web site?
What other web sites are referring visitors, and how many?
Other features:
Java and Javascript
Screen resolution
Color depth
Operating System
Browser type and version
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