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Are you ready to learn the Forex trading
method that has averaged 20% return per month for the last 4 years?
"$1.3 Million in Profits in just 48 Months"
Imagine generating a six figure income using two
original strategies that unlock the vaults of international currency
trading in just 5 minutes per day.
Dear Friend,
As real estate cools off, many people have found much
better investments. Investments that can be made for less than $500.
Average people are quickly turning small amounts of spare cash into huge
accounts without worrying about the real estate market. I’ll teach
you how to do the same. Once you learn this, then you can…

Make $1.3 Million in Four Years Starting with Just $8000
Starting with an account of just $8000, and increasing the amount per
trade with profits, would have resulted in $1.3 million in cash
profits in just 4 years. I’ll explain in a minute how this is done.
Please take the next 5 minutes to learn the details.

This is possibly the most remarkable investing strategy that’s
ever been developed. It’s safe, it uses powerful principles of
leverage, and can make you a very large amount of money in a very
short time.

"One of the nicest aspects
of the ebook is the illustrations
of each of the trading systems in action.

I was also glad to see the performance reports for the
trading systems listed in plain sight. This allows
you to see how the trading systems would have behaved
in past market conditions.  

Simple instructions are given showing you how to use
the trading systems, all laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step

To sum it up "The Forex Trading Manual" provides
you with 3 trading systems each telling you 1) What to
trade, 2) When to get in,
3) How much to risk, and 4) When to get out."

-Tony Spann

This market positively dwarfs the real estate and stock market
and it exceeds 2.4 trillion dollars A DAY in transactions. What
is this “hidden” investment

Currency Trading Through the Forex Market

You Can Make Money Forex Trading Regardless
Of Economic Conditions – And
It Doesn’t Matter What the Market Stock Market Does, Because This
Isn’t the Stock Market!
Move into the exciting world of Foreign Currency trading.
Forex trading is commission free and is available 24 hours a day 6 days
a week.
Listen, you don't
have to be a floor trader or a fund manager to put this to work for
you. No matter what your background—whether
you are in construction, teaching, civil service, sales, or office work—you
can successfully trade currencies and earn a great income.
Look, I’m not talking about the
standard, everyday stuff you find in every forex trading book.
Go through ANY book in the library, on Amazon.com, or local book
store on Forex trading and you’ll find the following…

Basic introduction and glossary on the forex market.
Description of a dozen or more chart patterns.

The only problem
with those trading techniques is that you have to recognize and interpret
these “chart patterns”.  Hardly
a reliable approach. Then there are the system sellers…

Waste Your Money on a System Without at Least a 2 Year Track Record

Why would you dare risk your hard earned money
based on the performance of a few weeks? That’s what most of the other forex trading systems
offer. Any trading approach can show a decent profit for a few weeks.
You have to know the strategy holds up over the long haul. The only way
to know that is to see the performance over several YEARS. That’s
why I give you the full documented performance for the last FOUR YEARS.
I’ll show you all the numbers in a minute, but first here’s
the background on this astounding  strategy…

The Discovery and Refinement of a Highly Profitable Forex Trading

I’m going to tell you something I’m a bit ashamed of… I’ve
lost money trading. More money than I’d like to remember. How did
I lose it? You name it. “Professional” advisors, tips from
friends and family, computerized systems, and so on. I finally got to
the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’d
think that a guy with an MBA in finance would know better.

I struck out on my own doing my own independent research, looking
for something that would work. Countless hours were spent on dead
ends. Finally things started to click and a successful technique
was found.
I christened this technique
the “Pip Factory” since it manufactures
pips day in and day out, just like a factory. This is an ultra
easy mechanical technique that only requires you to get online to trade
it twice a day—once
to enter the trade and once to exit. No constant baby-sitting needed!

is the best ..." "I've
bought a lot of low cost and high cost Forex systems. Yours
is the BEST! You could easily charge double or triple the price.
Your manual is very clear and filled with many examples of
trades. Just excellent! Just sticking to the rules of those
systems consistantly and using proper money management will
make every one succeed, I firmly believe. Keep up the good

-Kyle Hawkins

The Second Discovery

Flushed with the success of this first strategy, I had one more
idea that needed testing. Many hours of research paid off big-time
with a second strategy just as powerful than the first one. I call
these second technique the “Pip Magnet” which describes
the price action that is used in the strategy.

Four Year Proven Track Record

Pip Factory Performance from July 2003 to July 2007 Trading 1 Lot

Total Net Profit after $15 per trade deduction  

Total Number of Trades

Percent Profitable

Avg. Winning Trade

Largest Winning Trade

Largest Losing Trade

Max. Drawdown (Intra-day Peak to Valley)

how you could have turned $8000 into $1.3 million in just 48 months.
Starting with $8000 and add 1 lot with every $8000 profit until
you reach 25 lots, the total profit would end up at $1,311,980.00.
Here is the Equity Curve for the Pip Factory System Showing the growth
in net profit

Pip Magnet Performance from July 2003 to July 2007 Trading
1 Lot

Total Net Profit after $15 per trade

Total Number of Trades

Percent Profitable

Avg. Winning Trade 

Largest Winning Trade

Largest Losing Trade

Max. Drawdown (Intra-day Peak to Valley)

Here’s how you could have turned $2000 into
$534,000 in just 48 months. Starting with $2000 and add 1 lot
with every $2000 profit until you reach 100 lots, the total profit
would end up at $534,880.00.
   Here is the Equity Curve for the Pip
Magnet System Showing the growth in net profit

Three key benefits of Forex trading:

Your risk can be limited to a small amount.

Your profit potential can be unlimited with six-figure annual
incomes within reach!

You can easily profit regardless of
the stock market up-moves or down-moves.

There is little or no inside information in the foreign exchange
markets. Exchange rate fluctuations are usually caused by actual
monetary flows.

Can I be frank with you?

There’s a reason you’re reading this right now. And the reason
is probably because your 401K has been blown away. Or you’re reading
this because you’ve been through too many seminars that tell you
how you can use charts, lines, graphs, and analysis to “get in” at
just the right spot and make a fortune.
But unfortunately, you were never
quite able to make the plays the same way the “guru” did
them. Am I right?

way to learn ..." "I
have been in Forex for almost 2 years now. This
ebook gives us ways to get some more money. It's easy to
implement and the risk ratio is low. For a beginner
it's the fastest way to learn and start making money."

-Jean Marc

The reason you’re reading this right now is because you’re
not satisfied with your current financial situation! And I’m
here to tell you that…

A Big Reason Your Current Financial Situation
is Unsatisfactory is a Result of all the Brainwashing Advice From the
Wall Street “Experts” in
Their Books, TV Shows, Blogs, Infomercials, and Newsletters!
Listen, if you’ve tried to make money with stocks and have bounced
around from one thing to another—IT’S NOT YOUR

There’s no need to blame yourself for all the confusing hype out
there, but unless you flush this misinformation out of your brain, your
finances will remain the same. Just say NO to the wasted hours on Bollinger
Bands, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, regression lines,  histograms, candlesticks,
balance sheets, debt ratios, support and resistance levels, pennants,
double bottoms, or triple tops!
The two strategies in my manual
will free you from all the complicated and confusing analysis you’ve been fed. Plus you’ll break
free from the dependency of following “experts” that generate
picks by who knows what method.
You’ll have in your possession
a double edged sword to carve out huge chunks of profits that are just
waiting for you to claim. Profits that will promote you into the elite
world of the super-wealthy.
Forex Trading: The Secret Weapon of the Super-Wealthy
How much money can you make Forex trading? There really is no limit...
After all, once you're confident with these strategies, there's
nothing to stop you from rolling earlier profits into future trades
by taking multiple positions just like I showed you with my Pip
Factory and Pip Magnet system. $8000 became 1.3 million and $2000
became $534,000 in just 48 months.

No chart interpretations, no guessing. It’s
100% objective and mechanical.  
Average, everyday people make thousands on Forex. Once you learn
the strategy, can you do the same? I know you can. I will train and prepare
you to profit. You’ll finally break free from being at the mercy
of the gurus and newsletters.
The entire strategy for this unique trading method has been laid
out in detail in this easy to follow manual. This manual will turn
you into a self-reliant, successful Forex trader.
You'll get all the tools, everything you need, to go out and do
it ... immediately and make profitable trades. Which leads to an
important point...

There are no other tools, software, subscriptions, or anything else you
need to find the picks. Just whatever Forex broker you want to
use is all you need.

the point ..." "I
have been looking for a simple, "To The Point"
trading system for the Forex market.  You have delivered
just that.  You show the exact times and starting/exit
positions and even include screenshots to clarify."
for the information,
-Greg Schueler

With the launch of these strategies, making money in the market
I could go on and on, but there are only three things you need
to know:

That you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.
2. That it’s easy to follow these
3. That it won't cost you an arm and
leg to learn this.

Number 1: You Can Make a
Lot of Money in a Short Period of Time...
Just 1 lot per trade returned $95,791 in 48 months for the two combined systems. Imagine
what the total could have been if you had increased the amount
per trade as your account grew. Your account would be over $1.8
million by the end of 48 months.
Number 2: It’s
Easy to Follow These Systems…
…very easy in fact. I’ve done all the tedious hard work in developing,
checking and re-checking the results. Your job will be to simply check the
market twice a day to see if there are any possible trades. Closing the positions
is even easier. This is because one system will just run until the profit target
is hit and the other one is held for a fixed period of time.
Number 3: It
Won’t Cost You an Arm and
a Leg to Learn This
I’ll teach you everything for a small, affordable price. In fact, …
I’ve Cut the Price to the Bone to Make it as Affordable as Possible for You
There are many Forex trading services, subscriptions, and advisories
that sell for over $1000 per year. Even at those prices they can
be worth it, if they work. The problem is most don’t. They simply
present unproven rehashed technical analysis. Anything can and
does work some of the time.
What you’ll be learning is different though, because they are based
on 4 years of data. Rock solid numbers that held up for three decades.
Even if you paid $1000 for
my manual, you could easily make your money back in a matter of
days based on the track record, so I’d
say it’s easily worth that. But since my manual is designed for
investors that want returns like the high-powered investors, but
want to start out small, I’ve set the price at a very reasonable
one-time fee of just $122.
So there you have it. Readers love this manual. They are making
good money following the strategies. And I know you will too. All
you need to do is order it today. When you do, you will get...

Unlimited email support.
Your personal copy delivered via
immediate download.
All trades with the exact entry
date, time, exit date, and net profit for the past 4 years.
Complete step by step instructions
on how to find these trades.


Free Bonuses
When You Order Today


News Trading the Forex Market

One strategy for trading the Forex market
consists of watching for price movement when economic reports are released.
If there is a significant difference between the expected report and
the actual report, there can be a huge jump in prices.
Trading economic news reports can be profitable
if you have studied the historical market reactions to the specific reports
and are set up with a very fast order placement system and very fast
source for news.
Often brokers will increase their spreads
at the point of major economic news due to the increased volatility.
All these factors make it difficult to consistently beat the market news
We have found an alternative way that is
profitable to trade the news that avoids the previously mentioned difficulties.
This simple system made $230 per day,
trading just one day per month over the last 4 years!



Three volume
Forex Trading Course

This 3 part ebook will teach you the fundamental
principles you need for trading the forex profitably. Discover
the secrets to
becoming a winning forex trader in record time and how to avoid
critical mistakes that keep your profits small.



Introduction to Forex Trading

If you are a  complete beginner,
this ebook will get you up to speed on all the details on the forex market. 
You'll learn about margin, lot sizes, leverage,
pips, how to calculate profit, and much more.


After just 30 minutes of reading
the manual,  you’ll feel
a new sense of clarity about your investments and future. The long-held
secrets of the wealthy insiders — strategies to build a profit-churning
portfolio will become obvious. As you begin to follow the strategies,
your net worth will start to increase rapidly — and continue to
compound — even while you sleep.  

The one thing I urge you to do is act quickly. Don’t miss out on
any of the upcoming profitable trades. Give me the word and let’s
get started.

Tom Franklin

Here's My 100% Money-Back

Guarantee for EIGHT FULL WEEKS

Full Performance Guarantee
Because these systems are so incredibly effective and because
I believe in them so strongly, I fully guarantee their performance. Check
this out

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