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“How to start your own e-Business
to make Outrageous profits
in as little as 7 DAYS even if you
don’t know much about Internet, computers, can’t write, can’t type, and don’t have a clue where to start!”
Just think: Next month you could be
waking up when you want. Not by what time you need to leave to make the office!  

Mean while your ex-colleagues will
still be tolerating their boss!

…Just think; 7 DAYS!!!

The next 5 minutes you spend reading the following information,
can be the best 5 minutes you have ever invested in your life,
because this website can change your life before the end of this year!!!

Hello friends, if the first few lines of this site suggest that you can become rich without any effort by just reading my book on e-Business, then let me clarify; it is not going to happen like that. I am not here to promise you unbelievable gains or profits that come without any effort. My e-Business secrets, and advice + your effort will achieve results that everyone will envy 100%


Hello! My name is Justin Goldman, and I’m here to guide you to a completely transformed life; A life which you have probably always dreamt of, but like most have never figured out how to achieve. I should know I was there for many years myself!

I am here to share with you some secrets, and perspectives that can be the turning point of your life. I grew up in Las Vegas Nevada leading as normal a life as possible. My upbringing was not from Riches; in fact far from it. But my hunger for success and my drive to master internet business have lead to learning many secrets for internet business and opened the doors to my fortune. I am here to share these secrets with you in a format so simple to understand, any one that follows my methods can do just as I have.

You can:

Quit your job or keep it…as you wish

Get a steady residual income, that keeps coming

Spend unlimited time with your family, and friends

Work from home or set up your huge personal office

Order the best food at all the best restaurants

Buy the best in fashion available


Be economically secure for the rest of your life

Earn from an industry that has given birth to the MOST MILLIONAIRES in the last 10 years

I grew up in a humble environment to join some of the highest paying, yet not satisfying jobs. After college; I worked many high paying jobs around the valley; such as a bartender at the world’s largest gentlemen’s cabaret, Doorman of a major Las Vegas club, Manager of a famous lounge, I even ran valet at Wynn Las Vegas where I got to drive Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis daily! Although the pay was terrific, I couldn’t but hate these jobs. Here was the common scenario: The other employees all hated their jobs and made it miserable for everyone else. Sound familiar? I also found it terribly difficult and insulting to taking a customer’s attitude. I moved on to Law enforcement to get away from being a “YES MAN”. I loved everything about Law enforcement but it never paid the bills, nor did it provide me any financial security! I was looking for the perfect job that would give me freedom, as well as make me financially secure for the rest of my life.

A best friend of mine Nico Princely introduced me to internet marketing…and over the years, I kept discovering its secrets of hidden power. Today I own several money-spinner websites. My business on E-bay has touched a different dimension. My managers look after a number of my business. Take a tour with me, and I’ll teach you how I achieved success of such magnitude. I am financially secure for the rest of my life and want to guide others to be financially secure for the rest of their lives.

"This book is amazing! It helped me realize my individual potential for success on the internet, and in life is so much higher than I initially thought. The methods provided in the texts are fool proof for anyone to start becoming a success on the internet immediately!"

Kyle Miller, Barstow CA

"This book is ideal for anyone who wants to work for themselves. Justin Goldman taught me every step necessary for success through Internet Marketing. He even touched on the importance and logic behind mailing lists and how to reach your target market. I love his no-bullshit approach. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will appreciate Goldman’s useful insight."

Gina Mizzoni Las Vegas, NV

Richard Young, Las Vegas, NV

I have known Justin on a business and personal level for about two years. He is one of the hardest working young men in Vegas. He's really got his head on straight. I remember when he worked in night clubs with dreams of doing something big for himself. I have watched his hard work and dedication with everything he gets involved with. I would gladly join him on any venture he’s involved with.

His marketing skills, business management skills and people skills are untouchable. I support Justin and anything he puts his name on.

~Shane Dailey,
Green Valley, NV

Speaking as an internet professional I can vouch for Justin Goldman, having worked side by side with him on several projects I can confidently say he has the ambition, drive and most importantly the knowledge to be successful in whatever avenue he chooses from conception of an idea to realization of the end product and the marketing thereof. The creation of this book is an extension of that knowledge and should be read cover to cover by anyone who takes internet marketing, or succeeding in internet marketing seriously.

Tony Blackford Las Vegas NV

If you want to be successful, imitate successful people. It's that easy.

I’ve known Justin Goldman for a number of years now, and two things he understands are people, and business. I first met Justin when he was getting into bail enforcement. We had a lot to talk about and it was then that I realized this guy had such a wide range of knowledge.

What you’re getting when you buy his e-book is not just another course, but one that was made for you. He understands that most people are working a 9-5 job, or one that they do not enjoy. He’s not one of these guys that markets a new program every week deliberately leaving information out for the next week.

I’ll vouch for his e-book The 7 Day e-Business as I’ve bought it for many of my friends as gifts to let them enjoy the extra cash flow they need to pick up and start something they actually want. To give them the freedom to come and go as they please. Take it from me if you want to learn how to do something learn from someone that is not only doing it, but also knows what your starting with.

Gene Volk, Kingwood TX

Justin Goldman has made a remarkable career out of internet marketing and has been very successful in all of his related endeavors. Due in part, no doubt to his high standards, drive and integrity. He exhibits a strong compassion to help others along the way.

Julie Banbury Las Vegas, NV

I met Justin while he was looking for Chinese drop shippers. He is my best friend that I have met on internet. He's very honest and do a lot of business on the web

Crystal Yun
Shandong, China

"The 7 Day E-Business" has really set me on the path I've always dreamed of traveling. I had a great idea for a website ever since high school but never knew how to go about putting it together, but before I was even finished reading this book, I already had tons of ideas on how to make my dream a reality! Justin's book had the power to bring out my greatest potential and I'm certain it could help everyone else too."

David, Las Vegas NV[
http://www.thatcriticdude.com/ ](http://www.thatcriticdude.com/)

Justin Goldman's knowledge of the internet is extremely vast. From creating simple websites to complex ones, Justin's capabilities surpass all expectations. Beyond this, he has been one of the only trustworthy people in my life since we met around 4 years ago. Through moral support and giving advice, Justin has been one that I have continuously turned to when life gets tough and I need help.

Michelle Leibovici,
Fort Collins, CO

The big dreams of a small town girl meant being able to manage a family, career, social life and mental sanity at the end of every day.

Just typing my ambitions left me exhausted let alone succeeding at each of them. My ideal lifestyle included an active role in each of my sought out endeavors with as little chaos as possible. But I'm not going to lie, this small town girl wondered, "how will I ever pull that off"? And then came the answer. Justin Goldman put together a crafty, resourceful and encouraging guide to starting your own business through the biggest evolution of technology, the Internet. Starting my own E-business was something I knew nothing about prior to polishing up on this guide and now I can sincerely say that I feel confident in my ability to add "successful career woman" to my list of accomplishments. This small town girl is smiling broadly as the evolution of her "Amish Furniture" e-business comes more and more together.

Many thanks, Justin. Your hard work and comprehensive approach has released me into a new and exciting journey. Sincerely,

Alissa Swarts, Iowa

I’ve known Justin Goldman for three years now. He’s always been a hard worker who will try new and creative approaches to solve problems.

His new book The 7 Day e-Business is just another example for his talent. I am sure that this book will be an insightful learning experience for all entering the e-Business arena.

A fresh look into e-business from new talent is always refreshing.

C.M. Kingman, AZ

I'm a marketing professional with experience across the board - printing, direct mail, television and internet... I thought I knew it all. Justin Goldman hits the nail on the head! His book is fantastic, it's easy to read and understand. I recommend this for anyone who wants to start, or market their business. Take care,

Bud Adams

NO, you do not have to…

Visit people, or get into direct selling

Call up people or convince them

Try Multi Level marketing (MLM)

Become a franchisee of a brand

Attend some seminars, spend behind courses

Get heaps of $$$ to get started

NO, you do not have to be...

A computer guru

A web-design genius


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As you read this book you can see how simple it is,
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We do not share your details with anyone.


Revealed before you…the soon to be most heavily downloaded ebook on e-business in 7 days; and one of the few that teaches you everything from A to Z of e-business, which you can learn in 7 days flat. Unlike most other ebooks on ebusiness, THE 7 DAY E-BUSINESS does not give you an incomplete package. This is knowledge that you will require to start an e-business and earn like millionaires from it. It has changed lives. Everyone wants to kick their Day job (or night job as we have here in Las Vegas) goodbye. Everyone wants to set themselves free. This book is going to help in setting thousands of individuals free. Thousands of individuals like you that have found an alternate source of livelihood, beyond the jobs they hated so much!



A step by step (very easy to understand) guide of e-business that ANY one can follow. You do not have to be a technical
       wizard to understand and try out the instructions. Any person
       of ordinary intelligence can follow it.

Every necessary topic covered, from A to Z. Nothing has been left out.

All the best links that I had collected over the last 4 years, revealed!!!

E-business is here to stay and millions across the globe have invested in e-business; and YOU are going to be a part of a
      growing industry…not a dying one!

Internet giants like Google and Yahoo that are number 1 and 2 today, had a few years ago started their journey from a
       friend’s garage. YOU are not far behind!

It does not require truckloads of money to start or run an e-business! It can be started and run at a nominal cost…and
       can be run from home…but the rewards are astronomical!

ALL OF THIS information in my e-book is based on my 1st hand experiences with my several successful e-businesses. All
       my tips and tricks exposed. Nothing has been held back. This
       is EXCLUSIVE. You will not get this anywhere else!!!

Gives the guidelines of unlimited traffic to your site month after month.

It continues month after month, year after year.

Clear your loans and debts-REAL FAST!!!

Never become penniless-HAVE A SECURE FUTURE.

Quit your JOB, or keep it- choice is yours!

Buy your dream car and mansion.

Win back your long lost dreams.

Never be robbed by hackers, or be harassed by spammers.


The 7 Day E-Business WHAT YOU WILL GET
Possibilities on the web
Working as a freelancer on the Internet
Getting your website ready
Getting a domain name
Finding a hosting service
Creating and uploading websites
Web Designing secrets
Costs and other considerations
Promoting your online business
Different traffic generating methods
Article writing and submitting
Banner and advertisements
Pay per click ads
Accepting payments
How to use PayPal
Precautions from fraud
PayPal alternatives Overview
Selling on E-Bay
Sell e-books on e-Bay
e-Bay drop-shipping: do you really want drop-shippers?
How to be an e-Bay Broker
e-Bay feedback-system explained
What is sales copy, and why is it needed?
Tools to write a sales page
Need for ghostwriters
What is the rate of a ghostwriter? Can I afford them?
Where can I find a ghostwriter?
Mailing list
What is a mailing list?
Building mailing lists
Software for list building
What is affiliate marketing?
Where do you find affiliates?
Tips and tricks
Earning from Google AdSense
Other similar programs
Real life examples of internet business success
Interview with self made internet millionaire
      Richard Young

Why this product is
so far ahead of others I have taken many courses on internet business, as well as studied under my colleagues. Too many courses out there charge close to or more than $1000.00 and deliberately omit important information so you will be forced to have to come back and buy advanced techniques courses from them, before even starting! Hence this book was made out of the high demand for an affordable accurate learning tool to be used for web business. This is also a compilation of my years of info-collecting, coupled with pure hands on experience!
None of the eBooks I have come across even come close to making e-Business as simple as I make it here. This book “The 7 Day e-Business” was designed for every body in mind. To start up an E-business is not a Herculean task, but to make one successful can be, without the right tools. My first and primary objective of this course is to present the whole process of getting started in a very simple manner, while not leaving anything out. The end result is you get to give yourself a shot at changing your life in a way that is easy for any one to do!!!

You have 8 full weeks to check out everything, read, jump in, try, etc. And if for any reason you don’t feel you’re on the right track to making money with your own E-Business – just let me know what didn’t work for you, and show me you tried for a prompt and courteous refund. No gimmicks. No tricks. It’s that simple.

Obviously, this guarantee is beyond fair.

So this is the real question:

Are you ready to take action now? Or is fear and doubt still stopping you?

Doubt is self-sabotage at work.

Are you going to control it, or let it control you?

The choice is yours.

After all, if you can start an e-business in 7 days or less, and your backed with a completely bullet proof guarantee, why in the world not do it right now?

But let’s see if I can help you even more…

I’ll make this simple for you…

Let me make this a no-brainer for you…

Invest in the most important person today… your-self! And you can have my system as I was taught from the very best – for only $29

That’s right.

Only $29

But you need to order right now.


Remember, this is one of my e-businesses. There’s no reason why I can’t repackage this and raise the price to the suggested $59 at any time.

That would literally only take me a few minutes…

Why take any chances?

Look, the sooner you start using my book as your guide, the sooner you’ll be on your way to financial freedom, and free to do what you want. Are you ready?


Go for it.

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