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What Went Wrong with your Cake Recipe???

If your cakes never quite look like the picture
in the recipe book, don’t worry,
we’ve got the perfect solution for you!!

Dear Fellow Cake Lover,

Hi, my name’s Maddy, and I’m about to offer you an AMAZING chance to kick-start your baking ability! Through my simple and effective step-by-step baking videos, you’ll be able to delight and impress your friends and family as you all tuck into some seriously delicious cakes BAKED BY YOU! 

I can guarantee that two hours from now, you could have a freshly baked and decorated cake in front of you, ready to serve up for that dinner party or picnic. And just imagine the looks of surprise and envy on your guests’ faces when you tell them casually, “Oh, I just whipped it up this afternoon!” Trust me, it’s the best feeling :)
Here are some common problems when it comes to baking a beautiful, delicious cake:

I don’t know what all the baking terms, like “cream” and “fold”, mean!

The instructions are confusing – I don’t know how important the order, or brand or type, of ingredients is!

How do I know when the cake is ready to take out the oven?

How do I get the cake cleanly out of the tin?

Now that it’s baked, how do I decorate or present the cake so it looks fabulous?

I just want to be able to bake two or three great cakes that are delicious AND versatile!

I don’t have fancy appliances or a gourmet budget – what are some quick and easy recipes I can just whip up in one mixing bowl, bake and serve??

Now, if you’re nodding your head in agreement and frustration too – don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are truly THOUSANDS of people who have that sweet tooth, want to be able to bake, but just can’t get their cakes to turn out well! Hell, I was one of them!

Now, let me tell you a bit of a story, about how I went from a frustrated no-hoper to someone who loves baking so much they wanted to share ideas and help others to bake...

I come from a BIG family (7 kids!), so it was always a fight for survival for attention, treats, and kitchen space. So I tended to lay low, and not join in the chaos in the kitchen. Plus my mum is a seriously good cook – one of those annoying people who never follows recipes, instead is talented enough to just make it up out of her head. Not like me at all! So I was pretty intimidated by the whole baking game, and anything I tried never worked out right, my cakes never looked like the photo in the recipe book!

So what did I do?? I moved out of home, made huge messes in my very own kitchen, and was able to figure out several IDIOT-PROOF cake recipes that guaranteed me a great result EVERY TIME!! Now, this process took a fair bit of time, sweat, and tears so I want to save YOU this pain and anxiety and show you these BEST-EVER recipes today!

In my videos, I offer complete step-by-step instructions for making the perfect cake, showing you every method and addition is detail, from the minute you begin mixing to the minute you serve the cake up! It really isn’t the scary and intimidating process you think it is – I’ve mastered baking, and so can you! Pretty soon people will be ‘requesting’ cakes of you, knowing how great you are at baking – trust me, I went from having no idea, to now providing the cakes for every party with family and friends! People ring me and ask me to please bake them their favourite cake! And I’m going to show these ‘favourite’ recipes to you!

Seeing so many people get discouraged over baking inspired me to compile a library of the best baking tips and tricks that ensure a perfect cake every time...

Trust me, you will love these tips. Why not sign up for our FREE tips and tricks newsletter, and join the thousands of others who are now happy little bakers!

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My wife and I absolutely love this course. My wife used to make terrible looking and tasting cakes. But a friend told her about this Cake Making Course, and the very first day she joined, she baked the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever tasted. A cake is truly the way to a man's heart! We now try a new cake every Sunday, and it's something the two of us do together. These easy to follow videos make baking so easy, and every cake in this course has turned out delicious, and always looks just like the video!
Andrew, Charlotte, USA

I had always wanted to learn how to bake cakes, so I bought a few recipe books. After several attempts of following the recipes in these books, the cakes NEVER turned out anything like the picture... and the taste was horrible! Then I went searching online... and stumbled across Maddy and her Cake Making Course, wow! I can now make about 4 cakes which are very versatile and all have been proven winners! The lemon syrup cake is to die for... it's now a dinner party favorite! My girlfriend loves the fact that I now make the dessert!
Thanks Maddy, this course is truly exceptional!

Paul, Sydney, Australia

With the help of the Cake Making Course videos you too will understand and know:

What it exactly means to “fold”, “beat”, “whisk”, “layer” and “cream”
What ingredients are indispensable and what ones can be substituted (for example, if you’re diary or gluten intolerant, or on a low cholesterol diet)
When a cake is ready to come out of the oven, and how to get it safely out of its baking tin

Ways to decorate the same cake in different ways – so people think it’s an entirely new and unique cake! (one of my favorite tricks)
Which cakes travel, or last, better than others
How to whip up an easy ‘quick-mix’ bowl-method cake, or prepare a delectable and more time-consuming baked cheesecake

Just how fun and rewarding baking is... and so much MORE!!!


Cake Making Course
Start baking delicious cakes with your premier membership to Cake Making Course. Thanks to our professional course, baking the cake that's perfect for all occasions has never been easier. Get access to hours of video footage, easy to follow recipes and great support from our head Cake Queen Maddy!
14 High-Quality Step by Step Baking Video Lessons
With Cake Making Course, you get 14 Video lessons! Over the last few years we have refined our baking lessons and have produced the best video lessons for making cakes on the planet. We include all styles of cakes, and a detailed baking kit that will get you making and decorating your first cake within 5 minutes of joining our exclusive baking club.
Baking Support and Assistance
Maddy is only an email away, and is always available to answer your burning baking questions. Cake Making Course is here to your baking rescue, and Maddy always encourages members to send in cake requests that she will then whip up and add to the members area for all to devour!
FREE New Cake Recipes and Updates
New cakes are added to the Cake Making Course on a regular basis, and for new members joining today, you will get FREE updates for life... meaning that you get access to every new cake video added for years to come! How cool is that?! Unlimited Access to the Exclusive Cake Making Course Members Area... all you do is sit back and replicate Maddy's Cake Magic!


Here are just some of the cake making secrets you are about to discover...

This Cake Making Course will reveal exactly how to turn almost all complicated cakes into a simple quick mix method that will save you time and effort, without compromising quality of presentation or taste!
You will discover the "magic formula" to any cake recipe, allowing you to improvise and create like a Pro in no time!
This course will empower you to stupify and amaze these "domestic goddesses" by producing a new and delicious cake every morning tea or dinner party you attend by using your secret library of cake ideas!

Every cake recipe included in this step by step cake baking course will produce 3 or more totally different looking and tasting cakes!
How to bring the fun back to making and baking cakes!

I love the videos in the Cake Making Course!!!! I can now bake so many different cakes that taste DELICIOUS! Seriously, before joining this cake course I used to hate desserts as they would never turn out properly. Usually, I just went with ice-cream! Now, I can watch one of these videos and make a cake that turns out perfectly in under 60 minutes! Thanks for making this so easy Maddy... I love your course, and so does my husband! He loves the lemon-syrup cake, but my favorite is the carrot and pineapple cake... a true delight!
Sarah, London, UK

How To Get Started Baking with the Cake Making Course:
From the daily feedback I receive from happy Cake Making Course members, I know I should be asking for hundreds of dollars for UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Professional Baking videos. For a very limited time, however, I am trying an introductory price of just $37, and yes, that is a one-time fee. I am only going to accept a small number of orders at this price. As the baking tips, tricks and professional videos are incredibly valuable (just think of the happiness your delicious cakes are going to bring into your life!), I will soon raise the premier membership price to $97. If you want to learn how to bake the most perfect and delicious of cakes, I urge you to join today and secure your premium ticket to baking success! If you wait, you may miss out on this heavily discounted membership.
Don't forget, if you successfully order today, you will also get both Fast Action Baking Bonuses mentioned above completely free as an extra reward! The limited time price of $37 gets you an unlimited premier membership, and includes all the step by step videos, recipes, and Caking Making Course secret baking tips and delicious resources.

To start baking cakes immediately, just simply press the Click Here to Order button below!


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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I want to get you started making scrumptious cakes in no time, and that is my firm commitment to you!

Enjoy baking cakes with Cake Making Course, and do send me some pics of the cakes you end up making!

Your baking friend,

PS You can start baking the most delicious cakes in the next 5 minutes... I guarantee you, your family and friends will love these cakes!


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