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Sales Career Training Institute

How You Can Exploit
FEAR Selling Strategies To Sell More and Sell Faster
A recent survey by [The Sales Career Training Institute](http://www.salescareertraining.com/salescareertraining.html) revealed that the vast majority of salespeople across a wide variety of industries are:
1) Frustrated with prospects that keep stalling and wasting their time instead of making faster buying decisions;

2) Worried constantly that they might not be able to close enough deals quickly enough to meet their monthly quotas; and

3) Unsure about how to convince their prospects to give them an appointment - and enough time - to present their products and services so that they can make a decent living.


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Proven, Field-Tested Sales Strategies, Tactics and Techniques That Will Help You Sell More and Sell Faster
In response to these wide-spread concerns, the Sales Careers Training Institute commissioned a study of over 14,000 sales calls to determine:
1) the major mistakes that salespeople are making during the crucial prospecting stage of the sales process

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