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2D Puzzles
[](#) [Visual Sudoku](#): Learn to Solve Sudoku Visually with Tutorials and Step by Step animation. Mini-Sudoku and Brain Speed Test. [](#) [Norman Rockwell Tile Puzzle](#): A gallery of Rockwell's beloved paintings. Classic 15-puzzle. [ ](#) [ ](#) [GAN 5-Ball Puzzle](#): A simple slding puzzle with 5 balls. Yet when you scramble it, it can take hours to solve it the first time. Let the Beatles whispers the secret in your ears.
The 5 smileys have attitudes! They frown, snarl and sulk. You are supposed to make them happy by moving them to their home slots. [ ](#) [GAN 7-Ball Puzzle](#): Try your skills acquired in 5-Ball on the 7-Ball. [ ](#) [Clock Puzzle](#): Fix this clock puzzle to tell the time of the day [ ](#) [Diamond Bob 9-Ball Billiard Puzzle](#): This is a realistic software replica of Diamond Bob distributed by BinaryArts®.
Rubik's Cube Puzzles
[Rubik's Pocket Cube](#): Learn 2 simple tricks (Trick2,Trick3) to solve 2x2x2. [Rubik's Cube Tutor](#): Tutorials to help you gain insights into how to solve Rubik's Cube. [SudoKube](#): More difficult than the Rubik's Cube. Need one more trick: Trick1b. [Rubik's Cube 3x3x3](#): To solve 3x3x3, you just need to learn 3 simple tricks (Trick1,Trick2,Trick3). [Rubik's Revenge 4x4x4](#): You just need one more simple trick (Trick4) to solve 4x4x4. [Rubik's Professor Cube 5x5x5](#): True, you just need one more simple trick (Trick5) to solve 5x5x5. [Rubik's Cube 6x6x6](#): Good News, you just need the same 5 tricks to solve 6x6x6. [Square-1 puzzle](#): Use mouse click or keyboard to move halves or slices. Step by step interactive animation to help you learn how to solve.
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