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Dear Bookkeeping Professional,

If you’re
wondering how to start your own bookkeeping business, this is for you.

Several years ago I decided to
launch my own bookkeeping business after I'd spent many years
developing my bookkeeping skills.  I had big goals of making
lots of money by helping my clients with their financial records. 

I dreamed of the freedom to
set my own hours, to not have to work a 9 to 5 job and to not have a
boss dictating my every move.   I could see my
goals in front of me so clearly, I could almost taste them....

I ran into a huge stumbling block….

I discovered there’s
very little solid information available on how to start a bookkeeping

Sure there were books that
claimed to be about starting a bookkeeping business. But none of these
had the specific information I was looking for. 

wanted detailed information, such as:

How do you track your client

How much should you charge per

Should you charge by the hour
or by the journal entry?

How do you find customers --

How do you write a business

How do you keep track of all
your clients paperwork?

How do you get customers when
you’re not well-known?

struggled to find the answers...

I had to use different books
and sources that were not really relevant to my bookkeeping business
and change them to make them work for me.

It took a lot of trial and
error and much more time than I wanted to get this business up and
I wasted a good 6 months researching and gathering the
information I needed before I finally felt ready to start my business.

That’s why, years
later, I feel that it’s so important to get this information
out there into the hands of fellow bookkeepers like you who are in the
same position I was in.

to Starting and Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business”
is your
complete resource kit
to fast track your bookkeeping business. 
Here's some kind words from
some of our satisfied customers:

what you'll learn:

 How to get many more referrals
without resorting to nagging or trickery

The simple technique for
making sure you get paid for your work!

 What you should know as a
bookkeeping professional

 12 low-cost / no-cost ways to
skyrocket your business

 How to quickly and easily
create your business plan, using a free online business plan program
– I show you how!


Thanks for all
your help. I am so pleased with your book. I would like to
personally thank you for your outstanding product.

C. Daniels

Calgary, AB

Your bookkeeping
ebook is awesome! Thank you so much for your help. Please feel free
to include this on your website.

Hannah Edwards

Jacksonville, FL


It's exactly
what I've been looking for. You company is truly upstanding and is
behind its product 100%.  It's incredible.

Joanne Trottier

Montreal, QC
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with information, you’ll discover:   

What your
startup costs will be (page 7)

The nuts
and bolts of how to set up your business (page 15)

How to
keep track of each client’s progress (page 56)

A turnkey
marketing plan that will have your phone ringing off the hook (page 31)

A built
in system of referrals – the best type of advertising (page

method of setting up your pricing so you get top dollar for your talents  
(page 10)

How to
set up your office systems to help you operate most efficiently  
(page 22)

get the benefit of my years of personal experience in 

bookkeeping industry...




I’ve accumulated a
of knowledge that
I’m passing on to you.  This is 
breakthrough information that is not available anywhere
else, online or offline.

let's wrap this up...


exactly what you’ll receive:


to Starting and Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business”
e-book in
PDF format
– all the secrets, forms, links and valuable information that
you need to get started in this business. 

(How can you put a value on
finally discovering how to make your dreams an everyday reality?  You
can't! But if you put a gun to my head, I'd say this one e-book is
worth $87 all by itself!)

there’s more!

On top of my valuable e-book

"Secrets to
Starting and Running Your Bookkeeping Business

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