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Attract Money Like a Magnet :: Law of Attraction Brings Money, Success & Happiness

Finally Revealed: The Hidden TRUTH About Getting EVERYTHING You Really Want...

"Discover The Shocking Secret Used By A
15 Year Old Boy From Florida To Attract A Hummer H2--A Year Before He Even Had a Driver's License!"

WARNING: Be careful of what you wish for.
This method is so powerful
and effective, your results may occur instantaneously and without warning.

From The Desk Of: Lisa Diane & BJ Dolla

Tarpon Springs , FL

Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m BJ Dolla and I’m here to tell you about my successful attraction of my Hummer H2.
All my life I’ve always gotten whatever I wanted because I believed I could have it and I was worth it.  I never doubted that I was gonna get what I wanted and sure enough I always got it.  My mother always said that I’m a “living, breathing money magnet” and in a way she was right.
There is this force called the Law of Attraction. I call it Divine Intervention. But you can call it what you want. It is how we can control our lives—notice I say how “WE” control our lives.  That’s right. You’re in control. Life doesn’t control you.
The truth is you can attract ANYTHING you want
by the way you think and talk.
For instance, I’ve never been without money. I’ve always got a pocket full and I never ever think twice about what I buy. Somehow no matter how much I spend there’s always more showing up to take its place. That’s what being a Money Magnet is all about. And it’s not just with cash.
This is how you get WHATEVER you want.
I’ve always talked about getting the next big thing and sure enough I’ve always had it.
And as I got older the things I wanted got bigger and better and I started to wonder if I could really be a magnet for “grown up stuff”, too.  I mean, it’s one thing to want concert tickets and end up sitting on the floor right in front of the stage (that’s happened to me more times than I can count) or $500 Jordan outfits (I’ve got a closet full) or cool trips with my friends but what about the really big stuff?
Well, there was one thing I wanted more than anything else-- a Black Hummer H2-- and here’s what I did.  
It was January 15, 2006 and I was 9 months away from turning 15 and to me what I wanted more than anything in the world was to have a big, shiny H2 sitting waiting for me to hop in and drive the day I got my permit.
So I decided to give the Law of Attraction a try on this one, too. I went online and took a picture of this awesome H2 and stuck it on my computer. Then I sent a picture of it to my cell phone. Everywhere I went I told all my friends, “I can’t wait for November 2nd because that’s the day this bad boy will be mine”. They all doubted me and said that there was no way I was gonna get one when I was only 15.  But I didn’t listen to them, rather I was determined to prove all of them wrong.
Everywhere I went I talked about my new Hummer. I had every detail of the big black beauty burned into my mind. I could close my eyes and feel myself barreling down the highway with my music turned up loud.
It was mine… no doubt about it!
The days turned into months and soon it was October and my mother took me to the Hummer dealership to look at the cars. When we got there I was ecstatic. I was finally going to look at my dream car for my birthday. Well, my aunt tried to tell me how much happier I would be with an H3 because they were smaller and easier to use. I didn’t like that. I had my mind set on the H2 Black with chrome on the outside and TVs inside.
I found one with everything I wanted so I took a few pictures with my phone and I put them up on my myspace page with the caption “On November 2nd this bad boy will be mine”.
Here's one of the pictures I took at the dealership:

Late at night on November 1st I took the learner’s permit test online to get that out of the way. November 2nd finally came and I officially turned 15.  I went that morning (which is around 11am for me) and got my permit from the license bureau then to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Steak ‘N Shake. My mother and I met my aunt there. I was all happy because my mom told me after we were done she would take me to the Hummer dealership to look at H2s.
As it turns out, black Hummer H2s--loaded with all the TVs, satellite systems, 3rd row seating, etc-- that I wanted aren't easy to find.  In fact, NONE of the dealers in our area even had one.  But I didn’t care. I knew my H2 was on its way somehow.
When we got done eating we got in the car and started to pull away when I noticed an H2 sitting in the parking lot with a for sale sign on it. The H2 was Black with chrome just like I wanted. It had a huge TV monitor and a back-up screen on it.
I jumped out of the car to write down the number on the sign I when I noticed something weird. It was MY number. Just as I turned around to say something my mother handed me the keys and said, “Happy Birthday”. I couldn’t believe it! All I wanted had finally come true. I had the car of my dreams and it was all thanks to me using a very specific process I’ve been taught and have been using for years now.    
Here's proof! It's me and my Hummer!

And I know what you may be thinking, "Yeah right, you've got a rich mother to buy you what you want"...
and it's true my mother makes a lot of money but that's NOT how or why I got the Hummer. In fact, if you ask my mother she'll tell you she had no intention of ever buying me a Hummer (especially NOT at 15).
So if you're thinking this way let me give you a little tip...
You need to change your thinking--AND FAST. Because you're not thinking like someone who attracts money-- or anything else you may want. (That's your whole problem!)
You see, when you're a MONEY MAGNET things come to you... easily and effortlessly. I don't depend on my mother for what I want. I don't have to. Things come into my life as I want them or need them because I understand HOW to use the most powerful force in the Universe to literally create dreams-on-demand.
That, my friend, is the Law of Attraction in Action!
Bottom line, IT WORKS! It absolutely, positively works. And it doesn’t matter what you’re wanting… you can have it. It’s NOT about hard work, strain or struggle. Believe me, I don’t work hard but I ALWAYS end up with exactly what I want.
How about YOU? Are YOU Ready to Become a Real Life Money Magnet?
Then keep reading because I've got exactly what you need. You see, my mother just so happens to be Lisa Diane. Most people know her as "The Queen of Dreams." She practically wrote the book on becoming a Money Magnet (actually, she DID write the book. :) In the rest of this letter she'll explain exactly how you can become a real-life Money Magnet just like me!
Do Yourself a Favor... PAY ATTENTION... She Knows What She's Talking About!
Are you sick and tired of always falling short, never having quite enough, never being able to measure up? Are you frustrated by your bank account balance and that pile of bills that seems to grow bigger and bigger by the minute. Do you sometimes feel desperate for answers that never come… or even at your wits end from never finding any real relief?
How long have you been searching for “the answer?”
I meet people everyday who ask me the “.” They want to know how they can change their life. They want to be happy, have plenty of money and feel like their life means something. Unfortunately, they’re looking for answers in all the wrong places.
I know what it’s like to wake up each morning with a desire in your heart for a better way of life
and go to bed at night wondering why you even bothered. I spent years chasing success. I wanted to make a lot of money, drive luxury cars and live in a big mansion on the water. I believed that if I could just find the “” that seemed to always allude me— the one that all the rich people knew— I would finally be happy and fulfilled.

Would You Like to Put an End to Your Money Problems, Forever?

What if I told you there was a better way? What if I pulled back the curtain and exposed the “un-seen block” to your happiness, success, wealth and personal fortune? What if I could show you how to literally draw money and success (or any other good thing you desired) to you like a powerful magnet?
Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I assure it is TRUE and it’s even better than you can
imagine. In fact, once you discover the un-seen barrier that blocks you from all the success and wealth you deserve, you can literally flood your world with amazing fortune in no time flat. It’s true!
Look, I know how you feel. I’ve been there—and probably worse off. I know what it’s like to
stare at that stack of bills—and the empty bank account—knowing you simply can’t make ends meet. I remember what it was like to be down to my last few dollars (and I do mean DOLLARS) with absolutely no clue where the next bit of money would come from. I know the embarrassment of standing at a checkout line in the grocery store and having to put items back… the way they all look at you like you’re somehow “less” of a person. It’s not a feeling you easily forget.

There IS a Better Way! It’s Time To Attract Money Like a Magnet!

There’s a Reason Why Things Never
Seem to Work Out For You!
You’ve always suspected it, right? You’ve always felt like other people got the breaks in life… the better jobs, the nicer homes, the fat bank accounts… all the “perks” that have always been just outside your grasp. Am I right? And no matter how hard you worked, how many things you tried… nothing seemed to change. In fact, things only seem to get worse. Can you relate?
How do I know these things about you? BECAUSE I WAS YOU. I’ve been there, done that… feeling exactly the same way. That was before I discovered the truth. You see, I spent my entire life wanting to “be rich.” I would watch the people drive by in their fancy sports cars… living in their spectacular estates in first-class “gated communities” and dream of the day that it would be ME.
But as a young adult I found myself about as far from that “dream” lifestyle as a person could be. In fact, my life was more like a living nightmare. I won’t take time to give you all the gory details here, but trust me when I tell you, I know how it feels to be broke and desperate for money. I had to find a way out.
That’s When I Discovered the SECRET…

You know what they say, “When you turn a light on in a dark room it clears everything up .” That’s what happened for me. It was like flipping a switch inside me. I literally went from flat out broke (nearly destitute) to watching success and money pour into my world like a raging waterfall. It was amazing…truly amazing! And once it started there was no stopping.
In fact, that was more than 13 years ago. Since that time I’ve moved into that huge estate in my pristine “gated community” … I’ve purchased MANY of those “fancy sports cars”… I’ve watched my
bank accounts climb higher and higher. I truly have been blessed to enjoy that “rich life” I dreamed of.
But enough about me. This letter isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. You see, I’m no one special. I don’t have any formal education, specialized skills or rich relatives. My fortune didn’t come through winning the lottery—or even hard work. Success and money came into my life when I discovered the unseen barrier that had been blocking it from me.
Once that barrier was removed success, wealth and abundance flowed freely. Now I’d like to share the secret with you.
For the first time in history, experts from all over the world, in all the major fields such as science, psychology, medicine, spirituality, physics and human potential are all agreeing that there is only one way, one process, one Secret that creates anything in your life, including your happiness, prosperity, health, etc.
It’s the One Secret to Wealth. Billionaires guarantee you will become rich!
Would You Like to Be a Money Magnet?

Imagine for a moment your life exactly as you desire it. Imagine waking up each morning excited about how you will spend your day

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