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Hypnotic Personal Training

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Do you struggle to stay committed to a fitness and nutrition program?

Are you looking to Lose Weight but dread the process?

Have you hit a training Plateau and  want to take you strength to the Next Level?


“AMAZING! I never thought of approaching fitness and weight loss this way! Thank you for the techniques for approaching fitness. Ive lost 20 lbs! I am now one of those people who absolutely CRAVES going to the Gym!!!” Yasmine, Beverly Hills, CA.



Discover Why LA’s Foremost

Exercise Psychology Expert Continues to Create

“Unexplainable” Breakthroughs,

and Truly Amazing Physical Improvements

in people just like YOU!


In just a few sessions you can start CRAVING exercise!

You will no longer feel like you have to FORCE yourself to stay Committed to
Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Fitness and Eating Healthy will be a way of Life


Dear Internet Friend:

If you want to finally drop weight and keep it off for good by having an insatiable addiction to fitness and proper nutrition from developing a power mind, displaying the satisfaction and prestige that comes from mastering who you are, and if you want to do it while you're still *young* enough to enjoy it... then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

There are 1000's of Personal Trainers in LA, many approach fitness as something you need to "GET TOUGH" about. My unique approach combines Personal Training with Hypnosis.

In order to change the way you look, you must first change the way you THINK

Utilizing Hypnosis, We will program your mind to CRAVE nutritious Foods, Blast through Strength Limitations, and LOVE Fitness!

You will discover the tricks and techniques that all of the “fitness Addicts” use to Crave Fitness every single day!  

Together we will create a healthy fitness addiction in just a few sessions! 

Now that's certainly a tall statement, but let me show you how it's very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to turn out your best looking body ever!

Call 310.598.5307

To Schedule your FREE introductory Session

At Last:

 Master Iron-Will
Determination to Change

Destroy Your Inner Limitations and Improve Self Confidence

Develop a Power Mind and Power Routine

Quit Wasting Time with your life and get RESULTS!

Learn an approach to exercise that generates more MOTIVATION for you after each session


Excerpt From my book Weight Loss! How to Lose Weight, Love Exercise and Beyond

“If you are like me, we have negative self images that serve to only create hurdles to overcome. In order for me to change the way I looked, I first had to change the way I felt about my self image. I was constantly telling myself, “You’re fat and out of shape”. This only made it harder for me to change when I started working out and eating better. I was sabotaging my progress everyday with the way that I was thinking. Luckily I was able to break through these limitations by first recognizing the amount of sabotage I was doing. Soon you will learn to master BLASTING through these self limiting thoughts about your body. And transform yourself into the person you have always dreamed of being ” (Page 4)



There are specific Reasons why you struggle to change your unhealthy lifestyle

You may have an emotional attachment to food

You may be injured or lacking energy to exercise

You may not enjoy the process of becoming fit

Together we will approach fitness in a manner that will Explode all of your

“I am always amazed at how easy the sessions are with Brandon and how sore i feel the next day. Each session we have a workout and then end with hypnosis for weight loss and life improvement. I always leave feeling amazing about myself and ready to take on the day! Motivation for fitness and eating well is no longer a worry in my life! Thanks Brandon!” Josh, Los Angeles, CA.



Read on for details:


Would you like any of the following?

Weight Loss ASAP


An insatiable CRAVING for Fitness?


The ability to truly desire healthy foods ALL the Time?


Incredible self confidence?


Empowering self-esteem?


Achieving more than you could ever dream?


An attractive Healthy Body?


The ability to see your performance in visualization then actually Experience your Vision?

Awakening each day with success expectations about your upcoming day?

The ability to ask for something- and receive it?



Taking that ability, potential, and capacity for excellence you know you have, and actualizing (bringing it forth) into tangible, empowering, real-life fact?


Feeling mentally strong, emotionally strong, and filled with the dynamic energy moving you to recognize, seize, and then to convert opportunity into decisive personal gain?


Being forever free of your negative past (and its life compromising tendencies)?


Releasing, forever, tendencies toward blocking, limiting, and/or sabotaging your Fitness/Nutrition Routine- and enjoying new, self-tailored routines that build you up, empower you, and efficiently move you ahead in your life?


Exceptional Eating Habits


Enjoyment for exercise


Consistent results

NO MORE Weight gain after Weight LOSS

Positive Life Improving Behavior

Freedom from Emotional Attachment to foods

 Improved levels of Self Esteem

Improved levels of Confidence

Maintain a positive attitude while losing weight

Make exercise and life style changes easy

Lose weight without counting calories and strict dieting

Take control of your eating habits

Discover a new motivation to exercise and increase activity

Eliminate food cravings and compulsive eating habits


Success- Your Success- Is Never an Accident but

the Result of Regularly Applied Strategies,


Find out how to transform your life, and be more attractive to others, by
LOSING WEIGHT and Loving the Process

After the first work out you will be so IMPRESSED at how much FUN the process of changing your life is
You are going to want to tell all of your friends about your

Call 310.598.5307

You will train with me at a Private Gym on the Sunset Strip

No Crowds, No Hassles, No membership Fees

A Personal Trainer, Counselor, and Hypnotherapist all together

could cost you upwards of a $1000

            Not to mention the time it would take to go to all of your appointments.

You get all three services for only $75 per session

Call 310.598.5307

Brandon Alcocer has been a personal trainer (NASM), counselor (MS), and hypnotherapist for the past 5 years. He has guided many individuals towards their weight loss goals and beyond. He trains at Muscle Under Fitness (Muscleunder.com). Call Brandon directly at 310.598.5307 to schedule your first session.

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