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Bifound Business Training Institute
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Then you are in the right place! DOWNLOAD Our Free Business Plan Template Today.

[Download FREE Template]

Any private Investor or Financial institution

will demand a Business Plan when seeking funding. And we give you just that.

Gain Clarity

Get Funded

Execute like a Pro

90% Of All Start-Ups Don't Survive The First 5 Years In Business.

Statistics Show That The Secret To Being In The 10% Is Having A Strategic Growth Plan.


All Courses

Free Resources

8 Classes Free

We Show You Exactly What Your Investor Is Looking For

Our Template will reveal the potential of your business and help your investor make a smart decision


Business Plan Template

[ Get started now ]

Helping Start-Up Businesses Take Off Is What We Do Best!

After analysing over 300 start-ups worldwide, we know exactly how to take ideas and convert them into profitable start-up businesses.

How Can We Help You?

To make it very easy we have designed 3 different packages to suit every start-up entrepreneur. Check them out below to figure out which one is best for you.

IDEA Series
If you are just getting started and your business is in the IDEA stage, this course is perfect for you. It is designed to help you Stress-Test and polish your IDEA before spending money and time in development. You get our Business Start-up Workbook + video classes, real examples, case studies and quizzes for a fun and interactive learning experience.
IDEA Series + Business Plan Crash Course Bundle
This bundle is ideal for you if you have a business idea and you want to get clarity over your execution plan. We show you how to create a persuasive business plan that can showcase the opportunities within your business and impress any investor. Alongside our interactive video classes, you get our proven Business Plan Blueprint and 3 powerful BP templates you can reuse anytime you need.
Expert Review Package
This is ideal for you if you are serious about implementing your idea and growing it fast. With this Package, you get all the courses listed above. On top of that, you get 1on1 consulting with our Business Strategists. We will review your business plan and brainstorm with you the best possible strategy. Once you are happy with the blueprint, we will pass it on to our designers who will create a stunning business plan tailored to your needs.

[Learn More About Our Courses Here]


The 2 Main Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A BP:

1. Clarity and Expertise: Creating a Business Plan challenges your intellect to explore a set of questions you didn't even think about. Questions that make the difference between costly mistakes and smooth execution.
[Download FREE Template]

2. Funding:

Any Private Investor or Bank will demand a business plan when you apply for funding. Why is that? Because a well structured BP has the power to highlight the opportunities & threats that lie within your business, as well as your strategy to overcome them.


As soon as you have a Business Idea and you are serious about it! Crafting your own business plan guides you to explore more than just the surface of your business! You might just rediscover your IDEA in ways you've never expected.

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