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“You Are Already Wealthy”

“Even Though You May Not Know It,

You Have The Key To Your Goals”

“All You Have To Do Is Turn The Key”


By doing this you can enjoy all the things in life that you want.

Join me and read how this powerful e-book ‘Mind Expansion Development’ will show how you can create what you desire using the one and only process of creation. This process, which uses energy, has created and is still creating everything in this world.

Experts all over the world in major fields such as science, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics and human potential agree that there is only one way to create anything in your life.

The essence of this relies on the scientific truth that if you were to break down everything you see around you, the net result would be a pure non-physical energy, which can be directed to create what you desire. How? By using your thinking ability. Thoughts are basically this energy. Proven by international neuro-scientists. You’ll see the graphics in the e-book.

To explain a little more. What I’m talking about here comes under the title of Quantum Physics. This is the study of the building blocks of the universe. For example your body is made up of cells. Which in turn are made up of molecules that can be broken down into atoms and finally sub-atomic articles. This is the pure energy part.

Everything that exists is made up of ‘large groups’ of these sub-atomic particles. A tree, thoughts, animals, furniture, aircraft, planets, your body and everything else are concentrations of energy. The only difference is the way these particles are grouped together. Knowing this gives you the key to re-create yourself and your world around you.

Energy is the power that creates. And you possess that power – you always have. It’s the power of your thought. It is also termed the Law of Attraction. If you use this power correctly, you will have the option to bring into your life anything you desire. But be warned. You need to know what you’re doing. Or you’ll simply be wasting your time. This demands your serious attention. It’s your future I’m talking about.

All this may be entirely new to you, or you may have seen parts of it on other websites. But others seem to overlook certain things. They let you know what to do and how. But that’s not enough. You need to know why these things work the way they do. That’s your key to understanding. Just believing is not enough. Understanding is. That’s what turns the key.

Now you are beginning to see that you have such power, you can find out how, in my e-book ‘Mind Expansion Development’, to apply the exact steps that will put this power to work for you. This is the basis for everything that has happened - is happening and - will happen in your life. This is how the universe works. This is the blueprint. And this e-book will give you the necessary steps so you can use this process as I did.

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In it you will learn things such as;
How the neuro-scientists discovered amazing new brain information. Knowing we have six main parts in the brain, and only one part is conscious mind. Five sixth is subconscious and at that level you don’t know what you’re thinking, let alone control it, unless you are shown what to do. What the term ‘use it or lose it’ really means. The scientific basis and methods for retaining full function in your aging brain The mindset for making money. Achieving more in life. How to stop smoking. Staying permanently motivated ... and much, much more.
This information is factual. It caused a mind explosion in the scientific world. Now you can use it to transform your own lifestyle.

90% of what was known about the brain has been discovered in just the last few years into 2004.

80% of what they thought was true about the brain before 1995 has now been found to be false.

What we’re talking about here is a massive leap in brain technology.Which brings up the intriguing question, what have we to look forward to in the years ahead?

It’s awesome – breathtaking – but it’s true.

It’s based on neurogenesis – the birth of new brain cells. You’re shown how and why you can achieve the things you’ve always wanted by re-growing and retraining those cells. That’s right. You can actually program your brain cells. You’re already doing this but with wrong thinking. Logically you’ve got to think. You can’t do otherwise. Why not then think to your advantage? If you were to master one thing in your entire life, this is what it should be.

This is the most important thing you will ever learn, so please take it seriously. This is not a technique to just ‘try it and see’. What you’re being shown is how your life works.

If you’ve ever wanted to know why things in the past didn’t work for you, this e-book will explain everything.

It’s fully guaranteed for 60 days. For an investment of only USD$37.97. You couldn’t fill your petrol tank for the investment I’m asking or do you weekly shopping. And what I’m offering is absolutely risk free. What else could you get for that investment that could change your life around?

Look, this is too important to miss. At least give yourself the benefit of the doubt. I take all the risk. But I know once you read my e-book you’ll find it too fascinating to return it. Things will start to make sense in your life. Listen to what one subscriber said.

"Hi Edmund, I just finished reading your Mind Expansion e-book, and I love it. I don't know how you managed to squeeze all the secrets to success in one 29 page book, but you did it. I've read a lot of books on personal development over the years and were amazed how you were so brilliantly able to condense all that knowledge into a powerful but simple e-book. I was researching something for my business, and somehow found it. Glad I did, because it was a good reminder of what I need to do. Thanks." Eric Hurczak, Pickering, Ontario, [ehurczak@rogers.com](mailto:ehurczak@rogers.com) [www.WealthyInsights.com](http://www.WealthyInsights.com) : [www.TheAdvertiserPro.com](http://www.TheAdvertiserPro.com) :

None of us are getting any younger, and as the clock ticks it takes along with it missed opportunity. Make a difference. Invest in yourself, your own abilities, and your burning passion to succeed. If you consider how much you’re really losing out on, the question is: Can you afford to pass up this opportunity?

As a bonus I would like to give you absolutely free a copy of “Millionaire Mindset Secrets” by Leslie Feiger. It will explain clearly what is meant by mind-set. It points out in layman terms a winning perspective about the thinking of successful people and compares it to the thinking of the so called average person.

It shows seventeen essential steps designed to help you evaluate if what you are thinking serves your future success. It will help you to decide which parts of your thinking have a self-defeating nature. This is my way of thanking you for taking the time to read my e-book.

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