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"The Ultimate Secret To Successfully Meet, Date & Attract Women In Singapore..."

If You Wonder - Why Isn't There A Manual Containing Proven Dating Strategies In Singapore (And Written By A Man Who Achieved
Girl-Getting Success In S'pore) Ever Been Released?

Here's Your Answer...


Dear Friend,

As a man, having success with the kind of attractive women you want is IMPORTANT.


... the right motivation to approach, the lines that make a lady smile, the proper strategy and attraction tactics seem to ESCAPE during the moments you need it most.

I mean consider these situations like...

--- Seeing a cute lady standing beside you in a bus stop. Do you have a strong approach line to naturally strike up a conversation?

--- Going out one-on-one with a girl in a Jap restaurant. While eating, do you know ways to keep her attractively interested in you, such that she'll think of you when she goes home and hope to see you again?

--- You're sitting side by side with your charming date on the bridge overlooking Singapore River. Do you have surefire ways to unavoidably cause you and her to kiss THAT very night?

Encounters/Situations (like those above) with ladies you desire WILL happen to you...

... whether you like it or not.
... whether it's gonna be tomorrow or one month from now.

And being skillful enough to handle these unavoidable situations is key.

But the reality in S'pore is...

... a guy might easily let *5 to 20* opportunities with women slip away or get destroyed every week... simply because he doesn't know what to do.

Still, it's nobody's fault.



Singapore Schools Don't Teach A Subject Called "Degree in Attracting Women" or "Get-Girls Mastery"



One VERY important aspect of a man's life... is something he has to figure out for himself.

Which brings me to a little segment in my past...

Starting many years back, I was hopeless to the core with women. So...

While other guys were studying finance to be a banker, or learning medicine to be a doctor...

... most of my time is used to cram-learn this "important but overlooked" skill --- How to make a girl like you... so getting her comes easier (& sooner).

I know there're lots of dating books out there but I prefer a more PRACTICAL APPROACH, which is to learn and apply from men in S'pore who had ALREADY accumulated success with women MANY TIMES that of an ordinary guy.

Trust me, such men are not easy to find.

Besides (not to sound like I'm against other countries but...) to attain results with ladies in Singapore, there's NO practical advantage in using anything that works in a foreign country but not here.

In the end, implementing what I learnt pays off VERY WELL...

Because over the years, I've enjoyed successes with ladies who the "old me" would think they're impossible to get (Current girlfriend is an example, where if I didn't apply what I was taught, I would not end up with her today).

I'm convinced that any male who exposes himself to proven girl-attracting materials will have an awesomely satisfying destiny with the opposite sex.

Which is why, to ensure you become victorious in your girl-getting journey, now's an ideal time you know of my ebook called --- "The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter : Get Desired Results With The Way You Talk To, Date & Attract Women In S'pore".

Origin of this highly practical ebook is -

Combining my past 'war experiences' in dating women and using several of my private sources, friends and clients in Singapore, I've gathered some pretty impressive and extremely 'rapid-working' dating insights, ideas and strategies that I just can't share openly.

Right now, you may ask:

"Why Should The Information Be Trusted?"

Me and this entity I run — SeductionSingapore.com, we go beyond just spreading dating info.

Truth is - We made it our core to be in real situations to UNCOVER new ways/unique Singapore-based tactics of seduction and attraction to get positive responses from women.

It's very much like we are Singapore's own "command centre" for girl-getting research.

We DON'T just teach. We actually achieve success with women.

It would take a male a very L -- O -- N -- G time to find out attraction secrets if he were to do it on his own. But you don't have to because we've done all the research and hard findings for you... ALL of it for use in Singapore.

So There Are 3 Reasons Why You're Getting Only Solid Materials:

1) NO ONE in S'pore has accumulated a more COMPLETE resource in succeeding with women than us.

Everything you need to approach, create liking/attract, date and girlfriend-getting is in our hands... waiting to be transferred to you.

Over the YEARS, the amount of women-attracting ideas we attained through real experiences and practical research have far SURPASSED the same old stuff or unworkable advice every male had been exposed to.

You can be sure you're NOT getting a bunch of sloppy untested tips. In fact, if you ask around, any male who've learnt the materials in our training events can attest we provide revolutionary proven concepts that are effective for use in Singapore.

Which brings me to the next point...

2) RESULTS! We've collected VAST documented records of dating success stories from our clients in S'pore who got themselves women they want as a result of learning our materials.

2004-2005 was an unforgettable period.

Back then on a personal level, I advised single males how to "rebel" against their own slow or non-existent dating life.

As it builds up, successful results from these guys came one after another.

(By the way, one of such guys mentioned that he "stopped trusting his own ability to meet women". Yet, not long after we talked, he went out with a lovely lady and she ended up as his girlfriend... all in a matter of 3 weeks.)

From there, all these accumulated into a full time devotion for me - To transfer men proper skills & tools to own a powerful and superior dating lifestyle... that others are envious of.

Clients have successfully used what they learned to:

- Approach ladies naturally in public settings

- Confidently have women give them phone numbers

- Attract the opposite sex on dates

- Got gorgeous ladies as their girlfriends. (Many clients are still together with their girlfriends today)

PROVEN TO WORK: Put it simply... IF what me and my company teach doesn't create more and more S'pore success stories, we would have stopped operating a long time ago.

Read the testimonials and proofs from males on the bottom of this page to see what I mean...

3) I'm one of those people who had happily walked the "transform from depressing to exciting dating life" path.

Serious question...

Would you prefer taking ideas from a person who speaks from battle-tested experience?


Would you prefer a person talk to you by plucking things from nowhere?

If a guy has NOT went from socially plain to becoming socially powerful in Singapore, he won't know what it takes to rise up.

At the risk of sounding like bragging , I've lived through almost EVERYTHING that's required to make a man have desirable women in his life.

In the past decade, I've gotten into relationships with lovely women whom I knew from VARIOUS ways such as:

- Approaching in public settings (both indoor and outdoor)
- Through the Internet
- And even from simple introductions by friends.

I've been in situations ranging from the kiddy - such as a friend's bet to get a girl's number in under three minutes... To the serious - like being in devoted relationships with women.

As someone who's lived through the process of going from socially nothing to something in Singapore, I understand exactly what it takes to "turnaround" males from zero or few dates... to having fantastic girlfriends.

And as you may tell, I'm definitely NOT a stranger in this area (gosh, I'm in my 30s and not some young 20 year old starting out to tell people how to date).

With that depth and breadth of experience, I know the precise words to say that create 'awakenings' in you to succeed with women and dating.

It's important the strategies I show you do two things:-

- Stimulate you to fearlessly meet & attract women right away.
- Have you know exactly WHAT and HOW to do it.

All of it made entertaining and simple to understand (I bet you're looking for easily absorbable ideas that you can use smoothly. Hard-to-understand concepts really turns me off as well.)

Learning how to attract women should be a fascinating process. I promise to make it as fascinating as it can ever be.

"Here's What You Can Expect In 'The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter' Ebook"

An impactful sentence I heard from a "S'pore Casanova" that WOKE me to go from having no results in dating... to getting BIG victories with women. - pg 12 One 'secret thought' revealed by EXTREMELY HONEST S'pore women (you need to hear this, even if it is offensive to most guys) - pg 16 How some "ugly guys" can end up with beautiful girls... fully explained! - pg 18 My personal way of systematically getting phone numbers from women DAILY. (It's so fun to do, you can't wait to go implement it yourself) - pg 14One reason why you can transform your dating life around no matter what (even if you've never gotten a single success with any woman) - pg 275 factors that make a man attract (2-3 times) MORE S'pore women than other guys (I explain each of the factors with simple-to-understand real-life examples and you can easily absorb the insights to be such a man) - pg 29#1 way to eliminate the "desperation" that drives women away - pg 30A type of "language" that lets women sense you are IN-CONTROL of yourself (incidentally, that is a big turn-ON for women) - pg 34The CLEAR difference between how a 'lousy-with-women' guy and a real powerful man would talk to girls - pg 35 How to establish a powerful PRESENCE in the minds of women and give the impression of supreme masculinity - pg 35 The myth of "To get girls, you must be rich" destroyed. Find out what really is the MISSING ELEMENT that makes women attracted to you - pg 36A mistake most guys make... thinking it would make women to like them but in fact causes women to get turned-off - pg 37 PROPER way of making a lady feel you're a man of quality (This is crucial... because if done wrongly you might come across as bragging. But done correctly, you will be respected) - pg 38The most ADVANTAGEOUS way to behave in front of a woman from the very 1st minute of meeting her (it's been shown to win S'pore women over... again and again) - pg 40What exactly does a woman REALLY MEAN when she says "I like a guy with humor." - pg 42A concept that brings out your "natural confidence", allowing you to project to ladies you are a self-assured man... day after day, night after night - pg 43Why a guy may still get hopeless results in dating if he concentrates on improving his looks. And what 2 areas in your life you should FOCUS on instead. - p 46Learn what those 'ladies man' do to feel absolutely UNAFFECTED by cold, arrogant or nasty women (in fact, you can follow this idea and actually feel RELAXED with any type of girls) - pg 48A simple "mind-shift" to go to social scenes and meet women without any fear of rejection - pg 49A "formula" to have the ladies you approached STAY ON to talk (and not wanting to end the conversation) - pg 51 When deciding to go up and talk to a woman, discover how to stop approach "hold-backs" that cause you to give up in the last possible seconds - pg 52 The main WEAPON FOR APPROACHING S'PORE WOMEN... revealed. (It's tough for you to meet and talk to a girl if you're missing this) - pg 55 A word-for-word example you can use to talk to women in bookstores (Kinokuniya, Times etc... you can apply it the next IMMEDIATE time you're in such places) - pg 56A way to talk to those women with fit, toned or sexy-looking bodies (and you can do it without looking like you're "trying to get fresh with her") - pg 57'Never-before-disclosed' scripts on how to chat-up with women in a FOODCOURT or koptiam - pg 58A personal account of how I deployed an approach line in a CLUB that got me sweet results - pg 59Chapter 3 is FILLED with examples and lines on how you can talk to S'pore women in supermarkets, libraries, gyms, music/DVD stores, parks, restaurants, school campuses, gift shops, exhibitions (like in S'pore Expo or Suntec), streets and many more! A sneaky tactic that my friend used to know ladies in Botanical Gardens (best of all, you can use this highly repeatable tactic in a VARIETY of other places) - pg 62One type of approach lines (plus examples) that is the most EFFECTIVE to use in situations with working female staffs in shops or counters. - pg 67 An actual case of how a male got a cosmetics counter lady to become his GIRLFRIEND (Learn what he first said to her that got her "hooked") - pg 683 further EXAMPLES of how you can go to a shopping centre and start approaching good-looking and "girl-next-door" types of females - pg 70A WELL-KEPT SECRET that allows you to know MANY women (of the fit and 'shapely' types) without spending a single cent (seriously, this idea alone is so applicable, it'll be one of the first things you implement rightaway) - pg 72 A simple "hard to fail" way to get a woman respond well to you right after you first talked to her - pg 73 4 little-known S'pore places (other guys will NEVER thought of)... where you can easily get to know LOTS OF women. Best of all, these places are FREE. You're not required to pay anything to socialize there - pg 76 Another girl-getting case where this gentleman met his then-girlfriend in a Supermarket (learn the exact sentence he used to know her) - pg 79A simple technique to KILL-OFF awkward silences during conversations with any lady (using this, you can CONTROL how long the dialogue goes on without quiet moments) - pg 82Magic words and phrases that allow you to keep a NON-STOP "flow" while talking to women - pg 8711 ENGAGING TOPICS S'pore women love to respond to (These are backup "ammunition" where you can throw a topic into a conversation and have girls happily chatter away) - pg 90A "not-so-obvious secret" I discovered about men who are spontaneous or naturally good-talkers with women - pg 89A method that leads a woman to feel COMFORTABLE TO GO OUT with you (you want a lady to not get 'freaked-out' when you ask her out, which is why learning this part is crucial) - pg 102The destructive mistake most guys make when trying to get a woman's number (avoid it or you might risk women feeling unsafe about giving their numbers to you) - pg 105How you can get a woman's PHONE NUMBER using a simple line that is both casual and genuine - pg 106How to pocket women's number in a cool, SMOOTH manner without even asking for it (you're gonna LOVE using this) - pg 107A STEALTH tactic to find out if a lady is single or not (It's done using 2 brilliant questions... and even better, she won't know you're checking her status at all) - pg 109One IMPORTANT tip to prevent a woman from playing hard-to-get when you want her to go out with you (most guys don't know this... and feel crappy whenever a woman turns them down) - pg 111A sentence-by-sentence way of texting a woman to get her to hang out with you (it is simple and effective, you'll want to replace all the old ways of texting women rightaway) - pg 112Strategies to deal with cases where a woman cannot make it for a date (it's not game over yet, you can still turn things around) - pg 113A 'psychological trick' to prevent a woman from cancelling last minute after agreeing to go out with you - pg 117You'll find in Chapter 5 how to make a date not just a normal date... but an ATTRACTIVE date that makes a woman develop heavy interest for youMy 2 guaranteed ways to create GOOD VIBRATIONS on the date (You'll make the woman FEEL her time with you is very attractively different from the other guys she encountered) - pg 120 My most life-altering DISCOVERY in the past 7 years about dates that WORK vs dates that fail in Singapore (and do pay attention here because I can bet your next date will succeed or not base on this finding) - pg 121What to do on dates to STIMULATE the fascination and enjoyment parts of a woman's brain - I'll even give you 2 exact step-by-step gambits to achieve that - pg 123How to cause mutual TOUCHING to naturally happen between you and a lady (you'll learn different ways to bond physically and even a tactic to get her to give you a MASSAGE) - pg 128 "Strategic" places in Singapore to bring women on dates Fact: The places you go on dates are meant to "cleverly" increase attraction in women. I'll list and describe to you the EXACT locations in S'pore (with it, your dates from now on are going to be EFFORTLESS) - pg 130One easy way to get a 2ND MEET-UP after your first date (in fact, you'll learn how to get a woman to go out with you again for ALL future dates) - pg 137A blunder in dating I made early on in life which caused potential girlfriends to become normal friends (learn from my mistake so that you'll never end up in the "friend zone" with any woman you like) - pg 140How to deal with quiet or shy girls who always give you those short replies (yes, you can get them to TALK) - pg 142 How to give WITTY replies to difficult questions women ask (including: How much money do you make? How many girlfriends do you have last time? What type of car do you drive? Are you a player?) - pg 144 The "won't fail in S'pore" way to test whether a girl likes you - pg 148What a guy may (unawarely) say to a woman that can destroy his chance of getting her as his girlfriend - pg 154How to go from 'talking' to KISSING a lady I'll share with you my 3 best tactics to smoothly have you lock-lips with the girl you want (One of them is called "Dimple Tactic" which I'm sure you'll be happy to learn) - pg 156 A technique to increase the PHYSICAL HEAT between you and a woman during kissing - pg 161 A "phrase" to whisper into a woman's ear that lowers inner-barriers in her mind, and leads both of you upwards to sexual intimacy - pg 162And a lot more...


You'll Also Get These EXTRA BONUSES Containing Further S'pore-Based Dating Strategies...



"Guts of Steel —
How To Always Have The Courage
To Talk To Any Woman In Singapore"
(Valued at $17.90 but yours FREE)

The biggest problem a man can have... is to face a situation where there's one or more ladies... but he "back-out" because of a lack of courage to speak to anyone.

So I'll reveal to you in this report the 3 power KEYS that ACTIVATE your inner abilities to just go up and talk to women.

You'll find inside this 15 page report...

How to breakthrough those "internal-limitations" that hold you back from being natural with S'pore womenDiscover why some guys never make any progress in their dating lives after 2 years... or even 5 years (and how you can COMPLETELY avoid being such a guy)An exercise that ARMS you with strong gut-boosting ideas that smashes all the hindering unhelpful onesA MASSIVE discovery: ALL the men I knew who are fantastically successful with women had this COMMON scenario happened to them years ago. (Read it and you can actually cause this scenario to happen to yourself right away)How to make your guts FIRE-UP and cause your ACTIONS to point themselves in the direction of being masterful with womenA mind-strategy to influence yourself to become attractively BOLD in a social setting (it's so easy it can be done in 20 seconds)A powerful body language tip I learnt from a combat expert (who has a black belt in karate and judo) that creates this AURA of confidence and certainty around you



"Secrets of Meeting
S'pore Women Online "
(Valued at $29.90 but yours FREE)

The Internet is HUGE when it comes to knowing new women REGULARLY.

In fact, nothing like this has EVER existed since the beginning of time where if you do it skillfully... you can actually have TOO MANY ladies to meet.

Learn the secrets that is applicable to Facebook and other social sites.

You'll discover inside this 27 page report...

Learn how I corrected an unproductive way to meet women online years ago (and the moment I corrected it, Internet approaches became free-flowing and EFFORTLESS)How to put up an OPTIMAL profile that makes women read it and think of you as INTERESTINGHow to not do the same things as 99% of the other guys on the Internet... who get very few replies from their messages to womenA horrible online profile example (it belongs to a gentleman I knew who never has any success with women online) Be careful as you might be using the same type of profile without knowing3 REAL examples of POWERFUL online profiles (you can follow it and craft your own profile with the same elements, it makes a big difference and gets women checking you out)One MAJOR sin a male can make in his online profile that gets ladies feeling "resistance" to send a messageThe types of PHOTOS you should put online... REVEALED (You'd be surprised at how some photos can actually ENHANCE your attractive qualities to women) Learn the difference between 'stiff' and 'ACTIVE ' photos and how it affects the amount of response you get from S'pore ladiesGet exposed to a highly-accurate PROCESS that allows you to select your BEST-looking photos to put online What are some "tell-tale" SIGNS on a S'pore woman's profile that show she is very likely to reply to your messageWhat to send as your FIRST ONLINE MESSAGE to women (I've added 5 different typed-out examples for you to follow your way to delightful outcomes)A tactic called - "Curious Photo Approach" (It shows you how you can start an online conversation so CASUALLY and get wonderful responses from women)4 examples of how you can stop having 'to and fro' messages with a woman... and instead proceed to have LIVE online chats with herHow you can use the "incomplete conversation" technique to get women to talk to you via online chat


The materials in the ebook and the bonuses package ... will pump so many new and hot ideas into your brain... you'll simply be WELL-PREPARED for encounters with attractive women.

It's like every page you read 'secretly trains' you to be a MASTER of your own dating life.

So if you're truly serious about being a man who succeed with the opposite sex powerfully and faster than other guys, The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter ebook (with all the bonuses) is at the regular price of $75.90, but it is instantly downloadable and yours today for only US$19.90

"Read & Decide"
100% Money-Back Guarantee

It's not fair for you to pay for something you don't benefit from. Which is why you can take 60 days to go through everything.

Read entirely the ebook sent to you. Make sure you check the bonuses.

If you think all the material doesn't do a thing, please reply within 60 days to the email that is sent to you when you ordered the book, let me know and you'll get a full refund.

But if the material makes sense to you, I'm sure you'll be happy to keep it... (and to thank you for that, I'll give you ADDITIONAL unadvertised bonuses in the future at certain intervals).

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to order "The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter" with either credit card, debit card or paypal, and you'll instantly get the ebook with the bonuses in downloadable pdf file.

Regular Price: $75.90

Your Price: US$19.90

[Buy Now]

NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF SINGAPORE... has there been any local publication that dares to give YOU the proven secrets and techniques to achieve successful outcomes in meeting, dating and getting the types of women you've always wanted.

I'm daring to cross the line and present to you what is important for you to know.

Take action. Get the ebook and its bonuses. And you could start applying it and see positive results with women as QUICKLY as the same day you read it.


P.S: With what you'll learn in the ebook, it's not just about achieving success with women...

... It's about achieving success with women EARLIER, FASTER, SOONER.

Which is why you can get it immediately with an instant download (the fastest possible way to obtain the S'pore girl-getting secrets right away). Start now by clicking here:

Regular Price: $75.90

Your Price: US$19.90

[Buy Now]

P.P.S: The 'Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter' exists to "sharpen your instincts" in talking to & getting girls to like you. Try it for an entire 60 days to go through the materials and bonuses. I'll take ALL your risk by saying if you don't benefit from what you read, I'll give you a 100% refund.


Got Proof?

Hear What Others Who Had Been Exposed To
Our Trainings & Dating Strategies Previously Have To Say

Dear Skilldo, I've made several progresses. I can now approach most people I want to talk to. I've even tried a street approach experiment.

That's all for now. Thanks for your help. Cheers
- A.H

Dear Skilldo, Here's a success story. A further testament to the skills you are teaching in your courses. I didn't want to post a success story about number closes because I feel it does not count for much. A number counts for nothing. Nada. Zip. Furthermore, I didn't want to close a fugly chick and make a big deal out of it. But tonight, I kiss closed a babe that rates at least a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Here's to you, Skilldo. Cheers.

- N


"Dear Skilldo,

As per your advices,I tried it and guess what? I got the girl of my dreams!!! God it is so wonderful..I know this girl for a couple of years, and well she is hot and wonderful and well gorgeous...
I thought I will never get with her...cos her tastes ran to be a bit high...but guess what? I tried your advices,and now am happily attached to her...thanks man!!!! Here's our pic together!! Thanks man!"
- DN

As a guy who had lost touch with dating for more than 10 years, I find my ability to approach women becoming rusty.

Meeting Skilldo however had caused my approach confidence to rise to an all-time high.

Not only that, I realised most of the old things I knew about approaching were wrong, and he brilliantly have me 'see the light' with new and powerful techniques.

I had easily approached 6 women in the past two weeks alone, and trust me when I say it would never happen had I not used Skilldo's techniques. Thanks!"
- Ng, Banker


Thank for your guidance, I'm now going out with a dream girl of mine!
- Lo

Note: The above is a holiday card I received from a client
who got exposed to my ideas. He attracted a lady to be his girlfriend
two and a half weeks later. (click on image to see what he wrote)

"Skilldo really walks the talk. He has this impressive ability to crack open dating scenarios and explain in detail how to go about solving them.

Just one nugget from Skilldo during a ten-minute chat actually enlightened me to successfully get a lady out on a date during a weekend.

It's always been a joy to meet up with him again to add further-power to my dating game.

I highly recommend anyone who are stuck at any point of their social lives to hear what Skilldo has to say. Tactics out of his mouth are too valuable to be missed!"
- Q W, Engineer

Subject: Proper Kiss closure on 2nd date...

Skilldo, your advices do work, and my only regret is not knowing it 10 years ago. Best Regards,
- AX


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The materials are all in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC), smart phone, tablet or ebook reader.

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