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The Secret to Quitting Smoking Forever has been Unlocked

There’s finally a way that’s guaranteed to put this behind you and stop smoking, REGARDLESS of if you currently lack the will power to do it on your own. This is the Quit Forever System.

The Quit Forever System


Dollars you'll Save every ten Years!


Extra Years of your Life!

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Money Back Guarantee

The quit forever system exploits a secret mental loophole that allows you to unlock your mind and delete the desire for cigarettes. This mental loophole is like super hypnosis that makes it EASY to QUIT! It’s like you never lit that first cigarette to begin with. You don’t have to put up with a period of mysery and anxiety. You don’t have to gain weight and you don’t have to stop associating with smokers or change ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT YOUR LIFE!

Will this program work for me?

You’re probably thinking that this sounds totally gimmicky and unbelieveable. Well the truth is that it is unbelieveable, but there’s nothing gimicky about it. This is not an instant “quit smoking in one hour” bogus money grab. This is an actual system that you can use every day. You don’t have to quit right away. In fact to use the program correctly you won’t quit or cut back until your quit date! This system is like mental champix but twice as effective. With just twenty minutes of listening to the program per day you will learn to hate cigarettes so much that when your quit date comes you will be pulling at the leash like a doberman anxious to stop smoking and start your new life!

People are constantly astounded at the power of this system!

How long do I get access for?

This is a lifetime access site. This is not a pay monthly membership site. A one time payment includes lifetime access to all of the material. A big part of the course is the maintenance portion. This part of the program prevents replapse. This is a key part of the ‘How to Quit Smoking Forever‘ program. This is where we differ from our competitors. While you might be able to quit for a few weeks by chewing the gum, a couple months with a book, or a year with vaping, they don’t work forever. What happens is that the old memories creep in. The cravings don’t stay away and you forget to fight them. You forget to take pride in quitting and you forget to follow through with the program. We will encourage you to set benchmarks and rewards. We will provide you with a maintenance routine. We will guide you through weekly meditation with a quick listen to one of our recordings. You will keep the habit away forever.

[ You will keep the habit away forever ]

The Quit Forever System

The quit forever system uses the most powerful methods of hypnosis combined with our exclusive mental loophole to crush your addiction and to make it so you don’t even like cigarettes any more! It makes it easy and the best part is that there is no horrible period of agony. You won’t gain any weight. You’ll actually get thinner and more fit and it will last forever! You’re probably thinking that sounds too good to be true and that’s what everyone thinks before they try it. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If it for some reason isn’t working for you. Then you can have all of your money back!

Think about that if you are not satisfied for any reason, I won’t even ask you why . I’ll just give you all of your money back. That’s how sure I am that this program is going to pay for itself in less than two weeks!

The Defeat Depression System
$137 Value

It's extra hard to quit smoking if you're also dealing with depression. That's why I'm also throwing in the Defeat Depression program absolutely free! It's going to keep paying for itself for the rest of your life. It's going to keep giving you your money's worth for the rest of your life! Every time you wake up with a smile and reach for a coffee instead of a cigarette you're going to be so thankful that today you chose to make this decision.

The Overcome Anxiety System
$137 Value

It may be that you have an anxiety disorder, but that's why we're throwing in the Overcome Anxiety program too! You're going to be able to calmly enjoy being a non smoker from the instant you put out your last cigarette! You're going to live with more confidence and less worry for the rest of your life.

The Quit Forever System
$648 Value

Just look at the value you're getting. Quitting smoking alone is worth 30 thousand dollars every ten years. The extra ten years of your life to enjoy with your family is priceless. The top smoking cessation program is priced at 597$ today. Since our program is so much better and easier to follow, I was advised to price the program at 648$. The Defeat Depression program is easily worth $137 and the Overcome Anxiety program is worth another $137 for a grand total of...


*These products are digital. Images are for visualization only

Total $922 Value

They wanted me to price it at $648

They begged me to price it at $448

But Lifetime Access to The Quit Forever System,

The Defeat Depression System

and The Overcome Anxiety System

Is yours today for a one time fee of...


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My story

My name is Mike Gittins, developer of the Quit Forever System and I used to smoke a pack a day for about ten years. I knew I had to quit smoking. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. My stepson had horrible asthma. He couldn’t bare to be in the room with me after I had a cigarette. My partner told me every time she smelt it that I needed to quit and I was sick of sneaking around and washing my mouth out everytime I needed a smoke. My mom hated it because she had deal with it so much when she was a kid and really, I just wanted to make them all proud. I didn’t want to dissapoint them anymore I wanted to quit smoking and earn their love.


I had been smoking for ten years and the money I had spent on that awful habit made me sick. Roughly 3 thousand a year for ten years could have been a cool thirty grand. Not to mention if I had been investing the money that whole time I could have been closer to fifty thousand dollars. It was time to quit and I was hell bent on finding the answer.


The problem was that every method I found was more like a collection of random advice, and no matter which method you chose you had to deal with about a month of agony followed by the occasional craving and the looming doom of being “once a smoker always a smoker”. I decided nonetheless to try everything. I would document my experiences and compile a list of the best ways to quit.


I became so obsessed that I would take up smoking just to try another method of quitting. Or so I thought. I realized that what I was doing just couldn’t last. All the best methods of smoking just wouldn’t stick. Sure I could combat the cravings and tough it through, but after a couple months I would start slipping up. I’d have a couple drinks and smoke just one and BAM I was hooked again. I felt like a failure. I had once again dissapointed all my loved ones.



There had to be a better way. So I through out 95% of the book I had just spent six months writing. It killed me but I knew that I needed the best way to do it or it wasn’t worth it. I needed the method that would work for anyone who wanted to quit. (Even if they secretly didn’t want to!) I needed a way that would last forever. That’s when I developed the Quit Forever System. 

Don’t wait, I’m under constant pressure to up the price of this program because it is just so good. Especially with all the amazing new stuff we’re about to add to the program that will be yours as soon as it comes out. We are not going to be able to keep the price this low so Don’t wait, buy it right now while it’s still so affordable! I could be raising the price tommorrow, I could be raising the price tonight! I can’t promise the price is going to stay this low for much longer so buy it right now. 

I quit

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