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The ultimate allowance system.

The ultimate guide to an allowance system that actually works. Kid Ledger 5000 or KL5K is a fresh approach to the traditional weekly allowance and chores. Simply put - the traditional way doesn’t work. Conquer the age old challenge of chores and allowance with KL5K.
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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin ------

KL5K is a complete system for teaching your kids...

to be more responsible and accountable. to earn and manage their own money. to be charitable and giving. to challenge themselves to be their best self. the basics around investing, cooking and more.
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If she wants to earn, she has to learn.
David Montz------

Why you should buy this book.

Does not require or encourage your kids to use their smart devices - of any kind. Rooted in science and battle hardened by parents. An all-in-one system. No need to buy additional add-ons or services. Includes cheat sheets, tips & tricks, templates and more to make it simple. It is only a few bucks - if it works can you think of a better ROI?
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How will this eBook be delivered?
- You will receive a unique download link shortly after successful purchase. When will this eBook be delivered?
- Immediately. What format will this eBook be delivered in?
- The eBook is delivered in PDF format. Is this for boys or girls?
- KL5K works for all genders. What age is appropriate for KL5K?
- Ages 4+ I want to start giving my child an allowance but I am not sure how to go about it?
- KL5K has you covered. It will show you how to setup an allowance and regular chores as well. Is there a KL5K app?
- No and that is by design. There are already too many pressures for kids to be on their iPads. Can I buy ledgers and job cards?
- Not at this time. You can get started with a basic home printer. Is this for boys or girls?
- KL5K works for all genders.

About David

As a father of three and husband of over 16 years, David is grounded in the importance of family and good values. In his writings, he weaves both his personal and professional experiences into working models that can be applied to any household with simple, step-by-step guides. He arms his audiences with the tools needed to be successful, including real-world examples, detailed instructions, printable artifacts, and life hacks learned through trial and error.

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Kid Ledger 5000 - First Chapter


As I handed my 9-year-old 60 bucks, I got a question from his younger brother, Ben.

"Dad, why is Andrew getting all of that money?"

"He's using his ledger money," I explained. "Andrew earned this money."

A few days earlier, Andrew had also invested $250 in a trading account. Did I mention he paid for it with his own money? Money he could have used to buy toys or junk food? Instead, he bought a stock that will continue to compound until he becomes an adult.

How did my 9-year-old earn that kind of dough? What led him to want to spend his money on something as boring as stocks? The answer is…….a simple ledger system. We tweaked and tuned the parts as we went along. Dropping what didn’t work and tuning what did. This book outlines the system we eventually created: Kid Ledger 5000, or KL5K. It is a system that outlines how to get your kids interested in and successfully using a budget, generating income, doing chores, providing for themselves and actually helping Mom and Dad.

Included in this book are step-by-step instructions, printable artifacts, troubleshooting tips, advanced strategies, and more. KL5K isn’t your typical chore chart or weekly allowance plan. We tried the tradition techniques and they just didn’t work. KL5K is unique in its approach and I am convinced it can help other families just like yours.

Chapter 1: What is KL5K?

KL5K is part intuitive description, and part fun. I've always said you can add fun to just about any name if you add 5000 to it: Blender 5000, Gadget 5000, Fidget Spinner 5000. More fun, right? KL5K is a system that teaches you to how to get your kids interested in and successfully using a budget, generating income, doing chores, providing for themselves, and helping Mom and Dad in the process. It provides step-by-step instructions on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and lessons learned so that you have the best chance of success. KL5K is a repeatable process, and it works regardless of how many children you have.

When KL5K is successful, both parent and child feel as though they got the better end of the deal. And isn't this the ideal result of all transactions, whether in life or in business? Why have any other expectations with your kids?

To generate a win-win, you have to create an exchange of value between two parties. The parents might define value as things like a clean kitchen, empty garbage cans, a weed-free yard, an hour of babysitting. Kids typically define value as the ability to buy things. This isn't the only way to define what kids find valuable, of course, but it is a pretty darn good one.

The goal of win-win is to define things that actually help the parents, creating value on one side of the equation. In exchange, the parents define value for the other side of the equation, 10 cents or 50 cents or whatever amount, in exchange for a job well done. Simple, right? Kid does the job and gets paid: win. Mom and Dad have less work to do in the day: win. After the work is complete, your child now has his first ledger entry! Or more specifically, words and numbers written on a piece of paper.

But wait! That doesn't sound like a fair trade to the child, right?

For the benefit to be realized by both parties, there needs to be a reliable and consistent way in which value can be realized. For the parent, this is easy: Clean the dishwasher or empty the garbage can. For the child, it's a bit more complicated at first. They need to connect the dots. It is critical for them to understand that the words on the paper mean something significant. They need to understand that it is effectively the equivalent of having real money in their pocket. They need to be able to spend to realize the value. The lightbulb truly starts to flicker on the first time Mom and Dad let them spend their hard-earned ledger money, with lots of praise and encouragement, on anything they want.

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