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How to pick Stocks and Futures before the BIG MOVE​

The Investwinners Analysis Newsletter features stocks and futures ready for breakout and a BIG market move:

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It identifies setups for stocks and futures with pinpointed low-risk entry points to catch the next big winners. The analysis focuses on identifying stocks and futures poised for a trend move. The Investwinners Analysis Weekly New​sletter reveals the setups and explains in detail the entry and exit techniques and strategies applied for every selected stock or future. Use my analysis, become a better trader, and keep all the profits!

Investwinners Analysis (IA) is based on identifying and following the direction of the large market powers. Commercials, Institutions, and other BIG market players have repetitive actions (patterns) under certain market conditions. These patterns lead to predictable price behavior. Thus, it is possible to predict major market moves days or weeks in advance. I've developed my own research method, algorithms, and tools to identify these patterns and predict big trend moves with extremely high accuracy. Check the examples in this video, and the screenshots below on the page!

My team and I do the complex market research, applying innovative algorithms to find the best setups, pinpoint entry/exit levels, and explain everything step-by-step in a beginner-friendly fashion suitable for both new and experienced traders. With my service, you will discover weekly investing and trading opportunities, profitable strategies, money management rules, and ideas and tools that work in real markets.  No matter if you have no trading experience! It's our job to show you the shortcut to success and to help you get much better results in trading and investing.

we know how to make THE TREND YOUR FRIEND while others struggle to beat the market! 

I  use a systematic approach to understanding the financial markets. I've spent a lot of money and time on education and testing. I have studied and tested numerous approaches and techniques to find out which ones work and provide stable results.

Are markets really predictable by any approach, system or technique?

The short answer is YES. But many good techniques work great… until they stop working. The reason is that mathematical algorithms and technical analysis apply only under certain market conditions. When conditions change—they stop working. That's why time after time we observe the crushing of algorithmic hedge funds. It makes much more sense to learn the conditions under which these techniques work and apply technical analysis and mathematical formulas tailored to those certain market conditions.

When you know what conditions lead to market rallies and sell-offs and how to track them, you can predict market trends with high accuracy. Only then can you apply robust entry and exit techniques and money management rules. This two-step process brings great results. And this is what Investwinners Analysis is all about.

In my research, I've seen how large market powers control markets: they reflect the conditions for big market moves. Investwinners Analysis uses a process to identify the repetitive patterns of the large market powers that lead to repetitive price behavior. Only after that can we apply technical analysis and other tools to pinpoint a low-risk entry level.

This stuff is so complicated: indicators, experts, strategies, earnings!  

Do I really need to ​learn tons of information and spend thousands on different courses?

No need to overcomplicate. I have processed tons of information myself, spent six figures on learning and testing, and have checked hundreds of techniques and indicators. Well... some of them work, but many are useless. Some of the courses (1-2%) were great and full of insights that helped me develop my own approach and tools. But most of them, my oh my... Only the right combination of indicators and techniques can finish the puzzle and give a clear picture in order to make the right decision. 

Investwinners Analysis is based on the concept that has worked from the beginning of financial markets. It works now and will work in the future. We study the laws of big money and know the exact patterns of their actions that lead to repetitive, predictable price behavior. We always use a few combinations of simple but powerful tools after detecting such patterns.  In the screenshots below, you can see how repetitive techniques lead to repetitive results.

"I remember the very first time, when I made a killing by applying my own system."

"It happened after a few years of hard work, research, testing, and hundreds of "aha" moments. I remember the very first time I made a killing, applying my own system. I was waiting for the predicted trend moves for the S&P 500, crude oil and soybean meal. My algorithms and patterns identified one week in advance that the moves were coming. I had a set of tested techniques to open a position and protect my capital in case something went wrong.

Everything went perfectly. But the main thing was that the predicted moves were in totally different markets. I knew about them in advance and I just waited, knowing what techniques to apply. From that moment, I knew that the process is repetitive and my system can be applied to every financial market because it is based on the universal laws of big money actions. It was the beginning of a new life."

- Michael Lexman

What if you could predict a rally or sell-off A few days and even A few weeks in advance?

If you could, would it change your life?

We know that you'll love discovering the greatest market opportunities in a stress-free way!

That's why my team and I have created a service focused on detecting the next big trend moves to get Big Winning Trades and Investments!

Based on patterns of the large market powers

Features setups of stocks and futures on the threshold of a breakout or building a trend move.

No guesswork, just results: low-risk entry points, money management rules, entry and exit strategies, investing and trading tips.

Bull and bear markets. Setups for long and short trades. Catch the next big winners before the crowd and Wall Street recognize them!

Explained in a beginner-friendly style

Every member gets a detailed step-by-step tutorial. It covers everything you need to know to get the most out of our service.

It's not just a blind alert service or software! You can learn, improve, and advance with techniques for profitable trading and investing, money management, tools that bring results, trading tips, and much more. Discover, keep, and use this knowledge forever.

Discover our strategies, techniques, and a systematic approach to the markets. Life-changing insights are guaranteed! Not only are numerous trading opportunities pinpointed and explained—we want to teach you to think like a pro trader.

Invest long-term and trade like a pro even if you are busy

Our newsletter, including a detailed report, comes on weekends. That’s why you'll be prepared for the coming trading week.

Investwinners Analysis features setups on daily and weekly charts, focusing on trends lasting from one week to many weeks and even months.

If you prefer day trading, it's a huge advantage to know the next big move in advance.

What makes INVESTWINNERS ANALYSIS different?

It is based on solid concepts and evergreen processes.

A good trend-focused concept shouldn't be based on random, unpredictable things like news, rumors, or contradictory expert opinions. And it shouldn't be based solely on technical analysis. 

A reliable concept builds on powerful, reliable, and evergreen processes. My concept is based on my own research into the repetitive actions of the large market powers: Commercials for the futures market and Institutions and insiders for the stock market. These patterns lead to repetitive price behavior. It means that Investwinners Analysis can predict major trend moves lasting from 1-2 weeks to several months.


Of course, my strategy applies tactics based on stock earnings, technical analysis, and other tools. But I apply them only after my algorithms have identified one of the repetitive patterns of the big market powers. The whole process of Investwinners Analysis is focused on identifying the best opportunities together with eliminating mistakes in trading decisions.

A system's positive expected value means that a trading system is profitable with some percentage of mistakes included.

Volatility is the nature of the financial markets, which is why it's impossible to develop a 100% foolproof trading system. Warren Buffett makes mistakes, but when it happens, he is losing much less than what he gains making a good investment. A system should be developed with the assumption that it will include a certain percentage of errors. But the cost of a mistake in a reliable system is very low compared to the very high gains in cases when the system is right.

My usual stop order for a stock is $1-2, and I'm usually focused on the $10-30 move. In order to increase my system's performance, I have developed a set of rules and entry techniques that describe what exactly should happen on the market to open a position (Investwinners Analysis members know them). Thus, my system avoids opening bad positions most of the time. When a mistake happens—the cost is low and I'm always protected by tight stop orders.

For excellent performance, we apply a combination of market conditions, price patterns, and entry techniques.

Experienced traders know that technical price patterns work well—except that sometimes they don't work at all, which leads to very painful mistakes. But if we apply price patterns only after identifying patterns in the large market powers, the accuracy of the system increases manyfold.

This happens because the actions of the large market powers form the basic conditions for big market moves; after that, price patterns give us the best techniques to join this big move and exit with nice gains. My system applies patterns of large market powers, technical analysis, intermarket analysis, price patterns, and money management strategies.

We deal with high-quality stocks to get strong, predictable results.

We are focused on the actions of the big market guys, like Institutions. These guys prefer to keep their money in great companies with great products. And we know how to decode their actions to predict major market moves. That is why our analysis works best with trading or investing in high-quality stocks and futures. No penny stocks of poor companies with poor products for us! Big money doesn't invest in these kinds of things!

a few of the many market moves identified by investwinners analysis:

Mastercard (MA) 

$18 in gains!

($18,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$90,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Our members get tutorials on indicators and techniques that we mention in the commentaries on charts.

Daily Chart

On August 19, 2018, Investwinners Analysis identified one of the patterns of the large market powers for the Mastercard stock with the Technical Buy Level (TBL) pinpointed at $204.7.

According to my system's techniques, we had to wait for the crossing of two Moving Averages (MA) and some fixation of the price at that point.

On September 30, 2018, it was mentioned that a tight stop is a good way to protect almost $18 in gains.

A few days later, a downtrend had begun.

mongodb (mdb) 


($25,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$125,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Daily Chart

On August 5, 2018, Investwinners Analysis identified a setup for the MongoDB stock with TBL at $58.5.

The price was soaring until the earnings report. (You can see my comments in the chart.)

After the earnings report on September 5, 2018, the rally continued.

The best way to close such a position is at the stagnation point after the rally.



($26,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$130,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Daily Chart

After the crossing of Moving Averages, we expected to see a dip near a mid-term level, which was mentioned as a TBL at $130.8.

The stock passed this level and opened on earnings day with a huge gap.

Those who stayed in position at earnings day enjoyed great gains. Those who preferred to close before the earnings report could re-enter the rally after some price consolidation.

ADoBE (adbe) 

$64 IN GAINS in 2018 (plus huge gains in 2017)!

($64,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$320,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Weekly Chart

One of the powerful tools we use is the Lexman Algorithm (developed by Michael Lexman). Here you can learn more about it.    

You can see that the Lexman Algorithm (LA) identifies the beginning of every new trend move (when LA forms a "peak" above or touching the blue-line level).

After this, we use some techniques to open a position and enjoy the ride with nice gains.

Apple (aapl) 

$115 IN GAINS from the first TBL!

($115,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$575,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Weekly Chart

One of the powerful tools we use is the Lexman Algorithm (developed by Michael Lexman). Here you can learn more about it.

 As usual, the Lexman Algorithm (LA) predicted every rally for the Apple stock.

 By approaching the yellow level, LA warned us that the rally was coming to an end and that it was time to take gains or use tight stops on daily charts.

facebook (fb) 


($21,000 in case of 1000-share position,

$105,000 in case of 5000-share position)

Daily Chart

This stock is in a strong downtrend. Investwinners Analysis works perfectly with bear markets and downtrends.

For such situations, we open short positions, meaning we sell at a higher price, and after some time buy at the lower price. The difference is our gain. And this is the way to make money in bear markets.

 The first Technical Sell Level (TSL) was identified on October 14, 2018. But the next week, it was clear that the better entry point was at $153.2.

After that, we had a down-move and a pullback. The new TSL was at $147.1.

Sp500 e-mini (es) 

two moves: $5850 and $12,000 IN GAINS!

($58,500 and $120,000 in case of 10-contract position,

$292,500 and $600,000 in case of 50-contract position)

Daily Chart

Futures are leveraged transaction products. That is why trading just one contract can lead to big gains (and big losses if you make mistakes).


Here we have two short positions. According to Investwinners Analysis techniques, we didn't hurry and jump into a short trade. But after the formation of a lower short-term high, it was clear that the time had come. Our subscribers get the full explanation of the short-term highs and lows technique often used in our analysis.

The Technical Sell Level (TSL) was pinpointed at 2756. And our first predicted move followed a few days after this forecast.

Setup for the second move was identified on December 16, 2018, after confirmation by another lower short-term high. A low-risk TSL according to Investwinners Analysis was at 2582.5.


Weekly setups to catch the next BIG WINNERS in stocks and futures!

Right now  is an amazing time for stocks and futures, full of great opportunities! We pinpoint them week after week  and share them with our members.

Get Instant Access to our service!

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Cost vs value

You've already seen the results my system is focused on.​

Frankly speaking, I'm quite angry with those gurus with attractive promises. I could estimate the quality of their products only after paying one or two thousand dollars for the courses. I paid a lot of money and kept on paying because I didn't get results… So the road to my success wasn't a straight line to heaven. I know that many people can't afford such expense without any guarantees.

I don't want you to repeat my mistakes, and I don't want you to pay $1000 or $2000. 

​My deal is honest and secure—an affordable fee every month, only $145. If you like what you get, you stay with me. If you don't, cancel and you won't be charged any longer (for the next month and further down the road).

Furthermore, I give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

​If for some reason, at any time within the first 30 days, you are not fully satisfied with the Investwinners Analysis, I will refund your order in full. Yes, this is a risk-free deal, so give it a try. It's the best motivation for me and my team to provide you with the kind of service you expect to get. Your success is our main priority.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive courses without any guarantees, or buying software that will never teach you to understand the markets and be confident in your decisions;

Instead of losing years(!) trying to find working concepts and techniques;

Instead of losing thousands of dollars rushing into trading without having a market-tested system and a clear picture of how it all works:

I suggest you use my knowledge and experience, because every day I keep on discovering, testing and improving, and all my subscribers have access to my most recent findings. I want you to absorb my approach, learn effective techniques, and eventually think and make trading decisions like a pro.

Every week, I watch the setups identified by my analysis turn into great market moves. Join me right now to become a part of it!

Summary of What You’ll Get

On weekends, you'll get a newsletter with a report on stocks and futures, showing where I expect the coming big trend moves (according to my system's algorithms).

You get a clearly-outlined tutorial with an explanation of indicators and other technical stuff mentioned in the newsletter (we use very few).

For every setup: the low-risk entry level identified by my system, and we'll teach you great exit techniques.

Charts with comments: setups, expectations on current winning positions predicted in previous newsletters.

Stock and futures: tips, ideas, and lessons.

Every subscriber gets a clear set of rules that I stick to when opening a position, and rules to protect capital and gains.

Access to subscribers-only materials for a deeper understanding and acceleration to become a better trader.

Breakout and hot stocks and futures.

All these now for just:

$1200 $145 /month

For the valuable information from our newsletters, others would charge thousands, if they could.

But that’s not our style. We want to spread the word and help thousands be successful in trading and investing. That is why the price is just $145 per month. 

Get Instant Access to our service!

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Every weekend you'll get a newsletter:

Stock analysis

Futures analysis

Setups on daily charts

Setups on weekly charts

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30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If for some reason, any time within the first 30 days, you are not fully satisfied with Investwinners Analysis, I will fully refund your order.

It's a great deal because I know that Investwinners Analysis brings huge value and I want you to feel safe giving my service a try.

Again, if you decide for any reason that my service is not for you, let me know and you will get a refund, no questions asked.

If you decide to stay as my customer after the 30-day period, I still want you to feel safe. I want my members to be fully satisfied with the service I provide. That's why you can cancel your subscription at any time and won't be charged for the next month or further down the road.


"I live and breathe discovering the laws of  the financial markets and share my best findings with  the members of Investwinners Analysis.


I'm 100% positive that my service provides outstanding value to members. I give this guarantee as proof that my priority is your success and prosperity."


What you need to do right now is ​click the “get access” button​​ to join the community

You won't know how profitable using Investwinners Analysis will be if you don't try it.

Join the community today and start to discover new financial opportunities


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Every weekend you'll get a newsletter:

Stock analysis

Futures analysis

Setups on daily charts

Setups on weekly charts

Get the most recent setups right

after becoming

a member!

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Secure Checkout

Your initial charge will be $145 (for the first month of membership). You will then be charged $145/month (for the second month of membership and further down the road) until you decide to cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription any time and no future rebills will be charged.


I’m a beginner. Is your service suitable for me?

Yes, all the explanations are always in clear, beginner-friendly language.

 We also provide an explanation of indicators and other technical stuff mentioned in our weekly newsletters.

As for the beginner's best strategy: in most cases, the best tactic is to start with paper trading, without even opening a trading account. It means that you begin to apply the system's signals and rules and check the results virtually, not risking real money.

Thus, you check your own understanding of the rules and performance of the system or technique you are applying. When you see that your trading/investing is profitable on paper—you can open a brokerage account and try demo trading, and after that real trading.

That is why a subscription to Investwinners Analysis from the beginning is a very good decision.

Note: If you need education on how to place orders and similar information, you can study your broker's tutorials, as we don't provide this kind of information.

​I’m a day trader. Is your service helpful for me?

Investwinners Analysis predicts the coming trend moves. It gives you the big picture view. You will be prepared in advance for a big market move and you can use your own entry and exit day trading techniques. In case you see that a trend move has just started, you can day trade this trend move, playing on the right side of the market.

The other option is to improve your trading skills by learning swing and long-trading techniques revealed to all our subscribers.

Does your service review penny stocks?

No. We are focused on powers that don't invest in this kind of stock. Investwinners Analysis is based on the patterns of big market players only. Our system shows their best performance and is developed for the high-quality stocks of companies with time-tested products, as well as recent IPOs of good companies with outstanding products.

Our algorithms and tools work great for futures—metals, energies, currencies, indexes, and agricultural commodities. They are valuable and demanded by worldwide economies. 

​I trade Forex. Is your service helpful to me?

Time after time we will review futures on currencies like the British pound, Euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, and US Dollar Index.

Investwinners Analysis always reviews stocks and futures selected by the system's algorithms based on the patterns of the large market powers. And it selects only those that have the strongest setups according to our algorithms.

Thus, I can't promise that currencies will be included often enough for your needs, because our system's selection process filters out most unclear market situations. Only if a currency has a very good setup for a trend move, according to my system's rules, will l review it.

For sure, the major part of our analysis is devoted to stocks, as we have thousands of companies under research and it is obvious that many more will correspond to our system's requirements.

My primary interest is a long-term investing. What can you offer?

We review stocks and futures on daily charts. In addition, we include a review of weekly charts 1-2 times a month. It gives a bigger picture and is ideal for predicting long-term trends.

On the screenshots above you can see the examples of trends reviewed on the weekly charts.

What about cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin futures are traded on CME. For sure we will review them when our analysis identifies a setup, according to our algorithms.

Besides, it is obvious that the Blockchain economy will develop rapidly. So, for sure we'll review the stocks of companies playing a big role in it. If we see demand in featuring more cryptocurrencies, we'll do it.


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