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Attention Women And Men Who Are Sick Of Stubborn Belly Fat…

Isn’t It Time You Got Abs You Love Showing Off?

This Amazing 6,000 Year-Old Eating System Burns 

Stomach Fat And Shapes Irresistible Abs For 

Almost Everybody Who Tries It… 

Dear Friend, 

Wouldn’t you like to… 

Show off lean and attractive abs EVERY TIME you remove your top… Feel unshakably confident at a beach full of people…  Receive jealous compliments (or even flirty ones) at your next high school reunion…  “Pull off” a form fitting outfit that catches every eye in the room…  Make your partner love your body all over again… 
Of course you would! And this letter will show you how. Because I’m about to let you in on a lost eating secret (recently “rediscovered”) that’ll make all of the above true for you…   

Just like it’s done for thousands of others who’ve traded a fat stomach for a sexy one… 

But first—you agree that getting a lean core can change your life, right? Yes, having impressive abs can be that powerful. Let me explain:

Lean abs are magnetic… 

Just ask any woman or man who’s stepped onto the beach with a six-pack. People stare—not because they’re rude. But because they can’t help themselves…  

Jealous folks whisper and make excuses. Coming up with many reasons (even bizarre ones) why they don’t have great abs. Others even get “turned on”. In fact… 

A 60,000 Person Study From The University Of 

Aberdeen Found That A Lean Stomach 

Arouses Sexual Attraction… [1]

And makes you vibrant and desirable at any age. (A claim very few “diets” can make).  

Can you imagine being sure of yourself no matter where you are? The beach. The bedroom. In front of the camera. And anywhere else. All because you have ripped abs or a flat belly. And best of all… 

You can craft this life-changing midsection with one simple trick. You only have to… 

Ask Yourself 2-Questions And Fat Will 

Fall Right Off Your Stomach…  

Because these simple questions make it easy to fuel your body with slimming foods. And completely eliminate guesswork. So you can do everything good for your midsection with a little “tweak” to your current routine. 

And this hack will accelerate fat-burning. And fill your body with time-rewinding nutrients that practically suck your stomach into a younger, firmer look. Because…

These two questions will help you to eat like our ancient ancestors did. When the human race couldn’t afford to have belly fat. And health was necessary for survival…

What’s amazing is you can take this simple trick wherever you go. And it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t have lean abs or a tiny waist sooner. 

And it doesn’t matter if: 

You haven’t exercised a day in your life…  You have more than 20 pounds to lose…  You’ve been stuck with belly fat for years…  You’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s… You’re busy and have little time to yourself… 
How? As easily and honestly as this… 

A “Forgotten” Concept Of Food—As Premium Fuel For 

Your Body—That Energizes Fat-Burning Hormones 

Within… So You Can Show Off Lean And Sexy Abs Fast!

See—most of the world has “brushed off” the ONE THING you should look for in food…  

Quality… And by picking foods with that in mind, you’ll instantly re-shape your midsection. (And it’ll hardly feel like you’re putting in any extra effort). 

With natural meals and snacks, your puffy gut will be gone. No more “muffin top”. Goodbye “love handles”. And your toned abs will stand out from all others. All because of this “lost eating system”…

But before I disclose the solution to you… 

You’re Probably Wondering Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me… 

Hi. My name is Erick Salgado. I’m a body-transformation coach, and ISSA sponsored athlete. However, the fitness world knows me as “The Ab Pro”. 

I’ve dedicated my life to helping women and men get the abs they always wanted. Even to the point of selling my car and sleeping in a warehouse to make my passion a reality…  

For the past seven years I’ve helped create seven successful life-transformation fitness camps. Where over 100,000 people have gotten the tight and toned body they crave. Just like these folks… 

Success Stories ( results may vary)

William Stockwell, 50 Yrs Old


“After being laid off of my 20-year career I slipped into a deep depression. I was bored, unmotivated and searching for change. Then, I stumbled across Erick’s page and decided that, with his help, I could make the life changes I needed to be happy again. I made a simple change to my eating habits and, for the first time in my life, loved eating foods that fueled my body the right way. Erick was with me every step of the way and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. My body looks and feels great. I can even see my abs now—something I couldn’t say for my entire life. At this rate, I’m even planning to hit the bodybuilding stage myself—not bad for an old timer.” 

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Nevin Iwatsuru

 “I decided to work with Erick after seeing how great his physique looked at the gym… Especially his abs. After our very first conversation, I was filled with new wisdom that changed the way I went about eating and training for a six-pack. Simply by changing up my eating habits, I’ve noticed all sorts of new muscle definition in my core and every food I put into my body helps my abs get better and better—all thanks to The Ab Pro.”  

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Lily Thorig


My fitness journey began in late December of 2013. I was a 30-year-old stay at home mother of 2 and was severely over weight. At just 5’1, I weighed 204lbs which is a lot for a small girl to carry. After having my second child and making the decision to quit my job as a teacher, I started to be less active and began to gain weight - and fast!

I was never into working out much, other than going to my local gym and going on the elliptical for about 20 minutes tops. Of course, that was not doing anything for me because I didn’t understand how to work out and most importantly, I didn't understand how to eat right.

I must credit my son, Landon, who was only five at the time, for giving me a wakeup call. He had just started kindergarten and would be very aware and vocal about how different I looked from his friend’s moms who were fit, in shape, and "skinny" as he would say.

I would pick him up from school, and he would openly say, “mom! You’re the chubbiest of all my friend’s moms! I want you to be skinny”.

After hearing this often, I realized that I needed to make my health a priority. I wanted to be the kind of mom my kids would be proud of. I didn’t want my son to think of me as a chubby mom, and I knew I needed to lead by example. Kids mimic their parents, and I did not want obesity to be in my children’s future.

I had a fire within me, and I would not stop until I turned my life around.

I was determined to lose the weight and make better nutrition choices not only for myself but for my family as well. This is when I found Erick Salgado and The Camp Transformation Center. 

A friend of mine had gone through the program, and I saw she had amazing results. I wanted that. I was ready for that. I joined as a member in January 2014, which ended up being the best decision of my life.

The Camp provided me with guidance in nutrition, effective HIIT workouts and all the support I needed to succeed. This soon became a lifestyle change, and I was not going to turn back. 

I changed the way I would cook for my family. I learned how to meal prep and cook whole foods vs. processed foods. I worked out 5-6 times a week, and I quickly fell in love with my new daily routine. I had found a new passion I never knew existed. Not only did I make a lifestyle change for myself but also for my family. 

In just 7 months of starting my journey, I had lost over 70lbs. I was in the best shape of my life and felt amazing! I could see the muscle definition in my body and found a confidence I didn’t have before. 

I had transformed not only on the outside but the inside as well.

Fast forward to today, I have not only been able to keep the weight off but was given the opportunity to work at The Camp. I am now Co-District Director for six of their gyms. I am also currently working on getting my ISSA personal training certification and am excited to see what the future holds for me.

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life gets better when you feel good about your body.

I’m passionate about helping women and men get the midsection they desire.


I want you to experience the same. To use my program and create a better life for yourself… To feel good when you look in the mirror each morning. Have more energy for your spouse and kids. Lose every ounce of insecurity as fat melts off your stomach… 

But before I give you the proven system that’s changed the lives of so many… I need you to do something… 

See—each of the individuals above (myself included) had to escape the “fit myths” of the health industry. And ditch the poor advice they read in magazines, adopted from friends or just thought were “common sense”. 

And if you’re going to get lean and attractive abs, you need to do the same. So…  

Are These Common Myths Holding You Back 

From Having Six-Pack Abs OR A Flat Stomach? 

Abs Myth #1: Don’t Eat Carbohydrates 

Carbohydrates are the reason people get belly fat, right? 

Wrong! “Fitness gurus” and “celebrity doctors” who make this claim are off the mark. 

Because the opposite is true. Your body needs carbohydrates to show off magnetic abs. When you eat carbs you achieve “hormonal balance”. Which makes your flab-blasting hormones function at their best… 

But when they’re “off-kilt”, you’ll experience unwanted fat gain. (Especially around your midsection). And muscle loss that makes your abs vanish and stay flabby forever. [2]

Abs Solution #1: High Carb Hours 

Instead of ditching delicious carbs you love—eat them at the right time. 

By eating nutrient dense carbohydrates after your workouts and before bed, you’ll shape a defined stomach. Because filling up at “high carb hours” practically FORCES each ounce of food to repair your muscles. (NOT store away as fat)… 

Especially when you eat resistant starches. YES. Bread…Rice…Grains…they aren’t enemies of toned abs. In fact, they shape them. And turbo-charge your metabolism so you lose stomach fat faster than you ever could otherwise. 

Abs Myth #2: Don’t Eat After 6pm 

Of course, you want to eliminate late night snacking. But all food after 6pm? Don’t fall for it. 

Because you can’t sleep with a growling stomach. And will wake up every few hours if you’re hungry…

Which is a disaster for your fat-burning hormones. But when you “dial in” your nutrition—even after 6pm—you’ll lose fat while you sleep. And start forming new lines in your abs. 

So instead of saying “no” to a satisfying pre-bed snack, do this…    

Abs Solution #2: Sleep-Optimizing Snacks

Small snacks before bed can decrease your body’s stress signals. And prepare you for a long and restful night of sleep. 

A study published in Physiology and Behavior discovered that a protein and carbohydrate meal can reduce stress levels and raise “happy hormone” levels. Which stimulate fat reduction. And help you sleep like a baby. In fact…

Respected studies have also confirmed that eating foods packed with a special “sleep elixir” can increase the amount of hours you spend in deep sleep [3]. This “sleep elixir”, called tryptophan, is a protein found in turkey, lamb, nuts, eggs and beans.

Pack these Sleep-Optimizing Snacks onto your plate near bedtime and you’ll get the best ab-shaping sleep of your life—every night!

Abs Myth #3: Stay Away From Fat

Years ago doctors waged war on fat. But recent evidence has caused them to eat their words.  

Because misled medical professionals demonized certain (very healthy fat sources) as an enemy to your midsection! However, according to a study in Diet and Health, you need to eat dietary fat to absorb important fat-melting nutrients. Such as Vitamin A, D, E and K [4].  

But you should note—most fat sources marketed to you are low-quality fats. And don’t offer any benefit for your health. But the good news is not all fats are the same...  

Abs Solution #3: High-Voltage Fats

Eating fat won’t make you fat… It’ll give you lean abs! 

Dietary fat is an important nutrient your body loves. And when you feed on it—you can go for hours without feeling hungry or fighting pesky cravings…

Because dietary fat increases the amount of leptin (your “full” hormone) your body produces. And “switches off” your appetite after you’ve eaten enough food… 

So you can avoid overeating, keep the refrigerator door closed and easily refuse a donut at work. And feel satisfied around the clock.

Abs Myth #4: Eat Whatever You Want In Moderation

The old saying is true: You are what you eat. 

But modern “fitness experts” try to say you can eat whatever you want on their program… And still get the abs of your dreams. 

But the truth is—you’ll never get the abs you crave by throwing a frozen meal in the microwave. 

This method recently became popular because it gives people an excuse to eat junk. Plus, any sap that’s studied nutrition for a week can start “taking clients” and promise results… 

Yet in reality, their advice is keeping you from shaping a lean and attractive core. So instead…

Abs Solution #4: Eat ‘Anytime’ Foods… Anytime!

You can’t put a price on quality. Especially when it comes to your food choices. After all, you don’t do it for anything else, do you? 

Think about it—would you prefer a high-quality leather bag or a cheaply-made one? A fine piece of jewelry? Or a 50-cent ring from a vending machine? Now what about your body? 

Your body prefers premium-foods. Not microwave meals packed with unnatural preservatives and loads of salt. Or meat injected with hormones to make it bigger and more appealing. These foods are secretly making your journey to six-pack abs more challenging. 

But when you fuel your body with wholesome foods, you’ll be rewarded. Because they melt away extra pounds around your belly. And even better—you can indulge on these foods guilt-free, whenever you want. 

Don’t settle for a “substitute” ever again. Enjoy the finest foods for the finest abs.

You’ll Lose As Much Stomach Fat As You Want

With The 4 Abs Solutions Above… 

Just like the thousands of other people who’ve discovered this exciting eating system… And you’re only moments away from gaining access to it. 

Because after debunking abs myths you can start eating foods that’ll take your physique to a whole new level. And I’m going to fill you in on the best of them right here and now…   

Because once I started eating three natural foods I noticed lines in my abs that I never saw before… And found that… 

These 3 ‘Caveman’ Foods—Eaten By Our Ancient 

Ancestors—Are Key To Eliminating Body Fat…

Paleo Powerhouse #1: Avocado

Avocados are the most powerful fruit on the planet… 

Because they’re packed with nutrients that automatically burn fat. Plus, one study published in Nutrition Journal discovered that simply adding one avocado to your diet will turn you into a “healthy eater” [5]. 

Avocados also have important fat and fiber—both of which curb your appetite and slim down your stomach. In fact, another avocado study found that eating half an avocado with lunch can decrease your desire to eat for up to five hours afterward [6].  

Paleo Powerhouse #2: Bone Broth

Bone broth is a high-octane fat-burner that almost nobody knows about… 

This rich and hearty broth has very few calories. And delivers a satisfying taste that warms your stomach and curbs your appetite. Plus, it contains the building blocks of an elite protein—collagen… 

Collagen is 40% more filling than other proteins. Which reduces appetite and protects lean muscle. So you can melt fat and show-off toned abs at the very same time. [7] 

Paleo Powerhouse #3: Eggs

Eggs are the perfect food for getting lean and attractive abs. And are extremely cheap to buy.

A recent study published in a well-respected journal found that eating an egg for breakfast can drastically reduce stomach fat and waist circumference compared to eating a carbohydrate [8]. Because… 

Eggs are packed with protein and fat—which reduce hunger and keep you satisfied for hours. Plus, protein forms muscle. So your abs “pop” when you show them off. 

These 3 Foods Will Naturally Give You A Lean 

And Irresistible Core Easier Than You 

Ever Thought Possible…

And even better—there are more foods just like these that have the same effect on your body. And will take you closer to your dream abs with every bite. 

This simple eating method works even if you’re out of shape. Or over 50-years old. It has NO limits. And even if you do eat “knock off” meals right now—my eating system retrains your body to crave the foods your abs need. So you’ll never want a cheap food substitute again… 

All of this and more awaits you in the A-Z guide to getting defined abs that instantly elevate your confidence and sex-appeal. And packed with proven solutions based on a lifetime of personal and client success. 


Lean Body Now

Lean Body Now makes every strategy for getting an attractive core plain and simple… 

This accessible guide is easy to follow. And doesn’t use any “high and mighty” language you can’t understand. Instead, I’ve created it to show you exactly how to get the abs you crave.

Here’s Exactly How Lean Body Now 

Will Give You Magnetic Abs You Desire 

And Life Changing Confidence…

Increase Fat Metabolism

Lean Body Now supercharges fat-metabolism by increasing the amount of protein you eat on a daily basis. Multiple studies confirm the more protein you eat, the faster your metabolism runs and the more fat you burn [9]. 

Build Irresistible Abs

Lean Body Now doesn’t only contain the nutritional tips you need for better abs. It also has time-tested workouts that’ll blast away belly fat and give you the impressive body you crave. Plus it features the three most effective abs exercises that all of my amazing clients used to get a head-turning core.

Re-Frame Appetite

A recent study discovered that thinking about food as fuel can drastically reduce cravings and appetite [10]. Lean Body Now is the proven way to adopt this mindset. With a fresh outlook on eating, you’ll notice inches disappear around your midsection faster (and easier) than ever before… 

Optimize Energy

A 2015 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found this system is a sure-fire way to flood your body with energy you’ve missed for years [11]. And once you “make the switch” you’ll be able to go for days without slowing down. And have an almost endless flow of energy to thrive in every area of life with your new, sexy body… 

Reverse Aging

The more vibrant your body feels on the inside, the younger and more attractive you’ll look on the outside. Lean Body Now will flood your body with anti-aging nutrients at every bite… So you can turn back Father Time and look 10, maybe 20-years younger! Plus, these nutrients naturally tighten your belly and shrink your waist so you’ll look great at every angle.

Enhance Sleep 

A study published in Advances in Nutrition confirmed that wholesome diets improve sleep quality [12]. And upgraded rest automatically increases the amount of belly fat you burn while you sleep. So you wake up slimmer every day. Plus, quality sleep will automatically convert into better energy, looks and thrill for life. 

All of this and more is right at your fingertips. Take a look at exactly what you’ll get when you grab this unbeatable system for attractive abs, untouchable confidence, youthful sex-appeal and more energy to enjoy life by… 

Inside Lean Body Now You’ll Get…

The lone “secret” that I used to get six-pack abs in the kitchen. Use it daily and fat will fall off your midsection in a hurry…  The 6,000-year old eating trick that makes burning fat a breeze. (This amazingly simple feasting method will revitalize your energy levels, reverse ageing and get the lean core you crave). Complete done-for-you grocery list that takes the guesswork out of getting the best abs of your life. Stick to this list when you go shopping and you’ll show off a sexier stomach in no time…  How to get lean and attractive abs WITHOUT counting a single calorie! Page 3.  The “food style hack” that’ll make getting lean easier than ever before. Behavior Nutrition Specialists swear by this little-known method for getting the abs you crave. Found on page 8.   3 mealtime strategies that work like magic… (Use these strategies before you eat and ALAKAZAM! you’ll eat less calories and feel more satisfied every single meal). 2 tested and proven questions to ask before putting anything in your grocery cart. These questions expose every food you should stay away from (in five seconds or less).   4 spices you can dump on top of any meal to INSTANTLY accelerate fat-burning. Plus the scientifically proven “breakfast sauce” you can empty on your scrambled eggs to boost metabolism, cut cravings and lose belly fat… Page 19. How to eat MORE carbs GUILT-FREE! Use this amazingly simple trick to enjoy more of the foods you love on vacation, date night and weddings… Page 14.  Eat dill pickles every day and get the lean body you crave. Amazing! Page 19. The best post-workout carbs to build lean muscle in less time. HINT: It’s not a salad.  How to shape the body you desire simply by adding a small serving of protein to every meal. It couldn’t get any easier! Page 12.  Are you a food addict? Answer these 11 questions to find out. Page 8. 
Speaking of food addiction—did you know that it’s possible to get hooked on the right foods for your body? So you never experience pesky cravings for donuts, fried chicken or even sodas again? In fact, part 4 of Lean Body Now will show you… 

How To Train Your Taste Buds To Crave 

Fat-Burning Foods And NEVER Desire 

Fat Storing Foods Again…  

This is no joke. 

In fact, if you want to be free from pesky cravings and sugary temptations that you’ve been a slave to for years… then turn immediately to page 72 and discover: 

How simply retraining your mouth to love only “holy grail” foods will make your abs seduce everyone who sees them. You only need to use three “mind tricks” and one “hydration hack”—which require zero extra effort to transform your body. 

There are actually several secrets like these in the “lifestyle” section of my book. 

And each one of them will make getting mesmerizing abs easier than ever before. Here are a few more of them… 

The “forgotten technique” for crafting a lean physique and attractive abs… This method practically tricks your body into shaping itself so you can show off a rockin’ stomach faster than you ever dreamed possible…  A complete exercise library with step-by-step instruction for how to nail down every exercise… You’ll waltz into the gym with unbreakable confidence and crush your workouts with the help of this easy-to-use guide…   Sleep more and get better abs! And 4 other “effortless” ways to get six-pack abs… Page 48.  The WORST kind of cardio you can ever run if you ever want to have six-pack abs… Page 41.  The amazingly simple abs circuit that’ll blast away belly fat so you can show off head-turning abs in no time flat. Plus the ab exercises you need to stay away from! (I stopped doing these 3 moves—that 99% of people do—and finally revealed my abs to the world… How to prime your body for lean abs before setting foot inside the gym… Page 25.  The #1 MUST-AVOID mistake you can make when starting a new training program. (This one mistake is easy to fall into, will suck your energy levels dry and cause you to store body fat!)  The PERFECT time to perform cardio. A groundbreaking study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise discovered that if you do cardio at this specific time everyday you’ll burn more fat than you would at any other time of day… [13]  How to get abs that “pop” when you’re standing around doing nothing. Craft great abs any time and place…
IT’S TRUE! With the help of Lean Body Now… 

You’ll Get Irresistible Abs Even When You’re Miles Away From A Gym, Traveling The Country, Or On Vacation! 

Because there are plenty of abs secrets that don’t involve a kitchen or a gym. And will keep you on the fast track to the lean look you desire. 

I’ve designed this program to work for anybody—including mothers with hectic schedules, business men who are hardly ever home, and college students with part-time jobs and a packed class schedule. But that’s not all…

Because this program is also a perfect fit for folks with time to spare. Who’ve put in hard work over the years and are spending their “golden years” in Florida. And even for fitness buffs who want to show off their physique on competitive platforms and magazine covers. 

Every type of person above has benefited from this unique program. And YOU’RE NEXT! Because in Lean Body Now you’ll also find… 

The little-known method to accelerate fat loss (that doesn’t include food, exercise, or anything challenging with your body). A well-researched medical journal discovered this simple fat blaster—which takes little more effort than reading this—will make fat melt off your body faster. [14]  12 practical tips that GUARANTEE you’ll never overeat again… #8 may shock you (and even give you a better smile).  How to get leaner overnight without lifting a finger! Found on page 47. 10 surefire steps to get started on your unbeatable abs journey and stick with it. #5 will make getting the lean stomach you desire easier than ever.  4 ways to make stress disappear like magic! BONUS: Each of these stress-relievers will fire up your metabolism and make fat fall off your body…  How to replenish your “ab-making hormone” overnight… Page 47.  The “real secret” to getting irresistible abs. I surveyed 100 overweight people about why they don’t have a six-pack and the answer that 85% of folks gave me will SHOCK you! Pages 48-50.   5 steps to jump-start your success on Lean Body Now. Nail down #3 and #4 and you are almost guaranteed to lose 2-pounds of belly fat in the first week… 2 food-prep hacks that’ll make fueling your body with the right foods “easy as pie”. Found on page 10.  The #1 mistake (that you’ve made on every other diet) that will destroy your chances of getting the lean abs you crave—even if you’re more motivated than ever! (When I stopped making this one mistake, my abs only got more impressive every month.) How to “trick” each meal (from morning to evening)… Into Doing All The Fat Burning “Dirty Work” For You! Page 3.  The “mind hack” that disarms your genetics so you can get the body you crave, why boredom is an enemy to getting head-turning abs (and how to avoid it), the ONLY 3 ab exercises you need to get lean and attractive abs, why Olympic sprinters have six-packs (and why marathon runners don’t), and so much more!
Lean Body Now is your one-stop-shop to sculpt lean 

and attractive abs that change your life…

In fact, you can expect to see fat melt off your body during the very first week… 

First—because the food you eat will ignite your fat-burning hormones. Second—because each workout will torch EVEN MORE fat. And build an impressive core at the same time. Also—you’ll reload on energy with every single meal… so you never feel like you’re “dragging” in the gym, at home or at work again.

And with all this…

You’ll craft abs you love faster than you could on other programs… And experience more control over your body than ever before. And… 

I don’t want you to miss out on this incredible opportunity…

So I’m going to make this decision a “no brainer” for you. And give you three fast-action bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE… that promise to give you head-turning abs. 

When you purchase Lean Body Now TODAY you’ll get… 

Bonus #1: 30-Day At-Home Workouts ($49 value FREE)

Can’t make it to the gym? No problem! This 30-Day At-Home Workouts guide provides you with a full month of ab-shaping workouts. And best of all—you won’t even have to leave your living room! 

Inside 30-Day At-Home Workouts You’ll Get… 

Easy-to-follow body sculpting workouts that’ll give you a lean and strong core. No frills. No fluff. These workouts contain ONLY the most efficient abs exercises on the planet…  Step-by-step “how to” guide for every exercise. This handy resource takes all the guesswork out of crafting a sizzling core from the comfort of your own living room… 4 metabolism-boosting exercises that’ll kick-start your most powerful fat-burning hormones (and keep them running around the clock.) Dynamic ab movements that you’ll feel in seconds! You won’t perform a single boring sit-up ever again. Page 8.  Safe and effective bodyweight exercises that’ll take inches off your arms, back and waist. You’ll be shocked by how great you look and feel in only weeks…  How to squat your way to strong abs, 5 “planks” that’ll give you a ripped belly and tight obliques, shoulder movements that’ll make you eager to show off your arms (and even make your abs tighter), the “holding hack” that’ll give your abs an extra “pop” next time you hit the beach, and much more!
Bonus #2: Complete Supplement Guide ($19 value FREE)

Supplements won’t give you the results you crave on their own. But when you pair them with Lean Body Now supplements accelerate fat-loss for better abs in half the time… 

Inside The Complete Supplement Guide You’ll Get… 

The 21-Day Detox supplement that’ll clean out your gut and cleanse your liver, kidney and colon. This powerful herbal supplement can help you lose an extra few pounds of flab and replace it with muscle… Page 3.  The jack-of-all-trades supplement that’ll pump you up with healthful fatty acids. When you try this building-block supplement you’ll rejuvenate your metabolism for around the clock fat-burning… Quiet a growling stomach by taking this in the morning. Amazing! Page 5.  A scientifically proven way to flood your muscles with all the nutrients it needs... Once you finish your workout! (A study published in the International Journal of Exercise Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism confirms this supplement calms muscle soreness).  Worried that sugar and alcohol cravings will keep you from lean and attractive abs? Take this. Page 6.  The perfect protein powder! Gluten-free and organic. No added hormones. No lactose. No GMO… You’ll pack on lean muscle with every delicious sip! Wake up leaner every morning! This 1-2 punch green tea blend is scientifically formulated to accelerate fat-burning while you sleep. (And shut down your fat-storage hormones). Page 9.  The pre-workout supplement that’s packed with high-powered ingredients for better drive and results when you train. You’ll enjoy every minute of your workout with a fresh rush of energy…  The best-researched supplement on the planet (proven to increase strength and workout performance), how-to boost mental performance with your morning coffee, how you can keep your blood sugar levels healthy with only 10-seconds each day, the stress busting supplement that reduces blood pressure, and more!
Bonus #3: The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle ($288/year value FREE)

When crafting an irresistible core, you can’t put a price on support. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics found that support (even online support) will instantly enhance your motivation and results on any fitness plan [15]. 

And that’s why, when you buy Lean Body Now, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle. In it you’ll get…

A live community of support and encouragement that’ll cheer you on the whole way to showing off your new abs…  High-definition training videos showing you the step-by-step movements of every workout for the next 30-days… Unlimited access to every resource you need to burn fat and craft abs you’ll love… This app is so handy you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it…
When you purchase Lean Body Now today, you’ll get all three of the above bonuses (a $356 value) ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

Why am I giving you so much value for no cost at all? Because I sincerely don’t want you to miss out on this life-changing opportunity. I want this decision to be as easy as possible for you—because I know you’ll love every part of it, bonuses and all. 

In a matter of weeks you’ll unlock an attractive body that looks and feels so good you’ll never hesitate to take your top off at the beach. When you take pictures, you won’t have to worry about what angle the camera is at—because you’ll look lean in all of them. 

And show off youthful sex appeal that sets you apart from everyone else. With this program you won’t have to dream about loving your physique any longer—because your dream will be a reality. Don’t wait any longer to make it happen… 

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I’m not happy until you’re happy. I created Lean Body Now to get you the abs you desire. So you can finally show them off with confidence. Plus, I want you to feel more energized, active and healthy than you have in years (maybe ever). Because you deserve it. 

In this program you’ll find everything you need to make all of the above true for you. And I’ve made Lean Body Now so easy you’ll have no problem using it. Just follow the system like I’m right there with you and if you don’t experience what I’ve promised within the next 60-days, just let me know and I’ll make it right. And return your entire investment right away. You have my word. 

So you see—this is a 100% Risk-Free offer. Because I’m putting you first. All you have to do now is… 

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Yes! I Want To Show Off Lean And Attractive Abs Starting Today!

Just imagine… After a few days with Lean Body Now you’ll start to feel more energized than you have in years. Because you’ll fuel your body with nutrient dense foods that kick-start your fat-burning hormones and keep them running all day long. 

In 7-10 days your abs will start to feel tighter. And your love handles and belly fat will begin to shrink. You may even see new lines of muscle definition. You’ll notice your stomach doesn’t stick out as far in pictures. It might even not stick out at all!

When you keep on with Lean Body Now you’ll notice more and more leanness and muscle definition—like clockwork. And you’ll lose as much fat around your stomach as you’d like. Your friends and colleagues will compliment your “new look”. And your partner will fall in love with your body all over again. 

And best of all—you’ll finally feel unshakably confident in every setting. Because you’ll have shaped the stomach you desire (something you used to think was impossible). And love showing it off—at the beach, in the bedroom and everywhere in between. 

And you’ll do this safe and securely. Because you’re backed with the full 60-Day 100% money back guarantee… There is absolutely zero-risk on your part. Just… 

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Yes! I Want To Show Off Lean And Attractive Abs Starting Today!

Trust me—I know it can feel a little scary trying something new for your body. Even when it promises to give you the lean midsection you’ve always wanted. But every great transformation (like the ones you’ve seen throughout this letter) starts with a step of courage. And today, buying Lean Body Now is your first step… 

But listen—I want you to have peace of mind when you start. So you should know that I’m here with you every step of the way when you say YES to Lean Body Now. 

If you need motivation or you have a question, just reach out to me. I want you to experience life with abs you love. To look and feel like a 10 out of 10 from this day on… And the way I see it… 

There Are 2 Options You Can Take From Here… 

Option #1: Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing… 

You can keep dreaming about what you’ll look like with six-pack abs. Only thinking of how great it would be to make an ex-lover jealous at a pool party. Trying to find just the right angle in every photo that “doesn’t make you look fat.” Ignoring the evidence your spouse isn’t wowed by your body anymore… 

You can keep going through life with “normal” confidence levels… If that. Still thinking thoughts of “I wish I had that body” when you see a great figure at the beach… And then make excuses for why you can’t…

And kick yourself for passing on this incredible offer today. If you want this, then do nothing. But because you’re still reading, I believe you’re better than this. And that’s why I think option #2 is the ONLY one for you…  

Option #2: Get Abs You Love To Show Off!

This is the same choice that thousands of proud women and men across the world have made. Folks just like you are springing out of bed each morning. Feeling years younger and loaded with energy. They’re enjoying a healthy, vibrant and active life at every age. And with head-turning abs… 

Insecurity has melted away (along with stubborn belly fat). And now they’re showing off irresistible abs that’ve spiced-up sexual chemistry between them and their partner. And elevated confidence in every environment.

See, six-pack abs are magnetic. And once you get them, you’ll experience just how powerful the magnetic pull really is. Because you’ll practically become a phenomenon to people—an inspiration, even a fantasy. 

All you have to do is make the right choice here and now. I’m excited to walk with you every step of the way… 

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Sincerely, Erick Salgado

Yes! I Want To Show Off Lean And Attractive Abs Starting Today!

P.S. If you want show-off lean and attractive abs that make you confident on the beach, in the bedroom and everywhere in between click or tap here to get started. I’ve made this program amazingly simple to follow. You can’t get lost or confused. And if you do, I’m just an email away to get you back on the right track. Click the Buy Now button below and you’ll gain instant access to the fat-loss and muscle-toning system that’ll make you look and feel better than you ever could without it. 

P.P.S. Don’t forget. You have nothing to lose when you make Lean Body Now yours today. You’re backed up and protected by my 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Go through the program for the next 60-days and give me your very best. That’s all I ask. 

How fast will I see results? 

You should begin to feel a difference in your body within days of starting this program. In the first week, your body will be a little sore from the exercise, but that’s a good sign! That means your body isn’t used to the stimulus so it’ll be forced to adapt and change. Pair your exercise with the nutrition guide and you’ll notice your body getting leaner and energized in days—no questions asked. 

I’m over 40. Is this program for me?

Absolutely! I’ve created Lean Body Now to help men and women of any age get abs you’ll love showing off. You’ll see 80% of your results when you apply the nutritional components in this program. The other 20% will come from exercise and lifestyle adjustments found in the system. It’s a simple formula that I promise will help you look and feel better than you have in years. 

I’m in my 20’s and 30’s. Is this program for me? 

Definitely! Lean Body Now is a surefire way to get irresistible abs. Just plug this system into your life, follow it and results are a sure-thing. This program (like any other) takes some discipline and self-control. So don’t expect to party every few nights and get the best results possible. But still—you’ll see amazing results by doing the best you can. (Even if you do enjoy a few beers or martinis every now and then.) 

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Yes! I Want To Show Off Lean And Attractive Abs Starting Today!

Is the program safe?

Yes, Lean Body Now is a safe program. In my opinion, it’s the safest fast-action abs program out there. Because it redirects you to the best foods for your body. If you nail down your nutrition, you’ll get excellent results. By adding the exercise program you’ll craft six-pack abs.  

How much time do I need to put in to see results? 

Honestly, that’s up to you. Remember, the more effort you put in, the better results you’ll see. For the best success, you should apply the nutrition aspect of Lean Body Now 100% of the time. Of course, I recommend the same for the exercise portion of the system for the best results. However, if you miss a few days of training here and there, don’t be worried. You’ll still see excellent results. 

Will my results be permanent? 

Hopefully! Again, it’s up to you. I’ve created this program to last the rest of your life. If you use Lean Body Now from now on, you’ll get lean and attractive abs that you feel confident showing off… from now to kingdom come! 

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(Worth Over $350 For Free!!) 

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Yes! I Want To Show Off Lean And Attractive Abs Starting Today!

What makes this different from every other program? 

Lean Body Now is unique because of its emphasis on eating a “caveman diet”. The program focuses on fueling your body with whole foods that make you look, feel and perform your best. And with these foods flooding your body with fat-burning nutrients, combined with ab-crafting exercise, you’ll get the abs you want in a hurry.   

I’m very overweight. I feel stuck and hopeless. Will this still work for me? 

Yes it will. In fact, this nutrition method is proven to be effective for everyone from slightly out of shape, to overweight, to obese. The workouts all have simplified variations so anyone can do them—no matter what your age or experience with training. I’m confident that once you start Lean Body Now you won’t feel stuck or hopeless anymore. 

Is this guarantee real?

Absolutely it’s real. You have 60-days to give this program your all and decide if it’s for you. 100% risk-free. Get started now and you’ll be thrilled when you look back two months from now. All you have to do is… 

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(Worth Over $350 For Free!!)

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