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Is Outdated Technology Killing Your Business?


Today, small business owners have an incredible variety of software applications available to them at highly affordable prices.

Yet, they are not using these powerful applications in their businesses!

There are many reasons for this:
Many business owners are not aware of all the IT products and services available to them. Small business owners feel overwhelmed trying to sort out all the different products, services and vendors out there. Some business owners don’t understand why they need to invest in technologies such as websites and digital marketing. There are still those who believe that technology is too expensive and complex for small businesses to set up.

These are just a few of the many reasons why large portions of small businesses still have no presence on the internet,  or refuse to invest in cloud-based applications.

Technology is advancing fast.  It’s changing industries.  The internet allows competitors to easily steal your clients.

Your Business Might be Falling Behind:
Paying extremely high fees for technicians to constantly fix and upgrade your software. Outdated applications require more time and effort to connect than integrated cloud apps. Losing out to your competitors who have implemented cloud applications that provide them with detailed data about their operations. Having limited growth potential by not having a strong presence on the internet, and not using digital marketing techniques. Being unable to quickly respond to market changes due to outdated business management systems. Paying technicians twice as much as you would for a cloud app subscription.

You Need Modern Technology Simply to Survive!

Implementing modern web-based business applications isn’t simply a matter of cutting costs, increasing sales, or becoming more efficient.

Technology is matter of life a death for small businesses having to compete with hundreds of rivals in dozens of countries.

Your competitors are using technology to:
Copy your ideas Study your products Gather data about your business methods Steal your customers Even steal your employees

All small business owners need at least some basic knowledge and awareness of the most important technologies available to them if they want to survive in the long run.


You Don’t Have to be an IT Guru to Evaluate Your Technology Needs!

Technology doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. You simply need to know what kinds of applications are available and how to find the software vendors that offer the packages that meet your needs at affordable prices.


Software Every Business Must Have  was written with the needs of business owners like you in mind. This short book provides an introduction to the software apps (applications) most commonly used by small businesses today.

You can save hundreds of hours searching the web and reading through technical web sites trying to learn about the latest technologies, products, and services available to small business owners trying to streamline their operations.  Simply buy Software Every Business Must Have, and in a few hours you will have a much clearer picture of today’s technology landscape, and how you can implement a few or most of these technologies to your own business.


These Apps Are Established in the Software Market

All of the products mentioned in this book have been reviewed by dozens of  technology and computing websites, including cnet.com, pcmag.com. and smallbusinesscomputing.com.

There are also dozens of customer review sites where you learn about others’ experience with the products mentioned in the book.

The cloud applications discussed in Software Every Business Must Have   are widely used throughout the world,  and are maintained by stable, financially secure software vendors.


What You Will Get From Software Every Business Must Have

Software Every Business Must Have makes small business technology easier to understand for business owners who don’t have the time or desire to learn about every type of business software available today.

Just open the book, check the table of contents, and find the application you are looking for:
Decide whether your business needs that type of software Learn how the app can improve your business Understand how the software actually works Get an overview of the main vendors for that type of application Read about the major features of the best apps Learn about alternative vendors for the software Visit the vendors’ sites to learn more about the application and to compare the products mentioned in the book

Features of this Book

Software Every Business Must Have was written as a reference guide. The table of contents makes it easy to look up the type of software you want to learn about and includes a brief summary of the application’s purpose.

There are other features that make this book quick and easy to read:
Learn what the app does Get a brief overview of the main features of the software Main vendors for each software category Alternative products within each category Links to resources such as books, courses, and sites covering technology and other aspects of running a small business



Order Software Every Business Must Have Now! –  $10.00

Please order Software Every Business Must Have.  Save yourself countless hours of frustration and confusion trying to get updated on today’s small business technology.

Don’t go blindly calling up vendors and hoping they will offer you the best advice for your needs. Why spend hours and hours trying to figure out what’s out there and looking through dozens of vendor websites.

Order Software Every Business Must Have now, and quickly get up to speed on today’s essential technologies.

In a few days you’ll be better equipped to begin evaluating your existing technology infrastructure, and learn where upgrades are needed. Then it’s just a matter of comparing the top vendors and choosing the one that best fits your needs.


Can You Afford to Be in the Dark Regarding Your IT Infrastructure?
Is your technology infrastructure holding your business back? Do you even know what types of software applications are available for your business? Can you afford to continue taking chances with your current outdated system? Did you know today’s small business has access to the same technology as the largest corporations? Are you overpaying for technical support and hardware upgrades?
As you can see, technology is critical to the success of your business. Technology is also tricky for most business owners who don’t have large IT staffs like big corporations.

Take the time to read through Software Every Business Must Have, and you’ll have a much stronger foundation from which to assess the technology needs of your business.

Isn’t it better to invest a few dollars for some valuable information rather than continue to throw away thousands of dollars at self-interested technicians and consultants?


There Are More Resources for Business Owners at the End of the Book.

At the end of the book,  I have included links to extra resources for small business owners, including books, courses, websites, and directories. These resources cover all aspects of running a small business. There are even links to health-related sites to help you maintain a balanced life!


These resources should help you to save time and money as you search for knowledge and information that will make you a more effective and successful business owner.

Ordering Details

Once you place your order, Software Every Business Must Have will be available for download in PDF format.

Downloading should take about a minute.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact markbelliniWrite@gmail.com.


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