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Stop Beating Yourself Up...
It Makes Thing Worse...
Instead, Lift Yourself Up By Changing What You Tell Yourself
(Here's How...)

Introducing â€‹Private Power Phrases - What You Could Say To Yourself When You Really Need It

*Research shows that being self-critical hurts you in different ways. You need to be self-compassionate. This exclusive resource provides both "simple" and "deeper" sets of phrases that  can help you overcome the most challenging times in your life.  

"For some reason, we feel the need to put ourselves down, to curse, to kick ourselves even further down. We feel this need, then we do so, then we struggle with more emptiness, unhappiness, and negativity. That ends here."

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Not just powerful, but beautiful...


"I find that the sets of phrases are not just powerful, they are beautiful.  I have incorporated them to my daily life and instead of me kicking myself for things from the past, I now read my favorites out loud , which bring me back to the now - for that I am grateful"

Susan M., Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is for you if...

You are mad at yourself | You feel sorry for yourself | You blame yourself | You put yourself down

You say negative things to yourself...and you believe it

Private Power Phrases is an exclusive resource that provides in-the-moment private phrases for you to declare during difficult situations.

It is designed to help you reprogram and redirect your response to life challenges in short yet powerful phrases for you to say out loud to yourself. 

 It is one of the most popular resources because of it’s instant use and unlimited potential.

You will have access to both simple and deeper sets of Private Power Phrases designed for you to say to yourself when you most need it.

The New 2nd Edition Is Here! Whenever You Feel Down, Use Your Private Power Phrases To Help You Get Back Up!

Here's your chance to be proactive vs reactive when life presents certain challenges.  

Use this as part of your toolbox when:  

When You Feel

You Need A Smile

Sometimes, just a simple smile will do. In these Private Power Phrases, let the power of your smile resonate inside of you.

When You Feel

Stressed Out

Life throws a curve ball at us when we least expect it right? How do you respond? Be ready to tackle stress your way.

When You Feel

Fearful / Anxious

Do not let fear and anxiety stop you from becoming the real you.  Use these Private Power Phrases to help you.

When You

Feel Unsure

Feeling unsure is a part of life, however it's a problem when we continually feel this way. Let yourself know what's the deal.

When Your

Habits Hurt You

Habits can make us or break us.  It's time for us to talk ourselves into habits that make us better than yesterday.

When You

Feel Tired

Being tired may be ok sometimes but not all the time.  If you need to rest, then talk your way there.  If you need energy, do the same.

When You

Feel Worried

Why spend your time worrying? Instead, talk yourself up and whisper Private Power Phrases that bring you back to the now.

When You

Feel Hurt

Are you hurt or broken-hearted? t's ok if it's short term, but feeling this way long term is not ideal.  These specific sets can help.

When Life

Has You Down

Sometimes, there's so much negativity out there that it can drag us down.  We need to know how to respond and overcome. 

When You Feel

Sorry For Yourself

Feeling sorry or mad at yourself does not help us gain anything.  We need to see ourselves for who we really are - wonderful.

Plus...Simple Power Phrases & Responses

**Research shows that talking to yourself in the third person can help you control stressful emotions.  So for the new 2nd Edition, we have added a new section called Simple Power Phrases & Responses.

This section provides short conversations that reinforce both angles: you speaking high-impact words and phrases to yourself in the 3rd person (and the outside world), and then you reconfirm it in the 1st person (your innermost being).

This may sound weird, but it may help make a great impact in your life as research has shown.

Get instant access to your Private Power Phrases!

This exclusive resource can help you replace negative feedback loops with positive and specific Private Power Phrases.  Too many of us are kicking ourselves when we are down.  We are compassionate with friends and family when they are going through difficulties, yet we are harsh and self-critical when we experience life difficulties. This needs stop. Find out how with Private Power Phrases!

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Simple and straight-forward...


"What I like most about the Private Power Phrases is that they inspire me in such a simple and straight-forward way.  I work with technology and things get complex and stressful many times, these phrases help me simplify and remind me of who I really am."

Dan R., Sunnyvale, California

Gets better and better...


"Just saw the new 2nd edition and I love it.  The fact that you provide the new editions for free to all who have purchased in the past is amazing, thank you! I also do like the new design and the new section as well.  And, yes, I use it all the time because every day, I get better and better!" 

 Sarah S., Columbus, Ohio

Get instant access to your Private Power Phrases PDF now!

With just a small one-time investment, you can get instant access to the Private Power Phrases PDF.  You will be able to download it immediately. Please know that once you purchase today, any new editions will be provided for no additional costs. This is an exclusive resource that you could use in-the-moment so order now before this offer goes away!

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