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The Curious Tale Of How An Overworked And Stressed Out Office Manager Discovered The Little Known “Insider” Short-Cut Secrets To Making Massive Forex Profits...  

These little known simple secrets created a powerful money making machine that turbo charged their forex profits 1139%... and how you can use these exact same secrets to easily transform your trading, and make massive consistent profits year after year (even if you have never traded before)...

Hi there...

Forex trading is exciting, fun and very profitable... but only if you know what to do.

What do I mean by “only if you know what to do”? 

Does this seam like a silly question...

... well yes it is, because if you already know what to do, then of course you would already be making piles of cash.  

But my question has a much deeper meaning than you might have guessed, a meaning so profound that you will never look at trading in the same way again. 


... because the conventional wisdom of how you make money forex trading is a big fat lie...

... well not a complete lie, let's just say, they're not telling you the whole truth...  

... it's a big fat lie of omission. 

These so called experts tell you that all you need to make money forex  trading, is a trading system. 

They say, that all you need to do is follow the system and your bank account will be flooded with cash. 

Well this is just not true... 

... why?...

... because a trading system is just one small piece of a much larger forex puzzle.

The truth is... 

... to become a profitable forex trader you need a series of simple trading ideas (the trading system just being one of them). 

That when combined together, create a powerful forex money making machine that can make massive consistent profits year after year and change your life forever.

In this story I will (for the first time) reveal to you, how I discovered all the simple secrets that took me from an overworked office manager to a forex pro...

... and i'll show you how you can use these exact same simple secrets in your trading today to create your very own forex money making machine.

My name is Dean Watt and I have spent over a decade deep in the forex trenches, refining my secret trading strategies and tactics that win big out there in the real world.

I wasn't always a forex pro... in fact, when I started trading, I made every mistake in the book...

Here's my story...

I was rocked when the company I worked for suddenly got bought out by an investor group and I was laid off work and forced out of the door. I found myself unemployed for the first time in my life and the economy was in a deep recession.

After months of relentless searching, I was unable to find any work and my life started an to spiral downwards.

I was in debt and the pressure of the excessive repayments was cloaking my mind in a thick black fog of stress. So with no new job on the horizon and with a real sense of shame, I filed for bankruptcy.

In hindsight this horrible situation turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made and not because I had cleared the debt and dramatically reduced my stress levels.

But as a unexpected twist of fate would have it. I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford to pay my bankruptcy consultant or the court their fees to help me break free from the crushing mountain of debt.

So I struck a surprising deal, I would work for the bankruptcy agent for free, to pay off what I owed. After a lot of hard work and effort and 2 years later. I had become the operations director and was running the entire office of his company.

During those 2 years I promised myself that I would never be in a financial black hole again and I started researching ways to bring in some extra cash and change my life for the better.

A brief stint of buying and selling on ebay, followed by renting some old school camper vans, I soon realised that making my money work for me would be a much easier and smarter option.

So I relentlessly started researching investing in stocks and shares, but I soon found out that the return on investment was astonishingly low, and it would take what seems like an eternity to provide me the standard of living that I craved.

So my long search continued and then I stumbled upon forex trading. I instantly knew this had the power to change my life forever and fast.

I spent all my free time devouring every free resource on the net. With excitement and a real sense of hope, I started my forex journey... 

... so I started manual trading (where I make the trades myself).

I shook with excitement as I sat in front of my computer screen for the first time, I was 100% ready to change my life for the better. So like a hawk, I watched the forex market closely as it moved up and down and when an opportunity appeared, I jumped all over it.

I was determined to succeed and I traded every evening, putting my new skills to the test. I profited almost instantly and my confidence shot up to an incredible high. I was seeing my long held dream of financial freedom unfold before my very eyes.

Then all of a sudden, CRASH, my “ass got kicked”. I suddenly had lost all of my profits and then some. I realised that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. But that day I resolved myself that I could beat the system and change my life forever.

I soon learned that profitable trading is achieved by following a precise set of trading rules.

As author, educator and trading guru Robert C Miner (with over 20 years of teaching forex) taught me.

“If you are a new trader or one who has not found consistent success in the business of trading forex, you learn specific trade rules.

From how to identify high probability trade conditions. To specific entry and stop price, and exit strategies that are designed to maximise the gain from any trend”

I now had discovered that I needed a professional system to follow and instantly my trading improved, but I was still struggling to make consistent profits. Something was not right, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

 It took me about 6 months of intense research to find the missing piece of the puzzle and this piece was called “money management”.

Money management is the crucial skill of controlling how much money you put on each trade.

Now I would know before I had even traded, how much I would lose if the trade went horribly wrong.

This loss was fixed and was only a fraction of the money in my trading pot. This stopped me going broke on any single trade and kept me in the trading game long term.

You see I had learned a vital piece of the forex puzzle, that it wasn’t that you could never lose a trade, but instead you limit your loses to stay in the game and maximize your wins and grab those precious profits.

Winning more than you lose is the name of this game.

But shockingly that was not all money management gave me. There is a secret to money management that also turbo boosts your profits with no extra effort on your part.

Don’t believe me…

Here’s what I learned about money management from trading legend Larry Williams.

Larry began full time trading in 1966 but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that he introduced the concept of money money management to the world.

In 1987 Larry entered the Robins Trading Company, world cup of futures trading. What Larry did this year became legend.

Larry started his year long campaign with just $10,000 of real money. Using money management for the first time in competition. Larry grew his $10,000 to $1,100,000 and became the world champion.

Yes that’s right.. he made over a million dollars in a single year.

Here’s what Larry says about money management.

“Here it is. The most valuable thoughts I can transfer from me to you. I have nothing more of value I could possibly give you what you are about to learn. This is not an overstatement.

What I’m am going to explain. Is the formula I have used to take small amounts of money like $2,000 to over $40,000 and 10,000 to $1,100,000. these were not hypothetical victories… were talking real time, real money, real profits…

The truly shocking thing about money management is how few people want to hear about it”

I had found the amazing secret to making $1,000,000 in a year… 

... This secret is compounding.

The amazing thing is, money management keeps your money as safe as it can be. While at the same time compounding your wins for maximum profits. 

So the more money you have in your trading account, the more profits you make.

The more you win, the bigger your profits grow. The bigger the profits grow the bigger your trading account gets. The bigger your trading account gets, the more money you win, and on and on and on it goes…

It’s a virtuous cycle and its exponential…

This gives you the ability to turn small amounts of cash into vast amounts of profits very quickly…. all while keeping your money as safe as possible…

So now I had a breakthrough, I was using a professional trading system and I was controlling my money on each trade. I started to make some profits and was overjoyed with my trading results. But my confidence was misplaced as I was still struggling to make those massive profits that I had read about.

With a bit of honest self reflection I found the reason was, that no matter how hard I tried follow the trading system exactly. I would allow either greed or fear to cloud my judgement and I would close the trades too soon or too late and it was crippling me big time.

I was just getting in my own way…

So with work having a stranglehold on my time and my clouded brain tripping me up. I realised that couldn’t get out of my own way consistently enough to make the big bucks.

I had to find a completely different way.

Soon after realising that I had to take myself out of the equation, I looked into alternative ways of trading forex and settled upon robot (computer) trading.

This was the surprisingly simple answer that I was looking for, I could set up the auto systems before I started trading. They then made me money with no silly trading mistakes. They would trade exactly how they are told to trade.

I also got an unexpected bonus. By using automated trading I could now trade 24 hours a day. I could make profits even when I was at work and I would even make some cash while I was sleeping.

I was ecstatic because now I was never going to miss a trading opportunity.

But I soon discovered that trading this way needed a completely different skill set. So once again I was back to the books and searching the net. I researched, learned as much as I could and I slowly pieced together the required knowledge that I needed to make profits using trading robots.

To my amazement the profits started pouring in, I was overjoyed that I had finally cracked the code to forex success. I sat back ready to let the good times roll, and they did, for a while.

But it was just too good to be true, suddenly wins became losses and my trading account started bleeding cash.

I thought I was doing everything right, but here I was, losing money hand over fist.

I was pulling my hair out trying to solve this new mystery. I was using robots that were making profits, then for no apparent reason they would suddenly start to lose and It was putting me in the poor house.

I needed to figure out why and fast.

I would change the losing robot to a winner, but sooner or later all my robots hit the same brick wall. So yet again I had to hit the books and search for an answer…

Then when I felt completely in the dark and I had almost given up hope of ever becoming a successful forex trader that I desperately wanted to be.

The answer came from an unlikely source, Investing.

Here’s what I discovered from long term Investment guru Harry Browne. Writer on stocks, bonds and commodities (who ran as the libertarian candidate for president of the United States in the 1996 & 2000 elections).

“You can’t predict the future, because no one can know the motivations and intentions of hundreds of millions of different people. Each of whom will have an effect on next months prices, and each of whom can change their mind in unpredictable ways.”

I also discovered from Harry that trading systems don’t change…

“Trading rules are based on the unstated assumption that the world doesn’t change. But the world is in constant change – as desires change, demand changes and supplies change.

Otherwise there would be no price movements for traders to try and profit from. And these changes mean that if B followed A five times in the past, there’s no assurance A will lead to B in the future.

History doesn’t flow from a machine. And human beings are not automatons who will act in the future as they did in the past. History never repeats itself – not literally or figuratively.

Because people learn from experience, they change, and they change events”

I had finally discovered the elusive secret to why I was struggling to make consistent profits year on year. You see all markets change over time but the trading systems don’t. So you can do everything right and still fail to make a single penny in the long term.

So I asked myself one more time “what’s the solution?”.

I put all my effort into trying to solve this extremely confusing problem. So I read, studied and thought. Then read, studied and thought some more. After months of study I found the answer in investing. Specifically in “investment diversification theory”.

I had finally discovered the answer and it changed everything almost overnight. My results were suddenly jaw dropping and my profits were way beyond my wildest dreams. I was now profitable no matter where the market moved to and I made 1139% profit in 2 years.

Yes that’s right, 1139% profit. I turned $10,000 into $113,988.02 in just 2 years.

The solution was deceptively simple but brilliant, it was using a professional forex trading system and a money management system. Then combining them with the secret that I borrowed from investing, which I have called the forex stacking system (This system produced results that were simply mind blowing and changed my life forever).

Now I have finally cracked the code to forex success, I want other people like you, to profit like I had. I want to help you make serious money without the years of struggle and sacrifice. 

I want to fast track your trading success, so you to finally grab the cash that you deserve.

I’ll admit to you that I’m no Albert Einstein, I’m just a regular guy. So if I can make huge profits forex trading, then I know that you can too.

You can make massive profits no matter what the markets are doing.

You see, I have developed a forex trading tutorial that gives forex traders (just like you) an unfair advantage to making fast, easy and consistent profits. 

Even if you have never traded before.

You will ...
Rake in a fortune forex trading while working a brutal 60 hour work week… an easy way to massive profits by harnessing the “secret tech of high finance”… (even if your confused by computers!) Move like lightening through the 3 steps of forex mastery: from “no clue at all” to “I can do this” in just a few short hours… (you’ll be trading profitably before other rookies have made their first cent!) Become a trading master…the 7 professional trading strategies that “crack the code” and transform your trading… grab the power of the pros and begin earning the fortune you deserve…  Avoid the nightmarish hidden forex traps by using my super secret trading road map… Saving you time, money and stress… this easy to follow road map propels your trading into the stratosphere and is the “key to gigantic forex profits” in record time!
 How to turbo charge your profits and keep your money safe with one incredible secret tactic of the big boys… that broke everyday traders just “don’t have a clue” about.
 Quickly profit when opportunity appears… Harness the power of exponential growth, With just 2 clicks you’ll grow your wealth fast, with this simple easy tool…
 (Why your “fortune” depends on some basic tactics)… Quickly become the “go to guy” for all forex knowledge…grab the insider information that unlocks your hidden trading genius… 
 Make an astonishing amount of cash forex trading… (even if you have limited savings)… discover the secret strategies of the forex millionaires …that supercharges “small amounts of cash” into a massive fat stacks… (faster than you ever dreamed possible)…

Here's why it's so critical for you...

If you want to have the forex success that you deserve but don't know where to start. 

Don't worry...

I have taken complete beginners just like you and walked them step by step down the road to forex success. I give you all the tools, knowledge and confidence to trade forex in a way that combines traditional trading strategies with my secret trading method.

This unique combination gives you the best chance of success. Allowing you to finally crack the code of forex trading and start to bring the extra money that you deserve into your life.

Remember, I was just like you, someone who worked their fingers to the bone in a full time job, and had the dream to make a significant extra income forex trading.

When you follow the simple proven step by step forex trading tutorial, you get “by design” an extra layer of safety that you won’t get any where else.

It’s specifically designed to skew forex trading in your favour, by automatically limiting your losses, while simultaneously unleashing the truly amazing power of unlimited gains.

Giving you a cheat code, to consistently win way more than you lose and fill your pockets with fat stacks of cash, fast.

Once you have learned the proven professional forex trading strategies and combined them with my unique and easy to implement secret trading method, then you can practically guarantee your success.

You can grow your profits in the fastest time and in the safest way possible, so you can finally start to live the life you have always dreamed of.

I am so confident that I can help you have the ultimate forex success that you deserve. I have put my money where my mouth is and taken all the risk for you…

You can start your amazing forex journey today for much less than a price of a coffee… (I’m sticking my neck out here by allowing you to see every pro tip and tactic that I know).

So when you sign up today (it’s so simple you will do it in less than 2 minutes) you will get instant full access to my simple proven step by step forex training tutorial for 7 days for only $1.

Yes, you get instant access to the complete course for $1 for 7 days.

You have access to a complete manual trading course, a complete robot trading course, my forex TV channel, live currency rates, my personal money management system, my personal forex stacking system and much much more.

There are courses out there that you could pay thousands of dollars to just learn how to manual trade and they wouldn’t even tell you how to manage your money. They sell you just one part of the journey but not whole map.

I give you the complete road map to success, just start following the simple proven steps that I have laid out for you and take your first steps to becoming a forex master.

And to make it an even more amazing for you, instead of charging you thousands of dollars for all these amazing professional strategies, tactics and tools. I have a simple “pay as you learn” membership option.


Well that's simple, if you spend thousands of dollars on a forex trading course, you will have less money in your pocket to trade with and as a result you will make a lot less profits.

In fact you will have to make enough profits to cover the cost of the course to just break even... and this could take a year or more.

So I have priced my course at a low monthly price, so you have way more money to trade with and as a result, you can make massive profits.

With just one good trade a month you can easily more than cover the cost of your monthly membership.

I know you will be really happy with your forex trading tutorial membership (and the massive profits that you could make), so I have made it really simple for you to stay the course and reach your ultimate goal of becoming a forex master.

It couldn’t be simpler, you just do nothing and you will be automatically billed after your 7 day $1 trial expires.

However if for any reason you feel this proven forex trading course is not for you (at anytime). Just click on the cancel subscription button (and follow the instructions to cancel) within the 7 day trial period and you will never be billed full membership fee.

So grab your opportunity of a lifetime, to finally learn the secrets of the pros, become a forex master and grow your personal wealth faster than you ever dreamed possible.

This amazing 7 day $1 trial is only available for the next 7 days.

You see, I am running a marketing test, I want to find out if more people sign up for the $1 trial and then stay in my forex trading tutorial as long term paying members.

And to sweeten the pot, I have added a lifetime monthly 50% discount membership of $47 (regular price $97 per month, saving you $600 per year) to the free trial offer as a thank you for being an action taker while this test is running.

But remember this amazing offer is only available for the next 7 days.

But that’s not all you get when you sign up today…

You’ll also get access to my mega valuable free forex bonuses, that keep you on track and give you access to the insider information that only a handful of the top pros even have a clue about.

The first bonus you get today is priceless and is specifically designed to put you on the fast track to forex success.

I’ve called it “the email fast track”. This is a complete email training series that takes you by the hand and walks you through each and every step in my forex training program.

The email fast track is designed to make your learning as simple and fast as it can be.

This essential training takes one topic at a time, manual trading, automated trading, forex stacking and more. It starts with the foundations, building up your knowledge piece by piece until before you know it, you will be a forex master.

Your second free bonus is in my opinion is my greatest invention and I could easily sell this course for $999 or more (for the massive profits you can make once you start using these secret tactics).

I’m not sure why I letting this secret out, but if it helps change your life for the better then you can send me a thank you card (and buy me a beer too : ) ).

I’ve simply called this free bonus the “the free money system”. This system is simple but deadly effective. It turbo charges your trading by giving you massive extra profits for every single trade you make, with no extra risk or effort on your part.

By following the simple, easy video and written instructions, you will unlock the hidden power of the free money system in your life.

I can’t overstate this enough. The free money system really is a game changer.

You simply make your trades as normal and make your usual profits, then extra bonus cash pours into your bank account (by simply setting up your trading in a secret way that I show you).

The free money system is designed to set you free and when combined with the forex stacking system, you have a money printing machine at you fingertips.

The sad truth is that 95% of all forex traders lose their money. So if you’re interested in becoming one of the few traders that crack the code to forex riches…

You can, when you trade forex my way, I can promise to put you firmly in the top 5%. You will quickly master the simple steps to forex success and build yourself a money making machine…

One that can churn out consistent profits year in, year out. So you can continually accumulate wealth while paying yourself an ever increasing income.

You will learn the easiest way to master forex trading, fast. So you can forget the long boring hours sitting in front of your computer screen. This proven trading system will show you how to trade 24 hours a day with as little as just 2 hours of you own precious time a week.

I know it sounds unbelievable… But I’m not saying your going to be rich overnight. Anyone who promises instant wealth with no work is trying to con you.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme…

What I’m saying is, this system is designed to build your wealth consistently overtime with the minimal amount of effort. It’s all about growing your wealth consistently year after year, while you’re living your life to the full.

Because in forex the more money you have, the more you make. When you compound your profits, you can quickly transform small amounts of money into massive fortunes faster than you ever dreamed possible.

What you’re going to get today is my proven step by step, forex money making machine… 

You get my start up guide, a manual trading course, a robot trading course, my money management tools, live currency rate tool, in depth forex articles library, a 3 part beginners video series, how to connect to the forex market training and my forex TV channel.

Plus you will also get your hands on my amazing free bonuses “the email fast track” and “the free money system”.

It could cost you $2999 or more to get your hands on all of these proven professional forex trading tools, tactics and strategies. (and that’s assuming that you already know what tools, tactics and strategies you need to succeed).

In fact one single tip that I reveal will save you at least $50 per month and more than cover the monthly cost of this forex course (in fact it practically makes it free).

But you can grab everything that you need to become a forex master today for $1, and then continue your forex journey to financial freedom for an unbelievable lifetime monthly discounted price of $47 (saving you $600 per year).

You finally have the opportunity of a lifetime to grab your complete road map to forex riches, allowing you unleash the massive forex profits that you deserve and finally start to live the truly amazing life, that you have always dreamed of.

Just click the $1 Trial button below and follow the simple sign process to get instant access to your forex trading tutorial.

Kind Regards

Dean Watt

P.S – You will also get a free gift, just for signing up for your 7 day free trial… You will get to keep your access to the 3 part “beginners guide to forex trading” video series (which I could easily sell for $97)… this video training is yours to keep forever, as a thank you from me to you for trying out my forex trading tutorial…

P.P.S – Zero risk, If your not happy for any reason, then just click the cancel membership button (and follow the simple instructions) within you 7 day trial period and you won’t be charged.

You'll Get...

A game changing step by step Forex Trading Course...

Plus Bonus 1 - the email fast track

Plus Bonus 2 - the free money system

All For....

$97  $47  per month, saving you over $600 per year.

*Remember you can cancel at any time.


Really, everything you need to know

I was completely clueless. Just a guy with a dream of making some extra cash forex trading. Dean not only shows you every trading technique that you need to be successful, but he has laid it out in an easy to follow step by step fashion. Dean made it so easy, I could even do it.

 - Adrian Jones, Liverpool, England.

Just bought a new car!

Before I became a member of Forex Trading Tutorial, I couldn’t even make a profit on a practice account. Now I make enough each month to cover the payment on a brand new car. My friends can’t believe it!

 - Jason Reed, Sydney, Australia

Put me on the right path…

Before I thought that I couldn’t lose any trades to make money forex trading. Dean showed me that everyone loses a trade at some point, but you had to limit your losses and maximise your wins to profit long term in this game. This one tip allowed me to start making consistent profits and finally grow my trading account.

- Sam Hogg, London, England.

So Grab Your 7 Day $1 Trial Before It's Too Late!

[ 7 Day $1 Trial Click Here ]

PS, don't forget your in complete control of your forex trading tutorial subscription and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel you will not be able to access any paid content. 

PPS, your 7 day $1 trial automatically enrols you into forex trading tutorial $47 monthly discount membership. If you do not wish to continue your membership, then your subscription must be cancelled within 7 days of sign up (or you will be charged). 

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