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Let me give you a valuable trading strategy
that you can use Today 
to make 20, 60 and up to 120 pips! 
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before you decide, let me give you a valuable trading strategy that you can use today to make 20, 60 and up to 120 pips! 
[ Click Here to Get Your Free Forex Strategy NOW ]


The Forex Mentor Trading Course


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A message from a valued subscriber

"Joseph, I am one of your new subscribers, I just started using your service after you changed it to a monthly service and I can't tell you how happy I am! Since Friday May 22 you have made me just a little over $923. in my real account! 
I know that I should be prepared for some losses but this is fantastic, and all this in three trading days. I am looking forward to more"

Read Your 5-Point Program Overview, Then Register Below To Lock In This Ridiculously Low Price!
YES, I understand that I am purchasing a monthy membership, I will only pay $150.00 today and in four months Joseph will send me a payment link to continue my membership if I want to. YES! I understand that the Forex Mentor Trading Course is what I am purchasing and it is a password protected membership site with all of the educational material, (ebook and worksheet download, videos) located in separate sections (see below for full trading course sections). YES! I understand that I will also be receiving all of the Bonuses that are available on this page for no extra charge. YES! I understand that Joseph will be conducting monthly coaching sessions and I can get help during these live sessions or I can watch the recorded version if I miss the live session.
YES! I understand that my membership also entitles me to video updates and and ebook updates when available. YES! I understand that with my monthly membership I will also get free email trade alerts on the major pairs.

What You're Getting TODAY...
 13 Modules with 100+ Video Lessons so you can learn my trading system in a step by step method. You will always know exactly what to do each day. Includes the 30 Day shortcut program and The Forex Mentor Trading Course (aka) the Magic Trading Model system (new trade examples added) ($2,997 Value)  Subscription to the Private Members Only Email Trade Alerts and Updates so you can learn to correctly apply the strategies you will learn in the Forex Mentor Trading Course. This will help to ensure you execute the trades correctly.
 ($1,788 Value)  Once a Month Live Coaching Calls so you can get one on one training from Joseph personally to work thru any problem you are having. ($3,988 Value)  Access to All Previous Recorded Coaching Calls so you can learn from other students that have the same problems and how we work together to fix those issues. ($1,794 Value)

Total Value:  $10,567

A personal message from Joseph (your new Forex coach)

"I'm looking forward to teaching you my complete trading system. This is "My Life's Work" and it is the best I have to offer you. The strategies you will learn in this course have changed my life and allowed me to become a full-time trader. This information and the advice I will share with you will help you avoid making the mistakes that usually puts new traders out of business... I want to help you avoid the loss and pain that most traders experience. I also look forward to helping you make sure your successful trading results come quickly and efficiently so you get the Real results YOU want- so you can trade profitably for years to come."

Once you complete the registration purchase you will get instant access to the members' area (with FULL ACCESS) and you can start right away with no delay!

You pay $150.00 today and you have access to everything right away. On the very next page after you complete your signup/purchase, you will have immediate access to the membership site and everything you purchased. You can cancel anytime by sending us an email letting us know that you would like to stop your subscription, you can send us email to theforexmentor2018@gmail.com

Here's what you will get...

*Ultimate Traders Course Home Study Program, FULL VERSION. (valued at $2,750) you will get immediate access to a brand new, totally upgraded members area with 24-hour access to all the lessons and tutorials. This also includes all worksheets and trading manuals.

*Forex Email TRADE ALERTS!!!-  Included with your monthly membership, you will get email trade alerts for the majors (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and now get email alerts for EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY. These trade alerts have a "precise entry", take profit level and stop loss placement. Trade alerts can result in hundreds of pips each month. (this is a great learning tool, you will get trade alerts for the same strategies you will learn in the trading course) valued at $149 per month

BONUS #1: Once-A-Month Live Coaching Workshop. This legendary trading program continues with Live Coaching Calls once a month where I will personally teach you advanced principles for growing your Forex Trading business. ($7,500.00 value is used for 12 months coaching)

Bonus #2: The Pips in the Bank workshop seminar videos learn to trade the three primary trading techniques to complete your training (three training videos) ($395. value)

Bonus #3: Weekend Update Analysis Videos to start your trading week off right ($149. value)

Bonus #4: My Full Ebook Library of books I've written and worksheets and checklists ($99. value)

Bonus #5: Joseph's millionare secret journal videos (valued at $5,000)

Order Summary

This is a Monthly Subscription Membership!
*You pay $150 today and then 
*You pay $150 in 30 days to continue your membership
*Your membership/subscription will continue until you decide to cancel your membership
*You can cancel anytime
*Your credit card will be charged every 30 days until you cancel for 12 months.

Monthly Subscription:
You Only Pay $150.00

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Inside The Forex Mentor Trading Course

Section One: Intro "The 30 Day Short Cut" 

 Trader Psychology and Mindset:
 -The Trader that lost $500,000 in a private chat room and lost his family too
 -The Pain from NOT Following the Plan
 -Peter Lynch: Losing half a Billion dollars- From Fear to Hero because of Mindset
 -What Success as a Trader is Really Like (hear from real day traders who have made it)
 -How to get your spouse to approve and accept your desire to day trade
 -Trading Myths and Total Lies
 -Mindset Trader Exercises: Time to "Man Up"
 -FX Simulator: (instructions and weekly homework)
 -Setting Effective Goals for traders
 -Creating your Ultimate Trading Environment
 -Grade Your Trades: Personal accountability and worksheets (change your focus)
 -Journaling: What's the purpose and how to do it correctly
 -"The Student Who Wouldn't Study" (case study)
 -Success and Failure Thermostat
 -When you are ready to quit!
 -Disrupting Negative Thought Patterns
 -The Psychological Impact of Staring at Your Account Balance
 -Getting into the Zone and starting your day right
 -How to increase your confidence and stay with your trade
 -Establishing the right lifestyle patterns for trading
 -Bouncing Back after a Big Trading Loss
 -Circle the problems worksheet
 -Getting the support of your spouse
 -Are you comfortable using this system?
 -What's holding you back?
 -Removing the psychological blocks
 -Trading Tips "In the Heat of the Moment"

 -Intro: Two Primary Trading Techniques "The 30 Day Short Cut" start here
 -How to determine which techniques to start using

Basic Training:
-How to start your trading day
-Four Point Trade Filters
-Four Point Trade Filters (adding the News)
-Four Point Trade Filters (using the USD as a market indicator)
-Four Point Trade Filters (using Japanese Yen Futures)
-How to use the A,B,C, price swing method to correctly use Fibonacci tools
-How to identify "Tops" and "Bottoms"
-How to use Fulcrum and Pivot Points
-Using Bollinger Bands with the Continuation Breakout Technique
-How to use Japanese Yen Futures to determine the market environment
-How to determine breakouts- targets and the development of a trend
-Entries and Stops- Trade Reviews
-Tech One Trade (Special Conditions Stop Loss placement and targets)

Tips for setting up your Forex Trading Plan:
- Creating Your Blueprint Trading Plan
 -Outlining Your Trading Plan
 -How to set up the right Trading Goals
 -Grade Your Trades Instead of Picking Pips
 -My "Old Trading Rules" worksheet

Section Two: The HL30 Technique

 -The HL30 Technique (how to trade it)
 -HL30 Technique (trade tips)
 -HL30 and Breakout trades in the same trade (live trade examples)
 -HL30 Trade on the EUR/JPY 40 pips profit
 -Weekend workshop** HL30 technique how to use and make 20 to 60 pips profit in the morning
 -Closed Market Analysis Exercise (CMA) HL30 on the majors November 22 to November 27
 -HL30 Live trade and additional rules to make better trades part one
 -HL30 Live trade and additional rules to make better trades part two
 -HL30 Setups on the GBP/JPY (Bigger Profits)
 -Perfect Example: When NOT to trade an HL30 (must watch part one)
 -Perfect Example: When TO trade an HL30 (must watch part two)

Section Three: The Continuation Breakout Technique

 -How to execute the Continuation Breakout Technique
 -Consolidation and Continuation Breakout Trade Tips (how to correctly find consolidation)
 -How to find the end of a move (the end of a trend) and not get stuck in a "Head-fake"
 -Continuation breakout on all time frames and how to detect the last continuation in a trend
 -Three Pip entry rule and how to prevent failed breakout trades
 -How to identify and trade consolidation (continuation trade tips)

Section Four: The Tech One Trade

 -How to identify and trade the "Tech One" trade
 -"Tech One" trade: When NOT to use this technique
 -"Tech One" trade: Introduction (video one)
 -"Tech One" trade: (video two)
 -"Tech One" trade: (video three) using the tech one trade with the news
 -Pips in the Pocket Bonus Course (The Tech One Trade) video one
 -Pips in the Pocket Bonus Course (The Tech One Trade) video two
 -Pips in the Pocket Bonus Course (The Tech One Trade) video three

Section Five: The T2 Pattern 

 -How to trade the T2 Pattern for Reversals

Section Six: The IMP Crown Pattern

 -IMP Crown Pattern 4 Hour chart
 -IMP Bull Crown Pattern USD/JPY 6-25
 -IMP Bear Crown Pattern AUD/USD 6-8

Section Seven: The Closed Market Analysis Exercise (CMA)

 -CMA GBP/JPY 11-25 to 11-30 2007. IMP Crown Pattern
 -CMA HL30 on GBP and EUR 7-29 thru 8-2
-How to use the FXBlue Simulator

Section Eight: The Traders Mind. "Trading Psychology" 
and Exercises

 -Circle the problems worksheet
 -Getting the support of your spouse
 -Are you comfortable using this system?
 -What's holding you back?
 -Removing the psychological blocks
 -Trading Tips "In the Heat of the Moment"

Section Nine: Building your Trading Business

Section Ten: Trader Resources

 -Set up your email account to receive email trade alerts
 -Free News Service
 -Economic Calendar
 -Merrill's Patterns (How to spot reversals patterns- advanced)
 -Fibonacci Tool (calculator)
 -Currency Strength Meter
 -Fibonacci Trader Charts
 -Library of Forex Trader Books
 -Free Bollinger Bands resources

Section Eleven: Workshop Replay

This section is previously recorded weekend workshop lessons

Section Twelve: MTM Alumni Chat Room Discussions (Archive)

Chat room transcription (great way to read the questions and answers to trade alerts and lessons)

Section Thirteen: Weekend Analysis Video Updates

Each week a new video analysis is posted in the members' area. In the video, I analyze the potential trade setups for the start of the new week and look for swing trade setups.

This is a Complete Trading System and there is Nothing Else To Buy!

Each section is complete with video lessons and worksheets and ebook manuals

So... what do my subscribers say?

S: Private Forex Trader

"What impresses me most is that your losses are very small,
I have not seen a loss larger than -21 pips since I started using your service. I've been watching your trading behavior and you have truly met all my expectations so far.
thank you Joseph and I am looking forward to using your trade service for a very long time to come.
(oh, forgot to mention, I have seen over 189 pips in the last week from your trades)"

S: Private Forex Trader

"Hi Joseph,
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You don't know how thankful and grateful I am that you set up this service for me and others like myself. I was literally jumping up and down after I read your email!! You have just given me (and my family) the BEST mother's day gift ever! I feel like a ton of bricks has just been taken off my shoulders!
Thanks again for sharing your talent and time in trading the forex market with me! You truly are a gift from Heaven!!"

Private Forex Trader

"Hi Joseph,
I'm setting this up to make as much as I can. It took me a little while to fund my account so I could use the standard lot. I need this to make me as much money as possible.
Friday was my first day using your service on the live account with the standard lot.
My total results are $526.31! I am really hopeful this is a glimpse into the future. I have already earned back the price I paid for your service in the first day and if you can keep this up I'm estimating that I could earn more than I make at my present job. This is a blessing.
Now I know there will be losses but if what you say is true, that you can earn the losses back then I have confidence that you are the guy to finally deliver the goods! Thank you Joseph"

Private Forex Trader

"Dear Joseph,
I have been trading forex for 6 years ! I have spent a few days studying all the clips from your website and know your trade is one of the best trading signals available. Not only that, you provide free seminar on trading.
You are a genuine and a true trading teacher, not only you are willing to share your trade experience. You are willing to teach. I hereby like to thank you for letting me in your service.
May God bless you !!"

Private Forex Trader

"I was going to give up trading but then I found your website and watched some of your videos (several times) and I just knew you were the guy that could really help me. I want you to know how much your help means to me, I can’t believe I am finally making money and what’s more, I’m keeping my profits not giving it back. I made $947 last week and I have never done that before. I owe it all to you. You’re the best Joseph"

Private Forex Trader

"Hi Joseph.
My first trade came thru in my account and I'm already up $330. (this paid for the service and the rest is all profits)
You see the last signal service I used blew up my account. within the first 3 days of using another service, they opened more than 27 trades. Most of them were losing trades and only three were closed with a small profit. The other trades that remained open continued until they were negative more than 100 pips. This caused my account to be wiped out. I am starting over now and I chose to do so with your service.
I am pretty sure that you get emails like this all the time, I not complaining and I know that I should give it all some time before I realize the profits your service will give me
but I'm just excited and grateful that I decided to use your service. Thank you and God bless your family for supporting you in what you do"

Private Forex Trader

"Joseph, I am one of your new subscribers, I just started using your service after you changed it to a monthly service and I can't tell you how happy I am! Since Friday May 22 you have made me just a little over $923. in my real account!
I know that I should be prepared for some losses but this is fantastic, and all this in three trading days. I am looking forward to more"

Private Forex Trader

"I gotta just say WOW! That was pretty amazing. I was shocked how close you got to the bottom of that price swing... you took out the trade at 131.326 right before it shot back up I was having you trade .33 lots and made $111.58 in profits. No clues how you nailed the bottom of that price swing so close, but it was AWESOME! Keep up the awesomeness my good man!"

Private Forex Trader

"Really Great Stuff!! Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the material that you sent me the other day. You really did not have to do that and I really appreciate it. You are really one of a kind in this business. One of the good guys for sure. The new material really is really fantastic, last night I traded just one of the setup you showed and on 3 different pairs, and made over 2Gs. I look forward to taking your trading program! Thanks again and have a great weekend"

Private Forex Trader

"This was awesome! I sleep when you are usually trading and I woke up to see this in my account, 31 pips! Thanks again Joseph."

Private Forex Trader

"Joseph, This message is from my family as much as it is from me. I would like to start by saying thank you so much for all your help and this is from the bottom of my heart.

I watched several of your videos on your website before signing up as your student and you mentioned in many of your videos that most of your students have a lot of trading experience before finding you.  
I am one of those guys. I have been trading for four years and is much as I hate to admit it, I have blown up three trading accounts.  My wife is extremely upset with me the last time I did it and she made me promise to stop trading because it always ended the same way. 

Then a few months back I saw one of your tweets and clicked on the link to your site and then watch the first three videos you had. You then sent me a link to watch a coaching webinar and I watched the whole thing. 
I haven’t seen anything like it. I have tried many signal services are chat rooms and they don’t say the things you say. That’s the first thing that stood out to me. 

I waited a couple of days later and then watched a few other short videos of you and then I decided you with a guy that could really help me this time but I had to get my wife involved because I didn’t feel I could trust my judgment.  She listened to your video and she said, if this guy is lying… He’s got to be the best BS artist because I can even understand what he’s saying. 

She was so impressed and after two more days of talking to her, I convinced her to support me and let me try Forex trading one more time with your guidance.   

I also appreciate that you took the time to talk to her on Skype too, you really didn’t have to do that but it shows you are willing to help me and shows that you have nothing to hide Thank you again"

Private Forex Trader

I have been throwing myself at Forex every way I could for two years.  I have spent up to 18 hours a day in front of my charts. I have made thousands of trades. I am passionate about trading. It is not for everyone, but trading is for me. I love it. I cannot stop. 

And I have taken lots of training. So I came to you ready and with a certain level of experience and knowledge and commitment.
But I was not making money until one month ago.

And I am doing it with your three strategies. I have abandoned my swing trades altogether.  I just day trade using your strategies. 
I also want to say that if you were not providing the help  I don’t think I would be having this success.  The help makes a big difference. It is very important to me. 

When I feel nervous about being able to continue to succeed,  I take refuge in knowing that you are available to help me. 
That increases my confidence and confidence is a big  part of my trading success.  

I think the most important thing is that I really am trading using your day trading strategies.  I am not using anyone else’s strategies. 
I will never be able to thank you enough, and that is the real truth!!!

Still Aren't Sure?

let me give you a valuable trading strategy that you can use today to make 20, 60 and up to 120 pips! 
[ Click Here to Get Your Free Forex Strategy NOW ]

The Forex Mentor Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved.

DISCLAIMER: Any Trading statements or figures stated on my website are my personal trading results. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of trading since 2001, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action! If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGNUP FOR THIS MEMBERSHIP.
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