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Here are just a few of the key features inside my INCREDIBLE Crypto Signals X Service.

Delivered daily via EMAIL. (Easy to use)
Sent between - 7am - 9am EST. (Easy to follow)

1-4 sig per day, 7 - 28 per week. (Easy to trade)

Profits of 5% - 30% per trade (SL of just 2-3%)
One-Time Billing Only. No Recurring Billing.


It’s a simple 2-minute process to check your email and then places your trades at your crypto exchange.


Here are just a few of the key features inside my INCREDIBLE Crypto Signals X Service.

Delivered daily via EMAIL. (Easy to use)
Sent between - 7am - 9am EST. (Easy to follow)

1-4 sig per day, 7 - 28 per week. (Easy to trade)

Profits of 5% - 30% per trade (SL of just 2-3%)
One-Time Billing Only. No Recurring Billing.


It’s a simple 2-minute process to check your email and then places your trades at your crypto exchange.


I’ve busted a “HIDDEN LOOPHOLE” wide open which has been generating incredible wealth.

And by doing so, I’ve stumbled upon some of the hottest performing trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market.

Strategies that could make you a quick windfall of cash.

Just like it did for me and my elite group of members... Who scored 85 times their original investment by trading with my Crypto Signals X service. And now you can follow their lead and strike it rich too... We’ve even arranged for you to gain access so you can try it risk-free for the next 60 days.

But perhaps you’re wondering…

Why would I release my signals for you at a time when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been falling from their 2017 highs?

Why is trading cryptos and not investing and holding cryptocurrencies the way forward?

Finally, who am I — and why did I decide to release my Crypto Signals X service to the public?

I go by the name of MR X.

You may be wondering why I do not publish my real name.

Well... with the increasing rise of crypto criminals from all walks of life.

It's extremely dangerous for me to reveal my TRUE identity.

Let me tell you a recent story about one crypto investor who had $425,000 stolen at gunpoint.

Pavel Nyashin, 23, had reportedly posted videos on the internet showing piles of cash on the internet he had made - while revealing his address.

The robbery took place at his flat just outside St Petersburg in January 2018.

His heartbroken mum said a large amount of the stolen cash belonged to potential Bitcoin investors and he was unable to pay them back.

The cottage where he was staying was raided by a gang dressed in Santa Claus costumes where they made him make the transfer as well as beating him up.

Makushin’s mother told the Ren TV channel that he could have taken his own life because of the debt.The 23-year old man had a popular YouTube channel with almost 20,000 subscribers.

He positioned himself as cryptocurrency trader and investor. Another Robbery that took place In February 2018, creator of cryptocurrency PRISM, Yury Mayorov, was robbed of 300 bitcoin worth $3 million at the time, as well as $20,000 in cash and three iPhones.

In December 2017, a managing director of UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Exmo, Pavel Lerner, was kidnapped in Kiev.

Other bitcoin-related suicides have also been reported. In February 2018, a Korean student committed a suicide after losing a considerable amount of money in digital currency after reportedly suffering from depression.

3 Months later he is found DEAD in his apartment.

Treat this as a WARNING to remove any target from your back by keeping your wealth to yourself.

For all of you potential crypto traders out there you can refer to me only as Mr. X, do Not ask for my personal information or to reveal my identity as I must be extremely cautious to protect myself, my family and my cryptocurrency wealth.

I advise my members to do the same, please do not disclose your earnings on social media and tell everyone how RICH you have become once you start creating wealth with my software.

Forbes reports if you invested just $100 in the top 10 cryptocurrencies of last year ($1,000 total), you could have banked a yearly profit of $64,707…

And if you did like me and bought into bitcoin way back in 2014, you could have ridden it from $400 a coin all the way up to $20,000.

But now in 2018, after a brutal sell-off… And the major media proclaiming the “death of Bitcoin”…

You might wonder, is it still possible to make those types of gains in cryptocurrencies?

I can answer without hesitation… YES.

As you know, cryptocurrencies were the biggest investment story of 2017…

We deliver high value expert selections advice on a daily basis all year round and with a professional team of researchers its’ not hard to see why we were voted #1 UK Racing Service by our customers…

“Fat Body Burner is simply the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Everything is so well explained and easy to understand and do. I can see this working for the rest of my life. The results have been amazing.” ~Patricia, 41, Bournemouth, UK

“Do you remember Chunk from the Goonies? The truffle shuffle?

I used to do it to entertain my friends in school. I used to laugh along, but I was dying on the inside when I look back at it. I’d always struggled with my weight. Then, early last year my sister recommended the Fat Body Burner to me as she had lost 15 pounds using it.

I thank her every day for that advice. I’m 18 months in and have lost almost 40 pounds and still going strong! I feel great, and I’ve started dating someone seriously for the first time in my life, at the age of 38. The best thing is no longer feeling like a failure. I hated being the butt of everyone’s jokes. I don’t sweat and get out of breath climbing stairs anymore. I can buy nice clothes that aren’t from the plus-size store.

Now I can be myself without feeling ashamed, and I owe it all to this program. Thanks Sarah and Dave for creating a program that works and has given me a new lease of life!” ~Paul, 38, Texas

“I must have spent 10 years trying to lose weight. To be honest, after trying dozens of diet books and eating plans I was on the verge of giving up altogether. That’s why I almost didn’t get the Fat Body Burner.

I’m so glad I did though, it’s made a huge difference to my life. I fit into clothes that I haven’t worn since my early twenties. I feel so confident. It’s great!The thing I like the most about the program is that it isn’t a typical diet.

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I love the fact that I now understand how my body works. I didn’t realize that hormones could be contributing to me staying fat and that I could change and re-balance them. This is awesome stuff. It’s changed my life so much I don’t recognize the old me anymore!” ~Suzanne, 33, Pennsylvania

How do you pick winning signals day-after-day?

Long Shot Sniper Method of Selection:

1 – We will only ever pick long-shots with odds of between 7/1 and 33/1. It is very rare for horses to come in at over 33/1 odds and there is no point you betting on a horse at less than 7/1 if you plan on making money in the long run with picking long-shots.

2 – Never bet on the junior and amateur races as it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a winner. They are so unstable that any horse can win so there’s no way you can make any appropriate selections.

3 – Never back on a horse that has fallen in its last eight races. If it falls, then there is a high chance it will fall again in the future. Do not let it be this race.

4 – If the horse came 5th or lower in the previous race at the same course then ignore it entirely.

5 – AGAIN: Remember you do not need to win every bet. We will be aiming for a super low strike rate of just 5-10%. Yes, with JUST a 5-10% Strike Rate you can profit every month with Long Shot Sniper using as little as £2 Stakes. You will need just one win out of every 10 - 20 bets to end up in profit.

PLEASE NOTE: We exceed the strike rate expectations on a regular basis, but we have to make this clear from the get-go that losing runs may occur. We select horse's with high odds and often hit a 20%+ Win Rate which is incredible but remembers we only need 5-10% strike rate each month for us to hit profit which is the number 1 aim of our service.

Investor & Market Sentiment Gauge (IMSG) - This is based on a complex set of algorithms that keeps you one step ahead of the market so that you will be on the winning side time and time again.

Market Momentum & Power Indicator (MMPI) - The ultimate indicator system, warns you if a coin is on an upswing, or if it’s tumbling downhill!

Price Reversal Predictor (PRP) System - Tweaked to perfection trading strategies calculate trade confidence/ strength/likelihood of the signals. Each signal provides multiple exit point triggers; our leading signals are highly accurate.

Enhanced User Interface - The MOST trader friendly user experience delivered through our proprietary member's area & via the telegram messaging app makes it easy to apply for any level of trader to apply.



Q1: When do you deliver the tips?

Answer: Tips are sent between 8 am - 11 am GMT every morning of racing with full details of times and odds provided by top bookmakers and exchanges

Q2: How many selections should I expect to receive per day?

Answer: You will receive one selection on a daily basis subject to the racing calendar and meetings meeting our placement criteria as defined above.

Q3: How much do I need for a betting bank?

Answer: We recommend you use a 100 point bank. So each bet is 2% of your annual betting bank.

Q4: Is this risk free?

Answer: We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to ensure if you are not satisfied you can have your full membership payment back.

Q5: Can I bet from my any bookmaker?

Answer: You can use any bookmaker to place the bets - you need one which lets you bet on UK horse racing.

Q6: How do I know this service will work for me?

Answer: Anyone can potentially profit from our tips. There is nothing complicated to follow, and you will have no problem getting the odds we give.

Q7: Can I cancel anytime?

Answer: Of course! If you wish to cancel email us at support@longshotsniper.com and we will stop your membership. There are no recurring payments to be taken when you sign up and once your membership expires you will be sent a new payment link to continue.

Q8: I haven't received my tips, what should I do?

Answer: lease email us at support@longshotsniper.com, and we will make sure you get your membership set up correctly. Please allow us time to respond we reply to ALL emails.



I want you to take my offer seriously!

So I will offer you EXCLUSIVE access to Crypto Signals X for the FULL 3 Months for just $37! That works out at less than $0.40 a day!


Get My Signals For a FULL 3 Months For Only $37 (That's Less Than $0.40 A DAY)!


I’m so confident that you’ll begin seeing brilliant results with the Crypto Signals X that I’m willing to let you test-drive the service for a full 60 days…

If there's anything about the system you don't love, just send us an email, and we’ll give you all of your money back.

In this CRAZY market condition, there is NO TIME to take waste. Do NOT allow banks or brokers to control your money. Allow yourself to take action and get ready to secure safe and steady returns 24/7.


With Crypto Signals X when you take immediate action.


The Crypto Signals X service is available NOW...

If you require any assistance please email us direct at support@cryptosignalsx.com.

Crypto Signals X will NOT be available at this low entrance price forever, hesitation will cost you dearly.

See you on the inside,

& The Crypto Signals X Team.


I understand that I will have three months access to Crypto Signals X for a one-time payment of just $37.

I understand that I can put it to work for 60 full days and if I’m not 100% happy with the results I will receive a full refund of the purchase price – No questions asked, no forms to fill out and no hassles.






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