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Little Known Secrets To Get Top Search Engine Listings

Little Known Secrets To Get Top Search
Engine Listings Fast

(former President & CEO of a profitable search engine reveals all)

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Who Are You Learning From?

There was once a jeweler in a small town. He had a small shop in
the center of town and above it was a clock.

Many people would set their watches to the jeweler's clock. 
One man in particular walked by every morning for the last 20
years, set his watch, and continue on to work.

One day the jeweler decided to introduce himself. The next day
when the man was setting his watch, he went outside to say

The jeweler asked him what he did.

"I've got a very important job and you help me do it." said the
man. "I'm the guy at the factory who blows the whistle when it's
time to start work and when it's time to leave. Your clock has
kept the factory working on time for almost twenty years."

"That's funny," said the jeweler. "For almost twenty years, I've
been setting my clock to when the whistle blows."

These guys could have been off by days without even knowing it. 
Unfortunately, the same thing could be true in regards to your
search engine marketing efforts.

In this special "behind-closed-doors" presentation
you'll discover...

Everything you need to know to get free
natural top listings on all of the major

search engines within days.
(Natural listings - where the search engines spider
your site and include your site in the search
results.  Natural listings don't cost a thing
and are not "sponsor" or "paid for" listings.)


If you are currently advertising and paying per
click to drive traffic to your site, imagine how
much you would save each month by getting free top
listings on the search engines yourself within days.


How to get top listings and turn around and
sell the traffic for $2 per click.  This
is the #1 surefire tactic to generate
tremendous revenue because you get paid for every
click, regardless of whether a sale is made or
not from your traffic.


#1 surefire tactics for increasing profits from
ANY product! Top "gurus" are staying up nights,
overworking themselves and rushing around like crazy to
do this with their own products!

Discover the "must have tools" I have in my
arsenal, how I use them, and how you can use the exact
same tools to get the exact same results.

Real quick introduction:
My name is Tadd Mansilla. 
I am 36 years old, married and have 3 children (that I know of). 
LOL  Oh yeah, we have a dog too.  8-)
I am one of the founders of a
profitable search engine property (whatUseek) and I am the
former President & CEO of that corporation.

I've been self employed,
earning my living online since 1995, and I operate many
profitable websites.  Actually, all of my websites are
profitable. 8-)
After selling my interests in
a couple of web properties, I took a year off from working and
goofed off with friends around the country and did a lot of
traveling.  After the much needed rest and goof off time, I
decided to work on web projects that would generate multiple
revenue streams.  Actually, my wife decided that I would
work on new web projects that would generate multiple revenue
streams.  LOL  She figured that if I had time to goof
off with friends around the country, then I had too much free
time on my hands.  So to make her happy, I obliged, and
spent the past year creating 200 web projects.  Each
project is profitable and generating revenue daily.

I have an office about a mile
from my house, but I work from home 99% of the time so that I
can hang out with my wife & kids.  Since I have a wireless
network in my house, I can work online from any room with my
notebook computer.  My favorite space to work is the family
room.  Come to my house and chances are you will find me
with my feet up on the coffee table, cup of coffee next to me,
notebook on my lap, and something playing on my replaytv. 
Life is good.  I can't complain.

Before we proceed, allow me
to show you proof that top listings generate serious revenue. 
I prefer to sell my traffic to pay per click ad agencies (I get
paid up to $2/click) and send traffic to affiliate links and get
paid commissions so that I don't have deal with shipping
products or handling customer service issues, returns, etc. 
I simply get top listings on the search engines and drive the
traffic to where I will make the most money, and I get paid (per
click and per sale).

With top search engine
listings, your site can be profitable ...
regardless of how many competitors you have!
Here is proof....

Remember that I said that I
make up to $2/click from the traffic I get from the search
engines?  Here are statistic page screen shots from just
ONE of my projects.  Remember, I have 200 projects each
generating a profit daily.  This particular project that
I'm showing you generated almost $12,000 in gross revenue for
January & February.


The screen shot below shows February 2005
stats for ONE project, and the profit generated on a daily basis
for the project.

The screen shot below shows January 2005
stats for ONE project.


The paypal screenshot below
shows payments I received for just ONE of my projects. 
Remember... you are seeing stats for ONE project only. 
Like I said... I have 200 projects making money for me on a
daily basis.
This one project generated
almost $12,000 (gross revenue) in click thrus for January &
February 2005. 

If you could get top listings
on the search engines, would you stop at one project and be
happy grossing $6,000/month?  Or would you create more
projects and make more money?

There are no limits to how
much you can make and how many projects you can do.
I have 200 projects each
generating profit on a daily basis.
The screen shot below shows
Pay Pal payments for the commission paid for one of my projects.

Making money with affiliate
programs is easy when you have top listings on the search

Here are screen shots from ClickBank
commission statements.



Tadd Mansilla 

(former President & CEO of a profitable
search engine - and head Grape)
Date: Thursday, 4:39 PM
RE: Little Known Secrets To Get Top Search Engine
Listings Fast

Dear Friend,

You are about to learn what the majority of
webmasters and online marketers can’t figure out how to do.

How to get natural top listings on the major search engines

Those that do know how to get the top listings on all of the
major search engines really don’t want you to have access to
this information.  That’s understandable. Even I wasn’t
sure whether or not I should reveal everything.  I’ve been
making my living online since 1995, and I’ve always guarded my
techniques and never shared any information when it came to
getting top listings.  The last thing I wanted to do was to
let my competition know how I always got the top spots. 
After all, my businesses depended on the traffic my top listings
generated, and my family depended on the revenue my websites

After talking it over with my wife, I’ve decided to reveal
everything I know.  The web is a big space, and the odds
are you and I won’t be competing in the same space…. so if I can
help you realize success online, cool.  You owe me a beer
the next time I’m in town.  (So don't be surprised if I
email you when I'm in your neck of the woods and ask you if you
want to hook up for a beer.)

What I’m about to reveal to you are working tactics that you can
use to generate top listings on all of the major search engines,
as well as the tools that you should have in your arsenal to
battle your competition for the top listings.   These
tactics are easy to implement and can increase your website’s
traffic tremendously.

Many webmasters and marketers may not agree with the tactics and
tools used to generate top listings because they claim certain
techniques used to get top listings are unethical.  In my
opinion, doing what it takes to get listed at the top of the
search listings that pertain to your site has nothing to do with
ethics. We’re dealing with computers and algorithms. 
Getting top listings has everything to do with the search
engine’s algorithms and knowing what is needed to satisfy those
algorithms so that your site gets top listings.

In my opinion, unethical means spamming the search engines and
getting top listings for keyword phrases that have nothing to do
with your website.  For example, getting a top listing for
“designer purses” when your site sells web hosting and has
nothing to do with purses is spamming the search results. 
My advise to you is… don’t do it.  The search engines want
to provide relevant results, and by spamming the results and
getting top listings for your site for search phrases that are
not relevant to the content of your site simply makes you a

Your goal should be to get the top listings that are relevant to
your site.  This way it’s a win-win situation for you and
the search engines.  The search engines get to present
relevant results, and you get top listings and the traffic
benefits that come along with having the top listings.

Keep in mind that for any given search phrase, there can only be
TEN top 10 listings.  If your site doesn’t have a high
ranking, what are the chances that you will get any traffic at
all from the search engines?

Do a search for “flower shop” on google.  You will find
that there are over 18 million web pages indexed for that
phrase.  If you have a flower shop website and it’s ranked
#500 on the 50th results page, what are the chances that you
will get clicks from a #500 ranking?  You may as well be
ranked #18 million.  The results will be the same anyway…
no traffic.

But what if your site was ranked in the top 10?  Traffic
will flow to your site and your business is more likely to

Let’s continue using the flower shop that is ranked #500 as an
example, and let’s say that you are the owner of that #500
ranked flower shop website.  Would you agree with the
search results that the 499 other sites or business that have a
higher ranking than your flower shop business are more relevant
than your business and deserve to get all of the traffic and
customers while you get none?

Do the search results reflect your commitment to customer
service and customer satisfaction?  Is it fair that your
competitor’s flower shop located right down the street from your
shop has top 10 listings on the search engines and generates
100x more in online revenue than you do, just because of his top
listings, even though your shop offers better prices, fresher
flowers, and better looking bouquets and flower arrangements?

If your flower shop provides a greater selection than the
competition, uses fresher flowers than the competition, and
provides better customer service than the competition, why
should your competitor’s business be considered more relevant
than your business and get a top 10 listing while you starve
with your #500 listing?

Where’s the ethics in that?

The competitor enjoys online success and gets a top ranking
because his website presents the search engines with content
that satisfies the search engine’s algorithms, whereas your
website failed to do so.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
Ethics and real world business practices as well as actual “real
world relevance” played no part in determining search engine
relevancy and ranking.

Is it fair?

The owners of websites with the top 10 listings think it’s fair
and why shouldn’t they?  After all, who would complain
about having top 10 listings?  They will only cry FOUL when
the algorithms change and their sites get lost in the rankings -
like the mass majority of sites that are currently indexed on
the search engines.

It really isn’t a matter of whether it’s fair or not fair.


The question is, are you willing to do something about it or

There is nothing wrong about wanting to level the playing field
so that you can have your turn at the top and start reaping the
benefits of having top search engine listings for your website. 
It’s not like the website owners at the top are offering you any
help at all, financially or ranking wise, so don’t misplace your

Speaking of loyalty…. Search engines have no loyalty to
webmasters and website owners, nor do they owe us (webmasters
and website owners) any loyalty – so don’t fool yourself into
thinking that if you follow their posted webmaster submission
guidelines that they will reward you with loyalty and that your
rankings will not be affected in an adverse manner during an
algorithm change because you’re a “good guy”.  It just
doesn’t work like that.

Each search engine is a business.  They
are out to make money and do what's in their best interest to
ensure that they make money.  I suggest you take the same

Remember the google update referred to as
“Florida” that happened in November, 2003?

That update hurt the “white hats” just as much as anyone else. 
(People that follow the search engine submission guidelines to
the letter consider themselves “white hats”, and the “white
hats” consider anyone that over optimizes their website or
anyone that violates the search engine submission guidelines to
be “black hats”.)

I remember reading all of the posts on the webmaster message
boards at that time.  The “white hats” were making
emotional posts about how they were “hurt” that google was not
loyal to them even though they had followed all of the
submission guidelines, and were big supporters of google.

Talk about misplaced loyalty….

Do you think that any search engine takes into consideration
whether or not they are going to devastate the businesses with
top listings when they change their ranking algorithms?  Of
course not!  The search engine, as a business, is looking
out for itself.  Whether your site prospers or fails is
really of no concern to the search engines.

IT IS WHAT IT IS.  Deal with it.

Okay… enough small talk. Let’s get down to business. 
Getting top listings on the search engines.

I am able to generate top listings on both
search engines within DAYS using my proven techniques that work
every time.  By the time you've finished discovering my
proven methods, you will be able to do the same thing.  
I guarantee it.


With top search engine
listings, your site can be profitable ...
regardless of how many competitors you have!
Don't have a product or
service to offer?  No problem!  Get the top listings
on the search engines and turn around and sell the traffic for
up to $2 per click to a major ad agency that can sell every
click your listings generate.  Your money is deposited
directly into your PayPal account each month like clockwork.

Fact:  You'll find ZERO "fluff" or
"filler".  Only rock-solid proven techniques that I
personally use, and that you can begin using immediately
to build huge streams of profit from the top search
engine listings you will get using my techniques.

Need TOP 10 rankings for your
If your site isn't found in the
TOP 10 or TOP 20 in the search results... 
it may as well be ranked 50,000 out of 1 million.  In other
words, chances are.... your listing

will not be seen, found, or clicked on.
So many people claim to be
"experts".  Some deliver... while MOST DON'T.

As co-founder and former
President and CEO of a profitable search technology company
(that develops search engines, meta-search, and site search)....

If there's one thing Tadd knows about... it's how to get

My license plate says it all....
You want the #1 position on the search engines, and I can

"I've been getting sites ranked
in the TOP 10 since 1995."
Just in case you need proof that
I was the President and CEO of a search technology company,

here is a link to a press release for a major strategic
partnership I closed with a company on the west coast, while I
was President and CEO of whatUseek Corp.

I will reveal everything I
know, all of my knowledge, years of experience, endless hours of
trial and error, and show you exactly what to do to get top
listings.  This knowledge is priceless!
My proven techniques generate top
listings for my own projects - generating thousands of dollars each
week in multiple revenue streams.
My 16 year old son can do
this, and my wife can do this too.  I taught them how to
get top listings, and I know that you can do it too.  You
just need someone to show you exactly what you need to do. 
That's where I come in. 8-)

Imagine being able to get top
listings for all of your websites.   You won't ever have
to pay for ad space or traffic.
If you modeled my actions and
did a project that generated $6000/month - how would that extra
income affect your life?  What if you really got motivated
and modeled my actions and did 200+ projects?  Would all
the extra income be life changing?  You bet it would!
You know as well as I do, that
this information is exactly what you need to succeed online...
especially since you will get the top listings on the major search
engines quickly and easily.  Top listings means more traffic. 
More traffic means more sales.  More sales means more profit.

I can teach you everything you
need to know in about 1 hour.  So why waste another day doing
things that don't work?  Why waste your time reading webmaster
message boards and forums filled with vague information posted by
people that don't want to reveal everything they know because they
are afraid you will take their top listings away from them?
Zig Ziglar, my favorite
motivational speaker, a man that I respect greatly, says....,
"You will get what you want out of life, if you just help enough
people get what they want."  I figure that a great man like
Zig Ziglar knows what he's talking about... so I'm here to tell
you that I will help you get what you want - top listings on the
search engines.  You just need to follow my lead and follow
my instructions and you will get what you want.
(Zig better be right, because
if he's wrong and I just end up creating a lot of new
competitors for myself... I'm gonna get pissed off that I
released this info.  LOL)

Seriously though... the web
is a big place.  There's plenty of customers and traffic
out there for the both of us.  No worries.  8-)
So take my course, take the
actions, get top listings, make a lot of money, and be happy.

the best,

Mansilla (former search engine President & CEO - head Grape)

*get your
info directly from the head grape instead of hearing it through
the grapevine 8-)

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you start using my proven methods to get top listings,
you will realize that there is no limit to how much
money you can make online.

Apply my strategies and watch your income double,
triple or even quadruple in the next week. (Apply
all of my methods and techniques and the sky is the



will have direct access to me and get my personal
contact information. (You will never feel as if you are
left on your own.)  Contact me if  you have
questions about any of the methods/techniques, need
help, or advice on your projects.
you know what I know, do what I do, and have access to
my advice and knowledge, success is the only option.

There is no risk.  You
are covered by my Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 90 day money
back guarantee.


Little Known Search Engine Secrets course
comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, THREE FULL
MONTHS money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever
you decide this product isn't right for you, just email us
at anytime within the next 90 days and we'll buy it back
from you for every penny you paid.

That's THREE FULL MONTHS to put my "secrets" to the test -
all the risk is on me. I don't think I could be any more
fair than that!

Read the course and begin seeing immediate results from my
proven techniques, or you get your money back. It's as
simple as that!


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(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)





33006 Seven Mile Road - Suite 106
Livonia, Michigan 48154
fax: (501) 639-6352

Copyright 2005

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