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Learn How To Double, Triple, And Even Quadruple Your Profits The Next 60 Days Once You Become A Member Of This Elite Group Of "Like-Minded People”

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It Takes Courage To Grow Your Business

If I asked you what would make your success inevitable, would you know what that thing was?

You see, many entrepreneurs feel lost, frustrated and alone at times, and that’s because they are making the mistake of trying to find success on their own.

What they don’t realize is that being an entrepreneur is actually a road to self-discovery. Your successes and failures build who you are and the decisions you make not only determine how successful you will be in business, but also as a person.

Hi, my name is Mark McRae…

… and I am looking for an elite group of people who want to become some of the most successful and profitable people in the world.

If you are seeing this page, then you are already a “Rising Star” because only Stars and Rising Stars were invited to this information page.


Before I go on, I must explain that I am only looking for 15 people to join my group.

Not only am I only looking for a small group, but each person must agree to two very important criteria.

If you join this very special group you must agree to take part. And by take part I mean you have to interact with the group. You have tell the group how your business works and where you are having difficulties as well as where you are having success.

You see, no guru has all the answers. If you have ever been mentored by someone, you probably realized that after a certain time you got less and less from your meetings and that is because no one person has all the answers.

That’s where the group comes in. The group is a growing and everchanging thing. When one person has a win we all do because we share everything.

The truth is some of the secrets we will be sharing in the group are just too valuable to share. For example, how I personally get traffic for my businesses is really my intellectual property. I have gone through the school of hard knocks and spent Millions of Dollars. I don’t mind sharing this with my group, but I don’t want it spread around the internet.

That’s why each person has to agree to keep everything they learn confidential.

If I didn’t ask for this, you probably would anyway.

I believe anyone can master the skills it takes to run a successful business. They just need to be shown how. The truth is, you can’t master all the skills you need to run and grow a business in an hour.

It takes time, dedication, and willpower to make it happen and that's where a group of like-minded people can turbo-charge your progress.

Here are just some of the things I will be sharing with my elite group of “Rising Stars.”

Where’s The Money?

It always surprises me just how little most vendors and affiliates really know about their niche.

How old are they?
What sex are they?
How much money do they earn?
What are their hobbies?
What countries do they live in?

Copy Makes The Difference

I have three full-time copywriters working for me and I can tell you we test everything.

Not only that, but we do have private copy clients and even though it may sound like bragging, we have never been beat on any kind of test.

My team will be helping and advising on any copy issues you may have.

We Send 1 Million Emails A Week

One of the reasons I need a copy team is because I am in more than one market and we send a lot of emails.

If the competition knew just how granular we got with our emails, they wouldn’t believe it.

Over the years we have learned a lot, and those are just some of the things I will be sharing with the group.

Engagement is everything, but do you really know what’s happening when people watch your video?

Do you know the point at which they leave?

Do you know how to fix it when you see a problem with your video?

Just like copy, just about every send of your video can be tested and improved. This can make or a break a promotion.
I haven’t even scratched the surface as far as some of the things I will be sharing with my group.

We have figured out how to spend $1 and make $2. That might sound like an easy thing to do, but trust me, it has taken me years and a lot of money to do that.

I now have one full-time person just dedicated to Facebook. All the secrets we have learned will be shared with my group.

We have become very good at understanding how YouTube works and what drives traffic.

This is just one other thing we will be covering in our group sessions.

The truth is, there are only two things you need to find success.

The first is knowledge of how to achieve it. Do you remember my first question?

“If I asked you what would make your success inevitable, would you know what that thing was?”

I think for most people it’s lack of knowledge. If someone would just show you what to do it, could take away a lot of the expense, time, and frustration for you.

That’s what my MASTERMIND group will do.

The second thing is a commitment on your part to take action and dedicate yourself to seeing this thing through.

If you are serious about growing your business exponentially in the fastest time possible, then I invite you to join our group.

Join The MasterMind Group for $297 Monthly

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Remember, I am only taking the first 15 people who apply.

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