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What is role-playing gaming?

Interactive fiction? Shared daydream? An escape? A chance to cleanse the mind in the stream of another reality…?

You can forget the cares of the daily grind. You can realize facets of yourself that may never find expression in real life.





1. As You Like It

        There are five methods of character generation to suit every situation and taste. 

2. Standard Distribution

         Uses the same scale in character generation and attempt that measures real-world IQ for more meaningful information at a glance.

3. Cascades

         Tree-like skills arrays go from general to specific. Choose your own ease/realism tradeoff.

4. The Attempt

         A single method is used to resolve all actions. This lets you keep your nose out of the book.

5. Karma

         Follow the same path or improve your character over several lifetimes.

As a bonus feature:

6. System Conversion

         Translate between EVERYVERSE RPG and other games with minimum effort.



"EVERYVERSE allows for a free range of game play where characters are limited only by the players’ imagination. Easy to learn. A blast to play. I’ve never felt so free to be as creative in a game before."
~Wen Spencer, award-winning science fiction and fantasy author.
"EVERYVERSE RPG breaks the mold of tradional games with its use of the standard deviation table for character generation and skill use. Tired of the standard STR, INT, and CON attributes? EVERYVERSE RPG not only provides something new, it feels more natural. Starting with something general, it then cascades into more, and more, specific ones that just seem to flow together. This allows tremendous flexibility by letting you decide how random you want to be plus giving the opportunity to make some adjustments to overcome a bad roll or customize to suit your play style. Tired of cookie cutter classes or overly cumbersome lists? The skills cascade allows you to decide how general or specific you want to be. Also, specialization actually makes a real difference. The limits are only your imagination."
~Rich S., Cedar Rapids, IA
"Our group loved trying different milieus but learning every new gaming system that came around was frustrating. Or maybe we wanted to create our own milieu based on a book or movie and a related game system didn’t exist. EVERYVERSE RPG solved these problems making it easy for us to create new characters quickly and adopt facets which were applicable to the desired campaign. The standard distribution approach to character traits and skills is so intuitive it makes you wonder why other systems haven’t come up with it. The skill cascades make character progression very flexible, allowing very general or very specific abilities."
~Jim P., Baltimore, MD
"The Everyverse RPG is a system for any style of gamer. Using the skills cascade you can choose to play as simple or complex as you wish. Furthermore, no matter which level of complexity you choose you can play seamlessly alongside players with varying complexities. There 4 cascading tiers you can choose from–from simple and “QU”ick to thoroughly “SP”ecialized. It definitely is a game for everyone."
~Jeremy Wilson – The Guild of Games HCC President
"A well designed system that doesn’t get in the way of your adventure."
~ Don Kosak, Hawaii Island Game Developer Association


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