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Let's study JAPANESE with FUN!

[NazoNazo Japan]

How Japanese kids to enjoy Nihongo.




If you’d like to learn Japanese with fun, this is very important for you.
Because you can enjoy Nihongo study with
same way as Japanese children to learn Nihongo.

Do you know how?
Guess what!!

It’s NOT Anime.
It’s NOT idle song.


Hello, My name is Wataru Goto, native Japanese live in Japan.

Do you know “NazoNazo”?  

Have you heard?

It’s called conundrum or riddle in English.
It is a word game that many Japanese people have enjoyed
since childhood.
So, every Japanese knows some of NazoNazo even adult.

Please try sample video.

[Check the sample text you will receive with video.]

In this sample video,
you learn “左右” SAYUU.
Do you know this word?

Are you looking for;
Native Japanese that is spoken in daily life More Japanese vocabulary Word game that every Japanese children enjoy How to improve Japanese dictation
If yes, our NazoNazo package is the best idea for you!


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