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Fat-shaming leads to crippling anxiety...Relentless depression...

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My Curvy Chic Woman program is designed to empower women to quickly and effortlessly embrace their curves.

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Meet Some Of The Women
I've Inspired To Embrace Their Curves


As a young, ‘curvy’ and responsible mother I was searching for a way to express my responsible and mature body image to those younger mothers in the neighborhood that would help me in socializing with such peer group. The Curvy Chic Program was a godsend! The Curvy Chic Program is not just another diet group; the Curvy Chic Program taught me to feel good about my natural and healthy body, as it is, rather than what I’d like it to be. The program taught me that the first person who had to accept me, was me! With that understanding fully grasped the living of a healthier and happier lifestyle came much easier.

I am now a few pounds lighter and living an active social life!


I have struggled with feeling good about my body image all of my adult life and ‘stress eating’ was a well-developed pattern that brought a rising of the numbers on the scale while simultaneously lowering my self-esteem. I hated the thought of having to go to shop for clothing as nothing fit ‘right’ or ‘felt comfortable.’ Then, I found the Curvy Chic Program which ‘rocked my world!’ I learned what fashion styles work best for my body in the present and began the learning of how to eat healthy. Now when I look in the mirror at the fashion style that the Curvy Chic Woman Program taught would be best for me I feel much more self-confident and want to lose weight in order to look even better


The unhappiness of a recent divorce carried great weight on my once happy and naturally ‘curvy’ life with the tangible results of that weight showing in the numbers on the bathroom scale. My life was taking a dramatic slide into negative feelings to what once was a very happy and satisfied life. When I came across the Curvy Chic Program I began to re-learn how to love who I am. The Curvy Chic Program and the meeting of similar curvy and chic women provided the positive affirmations necessary for feeling beautiful and sexually attractive again by way of learning how to better utilize clothing fashions for my pear shaped body!


In my chosen vocation as a full-time, freelance writer the desk duty is a dominant part of the workdays. Food, by way of snacks and sugary beverages, became the motivator to spark the creative juices within. This type of eating habit was causing me to feel like the ‘ugly duckling’ amongst my slimmer friends. The answer I first accepted was to ignore the problem of my body shape and ‘reasoned’ that it was simply not possible to love myself. My confidence, which is so essential to success in the communications profession, was in a free fall because of such decision. When I discovered and enrolled in the Curvy Chic Program my confidence level zoomed upward with tips and advice on fashions, eating healthy snacks, and how to find time for exercise. The support I received through the Curvy Chic Program changed how I see my body and became the new motivation for living and loving all parts of my life not just the desk duty.


My working life is all about feeling proud of being a plus size. You see, I work as a plus-size model! While I put on a good show of feeling good about my body on the fashion runway, I do find it difficult to keep my head up in a world that caters to my slim and ‘skinny’ female peers. I am disappointed and discouraged that the fashions I model will take a lot more digging to unearth than the seemingly endless smaller sizes that are so ‘celebrated’ in so many retail stores. I was fortunate to find the Curvy Chic Program that keeps us curvy women empowered to feel beautiful no matter the size of our body. The program does not bully anyone to starvation diets or spending time and dollars at gyms. It simply is a program that helped me to put one foot in front of the other with slow and steady gait to be the best woman I can be! I work within the fashion industry that subtly speaks to me that I am too big so it is blessing to be part of the Curvy Chic community of women that says I am perfect as I am.


While I love my days as a nurse helping people to stay healthy and safe I often ended my shift feeling inadequate with my own self due to the weight I carried on my body frame and uninspired to do for myself what I, in words, tell others to do. I have found it hard to love myself as much as I love and care for other people. For me, it seemed impossible to change and make better choices this late in my life. After I discovered the Curvy Chic Program I realized it is never too late to change and feel better. The program is less about changing the physical outward appearance of me but instead focuses on an inner makeover. I never feel overwhelmed in this Program and always come away with a deeper appreciation and acceptance of myself through the compassionate advice given. The type of compassion I know so well in serving as a nurse. I became motivated to eat healthier and become more active in living life beyond simply giving immunizations, meds, and taking temperatures. I feel and look better than I ever did and owe heartfelt gratitude to the Curvy Chic Program.


As a strong and independent woman with plenty of lovable curves I have always shunned those diet plans and programs that appear to encourage and / or suggest that women should lose weight simply to look good for men or other people. My main concern is my own personal health and why I whole-heartedly support the mission of the Curvy Chic Program! With the support I received through the Curvy Chic Program I have met a strong community of females like myself. With the Curvy Chic Program came encouragement to be independent of fashion design experts as to what is ‘in.’ No Curvy Chic personnel would tell any woman that they MUST dress a certain way. They advised me what works for my body shape and to choose that which I am happy and comfortable wearing.


I am a mother who has dedicated the past 20 years to my children and my work and was ready to turn the page to a new chapter of my life. I did understand this would mean making some changes, especially in the area of health, outer appearance of body as well as the inner transformation of the mind and heart. The encouraging words of the Curvy Chic Program that inspires rather than scolds and empowers rather than belittles was a refreshing experience from the many programs that do seem to belittle women who are not a “perfect woman.” I am losing weight and dressing better and yes that does help me to feel ‘beautiful’ — the important fact is that it all is coming so naturally. My husband adores this newer, confident, and healthier me! Many thanks the many helpful counselors found at the Curvy Chic Women Program.


I needed, as a soon to be bride, to lose some extra pounds quickly in anticipation of the ‘big wedding day.’ I surfed the web looking for the type of support that would help me in this but was quickly becoming discouraged at the dozens of programs available but none that specifically addressed my individual need. My husband-to-be was the one who found and pointed me to the Curvy Chic Program. I was excited about it from the moment he began explaining what he read of this program. It was a program designed to empower, uplift and encourage women to dress for their body type, would teach how to choose healthier foods to eat, and be a part of a group of women like myself! Thanks to the Curvy Chic Program I am feeling more confidence and my husband-to-be and I couldn’t be happier as we look forward to the big day and an exciting life together. I will not forget what the Curvy Chic Program did for me as I march down the church aisle with head held high!


Celiac Disease, a digestive problem, made me turn to special diets of every type to resolve the issue my digestive tract was doing to my body with excessive bloating and weight gain. Needless to say, my ‘tummy’ was never the favorite part of my body. I felt isolated from the ‘normal’ people. I definitely ‘hated’ my body. Good health? I could not even consider what that term meant. When I discovered the Curvy Chic program and that it was possible to improve my circumstances, and more importantly, I wasn’t alone in ‘hating the body’ my life really began to change for the better. I began to realize that change begins in me before I change how I look on the outside. The helpful advice in the books and video and the personal one-to-one advice on fashions of the Curvy Chic Program was the perfect solution for my life.


When it comes to hair, contouring, and winged eyeliner, I’m the one you want to come see. Yet, when it came to my body, I always struggled and lacked the confidence to explore fashions for my plus-sized figure. My face and body simply was not a ‘match’ in my perception. My body weight was a point of insecurity my entire life — as I measured myself to those slim fashion models or read the words of the beauty gurus! I could not begin to explore the fashion styles for reason of the plus size of my figure. When I entered into the Curvy Chic program that brought me to discover my body type and how to dress to highlight my best natural features I became a much more self-assured make-up artist. As I begin to live a healthier lifestyle I am finding new doors opening up to me in the world of beauty. I am grateful to the Curvy Chic Program and those who listened and encouraged me to see my own wholeness of beauty.


I am and always was a happily married wife, mother, as well as full-time businesswoman. In all that, setting aside time for myself was sporadic, if at all! I am on the curvy side but never felt any real need to try to change. I was content with my life as it was. Some of my woman friends would start diet plans but I never found I could get ‘into’ the joy they expressed about such. Now, as I grow older, I realize how important it is to have good health and was elated to find Curvy Chic! It is not they typical diet plan as my gal pals spoke of. It does not stress simply looking ‘pretty’ for others but is more about knowing how to make decisions and take action to have a healthier and even happier lifestyle! The program is designed to empower all curvy and chic ladies for our own individual good lives and not to fit a ‘cookie cutter’ standard of perfection. LOVE IT! It is freedom to be who I am yet just a bit healthier. My husband also loves the new breadth of confidence that flows from my being. Thank you, Curvy Chic!


As an extroverted, curvaceous woman, I have always been drawn towards things that celebrate all body types and uplift women of all shapes. I am a very active voice in plus-size communities, and work hard to spread love and positivity to those who need it. We are born in this skin, and society aims to discourage us in order for us to "fit in".

Curvy Chic is exactly the kind of thing I stand for with my whole heart! It's designed to help women with addressing fashion issues, how to dress your body, ways to change your life to be healthier, and motivation to go out more and find yourself in your skin. It has nothing about changing or conforming to any standard set by the beauty industry or men. Strong, curvy women helping others just like them to take over the world and absolutely dominant with our fashionable curves! Thanks for the power, Curvy Chic!


As a mother of 5, it's been hard to take care of myself along with my active, sporty family. Between ball practice, sleep-overs, home-work, and swim meets, I'm busy leaning up to cook or worry about my own size. As they grow older, I am taking the time to focus on me little by little, and I wanted to start getting healthier

In just 45 minutes, I was able to figure out my areas of biggest insecurities when it came to my body, and got valuable advice on how to ways I could change those issues. More importantly, I was reminded to stay confident, happy, and strong in my own skin. Through this personal coaching service, I got an amazing dose of encouragement and knowledge for better living from tips on my fashion choices to easy ways to cut out garbage from my diet. Even my husband noticed a change in my attitude towards myself after this coaching session!


As a Buddhist woman, I am very much dedicated to finding peace within myself and acceptance on this Earth. I've struggled with stress levels and high blood pressure for about 7 years now, and through meditation I've found some peace there. Unfortunately, one thing I can't seem to will away is my extra weight. I'm a curvy woman, though I wasn't always.

I heard about the personal coaching services through a friend who found it had helped her, and I decided to give it a try. Frequently, I read self-help books and use phone lines for these kinds of things, and I was impressed with the feedback I got from this 45-minute session! When given the platform to really open up about the parts of my body I hate, I was taught how to target that spots and how to re-find confidence in my own skin. It was a valuable lesson I appreciate!


As a new mom, I've been very insecure about my body after pregnancy. Stretch marks, baggy skin, and extra pounds have been difficult to remedy, and I haven't felt like the sexy woman I once viewed myself as. I was a big eater through this pregnancy, and it shows! When my husband realized I was starting to get really down on my looks, he did some research.

After calling and talking to a personal coach for 45 minutes, I started feeling better. They helped motivate me by reminding me I am still very strong, beautiful, and I just gave birth to a whole new life. That's incredible, and so is my body! The tips they gave me for dressing properly to help hide my tummy, and other ways I can start shedding pounds has really helped me. It's hard to make time for myself with a new baby in the home, but they gave me excellent tips!


As a cosmetologist student, I've found that there are endless standards to compare yourself too. I've never been a skinny girl by any means, but before I really got out to my beauty school, I hadn't felt like less of a beautician because of that. As I was introduced to the world, I started to recognize these "faults" that society told me I had.

In an attempt to combat this budding insecure, I went after fad diets and shelled out cash for a gym membership, but I couldn't seem to fight off that low-confidence that sprung up. I decided to try out the 45-minute session with a personal coach and see what advice they could offer me. I am so glad I did! Going over my problems with my body and appearance helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do, and they were great in reminding me of my worth as a curvy woman.


As an older woman with my kids long since grown and moved out, I've found that I'm searching for ways to enhance my life in these golden years. My husband and I have been married for 40 years now, and we made a sort of promise to each other to start bettering ourselves with our health. We were always an active couple, but the past decade we got pretty lazy

After talking with a personal coach through this phoneline, I started to realize underlining insecurities and areas of my body I let go. Just because I am older doesn't mean I can't be fashionable and exciting, either! With their help, we discussed a better eating plan, local places for me to go out and get some activity in, and the best ways to dress for my body shape. I was excited to show my dedicated husband I can still look good for a night out after all of these years!


My name is Florence, and I spent the better part of year confined to a hospital bed. While happy for the quality of care I received, I had gained a lot of weight in that hospital confinement and my level of confidence plummeted. I was very eager to get my body and health back to the way it once was. I began a diet, a light exercise regime, and was working on self-improvement of how I thought about living my life. I still felt unhappy. Then, I discovered the number for the Curvy Chic Woman Program and enrolled in the personal coaching service. I admit, at first, I was a bit skeptical but after just one 45-minute session I was able to pinpoint my body type and how I could be looking and feeling my absolute best! While I still am working to lose the extra pounds I put on in the hospital, I feel good about the entire journey to being made anew. I do feel happier, healthier, and more confident and I enjoy sharing the journey regarding my body health with my own personal coach.


I am a stay-at-home mom and have been kept quite busy in that job. When my youngest child entered school and I suddenly found myself with a bit more free time I decided it was time I show some long-overdue attention to myself. The decision was prompted with a look in the mirror. I called a long time friend and encourager of many a new diet we tried together. I spoke of my body ‘plumping up’ again and how displeased I was about it. My friend suggested I call about the Curvy Chic Woman Program and their personal coaching service. I gave it a try and I loved it! It involved a 45-minute session discussing in detail the issues I had with my body. I was given suggestions on how I could feel better and look better. This one-to-one counseling by phone was a major confidence booster. I was learning so much and continue to learn how to come to be a happier and healthier ‘stay-at-home’ mom who is both there for the kids while also taking care of me.


I am a young, curvy and voluptuous woman who recently endured the pain of a break-up of a relationship with someone I thought was ‘the one.’ As a result of going through such break-up I started struggling with my self-image. When I went to the usual social meeting places I found I was getting less and less attention. I was very dejected. I then discovered the Curvy Chic Woman Program and signed up for the personal coaching service. This was a completely new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect. My personal coach and I talked for 45 minutes and learned my body shape is that of a bell type shape. I learned various ways to I could dress to enhance my features as they were. I went


Hello, my name is Monica and prior to giving birth to a son, and then a daughter about a year later, I was a professional dancer. Needless to say, such occupation gave me an active lifestyle. When I swung into full ‘mom mode’ I started to lose sight of my slim and trim figure. Without my usually strict diet, fast paced activity level, and reminders to stay healthy — my confidence began to slip away. I gave the personal coaching of the Curvy Chic Woman Program a try and was thoroughly impressed with how empowered my female peers were! I now look in a mirror and celebrate my body size and curves. I am putting to rest the insecurities that come because I am not that super thin fashion model. I am SUPER mom, and loved for that role. After just one 45-minute personal coaching session I feel stronger, sexier, and motivated to live and enjoy the new chapter in my life. My husband loves my new fashion style as well.


I am a very curvy woman and a strong feminist with a ‘loud voice’ of support for the plus-size female and particularly for women of color. I never could abide with the philosophy of programs that speak of changing to appease men, society, or the fashion industry. While I strongly believe we are all created beautiful I would be lying if I did not occasionally suffer from insecurity by reason of the size that my body shape is. I was recently very harshly rejected for my body size and decided I needed to get reminded of my worth that goes deeper than the skin deep beauty. I found the Curvy Chic Woman Personal Coaching Service to be priceless with regards tips on looking and feeling my best inside and out. I was advised how to enhance my best features. I was shown that I was a beautiful, strong woman as I am and not as society wants me to be. My coach was easy to talk with in our 45-minute session and I appreciate the rapport that developed. I feel better with every coaching session.


In my avocation as a food blogger, cook, and travel enthusiast I find myself actively engaged in consuming food. I am a ‘sucker’ for sweets and sugary treats no matter how hard I try to eat healthy foods. This lifestyle has brought me to being a very curvy woman! A few negative comments on a recent blog update began my process to re-evaluate my way of seeing and doing. I did not want to change the person I was but simply change how I see myself. I wanted to feel sexier and shed some weight without sacrificing my sweet tooth. My 45-minute coaching session at the Curvy Chic Woman Program was perfect. My body type detail was discussed as well as how to dress for the shape of my personal body. I was given small ways to implement a healthier way to eat. Thank you Curvy Chic!


My name is Denise and I am a sales professional. Talking up a product or service and highlighting the best aspects of a product or service comes quite natural to me. Talking with regards speaking of my body shape and size does not come naturally. With each successive year as a curvy and heftier woman I had to note I was socializing less and my self-confidence was on a downward trajectory. Dieting didn’t help me feel better with regards what was going on inside me. I decided to try the 45-minute personal coaching session of the Curvy Chic Woman Program and began what seemed like an ‘instant’ transformation. Curvy Chic made me feel welcome and as a saleswoman I know the importance of that. My coach did not lecture me on my eating habits but asked me questions with regards my body and areas I wanted to feel confident about. My coach gave me down-to-earth practical advice on what I should and should not wear and the motivation to make changes to my wardrobe. I am now on a path to greater confidence.

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