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Frustrated, But Aspiring Golfers…Tired of Pointless Practice Sessions that Result in No Improvements Whatsoever?  Start Seeing Immediate and Noticeable Improvements in Your Swing Every time You Practice!  Put an End to the Disappointment Once and For All And Start Building an Effective Golf Swing You Can Have Confidence In.



Sat August 5 2017


From:  Jessie Goldberg Re:  Build an Effective Golf Swing

Imagine that you had an effective professional style golf swing. You would be able to enjoy playing golf as it was intended…playing against the design of the hole, making strategic decisions, shaping shots into fairways and greens, and making regular, serious challenges to par or better, on any course you play.

With an effective golf swing, you would start to play golf confidently, not wondering whether or not you were going to get the ball airborne, hit it sideways, or even make contact with the ball at all.  Instead you would start to wonder just how close to the pin you could get the ball, and how low you might go on the scorecard for that day.

No longer would you shy away from playing with other people due to lack of confidence in your game, knowing it’s literally nowhere near up to par.  Instead you would confidently welcome the company, and even start to seek out competition..You would be able to enjoy the friendly competition and camraderie of social play, money games, leagues, club events, amateur tours, fundraisers, charity events, and more..You would achieve some recognition as a decent player.  You could even begin to help other people with their games as they would be all ears after seeing how well you played.

If you had an effective golf swing, instead of the game beating you up and getting you down physically, psychologically, and even spiritually, you would start to become competitive, challenging the course, the architect, other players, and yourself.  You would get an immense amount of enjoyment out of the game and improvement during your practice sessions.

But instead the reality of what happens when we go out there to play or practice is we just flat out can’t play, at all, ever.  We can’t play since we don’t have an effective golf swing.  Instead of an effective golf swing we have a whole host of different swing issues.  We have over the top motions, stalls, flips, jerky forced contrived and contorted motions of all sorts.  Maybe the practice swing is good, but the real swing is just faulty.  Just a whole host of things and even worse ball flight and scorecard numbers.

But usually by no means is it all for lack of effort.  A lot of you golfers out there love this great game of golf, but you are understandably beyond frustrated and disappointed with the lack of improvement in your game.

Many of you are putting in hard work, trying to improve your swing and ultimately your golf game, but to little to no avail.  You are just spinning your wheels, often times for years and even decades on end, with endless practice sessions and rounds. But you are never seeing any real significant improvement and this is really eroding away your enjoyment of the game.

You could quit the game.  Or you could continue along trying to sort it all out by yourself.  But this could take a long time.  It's already maybe been a long time for a lot of you.  For years many of you have practiced without getting any better, most of the time just getting worse or staying stagnant at best.

So you could continue "digging it out the dirt".  But who knows how long that may take, and the process can be incredibly tedious, lonely, and frustrating.  You don't have the time to spend 12 hours a day hitting balls. You want to improve your game quickly so you don’t have to learn the hard way and go down that long and tedious road.

So let's start to accelerate the process of learning the golf swing.  In doing so we'll put a stop to the madness.  We'll put an end to fruitless and frustrating practice sessions and immediately start getting better instead by building an effective professional style golf swing.

Put the concepts contained in the effectivegolfnow.com lessons into practice and we will start building you a sound solid golf swing you can have confidence in.

YOU WILL start noticing tangible and significant improvements in your swing every time you practice, guaranteed.

No longer will your practice sessions be an exercise in demoralization.  We are going to put an immediate end to that.  In fact if you’re reading this we’ve already started putting an end to those fruitless practice sessions.  Instead your practice sessions will be full of sheer enjoyment about improving your swing mechanics and getting better at playing golf.

Start improving by getting to work on learning these few simple methods that are the engine of a good, effective professional style golf swing with:


Effective Golf Now:  The Effective Professional Golf Swing Made Easy - Build a Swing and Enjoy the Game


Get the core EffectiveGolfNow 120+ page PDF instructional ebook.  Available for immediate download upon enrollment.


The lessons will be complete with pictures, illustrations, drills, and 90+ minutes of video content, all explaining and detailing the few core concepts and techniques to start immediately building your effective golf swing.

Additional, Optional Lessons Available

After completing the core course, ability to purchase extra specialized supplemental lessons in common areas of interest such as working the ball, overcoming OTT, dropping into the slot, getting rid of flipping, and short game.  The core course will most often     address these common issues, but in these optional supplemental lessons, we will delve into these problems fully, within the effectivegolfnow component framework we have built with the main course.

Personal Video Review:

Ability to access personal swing analysis and drill review, complete with a personal video analysis.  I’m offering this now included with the core course but maybe not for long      due to demand and there only being so many working hours in the day.  So I’d recommend getting in on this before it is extra!

Swing Technique:

Ultimately you will learn the few simple and entirely learnable techniques that fuel the golf swing and which will enable you to put together a sound golf swing.


You will get a complete understanding of what makes the golf swing tick.


You will stop slaving away fruitlessly at the driving range.   Instead of your practice time being completely futile, you will see improvement in your swing and your game every time you practice.


You will stop being held captive by your bad swing with no hope for any real improvement.

Awareness and Control:

You will find immensely greater enjoyment in playing golf with awareness and control of your swing and ultimately greater control of the ball.

[Enroll Now]

Tuition: $49.97

So click the order button and let’s go ahead and get you started today building a sound effective golf swing.  The longer you wait the longer you will continue in frustration so go ahead and order and lets get started working on constructing an effective golf swing and making you a player.

Or, you can just continue the insanity, doing the same things over and over again, with the same results.  Hacking away at the range, session after session with no real improvement or ideas of how to truly get on the right track of turning your swing and your game around.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”.  Few sayings could be more true.  And you want your swing and your golf game to change for the better so let’s do something different with your swing and your game.  Let’s get started building you a professional style effective golf swing:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No questions asked.

Now I’ve helped a lot of people turn their swings and their games around and I’m confident that the effectivegolfnow program lessons will do the same for you.  Spending a lot of time teaching, studying, observing, as well as playing and practicing and going from a terrible player to a decent one myself, I am sure of it.  But if for whatever reason you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the effectivegolfnow instructional material, then I will refund your money, no questions asked and you can keep all the instructional material you have received.

But like I say, based upon experience, I am really confident that you will really pick up on this golf instruction material and find it of immense and immediate benefit to your golf game.  I realize some people can and will take advantage of this, but for every one person who does, there are many more who effectivegolfnow is able to help with their games.

Or you could pay some golf instructor 4 times the tuition cost or more and have to drive somewhere to have him or her watch you hit balls for 30 minutes and then give you some generic tip to work on for a month, which may not even apply to you.

So go ahead and get started.  The entirety of the course materials will be available for download immediately so you can get started building an effective golf swing, right now.


Effective Golf Now is a risk free, 100% money back guaranteed, online golf instructional program designed to build you an effective professional style golf swing, as fast as possible.  Instructional content includes a downloadable ebook complete with illustrations, drills, and video lessons, all designed to build an effective golf swing from the ground up, so you can start building your swing from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

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Tuition: $49.97


[Enroll Now]

Course Tuition: $49.97


Effective Golf Now Course Lesson Content Preview:


The Hands Part I - The Horizontal Component

The Hands Part II - The Vertical Component

Hand and Arm Travel

Putting It All Together and a Bit on Body Turn

Grip, Stance, and Posture


120+ page Ebook with 90 + minutes of Accompanying Video Instruction




Man I just wanted to let you know that the chapter and lesson on wrist cock was exactly what I needed for my swing.  That was the exact feel I was looking for that was missing and now it's seeping into my swing.  I was thinking of getting the supplemental over the top lesson, but I may not even need it any more.. ha..



[Enroll Now]

Course Tuition: $49.97


"...This is great.  Now I've just got to do my part and execute, but I know exactly what I need to do.  Had a real good practice session a couple days ago."

Marie - Golfer of 2 Years


...Good stuff, pretty simplified and easy to understand but yet nothing important left out...

Jorge...15 Handicap Getting Better..



...Ive been working on the Lesson 1 Horizontal Component and it's really been improving my swing a lot.  Definitely something very fundamental that I had been missing out on.  I've been incorporating it and some of the other concepts with the junior golfers here and it's all helping a lot..

David...Youth Golf Coach..






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