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Can You Really Sound Like a Pro Using Easy Beginner Chords?

Dear Aspiring Guitarist,
Is learning the guitar ever frustrating, confusing, or difficult for you... even on the beginner stuff?Do you struggle with basic chords, strumming, sounding smooth, and getting the right "feel" into your playing?Are you bummed you don't have as much time as you want to play guitar, or that it "takes forever" to actually sound good?
Jimmy Dillon is excited to
teach you 50 awesome songs
using simple strums and chords.

If you want to sound great on the guitar, without wasting time, without any nonsense, boring theory, or complicated methods, then I've got some great news for you.

Jimmy Dillon just released a brand new course called "The Easy Strum Song Collection", and it's our most powerful course ever for learning classic songs in record time.

I honestly have never seen guitar playing sound SO good, and be so simple.

Listen... I'm a skeptical guy.

One of my best friends says I'm the biggest skeptic on the planet. And if something sounds too good to be true, my BS detector is going to ring the alarm bell in 2 seconds flat, and I'm gonna be ranting and raving with my arms flailing and shaking. (lol)

I personally do not believe the hype on almost anything.

So, I completely understand if you're thinking: "Claude, how can I really sound like a pro guitarist using beginner techniques. How's that possible?"

It actually makes perfect sense when you understand that sounding like a pro is all about playing smooth and keeping it simple. (It's not about getting fancy or complicated.)

There's 3 reasons why this course
makes it easier than ever to play some
classic songs and sound great:

Song Selection

Jimmy has hand picked over 50 classic tunes that are really easy. Some are "4 chord wonders". Some are "3 chord magic". There's even songs here that have only 1 or 2 chords. More chords is not necessarily better. Why not pick the some of the best songs that are also easy to play? That's exactly what we did.

You're going to learn to strum like a champ.

Strumming a guitar ain't that hard. Maybe you struggled with rhythm guitar in the past... but you probably never had a seasoned pro like Jimmy show you how he does it. You don't need a lot of coordination, hand strength, or dexterity. All you really need is a few basic strum patterns that you can use over and over again.

You can sit back, watch Jimmy, and just copy him.

Yep, grab your favorite beverage, pop in the DVDs, and just strum along with Jimmy. He's playing basic chords and basic strums and just showing you how it fits together. It's great. It's simple, fun, and easy...and you'll be playing some sweet tunes almost instantly.

Again, I know that might sound like hype, but it's not.

Now You Can Learn Rock-n-Roll Songs
And Master them in Minutes.

So get excited... Get ready...

Because you'll soon be playing these 3 and 4-chord wonders from people we all know and love... like the Beatles and Bob Dylan.
This is Jimmy's simplest,
most effective guitar course ever.

Part of the secret sauce to this course is that many of these classic songs are rock-n-roll tunes that Jimmy has re-imagined, and "reinvented" so that you can play them on your acoustic or electric guitar with just a few basic chords.

There's also a "Part A" and a "Part B" section to each song. Part A is the super simple way to do it, and Part B will give you a couple of extra tips, tricks, and tweaks so you can put even more of that pro vibe into your playing.

I'm talking about the "connective tissue" and those little details that make your playing more interesting. So there's definitely something for everyone here.

Hey, it's all about having fun, playing with your friends, singing along, and just enjoying your guitar with as little friction as possible.

You'll be getting 50 awesome song lessons (plus a few bonuses). Check it out:

Playing these tunes is as easy
"free fallin" your way to success.
Song #1: Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

First, discover how a pro does a "G to C" chord change and makes it sound like a million bucks. This song uses 3 basic beginner chords, but they're a bit different because they'll give you a unique "chimey" sound.

Like many songs, you can create some magic by staying on the exact same chords, but change the strumming. Here, you'll get to use a "chunky" strum style on the bridge part of the song.

Song #2: Blowin In The Wind - Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a master songwriter and you'll see how he goes beyond the basic "I-IV-V" to create some brilliant melodies while still using basic chords.

You can also use the "drag strum" technique if you want to spice it up. You'll be able to use this trick on many other tunes also.

Song #3: Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

This song is a PERFECT simple campfire tune that's a mixture of the old and the new.

You can play it with just 4 chords and some nice easy strumming. Discover the "magic trick" that gives you a distinct verse and chorus.

Start Strumming Like a Pro and Get
That Driving Pulse Into the Song.

You'll be playing classic tunes
from legends like Bob Dylan.

Song #4: Knockin On Heavens Door - Bob Dylan

You'll love the "folk strum" that really swings. This is a GREAT song to sing along to, and Jimmy just makes it so easy for you by giving you the exact strums, plus the dynamics that help you really tell a story.

Plus some extra cool pro tricks, like the amazingly simple (but powerful) twist on the Am chord. This is the secret sauce that the pros use, and makes you say: "ohhhhh yeahhh".

Song #5: Stand By Me - Ben E. King

This one will take you way back to the 1950s with that old rock-n-roll feel. You don't need complicated chords. It's all about the groove.

I love this part: Bass note walk-ups you can add to get that slick factor. This is how you can connect one chord to another and create what Jimmy calls an "interior melody".

Song #6: This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie

This is another powerful song with its own unique strum pattern.

Woody Guthrie is a huge part of Americana, folk, and roots music. You'll be jamming with this fun song that everyone knows.

You'll get some serious satisfaction
playing songs from the Rolling Stones.
Song #7: Sweet Virignia - The Rolling Stones

Discover 2 new twists on the old classic formulas. Don't worry, playing this song still uses beginner chords and simple strumming. It's as easy as eating a slice of grandma's apple pie.

"3 Chords And The Truth".
It's All You Need.

Song #8: Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers

Get your twang on. Here's some aggressive strumming and TIGHT rhythm playing. Don't be scared -- just watch Jimmy and then do what he does. Before you know it, you'll be playing this one at parties yourself.

Take the fun factor even farther with more bass line patterns and "connective tissue riffs" that create epic harmonies.

Song #9: Let It Be - The Beatles

Conjure up this serene, majestic vibe from the golden age of rock. Like all these tunes, you only need basic chords and an easy strumming pattern.

Song #10: Feelin' Alright - Traffic

This song has it all - a funky strum, salty 7th chords, and a cool picking pattern.

If you've ever struggled with hitting all the notes in a chord, you need to see this lesson because Jimmy reveals a little known shortcut that makes all the difference.

Hey hey hey... Elvis was the king
and you'll be a king of strumming
with these guitar lessons.
Song #11: Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Elvis Presley

Get the blood flowing. This one's got a killer up-tempo bluegrass strum that will have your spirit pumping.

You'll also enjoy playing these hot little "moves" in between the chords.

Get Your Spirit Pumping
With Some Killer Songs and Strumming.

Song #12: It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry - Bob Dylan

Move 1 finger... and create flowing movement inside a chord. Its easy pro tricks like this that will change your guitar playing forever... and it's a technique you will see in a lot of early folk blues.

Song #13: Chain Of Fools - Aretha Franklin

From one of the greatest soul singers of all time comes this "1 chord wonder" made from a single chord plus a sweet lick. Yep, it's a really great song that makes use of slick strums and muting.

Guess what, we're just getting warmed up here. That's all just on disc 1, and there's 4 discs total.

You'll be set for life with this course.

The whole point of these DVDs is to
give you songs that are REALLY EASY.

We want you to get up and running and having fun right away without getting lost in the details.

Jimmy will give you the chord changes, and the strum... all you need to do is follow and play along. It's that easy.

A Bit About Jimmy...

Jimmy Dillon's been playing guitar professionally for over 4 decades. He's shared the stage and played alongside Bob Dylan, Sting, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen and B.B. King just to name a few...

Eric Clapton's band backed him on his first CD. He's played alongside Bob Weir from the Gratetful Dead and was fortunate to record a duet with blues legend John Lee Hooker.

He's also recorded 5 studio albums, gone on countless tours across Europe, and has taught 4,000+ kids at Blue Star Music Camp, a nonprofit program for aspiring young musicians.

From a lifetime of playing guitar, he's now ready to share with you his knowledge and be your personal guide through this wonderful collection of songs.

More great tunes await on Disc 2:
Play some Skynyrd! Now you can with
basic chords and easy strumming.

Song #14: Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

You'll be the hit of the party because everyone knows this easy tune. Jimmy will show you how to create your own strums and your own version of this song so you can have even more fun and express yourself on the guitar.

Song #15: Jambalaya - The Carpenters

Feel it in your BONES. This 2-chord smash hit has a lively groove that bounces like a fiddle tune. Add some easy hammer ons and now you're cooking with gas.

Song #16: Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

This song blew the doors off everything when it first came out.

Again, we're just using basic chords and strum. There's also little things you can do to make the song even more potent.

Are you ready to play songs from
some of the greatest bands of all time?
Song #17: Norwegian Wood - The Beatles

Transport yourself to "rubber soul" land with this magical tune. You can play it using the basics, but Jimmy also gives you specific walkups and licks that the Beatles played, along with some advanced tricks.

For the beginners, you'll also learn easier ways to change chords so you don't lose precious time moving your fingers. This really helps you tie the chords together.

Learn to Play Chords Using
Open Strings and Just One Finger.

Song #18: Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band

Another kickass tune using basic chords. Just wait until you start playing this special bass walkdown. You'll amaze yourself. This same exact pattern is used on tunes like 'White Room' and 'Cant Find my Way Home'.

Song #19: Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson

Imagine you're on a boat in the Carribean, with a warm gentle breeze blowing. This is the vibe here. You'll get some nice and easy ways to play chords that you'll feel comfortable with, (even if you're a noob.)

Song #20: Breakdown - Tom Petty

Create some "A minor magic" with Tom Petty's first big hit.

You're gonna love the simple move that creates the hook of this song, and the Fmaj7 chord that's much easier than a regular F... plus another "finger lift" maneuver that greases up your chords and makes them sound better.

Yes, you can even play Hendrix tunes
using basic beginner chords!
Song #21: All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

Nail this "feel good" song with either the simple folk strum, or the Hendrix version. You'll discover the 2 things Hendrix did to the original chords to take it to the zamner zone.

Also if you've ever been intimidated by the "F" chord, here's what to do if you're having trouble.

Song #22: Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

It's all about getting the right feel... This is a powerful lesson on how you can do that with all your playing.

How to play the easy strum "Johnny Cash" feel versus the slightly more advanced "2 beat" ...and how to bend these two feels.

Song #23: Friend Of The Devil - Grateful Dead

There's many ways to play this one, and Jimmy will give you both the really simple version, and the fancy version with some hot bluegrass pickin licks.

Song #24: Wild Thing - The Troggs

A powerful rock anthem. This famous 3 chord song in the key of A is one you gotta know. You'll get a monster technique Jimmy calls "bouncing off the low note", and it takes your rhyhtm playing up a further notch.

Put that magical twinkle into
your playing with the best songs
from the 1960s and 70s.
Song #25: Ripple - Grateful Dead

A great tune, with a sweet opening lick... and it's the only lick you need to learn in the whole song.

Everyone enjoys this smooth relaxing melody and you don't even need to be a Dead fan.

Just sit back with your guitar
and your favorite drink and learn
songs within minutes.

We're still only halfway through... There's SO much here.

Jimmy takes you through all these songs with ease. The songs chosen are simple and fit for acoustic guitar... and you'll be learning new things like interesting chord variations, transitions, and a lot more.

Nothing too fancy, just really solid and satisfying guitar.

The fun keeps going with disc 3:

Song #26: Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

Here's another smash hit track that you can play with some basic open chords.

Jimmy really does an incredible job breaking things down so that anyone can play this stuff, even if you just bought your guitar last week.

Song #27: No Expectations - The Rolling Stones

Fatten your sound like a plump goose with some new chord voicings and some little tips to get your guitar ringing bright and true.

Some of my all time favorite tunes
are in this epic collection.

Song #28: Ramblin' Man - The Allman Brothers Band

This is one of my all time favorite songs... and it sounds great re-imagined on the acoustic.

So many golden nuggets on this lesson: How to do partial minor chords, how to create your own version, and how to add some killer hammer ons that give you that fiddlin' sound.

Song #29: That's Alright - Elvis Presley

Rhythm like an unstoppable train. This one features a fast, hot strumming pattern that gets everyone movin' and shakin'.

Song #30: Long Black Veil - The Band

Epic ballad alert. Here's a great tune from back in the day with cool chord changes and an undeniable rootsy feel.Plus, some bonus licks that make this one really bounce.

Eric Clapton is just one of the artists
covered in this jam-packed 4 DVD set.
Song #31: Tulsa Time - Eric Clapton

This old school jam always gets the crowd rocking and clapping their hands. It's got that down-home feel good groove. Like always, there's a "part B" lesson gving you some extra licks and tricks.

You'll Be Amazed By What You Can Do
With A Couple Of Chords And
A Great Rhythm.

Song #32: Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones

Delight your soul by strummingly lightly on some minor chords here. Then, challenge yourself with the advanced version using some walk up arpeggios and stinging downstroke drags.

Song #33: Corrina,Corrina - Boz Scaggs

More gold: Play this soft strumming diddy with sweet chiming chord voicings. Plus, how to "kick it", "punch it" and make your own versions of any of these songs.

You'll be strumming and playing
beautifully, just like Johnny Cash.

Song #34: Girl From The North Country - Johnny Cash

This lesson teaches you a great song and hooks you up with precious advice on how to conquer all the chords you need to master this collection.

Song #35: Motherless Child Blues - Robert Hicks

What a groove! If you're a Clapton fan, he covered this one on his blues album. This version is simplified even more so you can master it in minutes.

Song #36: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley - The Kingston Trio

A MUST-know folk strum pattern. This is the most basic way to jump right into great sounding strumming. Jimmy also teaches you how to put a special twist on the folk blues style.

Song #37: Pack Up Your Sorrows - Peter, Paul & Mary

This lesson is priceless because Jimmy goes over some no-brainer methods for singing with your playing.

Get the country feel with some basic approach chords, little voicings with extra fingers for "enhanced color" and more.

Learn to Sing With Your Guitar Playing.
This is Must-Watch Material You'll Love.

Song #38: He's Got the Whole World - Laurie London

Traditional song vibes with really simple "2 chord stuff" that's as easy and comfy as sliding into a nice warm jacuzzi with bubbles.

How to accent your strumming to give any song a punchy edge.

John Denver knew all about making
a few basic chords sound amazing.
You will too after watching these lessons.
Song #39: Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver

Uncover the secret to getting an open string twang on any song no matter what key youre in.

Also: The exact finger moves you need to enhance any basic chord.

Song #40: Lights - Journey

Here's a modern hit with a unique rhythmic feel that blends perfectly with the vocals. How to get the "loping" rhyhthm sound, how to avoid playing difficult barre chords, and more.

Hold on, I'm still not done. Check out what's on Disc 4:

Song #41: Twist and Shout - Isley Brothers

Here's a track that features a killer turnaround with super thick tension building on a chord. The energy is electric... even on the acoustic.

Song #42: Gloria - Them

Get a grip... on some basic strumming techniques that can help you play a million songs.

Jimmy also teaches you the rhythm for the guitar solo section.

Time to get together and feel alright.
Just you, your guitar, and these DVDs.
Song #43: Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Jammin' Mon... Here's a really simple way to play some 'Bob' on acoustic when you dont have bass and a band.

Song #44: Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver

A lively country song with a classic strum in the key of G. I've never seen guitar lessons made this easy, fun, and simple before.

Song #45: A Pirate Looks At Forty - Jimmy Buffett

Feels perfect with a simple pattern. Plus another twist on the C chord that gives you a fuller, big robust chord.

Jimmy Has Transformed
Complicated Sounding Tunes Into
Simple Arrangements That You Can
Play Using Basic Open Chords.

Song #46: Woolly Bully - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs

Try this 'twist beat'. It's more rockin than the folk strum and sounds great on the acoustic. Then, go to the next level by adding syncopation to your grooves and make them pop with attitude.

Have a blast playing for
your friends and family.
Song #47: Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police

This course just delivers tune after smash-hit tune. This one has an exotic feel and you'll be mesmerized by the melody and gorgeous chords like the Cmaj7.

Song #48: Shelter From The Storm - Rodney Crowell

Don't be intimidated by the fast strum. It's a lively pattern but just a sped up version of the basic strum. Create your own killer transitions using open strings and target notes.

Song #49: Fields Of Gold - Sting

A genius tune using only a few chords with an interesting twist in the bridge section. You can use a simple strum and you can also do the "arpeggio strum" (which is also pretty simple and takes it up a notch). It sounds great when you have that high note ringing.

Rock and Roll will never die.
It’s time to re-ignite your passion
for the guitar and have fun with it.

Song #50: Heart Of Gold - Neil Young

An iconic song that everyone loves. Great tune, simple chords, simple strum. What more do you want?

Ok there's also a couple of slick twists that Jimmy goes over too.

Bonus #1: Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band

A kickass song with that southern rock feel and killer licks, all broken down and simplified.

How to think of your acoustic guitar like a drum and get some syncopation. This is how you get your rhythm to really bounce.

Bonus #2: Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran

A rockabilly groove that really hits the spot.

As Jimmy says, "This song makes you wanna put your collar up, get some pointed shoes on, grease your hair back and roll some cigarette pack up in your sleeve :)."

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Learn Classic
Guitar Songs And Essential Licks.

Save yourself years of trial-and-error
with Jimmy Dillon as your guide.

Back in the day, to learn the good stuff you had to be a whiz at reading music, rely on inaccurate or nonexistent tabs, or be lucky enough to find a really good teacher. Now with this collection, you'll have everything handed right to you. You'll see how Jimmy plays these classic songs as he talks you through what he's doing, and you'll be able to pause, rewind, and watch it as many times as you want.

The best part is, you can do it all with just a small handful of basic beginner guitar chords and some simple strumming patterns.

I know you might be thinking "can it really be that easy?" And God's honest truth is yes -- it can be.

Just Pop In these DVDs And Strum Along.

Learning the guitar has never
been this simple, or this much fun.

When you purchase the Easy Strum Song Collection, you'll get 4 discs where Jimmy teaches you each of the 50 classic songs. First, he goes over the basic chords (which I promise are VERY basic), then he shows you how strum it. Finally, he gives a "part B" to the lesson with a bit more challenging tricks so you can take it to the next level.

I love that he's set it up this way, because you can blow through the DVDs, while you're sitting there with your guitar, and just learn the songs by playing along.

Once you've done that, you'll already be able to jam out on some legendary tunes for your friends and family.

You'll also get a whole bunch of bonus tips and tricks too. And Jimmy will even show you how to put your own spin on these songs.

Could These 50 Songs Be Your Way
Out Of "The Rut?"

All of us hit a rut from time to time where we feel we're bored or not making progress. But there's an easy way to bust out of any rut, and that's just to start learning something new that you're excited about.
This course comes with a 60-day
100% money-back guarantee.

Playing some great tunes always hits the spot. There's no point in picking up the guitar if you can't play a great song or two.

Go through these DVDs, and I promise you: Not only will you have a ton of fun, but you'll also have 50 classic and soulful tunes that will breathe new life into your playing and will keep you inspired for months. Your might never be the same again.

Where Else Could You Learn
These Guitar Secrets?

You might not ever find a guitar teacher with half the legendary experience Jimmy has, so it's not really fair to compare buying these DVDs to your average private teacher. But if you could find a great teacher, how much do you think they'd charge you to sit down with you and teach these 50 songs?

OR... Just think how much time it would take you to google each of these songs, find inaccurate tabs, watch live performances, and try to piece these arrangements together yourself. Your time is PRECIOUS. Certainly worth much more than the $3/hr (at best) that it would take to try to put this together for yourself.

Quite simply, this is hands down the easiest and fastest way to master a great repertoire of classic songs.

If You Love Playing Guitar,
Then Owning This Course Is A "No-Brainer".

I know it might sound like a big claim, but this course really is one of the fastest shortcuts possible to quickly mastering an impressive repertoire of killer songs and becoming an accomplished guitarist as fast as humanly possible.

Right Now You Are At "The Crossroads".
You Have Two Choices...

1. Continue doing whatever you're doing now and in 3 months from now, you'll probably be about as good as you are right now. You'll look back and scratch your head, wondering why you're in a rut.
2. You can grab The Easy Strum Song Collection, dramatically improve your guitar playing while mastering a whole bunch of sweet songs. You'll take your chordal chops, your strumming, and your overall guitar power up about 3 levels to the "can't-wait-to-play-it-again" zone. You'll get dozens of fresh ideas and whole tunes you'll love to play over and over. Your playing will never be "vanilla" again.

This is it, my friend... The Easy Strum Song Collection is your ticket to being able to call yourself an honest to goodness accomplished guitar player.

If you have even the slightest hesitation or doubt on ordering these DVDs today, I want to put your mind at ease and truly take all the risk off your plate. I'm gonna hook you up with what is surely...

The Craziest Guarantee In The World!

Order these awe-inspiring guitar lessons... grab your guitar... follow along with the easy strumming patterns... and before you know it, you'll be playing some of your favorite songs, faster than you ever imagined.

If it doesn't happen, just send us a quick email and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

...But here's where it gets crazy:

First of all, if there's even a single disc that doesn't impress you in this package, you can send it back to me, KEEP the ones you love, and get a full refund.

You read that correctly -- you can actually keep part of the package, send the rest back, and i'll give you 100% of your money back.

People think I'm nuts for doing this.

On top of that, I'll even pay for the shipping for you to send it back. Just contact customer support, and we'll take care of you if you find this course isn't for you.

So you're literally risking zero.

Its my way of doing everything humanly possible to put your mind at ease so I can earn your business and put these awe-inspiring DVDs into your hands today.

You Have Nothing To Lose,
And 50 Easy Guitar Songs To Gain...

The special launch dealio won't be around forever. More importantly, do it for yourself. Treat yourself and put these killer DVDs into your hands today. You deserve it. Life is too short not to enjoy the guitar and these DVDs are going to help you do just that.

Go ahead, and order yours today.
[Click Here To Order The
Easy Strum Song Collection
Price Today $97 $77
Get ready to rock,

Claude Johnson

P.S. If you fell asleep at the computer or just scrolled down to the bottom of this letter, I'll sum it up for you real quickly: This guitar course is going to give you an incredible repertoire of tunes using nothing more than basic beginner chords and simple strum patterns. It's the #1 way to play some of your favorite songs as fast as humanly possible.

In addition to the songs, you'll enjoy a whole slew of new techniques, tricks, tips, ideas, and a whole lot more. If you love guitar or you've always to rock, I promise this will become one of your favorite resources you'll go back to again and again.

It's an incredible learning value and backed by the strongest guarantee imaginable. [Click here to get your copy right now.]

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